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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The internet can be a very dark place. It's that way because people feel more comfortable saying how they truly feel on matters when they're hidden behind a computer screen, rather than being face to face with someone. Using this darkness as a film subject has been touched on, but not really mastered yet by Hollywood. 2014's 'Unfriended' is the best example I've seen of this subject so far. It has a lot of similarities to 'Friend Request', but remains a superior film. The main thing that it had going for it was that it was shown in real time, which covered up the biggest problem 'Friend Request' faced - the implausibility of no one being able to help.

    'Friend Request' starts out as a very fine film. The '2 Weeks Earlier' segment is brilliantly crafted and sets up what should have been a great movie. Then, unfortunately, things start to fall apart. Characters start saying and doing things that make no sense, and all logic in regards to the social network problems go out the window in order for the story to stay afloat. There are some very good jump scares admittedly, however a number of the death scenes are a big let down in terms of suspense. It still remains an above average horror movie, but the disappointing thing here is the waste of potential.
  • "Friend Request" follows a college student named Laura (Alycia Debnam Carey) who receives a friend request on Facebook from a lonely girl named Marina (Liesl Ahlers) who has 0 friends. Laura accepts the friend request out of pity but quickly regrets it as Marina becomes obsessed with Laura in a very short amount of time. Once Marina's overwhelming advances of friendship are rejected by Laura, she decides to take her own life, film it, and put it on the internet. After Marina's death Laura begins to lose control of her life and her facebook account due to further harassment from Marina's ghost.

    I felt like the plot was an OK lead in to a very familiar concept, college kids getting picked off one by one while one person tries to figure things out and find a way to stop the person or thing that is terrorizing them. After the initial set up this movie really starts to look a lot like a number of previous modern day horror films, it just makes no effort whatsoever to try to shake things up a bit. They took an overused formula and stuck to it pretty much to the tee. I even find it hard to write much about the film because it was so bland and just didn't really offer much at all. You will predict every twist, you will see every death coming, and you will not be shocked by the ending at all.

    I tend to like these kinds of movies so I was willing to forgive a lot of the film's clichés, but it got to the point where it just felt like the film makers were going down a list of horror movie clichés and checking them off as they made the movie. It's not the worst movie ever, it looks good, the acting is good enough, and a few of the kills weren't bad. However there just isn't enough here to warrant watching it over many similar films that are much better. "Friend Request" is simply a film that is so Luke warm that it's hard to think of much good things or bad things about it.

  • Horror movies about the evils of social media tend to be as transparent and sophomoric as the audiences they are intended for, and after seeing the abortion that was "Unfriended", I expected less than nothing from a film with a similar premise. How shocked was I to find that this film didn't suck, and actually did some very clever things despite being a movie about fake online friend lists. The acting was good to great, the SFX was extremely well done and nicely implemented, the script was written by people who know how real teens are supposed to talk (with swear words and sarcasm that isn't usually found in children's movies), and the story just wasn't awful, and I mean that in the best way possible. When you expect nothing and are still disappointed, it makes you wonder why you bothered watching the movie in the first place (as was the case with Unfriended). But this film does a great job of not being made for children, is often clever in the best way, and some of the events that transpire are the exact opposite of what I would have expected. Overall, I enjoyed my time with this movie. It's not a masterpiece, and it won't win any awards, but it was enjoyable. In the end, any movie that can just be enjoyed as it is is a winner in my book.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have just finished watching this film, I have many issues with it. First of all, why are these PG-13 teen drama movies always seemed to be sponsored by Apple? I find this highly annoying.

    Secondly, there is no character development. I feel nothing for these snotty little rich kids going to university, they have all the best clothes, and all the best mobile devices, and so forth. Most kids going to university wouldn't even be able to afford Apple products.

    The entire film just seems like a cheesy ripoff of "The Ring", there are a lot of similarities. It also feels like it was mixed with the film "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

    A scene that really annoyed me was where one of the kid kills himself that lives in residence on campus, we know what is about to happen, and my issue was as he walks down the halls of this residence, you see no one in sight, the entire place is empty. Okay so everyone moved out and he's the only one in the dorm? Makes no sense to me. Then they break the forth wall at the end right before the credits, that set the teen drama cheesiness to factor 10.

    Final verdict

    The director of photography was obviously a talented person, it had great direction, and the film seemed to flow quite nicely, but the idea and the story behind this film was it's downfall, with constant cliché scenes and just issues with the plot and unlikable characters, Also the fact that it was obviously sponsored by Apple is another annoyance, every scene had an Apple product in it.

    There is product placement and then there is this film. I give it 2 out of 10 stars, for the most part the actors did what they could, but there roles were cheaply written, but I must say the jump scares were perfectly timed, so at least someone on the set knew what they were doing. This film is watchable but in the end it will go down as a forgettable film, but this will probably spawn many sequels to squeeze a little more out of the teen drama franchise empire. Well at least it wasn't a remake.......
  • SnoopyStyle24 February 2019
    Laura Woodson (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and her college friends all live online as most everybody else at school. She gets a friend request from fellow student Marina Mills. She notices that Marina has no friends but has created intriguing spooky art. She accepts the friend request and is quickly flooded with Marina's attention. She grows frightened by the nightmarish posts. Marina is angered when Laura fails to invite her to Laura's birthday. Laura decides to unfriend Marina setting off supernatural retributions. The class is told that Marina committed suicide but evidence of her has disappeared.

    At first, I confused Alycia Debnam-Carey with Taissa Farmiga. It's symptomatic of this movie. It reminds me of bigger and better names. This is a B-movie version of better movies. There are issues holding it back. First, what's up with the boyfriend's apartment? Is he a millionaire? That's some view. For a more serious problem, the movie needs to foreshadow its supernatural bent earlier. I was expecting a more Single White Female situation. Also how do the cops figure out Marina had committed suicide if everything goes missing. And the cops are dumber than dirt. They keep accusing (not accusing) Laura. It's all ridiculously fake. That goes for everybody. I know we roll our eyes when people claim their dick pics are the result of hacking. It doesn't mean that hacking doesn't exist. I can't believe that Kobe is the only person to look into the code and find the witchcraft text. Every college has tech departments. It'd be cool to show this weird coding to computer students and professors. It's all dumber than dirt. There are two good things I got out of the movie. Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows. I figured it's a reference to the blackness of a computer screen but I didn't realize its old origins. Secondly, I got really excited by Kobe's solution to his problem. I hadn't thought of it but it's completely logical. It's a great twist but not nearly enough to save this dumb horror.
  • stevendbeard23 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw "Friend Request", starring Alycia Debnam_Carey-Fear the Walking Dead_tv, Into the Storm; William Moseley-The Royals_tv, The Chronicles of Narnia movies; Brit Morgan-Graceland_tv, True Blood_tv; Connor Paolo-Revenge_tv, Gossip Girl_tv and Liesl Ahlers-her first big screen movie. This is a cheap horror movie-that is about a year old, it was made in 2016-that tries to cash in on the popularity of Facebook and social media status. Alycia is a popular girl on the college campus- she has over 800 friends on-line. Liesl is a new girl that is the exact opposite of Alycia; she is not popular, has no friends and likes the occult. Alycia feels sorry for her and tries to be her friend, both in real life and on-line, but Liesl becomes clingy and goes psycho when Alycia unfriends her. The wrong thing to do to someone that dabbles in witchcraft. Liesl commits suicide in a ritual that causes major problems for Alycia & her friends. Brit and Connor are some of Alycia's friends-Liesl wants to make Alycia friendless-and William is Alycia's boyfriend. It's just not very scary, even though they use the old unexpected jump-at-the-screen trick to try and get a scare from you. It's rated "R" for violence, disturbing images and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 32 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD. It would be alright as a rental.
  • I was quite looking forward to this movie, having seen the trailer, I thought it looked promising. It started well enough, with Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) meeting Marina (Liesl Ahlers), who is new at the school, feeling a bit sorry for her and seeing that Marina has no Facebook friends, Laura accepts her friend request. It is quickly apparent that Marina is a bit strange and is practically stalking Laura. Laura decides to unfriend Marina and that's when thing's take a turn for the worse. It's here that the movie turns a bit flat and is pretty much like any other run of the mill horror. A few predictable jumps here and there and thats about it. Liesl Ahlers is perfectly cast as 'the creepy girl' but we have all seen this movie before and it offers nothing fresh at all.
  • If there's one notable horror movie that I would use as the dictionary definition example of wasted potential, it would be the 2016 supernatural psychological flick, Friend Request. Released in 2016 around Europe and 2017 in America, the film failed to garnish any notable attention and just swept under the rug with every other forgettable horror movie released in the 2010 decade. However, what does separate it from other generic supernatural flicks is the direction it could have gone had it not chosen the safe route that every other bland horror film does nowadays.

    The film centers around a popular college student named Laura, who graciously accepts an online friend request from the socially outcast Marina, but once Laura unfriends her, Marina commits suicide. Soon, a disturbing video shows up on Laura's profile, causing her contacts to decrease and her friends to be murdered one by one. Based on that premise alone, the most interesting aspect of the movie would be the relationship between Laura and Marina, with one being a well known popular girl, and the other being a depressed and lonely outcast, albeit with a affinity for the macabre. Given how Laura meant so much to Marina to the point of losing her own mental capacity over a sudden mistake, the film almost highlights how some people are too toxic to be around, even if you want to be nice to them. The film itself could have been a fascinating character study of Marina that would have fleshed out just how unfortunately twisted she became, and to their credit, the filmmakers did try to give some decent exposition to Marina's past at an orphanage which led her down a dark path.

    However, where the film really wastes its promising concept is in the execution, as it chose to scrap any chance of proper development on Marina in favor of a generic slasher movie arc. Throughout the picture, Laura's friends are murdered one by one in a typical Friday the 13th fashion, with the same old boring jump scares and tired slow moving gimmicks we've come to expect now. Admittedly, the ways the people are killed off are creative in their own way, but the fun is sadly undermined by how weak the whole build up to them are. Plus, the arc of Laura losing friends socially would have been an interesting moment of karma, but even that's sadly undermined from how flat most of the people and even Laura herself are, as we're never given enough time to really care for them enough to feel sorry for them. And without giving away the ending, talk about leaving on an unresolved and frankly pathetic conclusion, as it feels more like the story chose to stop rather than making a satisfying book end to the narrative. When a movie chooses to highlight gimmicks over substance, that's a surefire sign of failure.

    In the end, while Friend Request had the makings of a potentially interesting character study disguised as a horror movie, it squandered all of that with generic scares, bland characters and a weak ending. Even for a movie that utilizes social communication as a commentary for people's mental health, Facebook no less, it surprisingly has little to do with the "technology that it ostensibly exists to critique" (Jessica Kiang of Variety). If you're going to promote websites like that and twist them around as caution for teens to use, then you should use it to its full advantage, not as plug in gimmicks like how this movie attempts to scare us.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is another in a long line of low budget movies that have latched onto social media as the next go to source of chills and scares. Unfortunately it's written with all the subtlety of a pie to the face and instead of exploring social ills, how things online can get distorted or other aspects of online culture it just goes for "if you have no friends you're a bad person". And that's basically the story.

    We have your typical college student Laura that has a lot of online friends and spends time with them online and some in real life. We have social outcast and misfit Marina who is in the same class but has no friends. She sends a friend request to Laura which Laura accepts and suddenly Marina worms her way into Laura's life. You know, like how a crazy person would do. Being friends on Facebook does not mean you need to hang out all the time nor does it mean you get invited to things like parties, celebrations and other events. But Marina thinks it does and when she finds out that Laura dared to have a birthday party with a few real friends which didn't include Marina she goes completely ballistic, you know, like a crazy person would. Laura has no choice but to unfriend her and now the real trouble starts. Marina kills herself in a ritual that will curse Laura and leave her friendless. And that's more or less the rest of the movie.

    This is a silly movie made for silly reasons and all that could be forgiven if it was good but it's not. It's bland and while it shows that living your life on Facebook can have consequences those consequences really only exist online. Wipe your profile clean and start with a new one and all those old problems will have disappeared. But people are so attached to their Facebook pages they can't even conceive of doing this.

    I just want a good internet based horror movie that isn't incredibly stupid. Is that too much to ask?
  • We were looking for a movie to watch that night and we couldn't find nothing. I finally stopped on this one, expecting it to be a kind of "so bad it's good" horror film or for the least, something we could have fun of… It turned out that it was actually not bad at all. Sure, that's not the horror movie of the year, but I still found some satisfaction watching it. The actors are good, the direction also. There's a kind of thrill at the beginning, but at some point it becomes very predictable. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by that movie, and it didn't turned out to be the joke I thought it would be. It was well done and I think it's worth seeing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are a few blindingly obvious questions raised while watching Friend Request: Why does the cop ask Laura if she knows where Marina committed suicide? They already found her body and informed the school/public, right?

    If Marina has no records on file, no ID etc, how do the cops know the person who committed suicide is actually Marina right away? (She turned her self into a flaming pinata, so how did they ID her so quickly?)

    How does a non family member get access to see a medical report on a person who died in suspicious circumstances?

    Why are the police only interested in Laura's activity on Facebook, not finding out why Marina has no public records or details linking her to the school etc, or why Laura's friends are dying in such strange circumstances, or how she could possibly access CCTV footage to post on her TL????

    While this is a film made for the entertainment of Millennial p2p streamers (let's face it, no one saw this at the multiplex) and it may serve to highlight the sometimes dangerous obsession we have with social media and how it can impact on real lives; "Friend Request" treats its characters (and therefore in this case, its intended audience) with disdain and laziness. There's no hero to root for, no one character arcs (no one learns a lesson) and all of them are stereotypical mish-mashes of modern teenage caricatures.

    Perfect for Netflix and Chill night, but lacking anything more meaningful than that.

    Friend Request.....denied
  • Yeah it was jump scares ~ but they worked on me. People say this has been done before. I suppose using social media as the plot point, sure, but this was pretty well done. I was scared. The light's on in my room! Seriously, though, it wasn't completely predictably. That was good. Here's the thing for me, that makes a movie more complete. The dialogue when the story isn't being pushed. The writers and actors don't try to shove personalities down your throat in the down time. The banter was actually funny. The conversations kept things moving. I though it woulad go one way and it went another. Pretty good movie. And to think I almost didn't watch it because of all these wanna be critics.
  • Prismark1012 February 2017
    Just as the film Unfriended, this is another movie about people being stalked by the other worldly in cyberspace.

    Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is a popular student at college who accepts a friend's request from a lonely girl at the same college, Marina who is talented at art. However she unfriends her once Marina's behaviour becomes obsessive.

    Then Marina commits suicide live on her webcam which is then uploaded on to the net. It looks like Marina has unleashed a demonic force which goes after Laura and her friends. Her friend's grotesque deaths are uploaded on Laura's Facebook page. She is unable to delete the videos or closer her account.

    The film might give you a few mild jumps but is not scary even though it relies on some unsettling images just to remind you that it is a cyber horror film. The film soon becomes illogical that makes little sense as the evil spirit just goes haywire.
  • fil-nik0911 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, well... I must say that I was quite surprised how good this little horror film is! The story is kinda new and interesting. The film keeps your attention throughout with stories/scenes which are developing as you are using facebook really. Maybe that familiarity and our curiosity or voyerism add something to the whole facebook friends story.

    I must say that I was really positively surprised how great the animations on Mari Na's facebook profile are! Really really get you inside her head/profile/dark world. That part of the film deserves a pure 10!

    As for acting, they were all pretty good. Yes, some scenes were not really plausible, but it passes. The ending is interesting! I kinda suspected when Laura entered the 'room' with a computer/mirror that she would end like Marina and I was right. With that said, I can see a friend request II in the future.

    All in all, it is entertaining, not boring, really keeps you on the verge... The soundtrack is quite good and really fits into the scenes.

    Eight from me.
  • Nadia_226 September 2016
    When I saw this movie first on IMDb list , I thought this is just a new crap cyber movie, just a copy of Unfriended (2015) but it's nothing like Unfriended (thanks God) This movie contains jump-scares, decent plot line , good acting and a pretty dark story behind all that. If you're searching for a decent new horror movie, you should definitely add "Friend Request" to the list, you won't regret. At least I didn't , and I'm usually harsh with new horror movies because they're so bad I can't even watch them. Friend Request is not one of those crappy movies, it has something special and it will keep you in front of the TV screen till the end.
  • MR_Heraclius13 February 2020
    I found it to be a okay movie, maybe something to watch when you are so terribly bored. This is due to the fact that the movie did not give the audience enough time to understand the characters, causing the audience to not be able to sympathize with them. And the ending of the movie was very open-ended, leaving the audience confused.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Since Unfriended last year we have Friend Request. Now, having seen this on IMDb listed as a "Thriller" I wasn't bought. Considering the film looked & sounded like a horror film I wasn't as excited as I was for Unfriended.

    Though that didn't deter me entirely! I then began to see trailers of the film in cinema & was sure it was a horror considering how creepy it looked, even still it was listed as a Horror on the Odeon website & I made plans to see it! I would've seen it anyway it looked that good!

    So, the film is about a girl named Laura who befriends a eccentric dark girl named Marina, who has no friends & is very quiet. She has a weird Facebook profile & begins to get clingy with Laura who is her 1 & only friend. But after a conflict Laura unfriends Marina & things go from bad to worse a dark presence begins to stalk Laura & make her lonely after Marina kills herself!

    My thoughts are that this film was really twisted & f*#ked up! It really grabs you & locks you into this deep dark twisted underworld of the internet & how making one error can have devastating effects on you & your life! It was really dark & made Unfriended seem tame in comparison!

    The kills were pretty good & sinister! The possession-on-the- internet theme was really scary & close to home as I use Facebook & the internet myself! It really gives that what if feel! I also liked the grimness of the film as a whole! It felt dark & really dreary which added to the atmosphere!

    Creepy parts of the film like the footage of the kills of Laura's friends appearing on her account & her friends unfriending her thinking she's the one posting them, I liked how it was done when the spirit was trying to turn everyone against Laura! It was a pretty good flow to the story!

    I overall thought this was a really good film & really dark & sinister to the core! You'll not be disappointing! 10/10
  • lisajoann884 February 2021
    This film isn't amazing or terrible, it's one of the very middle rate horrors but it's still very enjoyable, entertaining and well made. It's slightly predictable and follows the same kids premise of unfriended but in a far more watchable film- without being all on a computer screen flicking between apps! Personally I think unfriended was a slightly better film but I still really like this and have rated them both the same- 6/10. I know everyone will have an opinion and a lot of them negative but give it a go, it's worth a watch! I've sat though many high rated films that I've not enjoyed as much as this film! All in all I've watched it 4 times now and still enjoy it every time I see it!
  • ajayaji230 September 2018
    Wonder why such a low score for such a good film , was actually quite gripping and well executed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was in the mood for a scary movie and this one was disappointing. I mean the movie "Unfriended" which deals with social network at least had a clear direction and had clever moments. But in this, things start to go downhill when the supernatural stuff starts happening. I actually saw it a few days ago and nothing about this movie sticks. The whole beginning stalker part was more intriguing but when the jump scares and ghost start popping up. It just became way too predictable and by the numbers. It's like most of it was to add to the body counts over having a tension filled moments or thought provoking twists and build ups. Even if you are in the mood for a scary movie, I say just pass on this one. There is no genuine scares, no clever executions, or a intriguing plot that builds tension. Just go watch "Unfriended" instead, it's a better movie.

  • I went in with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised. This film heavily relies on creepy photos and videos and some jumpscares. These things worked out really well for me considering i watched it at night with the lights turned off. Plot is not an issue i generally watch these low budget films for the scares and that succeeded. Performances too were decent.

    If you want to get entertained by this, go in with zero expectations.
  • Predictable jump scares (so much so that you can count them down in your head and be spot on every time); clichéd plot; awful tech references; nothing original.

    You get the picture (no pun intended!)

    Having said that, the camera work is fine, the acting is better than most of the genre and the direction isn't terrible either.

    If you love this sort of movie, this will be more of the same and there's a chance you'll enjoy it.

    If this sort of movie leaves a little cold then you might want to avoid it as you'll pick holes in it almost instantly.
  • Clever thinking by the producers to put Alycia Debnam-Carey (Laura) as the main lead because you might know het from The 100 or Fear The Walking Dead. That of course doesn't make a movie but I must say that I enjoyed this horror even as it doesn't have gore in it.

    It did remind me of another social media flick, Unfriended (2014) naturally but this is better than the latter. The reason is that even it all contains so-called teens it does add something for the horror geeks. It has a lot of jump scenes, not that I jumped but it looked great and some are even creepy like the elevator scene.

    And it does start from the beginning and if you want it do has a lesson like be aware who you make a friend on social media. The acting was above mediocre and luckily they left the boring love story out of the picture.

    Very nice editing and the beginning with the media posted by the wicked done is really a good way of showing it to the crowd.

    Better then expected...gotta go, just got a friend request.

    Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
  • The first twenty minutes or so of this film were decent, if a little run of the mill, the typical horror where a slightly odd kid gains a bit of an unhealthy obsession with a pretty, popular girl, you expect the usual, but.....The film takes on a totally different feel, and heads off in a very different, more unusual direction. This film looks at the point of view of the outsider, there's something almost indulgent about the way the popular girl is hounded. The film is very relevant in today's society, where a bully can torment a victim in anonymity, but here there is a twist, Laura is far from a bully, she's the victim, the 'pseudo' victim is the bully.

    Well acted, neat production values, I wasn't expecting much, but this was very good. 7/10
  • This is a spin-off of the 2014 film 'Unfriended'. So there's no comparison between them But you can't stop people doing that, particularly saying which version they liked the most. For me, I enjoyed the other one which was a bit different than usual in the same themed films. This one was not a single day event based film. It was stretched and developed, especially for the film characters to give more depth in the storytelling. A brief flashback in the beginning, and then comes back to the present with twist and turns in the tale.

    Largely based on facebook culture of the youngsters and the filmmakers applied the same old horror film formula to the rest. For some viewers it will work, particularly facebook fans, I guess. But this was an average film. Everything was already seen before in different film and you are only seeing it which is associated with social media, that's all.

    A German film, but made in English language and cast. The actors were decent, but in some case I was not impressed. There were many flaws, but surely they all can be explained where the film did not do that exactly as it should have even stretched further. That's the point, for being too casual, so the film looked like one of those B category horror-thriller from the past. For watching it once, okay. That includes if you have seen the 2014 film or not, because it is completely different and not fresh enough to impress us.

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