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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly, I liked the second half of Death Note a lot more because there were more characters, and we see Light turn more and more evil. I think the only issue with the movie was the amount of content that needed to be scrapped for it to stay under 3 hours. Several plot elements like Mello being the main villain in the beginning, and almost dying in an explosion, giving him a burn that was left unexplained in the movie.

    But let's switch gears and talk about what the movie got right. Several scenes were changed to have the plot make more sense in a smaller time, like Kiomi already knowing about Mikami, and having several of the SPK members killed.

    Overall, the movie was not quite as good as the first re-light "Visions of a God" but I did enjoy "L's Successors", and I to anyone who wants to revisit the series.
  • If you haven't watched Death Note series, I highly recommend you to watch it; It's really a masterpiece! And a part of what made it so good was the little details and amazing dialogues; which has been reduced significantly for this movie to fit in a shorter time. This movies has some new scenes in it but it absolutely adds nothing to the story of the series. I myself as someone who LOVES the Death Note series didn't enjoy this at all!