Pleasure Cruise (II) (1974)


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6 July 2010 | lor_
2 pornos with same title; one is Regional junk
I'm reviewing here a regional porno film made in the South, that Something Weird has issued on Vol. 8 of its Dragon Art series. It has no relation to the Harry Reems/Andrea True movie of the same name, no given separate IMDb entries after previously being lumped together into a single listing.

Running 55 minutes, this anonymous hardcore film is about a luxury motorboat captain with the problem of too many women to service sexually. He has two girls, augmented by a third girl named Tallulah who is brought aboard from a raft after she's shipwrecked. When two escaped cons (in a ludicrous rubber raft designed for a kiddie wading pool) arrive with guns, his burden is temporarily eased, but the three women prove too much for them, too, and the captain is left with a potency problem.

Sporting heavy accents that Dolly Parton would recognize, the unknown cast points to the film's regional origins, and a stray remark about Tennessee pins it down. Like Dolly, two of the femmes are suitably top-heavy but none of them are attractive. This amateurish effort is very crudely edited, with several shots and scenes presented in the wrong order.

The mainly Muzak soundtrack is notably random and silly, featuring incongruous selections as "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "Down Mexico Way," "Love Potion #9," two by Carole King: "Where You Lead I Will Follow" and "I Feel the Earth Move," plus the great instrumental "Pipeline" -which they insist on playing through three whole times.




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