Chrom: Wh-what's that? A storm of... crows? Gods, it's upon us!

Henry: CAW! CAW! Are you folks lost? Or perhaps a lost CAWs? Heh ha!

Chrom: Who's there? Show yourself! Gods' breath, I can't see anything through all these damned birds! Shoo! Scat! Away with you!

Henry: [the crows all disperse, revealing Henry] What's wrong? CAW-strophobic? Nya ha ha! Oh, I slay me!

Chrom: Not if these Risen do it first! This is no time for japes! Hide yourself, boy!

Henry: You know, I thought you were all right... Turns out you're all FRIGHT! Nya ha ha! I'd wish you good luck killing these monsters, buuuuuut... They're ALREADY DEAD!

Chrom: We are well aware!

Henry: The ravens wanted me to give you a message. "Caaw... C-caw-caw." Roughly translated, it means... Hmm, now what was the human word for that again?... Traipse?... Tripe? Oh, TRAPPED! Right!... They say you're trapped.

Chrom: We know, damn it! Gods... Where did they all come from?

Henry: Well, see, when a mommy zombie and a daddy zombie love each other very much... Nya ha ha!

Chrom: Perhaps I should save the Risen the trouble and silence you myself.

Henry: Hey, wait! I want to join your CAWs - I mean, I can help you! I know magic! What do you say... Birds of a feather and all that?

Chrom: Those robes... A Plegian dark mage?... Why would you help us?

Henry: Oh, don't let all the joking around fool ya - I've got kind of a thing for killing. Most funny people do, you know. The two things must be linked somehow. Ever talk to a jester when he's off duty? Those guys are some sick dastards!

Emmeryn: Chrom, Lissa, and all of my people... Know that I loved you.

Robin (Male): Time to tip the scales!

Morgan (Female): Hey, so what's up with the mask? Is it for effect or what? Oh, wait! Are you a mask collector? Do you wear a different one every day?

Gerome: It's complicated.

Morgan (Female): No, calculus is complicated... That's a mask.

Lissa: Oh, hey Maribelle!

Maribelle: "Oh hey" yourself! I've sprouted 14 grey hairs fretting over you!