Optimus Prime: [Morse code] I'm coming for you, humans...

[Optimus draws his blade on Cade and Bee]

Optimus Prime: Forgive me.

Cade Yeager: NOOO!

Vivian Wembley: When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we've ever known.

Sir Edmund Burton: It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice.

Bumblebee: [Optimus stabs at Bumblebee, barely missing his head] "I-I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus. I would lay down my life for you."

Optimus Prime: [to Vivian] For my world to live, yours must die.

Cade Yeager: What are you doing?

Desi: Dying!

Cade Yeager: It was a bean bag!

Desi: A bean bag? I felt it go through me!

[Cogman plays an organ]

Sir Edmund Burton: Stop that!

Cogman: I was trying to make the moment more epic.

Optimus Prime: [attacks Infernocus] You ugly menace!

[slices apart the combiner]

Optimus Prime: Did you forget who I am?

[decapitates all the Infernocons]

Sir Edmund Burton: One hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos. You want to know, don't you, why they keep coming here?

Optimus Prime: Knights, Autobots. This cannot and will not be the end. To save earth and her people we are going to steal Quintessa's staff. Only you, Vivian, can take it back. I will lead the way into her chamber. And when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour!

[blasts into the sky]

Crosshairs: Love that guy. Goosebumps every time.

Hound: I never got to say hi.

Quintessa: There is a way to heal your world. My power of creation, the staff, was stolen from me by my twelve Guardian Knights. They betrayed me, and hid it on Earth... gave it to your precious humans. The staff is the only way to bring life back to Cybertron. You are going to find it for me. Do you seek redemption, Prime? Do you?

Optimus Prime: My maker, I do.

Sir Edmund Burton: [after Bulldog fires a warning shot at Cade and co] We have guests! What's wrong with you?

Bulldog: I got bits falling off!

Bumblebee: [Through radio] What the hell?

Sir Edmund Burton: I'm awfully sorry about that but, you see, he still thinks it's 1918 or 1915, 'Robot Dementia'. It's not all pretty.

Cade Yeager: Are you dragging me into some transformer retirement home?

Cogman: Mm-hmm!

Cade Yeager: Somebody better start talking or I'm outta here!

Sir Edmund Burton: Yes, but you want to know, don't you? why they keep coming here. to earth, right?

[Hot Rod is seen speeding down the lane]

Sir Edmund Burton: Ah, I do so love perfect timing!

[Hot Rod transforms and throws out Vivian, she tries to attack him]

Hot Rod: Little lady, no!

[Gets hit by the club, the golf head coming off on impact]

Hot Rod: Ow!

Cade Yeager: So, is this a kidnapping sort of situation or her first Transformer experience?

Sir Edmund Burton: Well, it's both really.

Hot Rod: She's very difficult!

Santos: Where are the others? Where are you hiding them?

Cade Yeager: I don't sell out friends.

[last lines]

Optimus Prime: At the heart of every legend, there is truth: a few brave souls unite to save the world. We can be heroes in our own lives, every one of us, if we only have the courage to try. Our fates were always intertwined, but now our worlds are joined as one. We need to repair our planets, work together, if we wish to survive. A dangerous secret is buried deep inside the Earth. There is more to this planet than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, calling all Autobots: It is time to come home.

Sir Edmund Burton: And now two worlds colliding, only one survives.

[Bumblebee is blown apart... he still functions]

Santos: What is that?

Cade Yeager: That was a mistake.

[Bee puts himself back together]

Sir Edmund Burton: [to Cade] You want to know, don't you, duuuude? Why they keep coming here?

Izabella: Go to hell!

Megatron: This planet IS hell!

Izabella: I want to stay! And I want to fight them!

Cade Yeager: [to Isabella] You got a family now, they're gonna take care of you.

Crosshairs: [to Izzy] Listen up, little miss sunshine - I'm in charge now. Just don't expect any bedtime stories.

[Megatron picks up Squeeks]

Izabella: PUT HIM DOWN! You think I'm afraid of you?

Cogman: Don't kill the messenger. Or the messenger will kill you!

[beats down Crosshairs]

Megatron: We were brothers once!

Optimus Prime: Once.

Cade Yeager: Prime, stop! You can't do this!

[Hot Rod tries to reason with a terrified Vivian]

Cade Yeager: Is this a kidnapping sort of situation, or is it her first Transformers experience?

Sir Edmund Burton: It's both, really.

[Bee vs Barricade]

Cade Yeager: You better got some skills!

[Bee pulls out his cannon, were Cade is seated, and blasts Barricade]

Cade Yeager: What the hell? Are you out of your mind?

Optimus Prime: I fight for my own kind! My own planet!

Cade Yeager: We can fight together!

Hound: [sees Infernocus] I don't have enough ammo for that thing!

Colonel William Lennox: [from trailer] The operation is over!

Cade Yeager: But, we are not giving up on Prime, okay?

Sir Edmund Burton: These are troubled times. Without leaders, chaos reigns.

Sir Edmund Burton: The imminent destruction of all we know and love, begins now.

Sir Edmund Burton: And now the greatest mission of all, to turn the tide of human history...

Desi: You hired me from a newspaper ad, you think I come with a superpower?

Hot Rod: [to Vivian] Bonjour, cheri!

Cogman: I am here, because of that.

[points at Cade's talisman]

Cogman: And THAT is here, because of you.

Cogman: [sees Hot Rod's time warp] Einstein would be tickled pink.

Nitro Zeus: Thank you! I'm gonna miss you, Tim! Thank you for your hospitality, Brad! I know where you live, Enrique, say hello to your wife for me!

Optimus Prime: [to Quintessa] Say hello to my friend, Bumblebee!

[Bee appears behind Quintessa and blasts her]

Bumblebee: I sting like a bee!

Sir Edmund Burton: It started as a legend, one of the greatest of all... For a thousand years, weve kept it hidden, to protect Earth from what is expected to arrive...

Cogman: [to Cade] You are needed, urgently.

Cade Yeager: You push them, then they push back!

Vivian Wembley: [stuck inside Hot Rod] I hope I was kidnapped by one of the famous ones!

Cade Yeager: Something's coming... you can't shoot your way out of it.

Daytrader: You always resort to violence!

Hound: I love violence!

Optimus Prime: Who dares to challenge me?

Vivian Wembley: [to Cade] Okay, you American man, shut it.

Megatron: [holds Starscream's head] The end is near, my old treacherous friend. What a shame you'll be unable to see it.

Berserker: I'll suck your brains!

Lawyer: Absolutely not!

Colonel William Lennox: [to Megatron] Yeah, no! Nope. No. There are limits. Pick again.

Crosshairs: You will never be Optimus Prime.

Bumblebee: [through radio] You talk too much.

Izabella: Your daughter, what would you say to her?

Cade Yeager: Brush your teeth, work hard, stay away from any boy in a band. Especially a drummer.

Vivian Wembley: [sarcasm] If my dress bothers you, I can take it off.

Cade Yeager: Sure!

[Cogman rushes towards Cade and knocks him out of the chair]

Megatron: Today, we hunt.

U.K. Prime Minister: [on phone] Where is the US president? A fortified bunker. And Putin? Damn it.

Colonel William Lennox: [on Megatron] You know who they always kill first? Lawyers.

Lawyer: [on Nitro Zeus] But the government requests that he does not leave the county. And we're serious about that.

Hound: [to TRF] Sure you don't wanna shoot? I'm a big ol' target. Wusses.

Mohawk: [after getting his head blasted off by Bumblebee] Aw, that ain't right.

Merlin: All right, I am what they say: I am a liar, a charlatan! I've deceived my whole life! But if I could, for one moment, change this world for the better, I would give up everything! Everything! I'd give up drink, money, wom... drink and money!

Cogman: [driving Sir Edmund] Move bitch, get out of my way!

Onslaught: You need a bigger door.

Hound: Come get some ya little bitch!

[shoots Megatron]

Megatron: [blinded by Barricade's police lights] Get that out of my face!

Megatron: You wretched human!

[blasts Sir Edmond Burton]

Sir Edmund Burton: Miss Viviane Wembly: Master of History, Oxford; Doctor of Philosophy, also Oxford; and Doctor of Letters, Oxford again, I think. Anything else? Anyway, meet Cade.

Cade Yeager: ...Yeager. Cade Yeager. I'm an inventor.

Vivian Wembley: [on Hot Rod] Is he French?

Sir Edmund Burton: No, he just likes the accent.

Hot Rod: Non! No no no, I hate the accent! But I can't get rid of it! I'm stuck with the accent!

[first lines]

Lancelot: Where the hell is your so-called magician, Arthur?

Arthur: He'll be here, Lancelot!

Cogman: [to Sir Edmund] Of all the Earls I have served with, you are the worst.

Sir Edmund Burton: [mortally wounded] I had it, Cogman... I had my moment...

Cogman: This is the hardest part of my duty: watching all my charges leave.

Sir Edmund Burton: Thank you. Carry on.

Cogman: Of all the Earls I have served with, you were the coolest.

Cogman: Want to play rough?

[throws Cade out a window]

Nitro Zeus: I kicked more ass in prison!

Agent Simmons: A Mojito has ice, ICE! We're not savages!

Colonel William Lennox: What are you looking for, Megatron? What do you want?

Megatron: What everyone wants: to go home!

Sir Edmund Burton: Careful, that's the watch that killed Hitler!

Sir Edmund Burton: [holds up the watch that killed Hitler] When this was unleashed, everybody around it died!

[the Round Table is held by both human and Cybertronian knights]

Arthur: To old brothers, and new brothers!

Drift: [meditates] No pain. No anger. No hate.

[a Dinobot flies around]

Drift: Get away, you wretched creature!

Colonel William Lennox: [hears Megatron] I've heard that voice in my nightmares...

Vivian Wembley: Only in America is having a higher education considered an insult.

Megatron: [to Optimus] Quintessa chose me because she knew I was strong, and you would always be weak!

Daytrader: Is that a talisman of the Knights of Iacon? It can't be real. There are several signs of the apocalypse, and that is one of them.

[repeated line]

Hot Rod: Stop the time!

Bumblebee: [Siri type voice] This is so exciting. Oh no. This isn't my damn voice.

Bumblebee: [Siri type voice] This is such bullshit.

Bumblebee: [Siri type voice] Daytrader is a punk-ass bitch.

Megatron: [attacks Optimus] I knew you couldn't do it! Your time is over, Prime. You failed! You turned your back on Cybertron, now you will watch Earth DIE!

[takes the Staff and leaves]

Quintessa: I've been waiting for you, Optimus. Come meet your maker.

Quintessa: Your war doomed Cybertron!

Optimus Prime: Megatron started the war!

Quintessa: You destroyed your world, you fool!

Quintessa: Optimus, it is time you knew the truth. The place you call Earth has another name: Unicron.

Optimus Prime: Earth... Unicron? Cybertron's ancient enemy?

Quintessa: Yes. You are going to kill him. With my staff, we will drain the very life from Unicron. Earth will die. And your world will be reborn... Nemesis Prime.

Optimus Prime: [his eyes turn purple] I will fight anyone who stands in my way.

Sir Edmund Burton: [Sir Edmund breaks into the home of the British Prime Minister and security guards shout at him while he tries to talk to the Prime Minister] Shut up!

[Sercurity guards continue shouting at him]

Sir Edmund Burton: SHUT! UP!

Cade Yeager: [In a submarine, Cogman behind the periscope] Can I get a look?

Cogman: No, I'm looking.

Cade Yeager: Will you move.

[Shoves Cogman]

Cade Yeager: God, get out of the way, man!

[Looking through the periscope]

Cade Yeager: Is that water?

Cogman: No shit, Sherlock!