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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've never been inclined to watch a short film as I thought that the filmmakers couldn't possibly convey much, but I was wrong. I thought "Black Salt" was pretty interesting. It is based on a comic book series that I'm not familiar with, but I may have to read now. Without giving away too much, the character Black Salt is a spy, and not just any spy, he is an elite force unto himself. In typical spy thriller fashion, he is racing the clock to stop a catastrophe.

    The fight scenes are good considering this is a short film and the special effects were also good. I think that if given the opportunity to develop this comic series into a series of shorts or full-length films, it would do well. Black Salt could also benefit from a cartoon rendering ala "Batman: Under the Red Hood."

    There were a few plot holes, but I won't weigh that too heavily against the filmmakers. I would recommend this film to others and it has encouraged me to watch other short films.
  • Excellent - waiting for the next Episode!

    Looking forward to more information