Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    As a baby, June is at the center of an occult ritual attempting to join her to a dark entity known as Aer. As a portal opens in the sky overhead, June's biological mother has a change of heart and slashes the cult priestess' throat. The portal explodes, sending out energy bolts that strike down the cultists. A teenage girl later revealed to be named Lily escapes with June and they are picked up by a passing police car.

    9 Years Later - Louisiana Department of Children and Families case worker Victor Emmanuel visits the trailer park home of June's foster parents Tim and Candy. Victor hints to June that he knows she gains supernatural abilities when she grows angry. Enraged by the ongoing abuse suffered from her foster family, Aer's darkness possesses June at an outdoor BBQ. June's rage creates a pulse wave that knocks partygoers unconscious.

    Emmanuel brings June to the home of her new middle class foster parents Dave and Lily Anderson, the former cultist now hiding her previous affiliation. June begins bleeding and collapses in front of her class on her first day of school. As June's strange behavior continues, Emmanuel has Lily take June to Dr. Wynstrom for a consultation.

    With the supernatural activity surrounding June escalating, Dave suggests giving up on her. Lily kicks Dave out of their house.

    Revealed to be members of the Aer cult, Dr. Wynstom tasks Emmanuel and a henchman named Hughes with retrieving June so that the bonding ritual may finally be completed. Emmanuel and Hughes kidnap June and leave Lily trapped in a burning garage.

    Dave learns from photographs that Emmanuel had been stalking his family. Dave races back to the house and arrives in time to rescue his wife and to see Emmanuel and Hughes pulling away in their car with June.

    Lily reveals to Dave that she was the former cult member who rescued June nine years earlier. She and Dave race to the cult's compound where they find Dr. Wynstrom and others conducting the ritual that will fully fuse June with Aer.

    With the portal expanding overhead, Dave interrupts the ritual. Energy bolts are released, striking down Dave and the cultists. Lily appeals to June through love and the entire scene explodes in light. Lily and June leave together hand in hand and take to the road to go on the run.