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  • This is an excellent game. I feel that it is one of those games that will stick with me, not though the gameplay itself is extremely innovative, but that every aspect of this game is engaging, entertaining, and has excellent production values in the best sense.

    The gameplay is very solid and just downright fun. But what makes the whole thing work so well (beyond the gameplay), is the story, the actors, the music, and the CGI acting.

    This is the most downright poignant and engrossing story I've seen in an FPS possibly ever. And yes, I'm comparing to Bioshock, Mass Effect trilogy, and System Shock 2. But it's not because of any mindblowing twists, or epic plot structure... It's because the characters are so well-drawn (and I'm not talking literally, although the nuances that are conveyed are incredibly well done, in spite of lacking COD: AW or LA Noire tech), and the voice acting is absolutely top notch. That's not too say that the characters are extremely fleshed out, but the back-stories are in their faces and voices; in other words, they have character and soul that are completely missing in the majority of games in the genre.

    This is just a superb game. Anyone who enjoys the genre owe it to themselves to play this. Everyone involved in this game should be proud of their accomplishment.

    It's just really, really, good.
  • Coming from a market where thoughtless shooters and pay-to-play online games are dominant, I found that Wolfenstein: The New Order was a wonderful breath of fresh air. The writing in the game is excellent, giving a compelling narrative that distinguishes this game from others on the market today, and allows you to understand more about the B.J. Blazkowicz that we've come to know and love over the decades. The ethical dilemmas presented in the game add a dimension not seen in previous incarnations, and help enormously with the replay value. The graphics were decent (probably look better on next-gen systems) and game play is smooth. The only drawback I found was the somewhat tedious task of stockpiling ammo, armor, and health packs, but this hearkens back to the earlier games, so some may find it more charming. Overall, I would highly recommend this game for purchase and look forward to many hours of replay.
  • colorthekid18 August 2019
    You can kill nazis in this game. That's all you need to know.
  • This game was selling it self as an old school shooter in modern times, never did I imagine that it had a great story too. It has been a long time since I had such a great all round FPS game experience.

    Story: The game is set in an alternate timeline where the Nazis have won WWII and now rule over the world and we are part of a rebellion to take them down. This setting alone is great enough for me, but the game gives you much more than that. IT has a pretty well developed set of characters, including our hero, and there is a hefty amount of cut-scenes to really get you into the story, something I was completely surprised to see. You actually care for the characters and what happens to them etc, I loved that. This was helped a lot by great voice acting. The game had a RPG feel to it as far as story goes and that's a good thing as RPGs usually have good stories. I loved reading news articles that showed how different things happened after the Nazis won.

    The ending did felt a bit rushed to me though, would have loved it if it was prolonged or something. Also, there was this mysterious secret story part too, which I won't spoil, BUT it was underutilized. Wish they expanded more on it.

    Gameplay: Since the game is like an old school shooter, it has many of those elements. Stuff like ability to carry all your weapons arsenal at once, no health/armor regen, leaning etc. And you know what, it was refreshing to play a shooter like this, took me away from all the modern shooters and felt like a refreshing experience. The shooting was fluid, gory and plain fun. Killing Nazis was a pure blast.

    The game also has a stealth element in it, which was pretty simple, but effective. I found myself many times trying to stealth kill enemies. The only thing I didn't like was the weapon wheel, but that's more of a personal complaint considering I'm so used to modern shooters, changing weapons via a wheel felt odd and distracting.

    Graphics: The game looked good for the most part, nice gun models, decent facial animations and such. It used the same ID 5 tech that was used in Rage, and along with it had the same problems. While many of the surroundings, open areas and such looked great, textures were really muddy or low res indoors, and very oftenly too. Took me back to the PS2 era, that bad. I mean it wasn't all row res, but you would often see switches, beams and other stuff having lame textures and they would really stick out.

    Sound: Game boasted a robust and awesome soundtrack. The tracks varied from heavy rock to calm peaceful pieces. During action, most of the time you would hear rock music or such and it would make you pumped up. But during emotional scenes, or low down time, the track changes dramatically, and I loved that.

    Another thing I was really impressed with was the gun sounds, they sounded so punchier and powerful, something modern shooters lack. I loved firing every weapon.

    Overall: A great shooter, the best I have played in a long while now. Awesome all round experience and I'm already getting a craving to play it again. Highly recommended.

  • 85122211 April 2017
    Greetings from Lithuania.

    So i finally forced myself to beat "Wolfenstein: The New Order" (2014) on PS4. This is not bad game at all , settings are pretty unique, story is also kinda fresh, game mechanics can be clumsy at times, but they are OK to. Graphics won't blow you away, but they are pretty OK. Sound design, voice acting were also OK, nothing great. So why only 7/10 ? Because this is a pretty standard FPS - it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Also more depth character development would done this game a favor - i wasn't attached to anyone. The story while it is OK, it didn't really engaged my into. And while there are some weapon upgrades, lack of any more developed weapon progress system or skills didn't helped this game either.

    Overall, "Wolfenstein: The New Order" is not bad pretty standard and straightforward shooter. It doesn't bring anything better, but for what it was it was OK to play it once.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order shows that we can trust that Bethesda and Machine Games can handle the franchise. The review is coming from a person, who played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein. Now, let's list the pluses in W:TNO.

    1)Nice graphics.

    2)Good voice acting.

    3)Better story.

    4)Awesome gameplay, that mixes regenerating health and the need of health packs.

    5)Plenty of guns.

    6)Great level design.

    7)Section where you can choose to use stealth or to go guns and blazing.

    8)Various animations when you kill an enemy with knife. They don't get old.

    9)Various enemies.

    10)Great concept.

    11)Collectables are fum to find.

    12)Bits of the soundtrack.

    13)Interesting characters.

    14)Levels are fun to replay.

    15)Game is replayable with 4 different mods.

    16)The setting.

    17)Newspaper articles in the game, like this is a real world.

    18)Nice voice acting.

    19)Finally Nazis speak German.

    20)Dialogue, not only in English, but in German and (not 100% sure) Polish.

    21)Great villains.

    I may have missed some pluses, but now I'm going to talk about the minuses.

    1)The two different timelines, that you choose which to follow, don't affect the story much.

    2)When replaying the levels, I wish you could skip the non-action parts. I wanted to skip them.

    3)Loading times when you die are kinda too long.

    Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fun first-person shooter. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it EXCELLENT 5.50 - it's better than a VERY GOOD game, but not a truly EXCELLENT game. I hope that the new Doom will be better, or at least as good as this game.
  • The game knows well what the audience wants and it delivers it to them with a plate full of brutality and action. Apart from the well known fun shooting against the modern Nazis you can follow an actual story with characters that are stereotypical and funny. It's quite bizarre and violent but that's what made this game memorable.
  • 'Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)' revives its pioneering series and attempts to kick the first-person shooter genre back to its roots. The game really only has one thing in its mind: shooting Nazis. Thankfully, then, this aspect of its design is highly satisfying, thanks to the piece's refined controls and large arsenal of weapons. It's gory, over-the-top and a lot of fun. This does sort of clash with the thing's story, as the narrative attempts to be somewhat serious with just a dash of satire here and there. Ultimately, though, it maintains a tonal balance and works as a kind of schlocky, 'what-if?' science-fiction. A lot of time is spent on delivering the plot, which isn't an issue since it's so well-written and enjoyable. The game's level design is almost labyrinthine at times, allowing you to explore at your own pace and search for secrets if you so wish. This makes it rather replayable, as each mission feels distinct and the few hub locations you visit have a variety of rooms to explore. Here, you can interact further with the game's rag-tag cast of characters, cementing them within the world-space. Overall, this is one of the more enjoyable FPS games of the 2010s, principally because it focuses on its shooting mechanics and doesn't encumber the player with a weapon limit or a slow movement speed. It's great fun. 8/10
  • ksketchley1 January 2019
    This game is awesome. Story, gameplay and graphics are all good I just want the boss battles to better but apart from that it's a 9/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Its a very good game 10/10 but i rated it 7 the reason is that its so short the game such a disapointment would have been the best game ever
  • merem118 April 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    One of my favourite war games. It has a interesting story with great characters that you care about. The graphics are overall solid, I like the graphics. The villains are really evil and it feels satisfying when you blow them to hell with your arsenal of weapons. The weapons in the game are awesome and fun to use. There are upgrades for the weapons throughout the game that keeps it good. The game builds up to a ending you won't forget. It is a ending that stays with you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Very minor story spoilers, if you've not played. Nothing regarding the ending. Mostly non-boss enemies you'll face.

    Early on a couple years ago when I heard they were making a new Wolfenstein I wasn't very excited. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was okay back in the Xbox days. Nothing special, pretty average shooter. Wolfenstein (2009) was again, nothing special, pretty choppy gameplay, average acting.

    When I saw "The New Order" trailer, I was immediately intrigued by the "what if" scenario of the game. What IF the Nazis had WON World War 2? What would the world become? Would it be a utopia paradise of sunshine und rainbows, fair haired children mit blue eyes and good German values? Sauerkraut und bier?!

    Or would it become a hell on Earth, a military state where the sick, old and "impure" are rounded up for slaughter and anyone who doesn't tow the Nazi line are put down like dogs?

    I think we know the answer... Thank heavens it's only a game!

    Right from the first level (which took me more than an hour to complete, on the hardest difficulty - Uber) and the beginning credits rolled, I knew this wasn't going to JUST be a typical shooter. There was something more happening, here. BJ, this hulking Captain America war hero actually has a story? A soul? Yep, and it's actually a pretty deep one.

    Through some flashbacks/dreams and a bit of self narration by the always enjoyable Brian Bloom, we find out a good deal more about BJ, his life, and what drives him. And of course the cut scenes also give us both blood-boiling fits of his rage and brute power, but also his softer side that just wants this damn war to be over. He just wants what every soldier wants, to go HOME. To live, to love.

    But this is war, and to quote Mr. Perlman: "War? War never changes."

    The actual gameplay/shooting mechanics are extremely smooth and intuitive. Best feeling shooter I've played since Call of Duty 4, and I play a LOT of shooters. Not too loose, like CoD has become, not too tight like most other shooters. Good cover/lean system. Action ranges from extremely fast and chaotic to quiet moments, where you can plot your slaughter of the next group of Nazi scum. There is also a pretty solid stealth mechanic to the game as well, where you can sneak up behind any common soldiers (not the Supersoldaten, of course) and execute them silently (but always gruesomely. No mercy from BJ Blaskowicz!).

    In addition, early on you gain the ability to throw knives to kill people at range. Surprisingly helpful IN combat if you run out of bullets and need just a second more to get back behind a wall. But nothing is more satisfying than seeing a soldier round a corner you didn't expect, having him start to yell out in fear only to be silenced forever by your spinning knife (fittingly enough, a stolen Nazi dagger).

    Combat on its face is a simple concept. You mostly fight common soldiers and commanders. Kill or be killed. But the commanders can call for reinforcements if alarmed, and will spinelessly run as far away from you as possible, making it that much harder for you to find and end them, thus stopping the alarm. Otherwise, soldiers just keep on coming. Sounds annoying, but it isn't. I never felt overwhelmed by the number of additional soldiers called in by the cowardly commanders, but they certainly added a challenge. The whole point of the commander-alarm system is to make you stop and think about your plan of attack. You can certainly go in guns-a-blazing and try to take out the commander (or 2) quick before he has a chance to shriek for help. But the game is at it's most satisfying when you stalk them room to room, just waiting for that perfect moment to sink your knife into their ear-hole. Or throat. Or kidney. :)

    Of course, you still fight a myriad of hulking supersoldiers and robot dogs, and one very, VERY big city-overwatch robot. Again, even on Uber I never felt I was being unfairly killed; I just needed to shoot straighter, duck a little more, and always have a back up plan.

    The weapon selection is limited to half a dozen guns, but I was never bored with them. Maybe it's because the story itself was so intriguing, or the environments so varied that I never felt I was just running through hallways blasting bad guys with a big gun. The guns, limited though the selection is, are all very well balanced and totally useful in each situation. Whereas in some games, you find a favorite weapon and just stick with it until something better comes along, in nearly every SINGLE level in Wolfenstein I found myself HAVING to use almost every single weapon in my disposal.

    One last note, I saw this game was getting solid reviews online. 7s, 8s, etc. I wanted to grab it, but wasn't sure. Wanted to wait for a sale. I looked deeper at the company that developed it (Machinegames) and saw they're made up of some ex-Starbreeze studio members (Chronicles of Riddick series). That instantly made my decision for me, as those games were fantastic. A shooter/adventure with brains. Luckily I also got a gift card for the MS store, so I ended up picking the game up for just $20. Knowing what I know now, I would've bought it day 1 for $60.

    Excellent game, and a blueprint for what shooters can actually be if the time and care is put into them to make them more than just mindless shooting.

    Bottom line: despite some (very) minor imperfections Wolfenstein is back in a big way. After all these years they're still in the Nazi killin' business, and brother: business is-a boomin'.
  • After recently purchasing a PS4 and wanting to check out what games would go along with my initial purchase, the title "Wolfenstein" caught my eye. The reason? I consider myself more of an "old school" gamer, very much intrigued by games (or re-workings of games) that I used to play once upon a time. I spent many hours as a child in front of my computer monitor playing Wolfenstein 3D, so I was excited to see the game given a modern tweak. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the story and a bit overwhelmed by the level of difficulty/controls.

    As far as shooter games go, this one is probably pretty good. I don't usually dabble in this genre, so I'm not really the one to be asking about this sort of thing. But, it seems straightforward enough: you have objectives to meet and you have a kill a lot of Nazi's and Nazi robots/creatures to get them accomplished. The controls were a bit difficult for me to pick up, but I will readily admit that could be due to my newness to the PS controller after years of Nintendo/XBox.

    Anyway, the main reason I'm cutting ties with this game after only playing through a few of the missions is because it didn't provide any of the nostalgia factor that I was looking for. I really was hoping that the game would have more nods to its history, but after a number of hours playing it I concluded that wasn't the point. "New Order" is more about moving forward than it is about hearkening back to a 1990s PC shooter.

    Thus, a 100% objective review of this game would probably bump it up a star (or maybe even two if you really, really like shooters). However, for what I was looking for, this game didn't cut it. I had to play on the easiest difficulty level to make any progress, and I kept looking for nods to the past when none were to be given. My advice to potential purchasers would be to examine what exactly you want from the game: If you are only buying it for the "Wolfenstein" name, you might very likely be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had heard almost nothing about this game but it looked like something I might enjoy, so I was 50/50, but I ended up buying it for the reasonable price of £32 on the PlayStation 4.

    So, the first mission takes place in WWII, the mission requires you and a large squad of resistance fighters to assault a Nazi compound in search of an evil Nazi scientist by the name of 'Deathshead'. We're introduced to the main characters, B.J. Blazkowicz (you), Fergus Reid and Private Wyatt. I remember playing through this mission thinking 'if the rest of the game is like this I will love it'. The mission requires you to fight Nazi's in the trenches whilst giant mechanical beasts roam around the compound. It was great, and when the mission came to an end I was looking forward to playing the rest of the game.

    The rest of the game is set in the year 1960, you were in a coma for 14 years, and now the Nazi's rule the world. The game does a great job in making the Nazi's actually act like Nazi's: evil, harsh and insane. Every character in the game was developed well and felt like they should be there. The character models look great and the voice acting is excellent.

    However, there are some notable features that weren't so good, the first being the controls. In order to switch your weapon you had to hold R1 and select a weapon from the weapon wheel using the analog stick, this was extremely awkward, I had a lot of trouble quickly changing weapon and found that I needed to be very accurate with the stick in order to select the weapon I wanted, it might be just me but I felt it was very awkward. Another thing was the graphics, they're not bad at all, but they're not great either, the lighting is good, weapons and characters faces especially look fantastic, but there are moments where the graphics aren't so good. Most notably the city backgrounds look like 2D pictures compared to close up buildings and the characters fingers and other less important details are blocky.

    One thing that I found incredibly annoying and unnecessary was the fact that I needed to press square over a dead enemy's body in order to scavenge bullets and armour, I was constantly inching backwards and forwards tapping square over dead enemies in order to resupply, why? Why couldn't I just automatically pick up bullets as I walked over them?

    There are a couple of various glitches in this game, the main one being floating objects, bullets constantly hover in the air, not moving. On the third mission I shot a Nazi commander with the pistol which threw him 5 feet into the air where he remained for the rest of the mission.

    But the main factor that annoyed me in this game was the fact that there are two 'different' timelines. Fergus' timeline and Wyatt's. Whoever you save in the first mission determines who's timeline you get. I chose Fergus the first time round (I think everyone did), expecting that if I'd chosen Wyatt instead I would get completely different missions with Wyatt instead of Fergus, I didn't get that. Whoever you choose to save doesn't matter at all, sure one character replaces the other but the only thing that's different is very small changes to the dialogue and cut-scenes and the ability to hot-wire (if you choose Fergus) or pick locks (If you choose Wyatt). That's literally it, the missions are exactly the same.

    The game is short, which is bad seeing as it doesn't have multi-player, it's only fairly difficult the first time round (I completed the game on 'I am death incarnate' the 4/5 hardest difficulty in around 10 hours). I completed Wyatt's timeline on the same difficulty in an even shorter time and I'm now on the final mission of 'Uber' difficulty on Fergus' timeline. The game didn't really leave me wanting to play it again.

    Don't get me wrong, there are many good things about this game, the most notable being the characters, the characters look good, have good voice actors and act like they should. They all felt necessary and were all very well developed, my personal favourites being Fergus, Set and Caroline.

    The story was very good, I enjoyed the cut-scenes, I understood what was going on, there was no 'why am I doing this?' moments which I often experience in other games. Whilst the game is very linear, it's also very enjoyable for the story. Its story is definitely one of its strongest features. You do connect to the characters, I felt sad when Klaus died, I felt bad when I chose Fergus over Wyatt.

    This game reminds me of the Metro games a little, the style of the story is very similar (linear but with very small optional side missions).

    Overall I'd say whilst the game does have problems and areas to be improved on, the story and characters make up for it. I enjoyed this game and I'd encourage any FPS fan to try it out.
  • Nazi vs bland main hero.

    Okay so basically what you do throw out this game is going around kill many Nazis as possible and I enjoy that part of the game.

    The main hero of the game is just uninteresting and pretty bland. I loved the gritty and cold start to this game but when you reach to the ending of the game you lose that gritters and coldness.

    The graphs looks pretty good if I have to say and the game-play is a lot of fun.

    Overall Wolfenstein: The New Order is fun game to play, it dose have it's problems but name a game that doesn't have problems in it.
  • justintimms23 February 2020
    Stories OK but I wish they had better bosses, and better graphics but after all it's OK
  • parrot0073 February 2020
    What is so great about this game? Is it just because it's the revival of a renowned 90s franchise? Maybe, but it's not old school mechanics that made Wolfenstein boring. It's a run of the mill FPS containing almost every stupid design trend in the book. Wolfenstein has an interesting setting and story with a good cast of characters, but that wasn't good enough for me to push all the way through this game. Gameplay is about as basic as you get for a FPS these days. It's a basic as hell FPS with so many small annoying ticks that drag it down. The biggest is having to manualy pick up ammo from every enemy in increments of 10 bullets or less a la metro. WHY IS THIS A THING?? It ruins the flow of combat. Stealth is bad because it slows down the game makes it too easy. I abandoned it whenever the game allowed. Theres also only 5-6 base weapons in this game. Also why does the game strip you of all your guns after every level? The perk system feels tacked on, a lame attempt at mimicking other games. I don't understand all the 8's and 9's this game gets. Yes the setting is interesting, but I feel like if this game was a new IP and was never was based of of the 90s game, it wouldn't be getting as high praise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hi all - Ratcat your 3D reviewer her. Well sadly this is another game that does not play at all in 3D. Its not that 3D works poorly as I am usually able to make adjustments for shadows out of sync and poorly aligned planes etc but this? No nothing, when tapping on the key I have assigned to switch 3D to 2D and back again nothing happens which tells me this game may have been made for OpenGL. At the start of the Game Blaskowitz is in the cockpit of a plane (actually down in the gunner bay) and amazingly enough, Horten HO 229 flying wings start attacking, these are planes that the Germans built but actually never put into action (thankfully) as it was too late in the war and they were probably almost defeated by then. These are rare virtually little known jets but the US built the B2 Stealth bomber based on their design. Game play was great and faced paced - so well worth the money but there are times when you must shoot through a plethora of soldiers to reach your next objective. There is definitely a fresh feel to this game and plenty of distractions to keep you from being bogged down in same old shooter style typecast including a stealth mission or two. Most games offer a storyline of sorts which you simply cannot understand or find very boring, not so with WTNO - after the prologue you really do understand the story and are given such an impetus to get your revenge and swing the war into your favour. Small puzzles also help to break up the monotony and there are some spicy "Bedroom" scenes but not really 'R' rated. Very enjoyable and perhaps re-playable.