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  • realmuthaf20 May 2016
    Apocalyptically bad
    Warning: Spoilers
    I personally thought Days of the Future Past to be the best of the series. And as it turns out, Apocalypse is the worst one to date.

    The only bright spot in all the awfulness is Quicksilver, whose slo-mo scene is at least as good as in the previous movie, if not better. Other than that, everything else goes from mediocre to outright terrible.

    The main villain's motivation is bland and stupid. (Yeah, he just wants to kill everyone and rule the world.) The way he "persuades" other mutants to join him is absolutely unbelievable - he basically just offers to increase a mutant's power and in return demands help to kill billions of people. Sounds like a fair deal. What's offputting is that the extent to which he augments his followers' powers is not constant. Like, Magneto gains the power to control pretty much all the metal on the planet at once, while Psylocke gains another special effect on her CGI laser beams or whatever it is that she emits. Apocalypse's abilities in general are largely undefined - at times he is shown pulling matter from objects around him to construct something, and then in the next shot he just makes solid objects like armor out of thin air. Another ridiculous thing was that they tried to make Isaac more intimidating by giving him thick soles so that he'd look taller, which is noticeable. What is more, his lines are cringe-worthy, but the problem is, so are everyone else's. Same boring cliché dialogues like "It's your home. We will help. Join us, Eric. I see good in you."

    Yeah, forgiving Magneto like it's nothing after he helps to kill millions of people and destroy entire cities is included in the package. Also, he changes his mind about the whole "destroy the world" thing after Mystique tells him for the 100th time that he is her family and she still sees good in him.

    Some of the characters' looks are still beyond ugly. I can actually see why they chose to try to keep the Beast and Mystique in their human forms more, except for saving the actors from the extensive make-up procedures. The thing is, these characters look absolutely god-damn atrocious and are painful to watch. I mean, Lawrence is annoying and redundant when she is on screen anyway, but when she is also blue, it just becomes vomit-inducing.

    Recent 2016 comic-book blockbusters also did not enjoy good scripts, but at least they had high-quality gripping action scenes. This is not the case here, as fighting is mostly goofy and bland, and at times it is clearly visible by the actors' motions that they are being pulled by the strings. Or being drawn in cheap CGI.

    This is actually sad. Singer's previous movie, DotFP, was outstanding. The recent Deadpool, who ostensibly shares the universe with the X-men, was awesome. And now we get a horrible, outrageously stupid and pretentious CG-overdosed mess. Let's hope the next one will be better.
  • Shourya Sangam6 June 2016
    A Gripping but Flawed X-Men Movie
    X-Men: Apocalypse is the sequel to Days of Future Past and takes place about a decade later in the '80s. This movie entertained me from start to finish and I can't say I was ever bored. But there are a lot of things I was not satisfied with while watching. Starting off with the good, Magneto and Professor X continue to be the best parts of these movies. Michael Fassbender as Magneto is amazing and he has a really emotional scene towards the beginning which got me locked into the film. James McAvoy is also great as Xavier. The internal battles inside Xavier's head were riveting. I really liked the new cast of the younger X-Men, like Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops. Quicksilver has another awesome scene just like the previous movie. The action is handled very well for the most part. The first half of the movie is terrific, but the second half brings it down. Apocalypse as the villain was OK for me. Some scenes worked well and others didn't. I was always skeptical of Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse and I still don't think he was the best choice. He is just like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor for me. Apocalypse is also a small mutant compared to the others for some reason and he's just another villain who is obsessed with destroying the world, and his motivations are thin. Jennifer Lawrence was a boring Mystique. She just seems uninspired throughout the run-time and becomes tedious since she uses the personality over and over again to play the character. Some mutants were completely wasted here with Psylocke and Angel. There's an entire sequence in a secret lab and it seemed there for only one reason: the cameo of a specific person. While it was fun to watch, it didn't do much of anything for the story in the long run. The entire thing could have been removed and the movie would have been the same. The final battle felt underwhelming with the whole global extinction. The problem is they don't show any civilians dying; it's just buildings coming apart, making it hard to care about the situation. Overall, X-Men: Apocalypse is a disappointing sequel to First Class and Days of Future Past. But it is not at all a bad movie. Magneto and Professor X are once again great, Apocalypse is a mixed bag, the pacing for the movie is all over the place, and the dull second half just brings the film down from the really good first half. X-Men: Apocalypse gets a B-.
  • livethefloyd10 May 2016
    Screw Rotten Tomatoes this movie is as fantastic as it could get
    Okay, this is already the fourth superhero film we have gotten so far this year. The fact that it's this good blows my mind, it's the sixth entry in the main X-Men series, and it might be the third best after X2 and Days of Future Past. Oscar Isaac gives an outstanding performance as the mutant menace: Apocalypse, he was the highlight of the film right next to Fassbender's Magneto (who never fails to deliver). In a year with pathetic and disappointing superhero film villains so far, Apocalypse gives us the layered and threatening performance we want from our villains. Evan Peters returns as Quicksilver once more to give us an amazing scene that tops the one from Days of Future Past. The newcomers are fantastic and exciting and we will certainly see them again in the future. They also finally got Cyclops right! Forget about Rotten Tomatoes and go see this film opening weekend, you won't regret!
  • secretzfan25 June 2016
    A decent X men film
    X Men apocalypse adds nothing new to a landscape filled with superhero films and lots of X Men films of old, but just cause it doesn't add anything new doesn't make it a bad film. \

    From Xavier going bald to Magneto becoming one of the four horseman this film is standard from beginning to end, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

    It was fun to see Magento completely wrecking the X Men. And all of the end of the world stuff wasn't too bad either.

    I enjoyed Apocalypse as a villain even if he was cliché.

    The movie doesn't develop the 4 horsemen enough, but that not a bad thing at all. They didn't need to much development. What they were given was good enough for the story that was trying to be told.

    Quicksilver steals this movie though. He really is the best part of this franchise
  • realintheory11 October 2016
    moral turpitude
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wait a minute.. just wait a minute...

    A bloke with superpowers does a lot of damage.. sees the light.. tries to be a good bloke in Poland.. tries to help someone.. gets found out.. wife and kid are efficiently skewered by a single arrow.. he gets all moody and turns into a bad bloke...

    Then.. this bad bloke with boiling blood.. murders millions of people .. MILLIONS .. as he redesigns planet Earth by uprooting thousand of buildings and crushing MILLIONS of poor saps stuck between the basement and the penthouse.

    Then he has a change of heart and becomes a good bloke again.. and the other good bloke says... 'See.. I knew you had a nice side'

    Then he walks away with a fetching Irish grin.

    The wailing of the MILLIONS of bereaved seem to go unheard.

  • GomezAddams66622 May 2016
    This year's FANT4STIC
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is astoundingly terrible. The first 45 minutes of the film feel like bad long exposition and yet nothing really happens, a mutant appears in some random scene and they are recruited by either Apocalypse or the X-Men. The writing is all over the place and we don't get to know the characters, they're simply put there.

    Because Bryan Singer is in love wit Stryker of course we get to see the Weapon X program (again!) and of course, Wolverine because why not.

    As for the characters: Magneto barely does anything in the whole movie, Apocalypse is a one note villain, Xavier phoned it in and Jennifer Lawrence was NOT Mystique at all, as expected she played Raven Everdeen.

    Finally, the big battle comes and nothing really happened, the world is being destroyed and the governments sit quiet.


    And the way they defeat Apocalypse is by combining all their powers, just like in FANTASTIC FOUR (2005) or even FANT4STIC (2015).

    This movie has NO SOUL whatsoever, boring, badly acted, awful written, the worst movie of the year so far.
  • dave_maguire4 June 2016
    A decent entry but not without it's faults
    Warning: Spoilers
    So after loving DOFP, circumstances (eg: Holiday)caused me to have to wait several weeks after the release date to watch this movie and before showtime I had heard mixed reviews, but with most of them leaning towards a poor one I went in without any expectations so that I may avoid any potential disappointments.

    Now firstly let me say I wasn't disappointed, I found this film to be a decent enough entry in to the Xmen universe, certainly better than some other notable entries (Origns - I'm talking to you...). There was lots in this film that I liked, mostly as it seemed more loyal to the cartoon I watched back in my youth that I loved so much. There were plenty of characters involved in the film, comic book style action sequences and the always fun quicksilver scene, such a welcome addition to the xmen movies, and something that maybe points out one thing Marvel have done wrong with a character in their films...

    The Weapon X "cameo" - I enjoyed this but think it would have been so much better had they not spoilt this in the trailer, it fitted well with the story and you knew you were going to Alkali lake so it would've been nice to have had the anticipation of whether you would see Wolverine, but it was done well done and I liked that this was all we saw of him. Now I like the Wolverine character but personally felt that the original trilogy suffered due to an overdose of Wolverine, yes he was the main character of the first films but none of the other characters got developed which I felt made the films suffer, this is why I liked that Cyclops had a much more prominent role in this film and enjoyed that it seemed to focus more on him and Jean Grey and his rise to becoming a leader of the X-men.

    Now this wasn't the perfect film and there were bad points that I found to it. The pacing of the film was a little strange at times, it was a shame that Havok's death seemed to be almost glossed over "He was closest to the explosion" "Oh, I thought I got everyone" ..... "Oh well, never mind...!"

    Bit of a shame as we never got to see the "Bad ass" he was made out to be in the previous outings. Speaking of deaths I did have a sneaky feeling there may be another one in the film and almost expected Mystique to die in the final battle, especially with her being built up as a hero all the way through the film, but then wondered if Quicksilver might perish when taking on Apocalypse on by himself - in another fantastic sequence, but this was not the case.

    Whilst it was good to see a big cast, The horsemen seemed to just be "there" and with the exception of Storm (slightly) were not fleshed out - Angel is seemingly built up as some seasoned warrior and is introduced with a cage fight scene having just beaten the blob and having gone 10 fights undefeated (Which we don't see any of) before he meets nightcrawler where he promptly gets his "ass handed to him". Even in the rematch at the end of the film he still struggles to put up any kind of fight. Psylocke was just sat in a room with Caliban evidently as his bodyguard, and for no real reason just decides to join Apocalypse, though this may be to save Calibans life?? But it would've been nice to have spent a little more time giving them some character - especially in a 2 & 1/2 film.

    My biggest problem though which I had ever since he was announced was Oscar Issac as Apocalypse. Whilst I have no problem with him as an actor I just never saw him as being that character and wasn't convinced of him at any point through the film. Apocalypse is a hugely overpowered mutant who has a deep booming voice and should be menacing and instil fear in to those he meets, yet Issacs is tiny and had too much of a softly spoken voice in the film and I just found he didn't fit the part at all., he just looked like one of the gang when stood with his horsemen. Now whilst I'm not saying he should've had the part instead, I think someone like the Rock, with his build, would've been more visually suited to the character, but that's just my opinion.

    Whilst this does almost wrap the whole Xmen story up I do hope there is another one after this, they have after all teased the Phoenix saga again so can see this being the next big thing, though I think the next film will be too soon for this story to resolve as it will need fleshing out more first, but the end credit scene leaves a couple of potential movies, with a potential creation of X-23, or hopefully Mr Sinister as the next big bad.

    But overall it's a good enough entry and I don't think it's as bad as some people have said, it's certainly not worthy of the 1's and 2's out of 10 that some people have given it??? But again it's the nods to the comics and cartoons which I liked about the films, with the scene at the end with the team in their cartoon costumes in the training room a brilliant way to end the film.
  • trevorwomble18 May 2016
    I think the critics have been way too harsh in this case - It's actually rather good.
    As you can probably gather I thought this was another very good addition to the X-Men franchise. Whilst it doesn't hit the heady heights of Days of Future Past it still is a really good watch and I fail to see why it has had a mixed press.

    Firstly I found it to have a perfectly serviceable story, with Apocalypse and his followers recruiting the very vulnerable and angry Magneto as part of his plan to destroy civilisation and rebuild it in his image. Fassbender turns in another solid performance and you really feel his pain and confusion for the Erik/Magneto character. I also thought all the supporting cast were absolutely fine in their roles, and to me Evan Peters as Quicksilver really stole the scenes he was in and makes a fine addition to the cast. The same also goes to Tye Sheridan as Scott/Cyclops, whose back story is filled in better and with more depth than it was in the Wolverine origins film.

    I see the critics have been moaning about having too many characters in the film, yet I actually think it was handled better than it was in the Captain America: Civil War film. In Apocalypse the large cast do actually have something to do and contribute to the story, whereas the Captain America film felt like some were shoe horned in, which I felt made that film feel bloated and repetitive whereas this one at least get the storyline moving. I felt that Civil War felt way too long because of all the story padding yet Apocalypse, whilst also a long film, kept my interest to the end (and yes there is a post credits scene that I suspect is setting up Wolverine 3). I should also add that Apocalypse, despite it's bleak story, does have some moments of humour and wit that went down well with the audience.

    I also felt the surprise appearance of Wolverine fitted in nicely with the back story that we already know, particularly the one told in X Men 2 and the Origins film, nicely closing that particular characters story arc and fitting in perfectly with the circumstances surrounding his appearance in the very first X-Men film of 16 years ago. If this is to be Wolverines final appearance with the X-men then they have given him a lovely send off.

    I did find some minor flaws with the film though, particularly with the visual appearance of some of the characters and how their ages don't compute when the first X-men film of 2000 is taken into account. However, asides from that I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men Apocalypse and thought it was a solid & worthy addition to the other X-Men films. The films had spectacle, action, laughs and carried on with the journeys of the characters we have got to know and love over the past sixteen years.
  • valadas22 June 2016
    Fanciful indeed
    In what concerns special effects it is the most stunning movie I have ever seen and only for that it is worth to be seen. Scene succeeds scene in hallucinating speed. In a society where humans live together with mutants not always in very friendly terms, the first mutant is awaken after thousands of years (he was worshiped as a god in Ancient Egypt where the movie starts) and seeing that the world is not good he decides to destroy it to create a new society and a new world order above which he would reign. Then a group of young X-Men (boys and girls) start a fight against his purpose in order to save mankind from destruction. This struggle unites humans and also a few mutants who have extraordinary superpowers they use in the amazing scenes above referred. A movie that keeps you rooted to your seat from the first to the last image.
  • xamtaro4 June 2016
    Sacrifices thematic depth and complex characters for superficial thrills and repetitive plots
    The word "apocalypse" brings to mind an end-of-the world event of biblical proportions. X- MEN APOCALYPSE brings to mind some Japanese anime and a yearning for the better X- men movies of the past. The third in this "new trilogy" that began with X-MEN FIRST CLASS, the franchise reached its high point in the epic X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST but now tips back down to a rather typical tale of good vs evil intertwined with the usual hero's journey. Thankfully the masterful execution of dialogue and acting chops saves this film from sinking into mediocrity.

    There are lot of plot threads to follow. Fortunately or unfortunately it does not require much inferring or complex thinking to follow the story. It is very simple and it is in its simplicity that it loses out on the richness of character than past xmen movies had. Our characters are all reduced to two dimensional archetypes each with familiar story arcs. So familiar in fact that the whole movie is a pastiche of plot points taken from past xmen movies. Eric is the grief stricken blood knight who goes evil with vengeance when tragedy strikes, again. Scott jean and Kurt are the inexperienced loners who have to work together to overcome their challenges, a little like pyro, Bobby drake (ice man) and kitty pryde (shadow cat) in X-men 2. Mystique replaces wolverine as the badass wanderer who is thrown into a leadership position to guide our young loners. Xavier is once again captured and the X-men's home base is compromised, again like X-MEN 2. Powerful mutant with delusions of godhood and a gang of loyal followers is Apocalypse this time replacing magneto's role in the first 3 xmen movies. Call it homage or call it cliché, I feel that this story manages to toe the line between familiar and fresh. The familiar elements gives us a sense of the revolving nature of conflict, that history repeats despite the best intentions. The fresh elements of course add new facets to a film which could have otherwise been a complete bore, thanks to the slow burn nature of the plot which mostly sees both good guys and bad guys gathering their key players for the final showdown. Those who can appreciate a slow build up would love this while those who need their immediate action fix would be left disappointed.

    Divisive might be the best word to describe this movie. When the action does come, it is a special effects spectacle of mutant powers on display where everyone.......pretty much stands around shooting things at each other. Oh look, the villain is getting the upper hand! Let's shoot more! Where physical stunts and fights come, they are a thrill to behold except the dated wire work which feels artificial. Interspersed between these divisive battles are particular scenes of movie magic. Quicksilver (last see in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST) returns and we get to see the full extent of his powers once again only on a larger scale. And at least this time he has a purpose in the story other than being a just a miraculous attempt. But as mentioned earlier his motivations are touched on but not explored. His character is simplified into yet another archetype.

    Beneath the visual spectacle, the movie under utilises its cast of characters. Ty Sheridan's Scott Summers could have been great as the new audience surrogate, going from meek bullied loser to taking his first steps as confident leader of the X-Men. Instead he is also shoved into the background after his introduction. Kodi-smith mcfee's more feline looking Nightcrawler is also another intriguing character sidelined. Instead we get more Charles Xavier and more Eric playing out their character drama like star crossed lovers. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic actors, especially Michael Fassbender completely nailing the tragedy of Eric's character arc. But their story came to a decent close in the last movie and this one just feels like more of the same.

    Apocalypse himself is a villain that is as equally divisive as the movie itself. On one hand, it seemed that the creators were going for the "all powerful but frail" type of villain ala emperor Palpatine of Star Wars. The snake-like menace that Oscar Isaac exudes through his sinister delivery is betrayed by a design that borders on corny. Oversized platform boots, plastic looking Armour and an ill defined set of powers all downplay the threatening presence of the villain. His motivations could have been much deeper. A commentary on modern commercialism replacing the religions of old perhaps as the new "cult following"? Or a criticism of humanity's arrogance and self glorifying nature? Maybe even a critique on how common folk are quick to idolise mortal "false gods" of the influential and powerful? No, no and no. None of that thematic depth here. Apocalypse is merely your Saturday morning cartoon variety villain who wants to destroy the world to rebuild in his image.

    It is not a bad movie per se. Visually stunning, an easy-to-follow plot and well cast characters set to a script filled with witty dialogue that does not overdo the comedy. The acting is professional and the music by John Ottman is a grand thematic continuation of But for a grand finale it pales in comparison to films like X-MEN 2 by glossing over its deeper themes of social commentary especially, in the treatment of mutants as an allegory to prejudice against social minorities. It lacks the urgency, high stakes tension and emotional depth of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and the chemistry among the cast is no where near XMEN FIRST CLASS. I would place it as a middling entry into the X-men franchise that succeeds in opening the doors to a whole new generation of X-men movies.
  • Paul Magne Haakonsen17 September 2016
    Witness the Apocalypse...
    Normally I am not overly keen on superhero movies, but still do get around to watch them in order to have seen them and also to be entertained for whatever worth they should have. However, I will say that the 2016 "X-Men: Apocalypse" was somewhat of a surprise to me; a surprise in a good way.

    The story told in "X-Men: Apocalypse" was captivating from the very beginning and it kept being interesting right up to the end of the movie. So the entertainment value in this movie was quite good. However, how true it is to the X-Men comic book universe, I have no idea.

    This is a movie with a good story, but it is helped along immensely by a myriad of spectacular effects. The effects in this movie was off the charts, and in my opinion it really bore the movie a long distance.

    The acting in "X-Men: Apocalypse" was good, and it is nice to see actors and actresses who portrayed characters in previous movies make a return to portray them once again. In my opinion, then the most memorable performance in this movie was done by Michael Fassbender (playing Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto) and Oscar Isaac (playing En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse).

    I am hoping to see more of Psylocke in future movies, as I do remember that she was my favorite character when I was reading the comic books as a young kid. And having Olivia Munn to portray Psylock in the movie was a good thing, because she really fit the role quite well and did a great job. Just a shame that she didn't have more time on the screen.

    I don't really care much about superhero abilities and such, but for as long as the movie is entertaining, I will endure and watch it. And I was more than genuinely entertained by "X-Men: Apocalypse". I will actually go as far as saying that it is the best of the X-Men movies to date.
  • baqken27 May 2016
    X:Men Apocalypse---THE MADE FOR TV MOVIE
    Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the Apocalypse storyline of the 90s animated series so I was pretty stoked about the idea of a movie centering around the Apocalypse character, it's a shame I have to live with it now.

    The new cast can't seem to hold up a movie on their own, McAvoy is a huge miscast 3 movies later, Fassbender struggles to hold up the movie. It seems like their veteran counterparts did most of the work these past couple of films.

    Apocalypse is terrible, I had reservations about him before, but you can tell they didn't know where to go with him or how to handle him so they kinda just piggybacked off of stargate. There's this strange pedo-like relationship he has with his younger horsemen.

    The wolverine cameo was so forced and out of place you'd think this were a superhero spoof movie.

    There's a random scene where the new gang of mutants goes to the movies and jean literally says "At least we can agree on one thing: the third movie is always the worst" and it cuts back to the movie. The scene literally has nothing to do with the rest of the story its just spliced in there for some reason.

    Which begs me to question whether the cast knew how terrible it was and just did not care.
  • KineticSeoul6 June 2016
    The weakest in the trilogy, but not bad.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Maybe it's because I had a bigger expectation for this film, but it was aiight. In the movie there is a scene where mutant students come out of the theater after watching "Return of the Jedi". And says something along the lines of the third installment being the worst. And that basically applies to this film, because in my opinion it's the weakest compared to the previous two X-Men movies. It's in no way a bad movie, but it just wasn't anything all that amazing either. Because the editing and progression of the story just wasn't all that compelling or interesting. Watching this movie was like watching "Rocky 4", it's alright but just not good as "Rocky" and "Rocky 2". The plot is basically about Apocalypse getting resurrected, finding his four horsemen while the new group of students get recruited into Xavier Institute. With it focusing in on Magneto the most next to Apocalypse with his side story and what makes him tick. It really did show how how much of a human character Magneto really is. I mean even the kindest people out there has a breaking point when you push them to their limit. I guess the human side of Magneto and the understanding of where he is coming from to a degree is what makes him one of the most popular comic book villains out there. The other horsemen that Apocalypse chooses just seemed to be shoehorned into the movie. There is few scenes that did stand out and it's basically the super action sequences. There is the introduction scene, Quicksilver to the rescue scene, Wolverine going berserker rage mode, Quicksilver fighting Apocalypse, Professor X going Freddy Krueger and Phoenix Force. So overall I don't regret seeing this movie in the theater, I do however regret seeing it in 4D. Because I personally thought it just wasn't worth it for this one. You can tell a lot about a man if you give him the crown and what he chooses to do with his power and how he treats people that are less fortunate. And I liked that type of message in this movie. Although the whole thing of the team getting together and bonding like a family isn't anything new but was nicely done. So I give this movie a 7.4/10.

  • David de Villiers10 June 2016
    X-Men Apocalypse may not be the best X-Men movie made but it is still enjoyable if you're an X-Men fan!
    I loved all the X-Men movies, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I was so hyped when I heard they were creating an X-Men movie with Apocalypse in it. I have always loved superhero movies about the end of days. I will say specific parts that I loved and thought about this film and how I would recommend it.

    How good is this movie? It may not top the previous X-Men movies but that doesn't mean the movie is terrible. It is all based on opinion. Don't be scared to see the movie all because critics are making this movie look bad, go see it for yourself for your own opinion. You decide whether the movie is good or not. In my opinion, it is actually good. Not great, but good.

    Are the younger versions of the X-Men in this film? Yes. We have a younger version of Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler and Storm. We also have many amazing recurring members from the previous movies such as the young Professor X who was amazing, a slight older Magneto, Mystique who is also a little older and Beast who is still young as ever. And yes, Quicksilver returns and tops his amazing scene from X-Men: Days of Future's Past.

    How is Apocalypse the character? Honestly, I feel that Apocalypse was a little weaker than his comic version. If he was CGI like Thanos from Guardians of the Galaxy, he would've looked more threatening and tyrannical. I could basically compare this Apocalypse to a wimp who cosplays as Apocalypse with really good make up. His role is almost similar to Ultron.

    Is Wolverine in this? Yes! He may have a small cameo but it is a damn excellent cameo! When Wolverine enters the screen, the film basically transforms into an R-Rated action scene. Now that is who Wolverine is. It is also based on the real weapon x origin of Wolverine. He acts like a wild animal and slashes anyone who gets in his way and even this guy who begged Wolverine for mercy got his face ripped off!

    How dark is this film? It is actually pretty dark. There is a lot of death and depressing moments you will feel. We also get more connected with Magneto and why he hates humanity so much. It almost felt as he was the main antagonist in this film. We see his past and his present and why he turned into a dark and yet powerful supervillain. Also, the way Apocalypse murders people is pretty brutal and frightening.

    Would you recommend it? Of course! Like I said, it may not top the previous X-Men films but that doesn't mean it is terrible. If you love X-Men, as well as apocalyptic superhero movies, then this is the film for you. Go see it!
  • Maksim Nikiforovski8 June 2016
    Entertaining, but inconsistent sequel in the X-Men series...
    The first X-Men trilogy was weirdly obsessed with Wolverine, and by extension Rouge. I never understood why... This new trilogy is obsessed with Mystique just because America's sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence is portraying her. I don't mind it, but Mystique is no hero, she is a devious villain! And Beast should be well a Beast, but a handsome Nicholas Hoult is better to look at I presume. Storm is not a villain, she is a beloved X-Men character that has never been done justice. These are things that enrage fans over and over again.

    It is not about being a purist, but about honoring the original. In an age where superheros are invading our cinemas, one could do worse if one watches a film about hope and freedom, about homophobia, racism, bigotry, immigration and all sort of other social issues. And somehow none of the X-men films so far have successfully brought these themes to the screen.

    This film suffers from having to focus on thousands of characters and locations. Some characters like Mystique and Magneto are given substantial screen time, while others such as Psylocke are given only a few scenes. The film also tries to fit into the overall X-Men continuity, while trying to stand up on its own.

    A great film for a pop-corn viewing with your friends, but a sub-par X-Men film in general... It is sad that the most substantial superheroes of our age, that really have something to say about the world we live in, are treated as badly as this...

    Mutant and proud? Unfortunately there is nothing to be proud of except the money the film is about to make.
  • AlcoholicGoat6 June 2016
    As Dwight Shrute would say: Good, not Great
    Warning: Spoilers
    *MILD SPOILER ALERT FOR X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST* X-Men: Apocalypse is directed by X-men veteran Bryan Singer, and co-written by Simon Kinberg (as well as Singer himself) and stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, and Hugh Jackman for 4 minutes (no, seriously). The film takes place in an alternate timeline created after the events of Days of Future Past, with the ripples of Wolverine burning the Gray's Sports Almanac and changing the course of history. This causes major retcons to other films in the continuity (looking at you Wolverine: Origins) as the 1980's setting is the picturesque backdrop for the conflict between the Mutants and humans. Confusion to the timeline aside, this film on paper is a slightly superior film to Days of Future Past, but in execution (while a good film) is lacking. The characters were engaging, but the trailers much like Avengers: Age of Ultron pitched a different film. While not as disappointing as Ultron was, it does have similar pitfalls and does falter. If you are a fan of the previous X-men films (except 3 and Wolverine: Origins. Those movies don't exist and they're also horrible) and as long as you monitor your expectations, you will enjoy this film. During the time of civil expansion in Egypt, En-Sabah-Nur (Apocalypse, also I have no idea how I know to spell that off by heart) is the first Mutant of his kind. He has built an empire and is seen as a god, but he is not immortal. He seeks out means to treat his lifespan, but during that time, there is a coup to overthrow and kill the false god, and in the process he is imprisoned in a collapsed pyramid forced into a several millennia long slumber (cue the title sequence) waiting to regain his strength and retake what is his. Since this is an alternate timeline, and the later X-men films take place in the not too distant future, let's assume that Apocalypse didn't recover. So, because of "time travel" the ripple created a timeline where Apocalypse will roam free (I'm really getting tired of typing the word "Time"). After the events of Days of Future Past, Magneto has shed his old identity, started a new life, Charles Xavier has reopened the X-mansion, and Mystique is on a crusade to liberate mutants all at the same time Apocalypse indoctrinates mutants as he calls them "The Four Horsemen" in efforts of bringing about god-like proportions of destruction (MASS HYSTERIA). The film is shot extremely well, with good cinematography, good use of costume design, soundtrack, score, make-up, time-period and everything seems well realized. The film is written to an acceptable degree, with a fantastic arch for Magneto, an interesting arch for Charles and Mystique, and a good arch for Jean Grey. Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner really shine as a young Cyclops and Jean Grey, giving a believable relationship. All of the newcomers do give stellar performances (although one is stoic in particular) Storm, Angel, Nightcrawler and a serviceable portrayal of Psylocke. Oscar Isaac does an acceptable job as Apocalypse, but he wasn't as developed or menacing as I would have hoped, and the same can be said for the four horsemen (Psylocke, Storm, Angel, and excluding one character since their arch is good) especially with the context and history of the characters, (I know that you can't cram that much lore into 2 hours *cough* Batman V. Superman) there could have been some exploration of the characters and their relationship with Apocalypse. For example, Storm in the comics was homeless, a gutterpunk and saw that her abilities made her a goddess. The relationship that she could have had with Apocalypse, a fountain of seemingly unlimited power could have been interesting. Or Jean Grey; her conflict of controlling her power, and how someone like Apocalypse would affect her. The best aspects of the film are the characters of Charles Xavier, Mystique, Magneto, Quicksilver and Jean Grey with all of their archs being interesting, but also takes a long time to resolve them. There is growth in these characters, and visual progression, but it takes a long time for them to get fully realized. Quite possibly the best scene in the film is the "Quicksilver" Sequence (similar to DOFP) but perfected and dominates the previous. I will not spoil what song is used during the sequence but it is a good choice. X-men: Apocalypse is a good movie with great moments, but a few flaws. But those do not allocate into a great film, as the flaws are too noticeable to hold it back. This is not a bad film, and should not be compared to the likes of any other superhero franchise, since it has a different formula. It is not Captain America: Civil War, or Batman V. Superman. It is a FOX owned Marvel property, and not Disney nor DC. The key to enjoying this film is to manage expectations. To look for how the film is interesting, such as parallels it makes to other films (it makes an interesting parallel to Return of the Jedi) and the biggest thing lacking in this film is risk. With an altered timeline, one would assume that the future is set in stone, so that for the most part the characters would be safe and that the world would not end, and while that does take away some of the weight of the climax, there is still risk as some characters do die in the process. Apparently there will be an extended cut on the home video release, which is something that I am looking forward to exploring. This is a good film. With good character, a few shoehorned Easter eggs (seriously, Wolverine?) an interesting setup for the future, and some depth. It may not blow your mind, but it won't disappoint too much. Just don't expect Days of Future Past. Or X-men 3. A good movie: 7.5/10
  • daisukereds21 May 2016
    Another "nothing" movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    Another X-Men movie.. and again, not much of anything happens. There is a plot, yes, but it is poorly written and lacks substance/soul/meaning. The attitude of "I don't care" is what I came out with after seeing this movie. Instead of having a soul, it feels like a bunch of things put together in order to make money. You see characters, but aside from Quicksilver, which felt shoved in, no one really has an attempt at an arc.

    --- SPOILERS!!

    An hour into the movie, it SEEMS like something will happen. Two hours into the movie, they end the threat of Apocalypse. The end. Apocalypse wasted.

    I have several other issues with this movie, 1) Nightcrawler's teleportation is stopped by electricity? 2) Apocalypse access the internet by touching a TV. Yes yes, it is not the internet, but it is such a concept. Anyway, Apocalypse learns all the languages this way and sees the atrocities of humanity. What kind of powers did he have? He came from the beginning of mankind, and then jumps to the "present" where he magically has a mutant power that lets him access "technology". Anyway, awful! Reading minds would have been better. 3) The Angel transformation scene is simply stupid.. rock music, alcohol, a cool pose.. Apocalypse's way of "convincing" others into joining him is as bad. He says "come with me" and that's it. What does he want? To kill all! Sure, I'll join. 4) Apocalypsis takes Magneto to his conncentration camp (which is intact after who knows how many years) and somehow knows about Magneto's past for some reason. Knows his name, knows how he feels. 5) X-Men insults the Star Wars trilogy, calling the third (Return of the Jedi) as the worst one. Why? 6) Oh yes, Magneto lost everything, again. For some reason, he hasn't learned his lesson, and continues to hang out with women and have children. Then they get killed and he blames everyone! 7) Stan Lee's cameo is.. nothing. Him looking at the sky as a civilian. 8) Somehow, aside from being somewhat telepathic, or so I understood, Apocalypsis can also teleport for some reason. But then he states he needs Xavier's powers! So, which is it? Do you have all powers or don't? If you can do most of what it is shown you can do, why do you need 4 horsemen, or other mutants? 9) Quicksilver's scene, while awesome, is super coincidental. No reason why he should have saved everyone from an exploding mansion. He isn't in super speed 100% of the time! Nor he knows the place is exploding! Yet he walks right to the center of the mansion and sees and rescues everyone. Ugh. 10) So, a "psychic event" destroyed all the world's nukes, and Colonel Stryker tracked the source to Xavier's mansion.... suuuuure. 11) Wolverine shows up and kills people, retconing his origin. He then runs in the snow. Fine. There is no real "Berserker Rage". Anyway, sucks and unnecessary. 12) Psylocke uses a whip to fight, instead of her psyonich blades. 13) Magneto goes all-out-destructive with little reason.. but wait, he becomes good with even less. 14) Mystique turns into Psylocke and for some reason she has a blade. It was a "twist", if you can call it that. This scene, where she attempted to kill Apocalypse is the closes the writer could come close to a surprise situation. 15) Apocalypse turns big, yes, in a mind sequence. Looks bad by the way. Apocalypse does little to no shifting actions. He remains as seen in the pictures. 16) Quicksilver DOESN'T tell Magneto he is his father. The reason? There isn't one.

    They said Lawrence didn't do much in the movie, that it was the kids that did.. but ultimately, nobody really does anything. The fights are not even 2% of the movie, it's mostly talk (some bad lines, nothing mind bending). Mutants underused, which is the biggest let down. The movie is a lot of nothing! Oh, and the X-men have Sentinels now, for some reason.. Lots of stuff, lots of nothing. Not even a good waste of time.
  • Soso Jana21 May 2016
    This is Power Rangers movie, not an X-Men
    Warning: Spoilers
    They ruined all x-men movies you ever seen I saw all X-Men movies, i am fan of X-men, BUT this one was really awful. I can't even know how to describe this crap. Can't believe this movie was 2.5 hours film that was actually got into production. Its an insult of xmen movies. Its a Power Rangers movie not X-Men.

    First of all, Script is just awful. "Oh good to see you" - "long time, where you'v been" - and lets hug for 15 minutes and say how good to see each and one of them, like you are watching some kind of TV series like Friends or somethin'.

    Second: If you want to go and watch x-men crazy fight scene movie, you will end up with super power guys use there super power to mimic the fight at the end of the movie. All fights are 20 minutes + - of almost 3 hour film. Magneto do nothing in this movie, even in final fight scene, he is up in the Air and thats really it. Everything looks cheap plastic, there is a moment that they are on hill and guess what, its like someone make a polish on this hill, its looks so cheap you can't believe it. You fill the Studio...

    Third: all this movie was like made up for a sake of movie. You wont see a Mystique for a long in this movie, She decide tolook a like a girl (Jennifer Lawrence)... Or The budget for CGI was not enough.

    Fourth: Logan / Wolverine - Hey ))) he is there for 1 minute. yep that what you will got. 1 awful minute that he is running. He is in this film just for saying that he was there. Nothing added to the film from his appearance.

    Fifth: i can understand that they want a new crew and remake all this thing, but guys, from good x-men movie, it becomes some superhero mess.

    It was just unnecessary movie. They ruined all x-men movies you ever seen Storyline is just for kids Channel.

    Anyway, i just felt so disappointed they just ruined it. thats it.
  • FabledGentleman15 August 2016
    This is not going to be a long review, i want to summarize my thoughts on the film, now after i just saw it in the cinema.

    The movie is absolutely spectacular. The effects, the settings, the pacing, the acting, the music, the direction. It is all very well done, and if the story itself had kept up with the rest, this would be close to one of the best, if not the best, superhero film to date.

    But the story is a bit weak, it's hard to take in a few of the twists and turns in this film, but still everything else is so brilliantly crafted, the movie pulls it off anyways, and that makes me feel i got my moneys worth. This is very important to me when i go the cinema. I need to walk out feeling i was entertained.

    I'm usually the guy that puts story and script first when it comes to films. Way to often when the story is bad, the script and the acting and all the rest that follows almost always seem half done. This is not the case here.

    This movie is like when you bake a cake, and you end up putting in a small amount of salt instead of sugar. You notice you did, but you don't have time to fix your mistake, so you bake the cake to the best of your abilities anyways. At the end it's one hell of a spectacular looking cake you made, but people notice the taste is a bit off, but somehow the added salt contributed to the flavor in a good way, and the cake was very much edible.

    This is how i feel after seeing this film. It is really well crafted, and i do recommend people seeing it.
  • me_theuninvited12 May 2016
    After 16 years, Bryan Singer delivers the X Men movie we've all been waiting for!
    I am horrified by the people on the message boards here on this movie's threads. They're fighting each other like a bunch of hungry animals. Since when does everyone started listening to the critics? I mean, yes, to have an idea before watching a movie is good, but that's not the case these days. Critics are taking movies way too seriously these days. It's just a source of entertainment. Your life does not depend on it. Stop bad mouthing this movie for others. Okay, sorry for my rant but this has gotten out of control. Now getting back to the movie, let's just say it delivered what it promised. This movie was amazing. It really felt like you were watching something Apocalyptic. Although I don't have had a problem with Bryan Singer's X Men movies, unlike a bunch of whiny babies, this one actually felt like it was an X Men movie. A sheer resemblance of what we saw in X Men cartoons, both evolution and the 1990 ones. We actually saw the main characters of this movie in their mutant form. I have loved how Bryan always preferred acting over action in his other movies, but this one, it consists of both. I have also seen critics saying that this movie is complete CGI. Well it's not like you can do actual Apocalyptic level scenes without having any CGI effects. That's just crazy. And the CGI in this movie is beyond awesome. I already smell an Oscar for CGI for this movie. Oscar Isaac was so impressive in this movie. Even though he was buried under make up and what not, you could actually feel his performance. Michael and James once again give awesome performances. Expected nothing less from Jennifer Lawrence. At least these movies actually give spotlight to the female actresses *cough* *Marvel* *cough*. The new actors were great. So talented. Tye, Sophie, Alexandra, Kodi and of course Evan Peters were all good in their respective roles. This movie might feel a different because of it's whole world at stake thing. This is the first time X Men has done this, and they succeed really good at it. It had a perfect balance of action, humor, emotion and mutants. It was like watching a live action version of those X Men cartoons we grew up watching. Once again, please dear my friends, who would love to see these guys in MCU, it's not happening anytime soon. Let's just get over it, okay? The producer of these movies has already announced a bunch of new movies under Fox. There are X Men TV shows coming out soon, so let us enjoy these while you guys enjoy yours okay?
  • Utkarsh Singh12 September 2016
    X-MEN to the rescue
    Warning: Spoilers
    Another great X-MEN movie after Days of Future Past.

    The movie is directed by Bryan Singer. And boy he is continuously rising on my list of my favorite directors. The movie is very well directed. I thought that movie would be nowhere near the Days of Future Past but hell I was wrong. Comparing these two the latter is better in some aspects ( CGI, Screen time for all characters ) while it lacks behind in others ( Take for instance the screenplay or the climax or presentation of events). The director has truly given everything into the movie that he could've. Though, the climax is rushed and it bores you at some point in between the climax and the initial second half. The CGI of the movie was beyond my expectations. Had the climax been better I guess this movie could've set a new mark to be achieved by the upcoming movie from X-MEN franchise. Overall the direction is perfect but it lacks at one point where it shouldn't have lacked (Climax).

    The way the character of the villain (Apocalypse) has been developed is phenomenal, just one problem man: Why the hell did he want to destroy everything?, I think the problem was that he couldn't psychologically except the world as it turned out to be but no specific reason is provided in the movie. Though the way the fact of him being the first mutant ever is presented, its beyond perfect ( For me he is the best villain in a superhero movie after joker). The role is neither underacted nor is it overacted by Oscar Issac, he has handled a tough role in a very balanced manner.

    Hugh Jackman's cameo as Wolverine is damn good and has perfect timing. I don't think we need to judge Jackman's acting at the level he has achieved. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect and is getting better and better as Mystique. She has worn some great outfits in the movie. Michael Fassbender is in a class of his own. I liked his acting the best in the movie. James Mcavoy couldn't surprise me with his acting. He couldn't do anything new with his role (I guess writers are to be blamed for it but still he could've tried something on his acting level). Olivia Munn is great as psylocke. Now the important part, The new JEAN GREY. Sophie Turner had to fulfill high expectation which we all had after watching Famke Janessen's role as Jean Grey and she fulfilled my expectation and deserved some more screen time.Well the surprise package of the movie for me was Quicksilver (That legendary blast scene in which he saves all of the x-men, I have no words to describe it, Word of advice do not miss this scene watch it in IMAX 3D) acted by Evan Peters, he was great.Overall acting was one part that has always been great in this franchise and yet again the actors have outperformed their previous roles.

    Cinematography was perfect, It made full use of the movie genre. Screenplay was good but could've been better ( again especially the climax ). The director utilized the run-time perfectly. Writers have done a average job (they did not write the reason for apocalypse's problem with the world).

    The music is great. Now the basic problem with the movie is its climax, it certainly was rushed. The pre climax time should have been at least 15-20 minutes longer. We must have had the time to feel that this ends here for x-men, the people and its too late. The villainous punch was there but till the time I acknowledged the fact that Apocalypse was this powerful the movie had already ended and hence it was a bad climax.

    I've given it a eight due to tremendous acting, great music, quicksilver, The cameo, good character development, some comic scenes and of course the CGI.

    Well the verdict is that it is a great movie but not an improvement over the previous movie, though it is not far away from days of future past.

    Finally I want to explain the title of my review:

    CW and BvS nearly destroyed the superhero movie genre for me but yes "X-MEN TO THE RESCUE".

    P.S: Hell Quicksilver was better then Flash.
  • sterlingfu27 May 2016
    Worst movie out of the trilogy!!!!!!BORING!!!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Movie was so boring I wanted to walk out of the movie cinema. Usual lets bring bad guy back, find some other bad guys, destroy the world with mind numbing blah. No twists. No nothing. Predictable trash. The first hour was the concept of "Hi" "Hello" and we are bringing the band back together.

    Jean Grey(Stark) was miscast. Why was she in this movie? The acting was poor. And of course Ms. Jennifer Lawrence giving me a Hunger games weak speech at the end. Jennifer Lawrence is not even that talented of an actress but Hollywood is trying so hard with her. She hardly does anything in this movie and just says, "fight" over and over. Raven didn't even do anything.

    "Magneto, you're not bad, you're good" from Prof. X. I'm thinking, "Yes, I have the point". I wish Magneto woulda zapped a coin threw my head at this point. The final scene had him floating for a half hour wondering if he should fight. WTF He did nothing. Or and the fantastic four combine their powers to defeat this stargate joke.

    I do not recommend. Anyone that said they liked it doesn't know anything about quality. I did like the other two xmen before this. Mostly, "Days of future Past". This is as disappointing as "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull". If you do decide to see this movie, I already feel sorry for you. Just give me your 10$ and I just saved almost 3 hours of your life. It was bad...
  • littleging129 June 2016
    The Critics are way Wrong! "Apocalypse" Delivers
    Warning: Spoilers
    The 8th installment of the X-men franchise (excluding "Deadpool") blasts off with this big-budgeted extravaganza featuring the long awaited super-villain Apocalypse. After the huge success of "Days of Future Past," Bryan Singer gets another go at the franchise. The film successfully captures the spectacle, humor, heart, and awesomeness that filmgoers have come to expect from the X-men franchise further solidifying that Bryan Singer is THE MAN to direct the X-men movies.

    When "X-men: Apocalypse" was prescreened it became bombarded with negative reviews -- leaving many (myself included) skeptical of the film's potential. Though what critics do not seem to get is that yes, "Apocalypse" is flawed, although it still thoroughly entertained its audience from start to finish with awesome super-powered set pieces, thrilling action, delightful comic relief and cool cameos of beloved characters.

    The production team and the writers really made this film work. The performances were great from a very young and likable cast. The special effects were solid yet did rely a bit too much on CGI. The action was thrilling and provided audiences with tension through the threat of character deaths and other calamities present unlike in "Civil War" where there was not much tension in the action (albeit still cool) because most of the fights took place between friends who we knew would never kill each other. The humor was sporadic yet still funny. X-men always makes great use of their one f-word limit. Finally the nuke scene with the subtle touch of Beethoven and the Quicksilver scene with the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' were just simply exquisite.

    Now Apocalypse did have flaws. There is no denying that. The timeline still has inconsistencies and continuity errors. While watching Apocalypse the average moviegoer probably will spend a good amount of time figuring out if the years and ages line up correctly. Like no way Nicholas Hoult looks twenty years older than he did in "First Class." Rottentomatoes went so far to call Apocalypse (the villain) cliché. Which is partially true because he wanted to destroy the world; which is what every super-villain wants to do nowadays! Also another review on IMDb said that all the X-men team up to defeat Apocalypse (the villain) by combining their powers in a Fant4stic kind of way. That is very true and the scene did seem like a bland and anticlimactic approach to kill off the big bad Apocalypse. Also since X-men is known for having an abundance of superheroes present: giving each one sufficient development is a task too difficult. Given this, certain characters had no development or little to do like Storm, Angel, Jubilee, and Psylocke -- whose only purpose for being there was to make teenaged boys lose their sh...

    In a nutshell "X-men: Apocalypse" is another good addition to the X-men franchise that will continue to propel it forward in more ways than one. The production team did a great good of integrating action, emotional depth, resonant themes, and humor into a seamless whole. Hopefully the studio will keep Bryan Singer at the director's chair and if they even think about getting a new director, they just need to be reminded that the only good X-men movies came from him.
  • matej-trkanjec-133-9203864 June 2016
    Unlike the other superhero movies, this one got it just right
    Warning: Spoilers
    In a year where most hated Batman v Superman (with few who actually saw how great it actually was), loved Civil Was (with the same few that saw all the problems it had), Apocalypse is a superhero movie that feels just about right, it is the superhero movie we have been waiting for this year.

    Unlike the trailers, the story is much more complex and dark. The trailers lead to different expectations so a pleasant surprise was found upon viewing. The villain is as comic book as he can get, his followers included. Apocalypse is by far the most fearsome enemy the X-men had so far. He is a type of villain you just love to watch and hear, and you hate him with every fiber of your being. Isaac's portrayal was superb. His godlike attitude and inhumane deprivation of every emotion was difficult to produce, but he succeeded nicely. Taking into account his godlike performance, the final battle simply keeps you stuck exactly where you're sitting, unable to move with a sense of not wanting this movie to end. The only problem is getting to the ending. The story does drag a bit in the middle, at points really unnecessary. Still, the movie's basic story line functions like a nice and compact structure.

    Other than that, the portrayal of Magneto was by far the best we have seen. Fassbender's deep understanding of the character leaves you wondering just how much time he spent in researching the character. Also, he managed to keep the character as close as he could to the original Ian McKellen performance.

    At this point, the true problem of the movie is revealed. There simply is not a leading man/woman. Lawrence was intended to be the leading role, but she never really takes full control. McAvoy does a great job again, but never really steps as the leading role. Also, a lot of young actors portraying younger versions of the X-men lead the second half of the movie. Maybe that is the reason why the second part drags a bit, they are still not up to the role of being leading stars (even though they have potential). So, basically, Isaacs as the villain took over. Was that a good choice is questionable, but the movie's functionality because of that is not doubted.

    The element that binds all this together is the music that follows scenes to a subatomic level. From the character suite's to the action scenes, the music was superbly done. Also, some humor elements really give this movie a lifelike dimension.

    All in all, is you loved the previous movies, you will adore Apocylpse. The problems are simple, a lot of characters with not one good guy in charge lead to a dragged second part of the movie. Still, it was performed brilliantly, technically nicely done with much more character development of Magneto, which lead to a darker tone of the movie. Apocalypse is a type of movie you will want to see over and over again, and every time you will find something brilliant, even if it's just how much fun you are having while watching it.

    P.s. If Suicide squad doesn't mess up, Apocalypse is this years greatest superhero movie.
  • hj rock10 May 2016
    X-Men: Apocalypse is great if X-Men: Days of Future Past was awesome
    Overall movie was great Although movie starts a bit slow and i was a little confused and bored but after that the movie finally starts catching up to the expectation.

    For me this was the best x-men movie because this movie has the best action sequences as compared to any other x-men movie with a great story and emotion(not as good as days of future past but who cares its a superhero movie) .



    I can literally watch the movie again just because of quicksilver.I never thought they could top the X-Men: Days of Future Past action(or comedy) scene but they did.

    Acting of all the cast members were awesome and James McAvoy,Michael Fassbender & Jennifer Lawrence knocked it out the park.

    I don't understand the critics , I never did.(sound's similar to superman's mom in BvS that was in the trailer :P)

    Movie the great and I can't wait to watch it again.
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