Samantha: When things get hairy, I just pick out the alpha guy.

Turner: And what? He's supposed to protect you?

Samantha: No, I give him shit. Strong guys don't hurt you. The weak guys do that. Strong guys always have little sisters. Or they want one. I don't know why, that's just how it is.

Col. Morgan: You're under no obligation to say anything, Major.

Jack Reacher: Ex-Major

Col. Morgan: Upon leaving yesterday, did you attempt to contact Major Turner?


Col. Morgan: Did you confront her attorney, Colonel Moorcroft, at Fort Dyer at 1100?

Jack Reacher: [long pause] You told me not to say anything.

Col. Morgan: I said you didn't have to say anything.

Jack Reacher: Yes.

Col. Morgan: Yes, you confronted him?

Jack Reacher: Yes, I understand I don't have to say anything.

Col. Morgan: For the record, you did confront Colonel Moorcroft yesterday. Can you state your whereabouts last night between 0130 and 0500?

Jack Reacher: Yes.

Col. Morgan: Yes, what?

Jack Reacher: Yes, I understand I don't have to say anything.

Jack Reacher: [handcuffed while being arrested] Two things are gonna happen in the next 90 seconds.

Sheriff: Excuse me?

Jack Reacher: First, that phone over there is gonna ring.

[Sheriff looks at pay-phone]

Jack Reacher: And second... You're gonna be wearing these cuffs on your way to prison.

Sheriff: [laughs] Well, that is one magnificent prophecy, Mr. Reacher.

[the phone starts ringing]

Sheriff: Who the hell are you?

Jack Reacher: The guy you didn't count on.

Gen. Harkness: Made a mess, I hear.

The Hunter: This Reacher guy is interesting.

Gen. Harkness: You have no idea. They ran out of medals. So don't make this a competition.

The Hunter: Too late.

Gen. Harkness: Do you know who I am, Major?

Turner: Yes, General. I do. You're the man responsible for the deaths of two of my men. Now, open up those crates before I grab you by your hair plugs and bitch slap that smug look off of your face.

[last lines]

Samantha: [text on Reacher's phone] "Miss me yet?"

Turner: Some folks still wonder why you left.

Jack Reacher: Let's just say I woke up one morning and the uniform didn't fit.

Col. Morgan: [to Reacher] Welcome back to the Army, Major. You're under arrest.

Turner: [while being broken out of jail by Reacher] I left explicit orders for you to stay away.

Jack Reacher: Orders? You "ordered" me?

Turner: Yes. I knew you'd do something like this.

Jack Reacher: Don't make me regret it.

Samantha: I don't understand. You said you're not a cop.

Jack Reacher: I'm not.

Samantha: What's military police?

Turner: It's different.

Samantha: But... you stole this car.

Turner: It's complicated.

Samantha: [while helping an aching Reacher walk] Dude, you jumped off a building.

Jack Reacher: Yeah, I know.

Samantha: Did it hurt?

Jack Reacher: Yes.

Samantha: Did you see how high that was?

Jack Reacher: Can we possibly have this conversation some other time?

Espin: [on radio] All units. Suspects travelling. MP vehicle L67. Primary is Jack Reacher. White. Male. 40s. Considered armed and dangerous. Secondary is Major Susan Turner. Female. Wearing military fatigues. White. Age 34.

Jack Reacher: [in vehicle to Turner] Really?

Turner: Shut up.

Turner: You know, I admit to being a little jealous when we talk. Go where you want. Eat when you want. Nobody telling you what to do or how to do it. It's definitely not the Army way.

Jack Reacher: Exactly.

Jack Reacher: Never under-estimate the charm of a seedy motel.

Samantha: So, Reacher... are you my father or not?

Jack Reacher: I guess we'll see when your mother gets here.

Samantha: Sure you'd recognize her?

Jack Reacher: I tend to remember the women I sleep with.

Samantha: But who says she'll remember you?

Jack Reacher: Thanks a lot.

[first lines]

Local Deputy: [moving through crowd of spectators] Pardon me. Excuse me. Step aside please.

[breaks through and sees battered men on the ground]

Local Deputy: Jesus Christ.

[on radio]

Local Deputy: Lee's Diner. I got four down. I need two EMS vehicles.

Jack Reacher: Look at me. You look at me.

[punches the Hunter and breaks his neck]

Jack Reacher: Parasource is done. Harkness is in custody.

The Hunter: Congratulations, Jack. I don't give a shit!

Cage Match Goon: [with his men surrounding Reacher] So how do you want to do this?

Jack Reacher: How about one at a time? I get a baseball bat.

The Hunter: [over the phone] People like us Jack we can never go back to the world... we hurt people and the people around us... they get hurt

Jack Reacher: If it were up to me, I'd just kill ya.

Espin: [pulls a gun on one of Para-Source's security] Deep Breaths Son

Jack Reacher: [over the phone] When did you get back?

The Hunter: [brief pause] Actually I don't think I ever did

Jack Reacher: Act angry.

Turner: I *am* angry.