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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Folks, this movie is Exhibits A through Q of why you cannot make a sequel to a cult classic of decades past.

    The great thing about the original Samurai Cop is that it was hilariously unaware of how bad it was--which made it so enjoyable from a "so bad it's good" kind of viewpoint. Amir Shervan was trying to make a good movie, but failed on a spectacular level. In this movie, the director and writers went out of their way to cram EVERY possible reference to the first movie that they could into its bloated run time. It is as if they were sitting there going, "See? See? We're cool! We know you like stupid movies, so here's a stupid movie! We also got Tommy Wiseau from that other horrible movie you enjoyed!" This sequel is SO self-aware, I think it destroyed the entire philosophy of existentialism.

    This movie purports to be a sequel that takes place 25 years after the events of the last movie. However, there are numerous continuity gaffes all over the place that all combine to make a disjointed, meandering ball of confusion that tries WAY too hard. Fuj Fujiyama is somehow alive with no explanation as to how he survived. Jennifer fakes her death for literally no plausible reason, goes into hiding under a different identity, and suddenly now has a brother (Tommy Wiseau's character) that is a high-ranking member of a gang. Also, the American kid who "kills" her in the beginning of the movie is revealed to be her brother. So, a curly- haired, American teenager grew up to be a mentally-challenged, stringy-haired Eastern European man???

    There are so many gangs and gang figureheads that appear out of nowhere, get like four lines of dialogue, and have no relevance to the plot, that it is nigh-unto impossible to keep up with any of it.

    Also, at least FOUR separate times, a character (mostly Frank) absolutely takes a sledgehammer to the fourth wall by staring directly at the camera and acknowledging us, the audience. Again, this movie is painfully self-aware and it isn't good.

    This movie is an absolute mess, and not an entertaining mess. It was a chore to sit through. Fans of the original, please do not watch this. You will be severely disappointed, which is saying a lot considering I expected it to be bad anyway.
  • Like many of you reading this review, I am one of those special individuals who enjoys watching bad movies because of the non intentional hilarity factor involved. A movie which has a cast and director who actually try to make a good movie but are not aware nor can cope with their lack of expertise, budget or comprehension of a proper film can have gut wrenching laughs.

    Now enter the Samurai Cop 2. Building up from its cult following and the internet movement of glorifying old bad movies, it invested some money into creating a sequel to satisfy rabid fans. Now the problem is that the movie is too self aware about what's going on. The first film had an amateur director with big dreams leading a cast of actors who where desperately trying to build their acting portfolios and then suddenly everything crashed and burned. The second seems like it was trying too hard to re-create the tragic magic it had from the first film and instead of making a movie so bad its good, its just a terrible film. The cast and crew came into this movie knowing it was nothing special and it ends up being just that.

    First off we can talk about the story. I have yet to figure out what the hell was going on. At first it seemed to make sense. Losing a loved one caused samurai cop to go into hiding. There's a clan war between two large gangs and they need him back to stop the impending chaos. After that you get random scenes of flash backs, poorly executed action scenes and reused meditation sequences of samurai cop on the beach. I know the story wasn't the main attraction but it created this vortex in which the more you tried to follow it the more you got lost in what was going on. It got to the point where you couldn't focus on the jokes because your brain was too warped from the messed up information it just received.

    The actors that were in the film weren't great either, which is to be expected because they brought back many of them that were in the first film. The new characters consisted of porn stars and Tommy Wiseau to cater to those who enjoy gratuitous nudity and The Room. I am one of those people so that's where one of the stars from my rating is derived. I enjoyed Kayden Kross' performance and it's quite sad that her acting was better than most on set. Her black wig made her look like Jill Valentine...mmhhhmm...anyways back to the review.

    The interior sets were poorly done consisting of reused basement rooms and decorated basement rooms to simulate places such as bars, clubs and building complexes. The colour scheme they used was really bright which almost rivaled tron for its neon use. They said they used the kickstarter money for special effects but it looks like basic animations and sfx that come free with a low end video editing software. They really screwed kickstarter backers if they spent 50k on elementary school cgi work.

    The music was the other reason for the second star for this review. I enjoyed it and it set the mood quite well and hit the right notes to move you through the poorly acted scenes.

    All in all I give this movie a 2 out of 10 starz rating. I would not recommend this film. They ruined perfectly good memories of the first bad film and didn't even try hard to make a good film which would end up being unintentionally bad. They should have used the budget and kickstarter money to make a porn parody as they could've used the same cast, been more entertaining and cost less money.
  • greenviking5 April 2016
    It's not funny. It's not nostalgic. It's not anything, really.

    A spectacular example of hipster counterproductivity, this outrageous waste of time is really just a feature-length showcase of how much money & online hype can be flushed down the toilet by the utterly untalented.

    There's no plot to give away, because nothing happens. It's just crap, stumbling from one nonsense "scene" to another, with a few little "nods" to the original along the way. I can't even think of words to describe the rest... bright colors? No attempts at continuity either, unless a small parade of lame cameos qualifies as such.

    Maybe the most tragic - yet interesting - thing about this project is the increased appreciation this pile inadvertently lends to that first movie. At least Samurai Cop stumbled into accidental charisma here & there! That Amir guy must be turning in his grave.

    I'd like to further skewer this trainwreck, but it's frankly just depressing.

    Don't watch it. It blows.
  • It is a lame, lazy, and insane attempt at parody of the original film. The plot is convoluted, the dialogue at times impossible to understand, the jokes are absolutely terrible, the acting is atrocious... And none of it has the 'so bad it's good' feel to it. It's just bad, unbelievably bad. The people behind the project were misguided in every respect imaginable. This film has none of the charm or involuntary humour of the original. It's just unbelievably dull nonsense. Shame on you for trying to make money in such a cheap way!
  • Unlike the first samurai cop that was unintentionally bad, Which made it very enjoyable to watch and enjoy. This on the other hand is just down right terrible the plot is that from what I can see is there is not plot nothing makes sense it's an insult to all the actors and kickstarter fans that they could make a such a film.

    I truly like to think the intentions where good but the execution of this film is laughable,the writing is that of a pre-school grade and direction of a blind monkey.

    All in all a huge mistake to make and should never of been made, sorry to anyone reading this who took part in the film I'm sure it was enjoyable to make and be part off alas it did not transition to the people watching it.
  • This was the most disappointing I have seen since birdemic 2, In fact it makes birdemic 2 look good so to speak.

    I love bad movies and love the greats such as The room, things, birdemic, troll 2, high kicks, double down, road to revenge, hawkeye, double down, Miami connection and many more and also samurai cop part 1. I love the unintentional badness the sincerity of these films that think they are masterpieces (and are in a certain aspect). Then come movies like this! First the good things about this movie is a most of the main cast return which is a great bonus for fans and my main reason for the stars. Now the bad part, most of the main cast return to appear in this mess of a movie instead of a great movie that should have been made. Gone is the cheesy vibe and terrible camera work and lines, now make way for more boring futuristic tripe with decent camera work and something that falls flatter than a hedgehog on the side of a road. The story makes no sense, the music is awful, the lines are awful, the characters even the old characters are awful they are so boring. I hated the new look the whole movie had and the comic book vibe it gave like the movie was made by annoying comic book nerds who make things all about futuristic weapons and over the top nonsense and pointless characters posing as real cool or trendy villains not the cheesy type but the cliché pointless type.

    If you are a fan of the original do yourself a favour avoid this I made an account especially to air the disappointment I felt for the film. It was great to bring back the old characters for the fans but it was an insult to make this garbage which tries way too hard to actually be a good film with a stupid complex plot, if I want a complex plot I will watch an actual well made movie I want to turn my brain off with a movie like this not have it shut off by the actual movie into a coma.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Much of the charm, about the first film with the same name, is the fact, that the director, Amir Shervan sincerely attempt try to make a decent buddy cop movie; while also unintentional failing miserably. Here, the director, Gregory Hatanaka knew, what type of a movie, it was intentional going for. So, it didn't care, if his cast and crew made goofs or mistakes, because it was supposed to look, like a badly made movie. Due to that, it wasn't as fun to watch, like the 1991 film, because how sluggish, this 2015 film looks. It's harder to laugh about something, that trying to look inept, than one that was trying not to be. It is like the rip-pant joke from 'Spongebob Squarepants'. First time, you see, somebody embarrassed themselves, it's funny, because they didn't meant to do that. The second, and third, not so much, because it seems like they doing it on purpose, and just seeking attention. So, you can understand, why this tongue-in-cheek film, felt annoying to watch for me. It was too, into the joke. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of seeing, Officer Joe Marshall (Matt Hannon AKA Matt Karedas) & his partner, the street wise Officer Frank Washington (Mark Frazier) having to team up, once again, 25 years later, in order to stop the reorganized Katana crime organization. I just wish the film, would had, shown that; instead of tiresome, confusing exposition dumps, and turf warzone between different groups of mostly white-yakuza gangs & family ties that make little sense. Without spoiling the movie, too much, while, 'Samurai Cop 2', feels more like Samurai movie than the first movie, it doesn't feel, like a buddy cop film, with each character, having their own direction in, how to get the Katana crime organization, out of power. Because of this, the film feels, a bit disjointed. Still, I'm pretty glad to see, actor, Matt Karedas reprise his role as Joe Marshall, seeing how people thought; he was dead, prior to 2014. After all, I really doubt, I would watch this Kickstarter movie, with Mark Frazier as the main lead, alone. It would be hard to watch, a movie called 'Samurai' Cop, with no samurai cop. It just wouldn't work. Nevertheless, I'm also pretty glad, to see Frazier, back as well, even if both main actors look haggy and tiresome. Both, look and sound, like they had improve, since the last movie. Another person, I was really looking forward to, was Tommy Wiseau as Linton Kitano, the villain. While, I know, that his acting is god-awful. At least, he was entertaining. He was, the bolt of energy, this film, really needed. Much of the charm for this movie, is seeing the main actor from 2003's 'The Room' face off, with Matt Karedas. For the most part, the film kinda delivered, on that promise. The duel scene, toward the end, was indeed, the highlight of the film. However, I really didn't dig, the idea of Joe fighting against new, Katana crime organization made out of stereotypical, one-dimensional sex vixens, with the majority of porn stars like Lexi Belle who can't act, playing them. It was kinda jarring; seeing, how the clan is supposed to be well-trained in the martial arts, and follow a strict codes of conduct and organized fiefdom-nature. Yet, in this film, it's seem, like, they don't even, pose, a threat to Joe Marshall. Not only, does it, hurt the action scenes like the badly done airplane scene, but it makes the film, way too sleazy. The film had way, too many fan-service sex scenes with these women. The only porn star that really does seem like, she was trying to break the mold, was Kayden Kross as Joe's love interest, Milena / Jennifer. Yet, her performance was mediocre, at best. However, at least, she wasn't as bad, as Bai Ling. Her character, Doggé was by far, one of the most annoying thing in this film and hard to understand, due to her thin Chinese accent. I really couldn't stand her. You really do need subtitles to understand, what the hell, she is saying. As for the men, it has to be Shane Ryan as Leonard Sakai. He really was nails on a chalkboard. Despite that, I do like the idea of returning minor actors like Cranston Komuro & Joselito Rescober, reprising their old roles, or taking new part. It made for some, really cool references and inside jokes. I also like the homages to other B-list action films, such as 1988's 'Maniac Cop' & 1972's 'The Outside Man' with the people and film styles, they brought in. However, I do think, the movie was, too ambitious in making homages for their own good. The tone of the film is a bit weird. I don't know, what they were going for, with the ugly dark color scheme. The visuals looks gloomy and uber futuristic/apocalypse. Hyped stylized, like its 1982's 'Blade Runner' or something. It's so surreal. Another problem with the film is the confusing edits, and surreal imagery. It was really hard to follow, with all the drug trips, flashbacks, and daydreaming. It also doesn't help the film, that it uses CGI, very badly. The overused of after effects explosions, that leave airplane, intact and fake-looking computer gallons of blood, combine with fake-green screen set, make this movie, hard to watch, at time. Even the music is distracting. Why are they, playing a love song, during the action scenes!? Better yet, why do they end the film, so abruptly!? It's such a headache! Overall: Like the first movie, this film also brought dishonor to buddy cop genre, because how badly, made it was. However, it was made a lot worst, which was very disappointing. Felt bad to anybody that gave money to the Kickstarter project. It was such, a double-edge sword. In the end, I really can't recommended, this sequel to anybody for curiously sakes. Watch the original movie, instead.
  • SAMURAI COP 2: DEADLY VENGEANCE is a fan made film, funded by Kickstarter and released as a tribute to the original SAMURAI COP. For those who don't know, SAMURAI COP (and the likes of KILLING American STYLE) were cheap, inept and cheesy low budget action flicks from the early 1990s which today have a kind of cult charm and so-bad-it's-good feel.

    Sadly, this follow up makes a huge mistake in that it looks and feels nothing like the original movie. All of the humour and the goofiness has gone and what we're left with is a cookie cutter film packed with all the awfulness a typical Z-grade film can muster: terrible stilted acting (most of the cast are moonlighting porn performers), embarrassingly bad direction, rubbish fight scenes, and a general lack of plot cohesion. Amir Shervan, who wrote and directed the original SAMURAI COP, must be spinning in his grave.

    I think SAMURAI COP 2 is a good example of the difference between old B-movies and new ones. The old B-movies at least had something going for them; they weren't perfect, but they had a kind of cheesy, hard-working charm. These days, film-making is so cheap that anybody can make a B-flick, except few amateur film-makers have the talent even to make so-bad-it's-good productions. They're mostly just horrid, like this one.

    Robert Z'Dar died before the production began - that was a lucky break - but Mathew Karedas, Mark Frazer, and Cranston Komuro all return from the original film and yes, Karedas is still the bad actor that he always was. If you were ever interested in seeing how badly Laurene Landon (MANIAC COP) has aged, here's your chance. Oh, and Bai Ling (DUMPLINGS) is here too in her most awful performance yet; I guess she really will appear in any old thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three gangs are at odds. Joe Marshall (Mathew Karedas) former cop, cop again, Shinto and pacifist fighter seeks revenge for the murder of his wife 25 years ago.

    The film didn't make much sense. Everything in the film was bad, either intentionally or unintentionally. Appears to be a generic spoof of 70's martial arts and science fiction films. Sounds didn't match up that well during the fighting. Nudity was burred out...because?

    I guess if you are looking for a poorly made spoof, this is it.

    Guide: F-word. Brief sex? near nudity.
  • iam-1868625 June 2017
    Joe Public "Samurai Cop was a terrible movie" Kickstarter "Hold my beer"

    The first film was a brilliant example of an unintentionally bad film that makes for cinematic gold. This squeal totally missed the point its just bad.

    I love a bad film and the promise of Tommy Wiseau peaked my interest but this is definitely one to miss
  • Instead, they went too far to the direction of incomprehensible plot, too many pornstars trying to act, not enough Frank, poorly shot and choreographed fight scenes, and lack of understanding of what made the first one good. Shouldn't have tried to go sci-fi, should have kept it grounded and more buddy cop stuff, less rival gang nonsense. Majorly disappointed.
  • Boy did this movie ever sour my mood, where to start..... let's state this fact right from the start, when it comes to "repulsive modern film-making" Samurai Cop 2 is Exhibit A.

    While sitting down and settling in - popcorn at hand, the opening credits begin to roll and you think you're in for an incredibly great bad movie, (LIKE THE FIRST MOVIE!!!) because it's just one bad actor after another, you have the "stars" from the first movie, Joe and Frank, then along for the ride comes, Tommy Wiseau (of, The Room fame), plus Charlie Sheen's uncle as the chief of police, the one the only Joe Estevez.

    Probably the biggest mistake is that they barely show the star of the show, Joe Marshall, who's IS in fact THE Samurai Cop, hardly at all (except for a few brief flashback scenes) for what seems like the first 25 minutes of the movie. Big mistake there. The audience is certainly NOT expecting to have to wait for the star, the Samurai Cop, to appear.

    There's an innumerable amount things wrong with Samurai Cop 2 (cue the rap music yall'!) making for a completely unwatchable, trainwreck of movie. The first Samurai Cop was a lot of fun to watch, NOT SO for the sequel. A cringe-a-minute affair, that sinks to the extreme lows of having pornstars masquerading as actual actors; take Lexi Belle for instance, sure she's cute and may give great head, but her acting skills are non-existent. If she had been relegated to a stripper in the background, with no lines, that would have been acceptable, but she was all over the movie. Bad Move! Oh yeah, and not forgetting Kayden Kross and Zoey Monroe, two other pornstars who also can not act, their presence further degrades this most odious of direct-to-video excrement. These people need to stay in their own chosen domain of the film industry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-porn at all, but these starlets ought to be more aware of their own limitations; because these are the Glowing Results of them "branching out".

    A most disappointing sequel and easily one of the worst ever, possessing NONE of the low-budget charm that the original Samurai Cop (a Masterpiece of the so-bad-it's-good genre) has in near-limitless abundance.

    So if movies loaded with illogical scenes (and even some unresolved scenes), terribly cheap looking special-effects, neon-hued color saturation, shaky and uneven camera pans, hideous soundtracks consisting of rap and soft rock "music" and worst of all, brain-dead casting that has pseudo-actors (I.E. so-called talent that was dredged up from the porn industry) filling nearly every role, well than have at it! Personally I can't hate this gratingly irritating and disgustingly trashy movie enough. Delete your files - burn your DVD's!

    Look at it this way, if Samurai Cop 2 were a drink it would be a hell's brew of: raw sewage, curdled goat's milk, vinegar and the pus from a yeast infection, topped off with flakes of smegma and lastly (and to address the movies gaudy, super-saturated color scheme) the contents of a glow-stick swirled into the mix. Thus completing, "Samurai Cop 2 The Drink".

    I HATE HATE HATE this movie.

    See you at the Razzie's chumps!

    Update: ROTFL! I've noticed a handful of reviewers, some of who actually worked on this POS - well evidently their bias runs deep, VERY DEEP - rated this a "10" or in other words a "perfect movie". WTF???!!!!!
  • OK, so this movie is really bad,..... on purpose? I think yeah... (not sure?)... So this is in fact a great movie to watch drunk with friends for sure. Also on level with "The Room" ( and Tommy Wiseau is in it) Seriously the best/worst special fx (SNL style green screen) and uses video game noises for the punch and kick sounds. This movie is terrible, but good terrible. Give it a shot if you just really want a good laugh.Also you might want to use subtitles.

    Oh and I forgot about the acting. It's just goes beyond unicorns and footballs ... "Oh hi Johnny" *stares "RED BLOOD!!! RED BLOOD JOHNNY!"

    Just magical. Majestic even.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wonderful follow up to the cult classic.

    I first discovered the original at Cinefamily in Hollywood back in 2014 and truly enjoyed it. When I heard that they were making a sequel, I initially brushed it off as cheap knock off or direct to video lesser equivalent... Then I saw the trailer... Then the premiere.

    Wow! The original actors. Tommy Wiseau. Bai Ling. Gerald Okamura. MEL NOVAK!! This was truly made by a lover of film and of the original. The Cast & director had a Q&A after the screening. Wonderful time was had by all. They all seemed to love working on this film and really shines through.

    Hope we get a part 3!
  • As a big time fan of cult films, the original Samurai Cop ranks right up there with The Room, Troll 2, and Birdemic. Kudos to the filmmakers and actors to bring (most) everyone who was originally involved with the first film back for a sequel. Overall, they did a good job of keeping the tone of the original film, as well as bringing in a modern look. Matt Hannon and Mark Frazer did an excellent job as the leads. Fun to watch Tommy Wiseau as the villain. Also good to see Mel Novak back in the game again. If you haven't seen the first film, you may not get all of the inside jokes. In fact, at times, there is a lot going on. You may even want to watch this several times to catch everything.
  • Samurai Cop 2, a sequel to it's first movie 25yrs later from the original "Samurai Cop"(with the late Robert Zdar)is destined to become another great cult film to add to your library!!The return of original cast member Mathew Karedas is in even better shape now, continuing to kick punch chop and swing his mighty sword to destroy evil!! but wait! there's more , it has legendary "BAD GUY" Mel Novak who always make it a big challenge for the "good guys" to win ! may I mention the beautiful sexy women in this film as well , like Bai ling ,Laurene Landon,Joycelyn Lew and many more !!!! Nonstop action and humor that makes you beg for more!!!
  • I see a lot of negative reviews here, I feel lucky to be blessed with even more Samurai Cop action. Over the top, good times.
  • This film seems too self aware and just loves itself WAY too much, it's boring and a slog. It's so freakin boring! the only thing I like was seeing Matt Hannon and Mark Frazer again. But what is that worth when they are given nothing to work with!?!?

    This film is so boring and crappy that even Tommy Wiseau was boring and unmemorable!

    While the original Samurai Cop will live on as a wonderful So-Bad-It's-Good classic. No one will remember this pile of dog vomit, hell at this point no one does.
  • The first "Samurai Cop" movie was horrible, but this sequel, which was made 24 years after the first movie, which in itself is a warning sign right there why would you make a sequel to an already bad movie back in the day and make it this many years later, was abysmal.

    The storyline in "Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance" was even worse and more pointless than it was in the previous movie. This was essentially just Joe moving from one fight scene to the next.

    The characters in the sequel were every bit as pointless and shallow as the storyline, so don't get your hopes up here.

    I watched this sequel only because Tommy Wiseau was in it and the performance was every bit as hoped for. And it was just hillarious that he started out with an over-dramatic scene where he trashes a room, in what can only be an homage to the same scene in the classic movie "The Room".

    This sequel is not really worth the time or effort, unless you find a guilty pleasure in watching bad movies. And trust me, this is bad.
  • Let's get this out of the way right at the start; Samurai Cop II is far too self- referential for its own good. And that's not really a good thing overall. It lacks the thunderingly inept, yet earnest appeal of the original.

    On the other hand, it is not quite the schlock-by-numbers knowingness of Asylum releases like Sharknado, Mega Shark, Sharktopus and (surely some time soon) the Sharkshank Redemption or maybe Sharks & Recreation. Guys, if you read this, help yourselves to those last two suggestions gratis.

    However... Matt and Mark are back together as partners and they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. There are nods to fans of bad movies and the riffing thereof, in the casting of Tommy Wiseau and Joe Estevez. There's even a character called Officer Z'Dar, in an affectionate tribute to the late B-movie legend who was the bad guy in the original 'Samurai Cop'.

    Otherwise, it looks like everyone's family and drinking buddies were invited to fill out the cast, along with young women willing to take their tops off at the drop of an Eighties cliché. There is a welcome sprinkling of original cast members, some of which have aged better than others.

    But overall, this is a garbled and gratuitous mess.

    Maybe a proper sequel could never really be made in the modern era, where every trope is extensively discussed and laughed at online. These days, genuinely bad films are made by the likes of Michael Bay or feature characters like Jar-Jar Binks... and they're not fun-bad. I hope I'm wrong, but the movie world seems to have lost an innocent something; the "heroic failure" factor. People who aimed for the epic, but achieved magnificent wretchedness.
  • mermaidsnwhiskey18 August 2020
    I am all for bad movies but this isn't even good bad. How?! How did this get a better rating than the first 1991 film?! The plot - what plot - is so hard to follow and it is just a hot mess. Still funny because it is so awful but really makes zero sense. If you choose to go down this rabbit hole, God Speed.
  • So I am not sure if this is from Troma or not or if they even exist still, but this was a terrific throwback. I thought it would lack the fun or the original....while not on par, it's good.

    PLOT: Fans of this cheesy stuff will be happy. I did not like Samurai Cop 2. It felt sad, seeing all the characters older and barely able to move. This movie, Samurai Cop 3/Revenge of the Samurai Cop, Joe is back as a bloody Samurai....ish fighter. He's the chosen one and must defeat an enemy from the past once again and Joe must find his way again. Revenge of the Samurai is a proper title...and should be viewed as a very good B-movie.

    I must also say, the musical score is perfect. Some really nice beats/songs offered....a reminder of 80's music...where the music fit the action and themes and were a part of the amazing movie experience.

    Long live the Samurai Cop......Highly recommended....and easy 9 to me.
  • But this one is a new low. It's one of those movies you know the director is a little cuck with a femdom fetish so instead of doing porn he makes a pathetic, laughably low-quality movie where women which he deems attractive are overly-sexualized and kill men, while laughing in bad acting. Movies like that exist and can be found here and there and I call them "cuck genre" for a good reason.

    The acting is (expectedly) hilariously bad, and the more the "actors" try hard to belch a "serious" line the more ridiculous it sounds. The whole movie is a cringe fest and I don't know what the target audience was, when a cuck makes a fetish movie for himself, the possibility the majority of people will enjoy it is extremely tiny. But judging by the 6-star rating, I assume the niche target audience of cucks with the same pathetic fetish found the movie and liked the underlying cuck porn it features.

    But for a normal person, it's just another sad little guy's dream of sharing his love for being a loser with an audience.
  • SAMURAI COP was among the wave of martial arts movies during the early-nineties and despite being one the worst of them all it had no pretensions. It reveled in its own awfulness and rightfully earned itself a loyal cult following over the twenty-four years that followed. It was a film that certainly didn't deserve a sequel and yet here we are...

    SAMURAI COP 2: DEADLY VENGEANCE is the long-awaited follow-up that sees Matt Hannon & Mark Frazer reprising their roles and kicking ass as though their last exploits were only yesterday. The film is the result of a dedicated crow-funding campaign and the devotion of director Gregory Hatanaka. Fans owe him a lot of gratitude because the film is an outstanding combination of nostalgia, action, satire and self-awareness.

    Frazer's detective character is still punching the clock and finds himself investigating a string of Yukuza assassinations. He tracks down his old partner, Harron, who has been off the grid for two decades and the two of them team up to take down a ruthless organization of clichéd samurai killers.

    Honestly? The storyline is irrelevant. SAMURAI COP 2 is an intentionally contrived throwback film that recreates the aesthetic of the original with a full comprehension of what made that film so bad, as well as an understanding of precisely what fans loved about it. Having Hannon and Frazer reprise their roles solidifies the intended sarcasm and lends the movie a constant hilarity.

    Harron and Frazer are fantastic. In a case of life imitating art Harron had fallen off the grid prior to the production. He had changed his name and left the industry and it was only when he was tracked down and discovered at the last minute that the script was re- written for his return. He steps back into the game as though he never left. He commands the screen and delivers a hysterical performance that makes it hard to imagine the original script without him. Frazer is great too. He had also stepped away from the camera many years ago and seeing the two of them kick ass again is so damn good.

    The script is smart and the production values are fantastic. It is a much more controlled and artistic film than the original with strong textures and well handled cinematography. In fact it couldn't have come at a better time with creative outfits such as Astron-6 already laying the way for this particular brand of self-referential nostalgia. Gregory Hatanaka has proved to be a savvy filmmaker with a clear vision and comprehension of the genre. His handling of the action and use of night serves as a clever contrast to the first film, which was shot entirely in daylight with underwhelming action sequences.

    Enjoying SAMURAI COP 2 doesn't require your knowledge of the original, but I would stress that it cannot be truly appreciated without seeing it. This is a movie packed with throw-back references, as well as countless nuances that serve as a wink to the audience, and newcomers wont recognize the elements at the very heart of the film. Track down the original. Watch it and then enjoy this wonderful sequel that deserves an even bigger cult status!

  • BasilMasters22 November 2015
    Samurai Cop 2 by director Gregory Hatanaka was a masterpiece of a job. It was one of those action comedies that go down in history as cult classics. I can speak for it deeply since i had the opportunity to meet most of the cast members including the director Gregory Hatanaka as well as one the producers Joe Williamson and some classic excellent cast members like the legendary Mel Novak from (Bruce Lee's Game of death ), the lovely Laurene Landon and of course Thomas J. Churchill. The movie was so absurd and bizarre and unique in its way that i absolutely loved it. From the costume designs to the filming locations as well as the character developments, this film highlights the unimaginable creativity that one can achieve with limited resources. Mathew Hannon, Mel Novak,Laurene Landon, Thomas Churchill, Shane Ryan, Gerald Okamura and everyone played their roles phenomenally according to their characters ! It was an absolute pleasure and honor to meet this entire talented crew; and i hope the come out with a sequel !!! Basil The White Dragon Masters !
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