The role of The Warden was originally offered to Willem Dafoe.

The Chair is based on the 2008 Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name.

Erin Kohut, screenwriter on the film, edited the graphic novel.

The role of Richard Sullivan was originally offered to Mickey Rourke.

The Mother in the film, played by Naomi Grossman, was specifically created by screenwriter Erin Kohut for the film. The mother character does not appear in the graphic novel.

Peter Simeti, the creator of "The Chair" is also the founder and publisher of the creator-owned comics company Alterna Comics. "The Chair" was one of Alterna's first nationally published titles.

Originally, the intention was to film all prison scenes in actual prison locations. However, after numerous scouts the team determined that, for reasons such as sound and camera movement, none of the sites would work. Two weeks before camera rolled the decision was made to construct all but one location on a sound stage.

This is the late Roddy Piper's finale feature film role.

"The Chair" is an allusion to the electric chair.

Susan Eisenberg plays a character named "Ms. Prince". This is a nod to Eisenberg's voice role of DC comic character Wonder Woman in various animated projects. Wonder Woman's alias in comics was Diana Prince.

Only practical effects were used during the filming of this movie.

The film was independently produced and a quarter of the budget was raised by Kickstarter backers.