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  • Tenkai knights, while not that well known, is an amazing show. The show can be liked by both boys and girls and has a very enjoyable art style. The show has a lot of likable characters (Save for Beni she's a bit annoying at times), especially Ceylan (Although that may just be my opinion.) The show does hit some cliches at times, but in a good way, and does a good job balancing out emotion and humor. My only complaints would be 1.) The show is only a season long 2.) Some questions were never answered (Although this may be due to only having one season) and 3.) They did bring up some things that could have ended up being good plot points but instead the issue was dropped and never brought up again (*cough* Wakamei *cough*).

    But overall it was an amazing show and I definitely recommend it!!
  • WeAreLive27 August 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not long ago I finished watching this anime and I must say I love it

    Tenkai Knight is about 4 knight (five later) Bravenwolf, Lythingdor, Tributon, Valoron and Dromus (Who joins later on in the series). Who stops the evil corrupted being controlled by Vilnius and his minions Granox and Slyger. This Knight on earth are kids whose names are Gurren, Ceylon, Chookie, Toxsa and Gen. Venatta also known as Beni was evil until the end of the series. However warning she is very annoying.

    This show had good animation, voice actors, and character development. However, there were a few thing that still needed to be answered like what happened to the Guardians and how did Gurren's dad know about the Tenkai Knights I wish there was a season 2.

    This show reminds me a bit of lego and sometimes transformers.

    I would say give this show a go.