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  • I'm not ashamed to admit I like Minions, I've enjoyed all the Despicable Me films and am now indulging myself in the Minions shorts which thus far have been very hit and miss.

    This 4 minute Minion tale tells the story of a Minion who wants a puppy, when an alien comes down to earth he considers it a suitable alternative.

    Clearly with influence from Batteries Not Included (1987) this is a sweet heartfelt little tale that about half way through I figured I wouldn't like as I saw the finale being sad. Thankfully it's not, it ends on a high note and even features Gru himself.

    Very enjoyable fun little effort and I wish all the Minion content was this good.

    Oh and I'm 37yrs old and DON'T JUDGE ME!

    The Good:

    Sweet story

    Looks good

    The Bad:

    Tugs on that particular heart string I don't like tugged

    Things I Learnt From This Short:

    I can't promise I wouldn't do deeply inappropriate things with that englarging ray
  • TheJuck18 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    We join this short and find a minion cleaning Gru's windows (with a hidden Van Gogh in the suds) and admiring the neighborhood dog owners happily walking their pets down the street.

    After being rejected by 'Kyle', a pigeon, a squirrel and a ladybug, his search for a pet of his own takes an odd turn.

    I was maybe a little disappointed by the second Despicable me movie,,, this 4 minute short actually made up for it. It almost gives me hope that they can pull off a stand-alone Minion movie.

    A sweet, simple tale of a minion and his 'puppy'. This the best of the 3 mini-movies by a mile.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Puppy" is a 2013 4-minute animated short film that was released shortly after "Despicable Me 2". In here, one of the minions is on the lookout for a pet and he ends up with a small metallic alien creature. I have to say I quite enjoyed this one here, more than the other Minion short films I have seen so far and also more than most parts of the new "Minions" movie. These 4 minutes have good humor with everything the puppy does (the television, the night sky... I also liked that Gru was included several times here. It seems like his dog will only go with him for a walk. But the real reason why I liked this is the heart. this is one thing that has almost entirely been missing from the other Minion short films. This one here has topics loyalty, homesickness and friendship and all this in such a short time only. well done. And it also manages nicely to combine this emotion with the fun element which is so strong in these Minion films. The last scene with the extra large ladybird was really nice. I want one too. Really nice short. I recommend it. Oh yeah and "Mmm Bop" really is a perfect song for the spirit of these little fun-loving creatures.
  • I found this short movie really heart-warming, especially as I can relate to the feeling of being desperate for a puppy and not being able to have one. When the minion finds an alien that he can love just like a puppy, they form an unbreakable bond. It gets a little bit emotional when the end comes along, but not necessarily in a bad way! I loved this little short movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Despicable Me and Minions franchise.