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  • Whoaaa... ‪John Abraham has started a new era of action with ‪ROCKY HANDSOME. Watched the movie yesterday evening and seriously... Such action is for the first time in history of bollywood.

    Even though the story is average, its very well executed and John's action has added flying colours to it. Its purely an action flick with amazing sequences of intense action. Director Nishikant Kamat has played villain in the movie. He has also acted very well. Last but not the least, the child actor Niomi on which the entire film revolves has acted brilliantly. Three cheers to her.

    Do watch the movie but I suggest not to take your child with you for the movie. Also the movie is not for faint hearted. Please keep this in mind before going for the movie.
  • shivamt2527 March 2016
    Yet to see 'the man from nowhere'. People are saying that the story is the same. There is in fact similarities in various scenes of this film to those Korean ones. The stunts look familiar if you have seen Raid 1 and 2.

    Still, it is new for the Indian audience. I won't say that it is an innovative movie, because gone are the days when Indian audience was unaware of the cinema outside bollywood. So, its 'inspired', doesn't mean we cannot enjoy it. Noshikant Kamat's direction is really good. I would say, 'Mumbai meri Jaan' level good. Action scenes are well choreographed. The characters can be connected to, like John's and that cute little kid who has definitely done great in her first film. So yes, i think 7/10 is right for it.
  • "How far would you go to save the person closest to you" ?? A remake of a Korean film "Man From Nowhere, "Rocky Handsome" is a taut thriller that is going to keep you on the edge of seat without giving a chance to blink your eyes.

    "Rocky Handsome" is a story of an unforgiving man who embarks on a journey to avenge when the only person he cares about is kidnapped and taken away from him.

    From the director of "Force" (Hindi) and "Drishyam", Nishikant Kamat does a fabulous job in holding your attention right from the beginning till the end. The first half is pretty straight forward until the main drama unfolds when the kidnapping of little girl takes place. From here onward, the drama-thriller is full of well- executed action choreography with each scene giving you goosebumps. If the first half is a drama story, the second half is actual plot where the suspense begins to unfold with nail-biting moments and jaw-dropping scenes. The background fight scene during the song "Teri Toh Yaad Sataye" is one of the major highlight of the film. Even the climax scene has been well-executed.

    On the flip side, the story is pretty average with nothing new to offer along with loose screenplay which could have been crispier. Action scenes is the highlight of the film and deserves brownie points for keeping you engaged. Editing is good. Cinematography capturing the dark underworld sequences appropriately. Art direction is nice. Songs are tuneful. Performance-wise, it is John Abraham all the way. Though his expressions are same throughout the film, he carries the film with his well-defined sculpted body and good performance. Nishant Kamat, first time as a actor, does well as villain. The child actor Divya Chalwad does justice to her role. Shruti Hassan is wasted in a special appearance.

    Overall, "Rocky Handsome" is a treat for action film lovers. Well executed action sequences and death-defying stunts will keep you engaged. Good 3/5

    – Ketan Gupta
  • Rocky handsome is remake of South Korean movie 'The man from nowhere'. I being a big fan of the original and physique of John Abraham, was looking forward for this bollywood version.

    Cons: Locations at which the shooting of movie takes place do not comply with the level and richness of drug lords. Acting is okay except for the girl and girl's mom.

    Pros: Action is good given that our hero is expert in only upper body movements.

    I liked the character of hero and the villain's associate who saves girls eyes, although the original were much better. There is a scene where hero is referred as girl's dad by an old shopkeeper it took me Indian version to understand that.

    Rating : 6.5/10.
  • Despite being an adaptation, Rocky Handsome managed to grab a majority appreciation. The direction and screenplay have been fantastic throughout the movie but lacking a little deeper portrayal of characters. But still, I wouldn't mind recommending this movie. The action scenes are too exploring making this movie a true one of a kind bollywood action film. The music was complimenting the scenes and the emotional scenes really felt stronger every minute. John Abraham did a fantastic job and clearly, he has put in a lot of hardwork and effort into the making of this movie. Shruti Hassan, though a small role, did perfectly well. And the kid, awwww..... the cutest little thing <3 If you haven't watched it yet, make sure you do so because its fantastic. Worth every minute in a theatre. Well done Team Rocky Handsome :) I loved it.
  • I like sorry "love" the movie john Abraham's action is too awesome and the story is also very good its a complete package of a action + emotional(the end part). I like that the movie has a great opposition on drugs. Of course i feel bad for all the children and people whose kidneys etc are taken out and sold. But justice is being done in the movie. And as we all know goodness lies in all the humans as we see in the bodyguard who saves the girl's eyes being taken out. I gave the movie 10/10 as i personally like the movies which fights with evils, so i will watch this movie a 100 times for this is best movie. And again i LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie thanks to all the crew who made this movie and special thanks to the little girl Naomi......
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the first feature film I'm reviewing. That said- i did enjoy it. Heard it is a remake of a popular Korean movie- which reflects in the screenplay a lot. Not really for bollywood audience. Slow paced screenplay with touching moments..backed by hardcore action sequence- typical Korean style. Really enjoyed it for John Abraham-this fits well into his genre. My favorite after Karam( which i hope has a sequel). The action sequence in the club and last scene are the highlights and wished there were. Hoping the director would take this forward to more sequels. With better supporting cast especially the villains and a smarter efficient cop. The villains brother duo lacked the intensity. A more in par and equal to John's presence would be a wow factor. Like i would like to see a second part with twin evil psychotic yet well versed in combat brothers against John. If taken further could be Bollywood "Taken".

    The villain's henchman, played by Kazu Patrick Tang, is a commendable performance. Faster screenplay on the lines of The Raid, District 13 and equal powerful competition would have made this
  • "Rocky handsome" is a testimony to John Abraham's skills range and talent quantum. Among his so many appearances, this movie is probably the best after "Madras Café". John has successfully transformed himself from an average actor to a strong performer who knows right expressions, energy, dialog tone and matching action traits at the right moment. The subject of the plot is quite touching, sensitive and social that tries to highlight the mayhem created as a result of drugs and child trafficking. The director has done a reasonable job to portray and execute all the characters in a logical sequence. But the highlight remains "John's Action" and " Body Language". The action scenes have been shot with great skill, technique and perfection. John Abrahams does a fair justice to his martial arts skills which will remind you of "Keon Reeves" of "John Wick". The body language is perfectly matching to the persona of a high profile "special agent" and one gets the feeler of a real time hero every now and then. The film has been taken to the climax in a smooth way and hence the climax has been shot in a befitting manner closing all the issues, characters and chaos in the end. The director has not left any stone unturned and deserves applause for it. Overall, a fantastic topic, a good movie and a great direction despite being short of mega cast and stars.
  • Not many may know that Nishikant Kamat is a very well trained theatre actor.

    You will love Nishikant's in his role. It was such a joy to watch him turn into this evil character. Another actor was supposed to play that role. Just two days before the shooting that actor opted out. Nishikant had to step in by default. And what a mind blowing performance he has given!

    Overall movie is very nice that is why i have given 8 out of 10. But I am really very very impressed with the acting of Director Nishikant Kamat. He is genius, his impressions oh my god amazing. I love to watch him again and again, will wait for his next Act.
  • Great action movie. A copy of Korean film, Man From Nowhere, but gentler. I loved the music and the way John Abraham portrayed the ex-RAW agent. I did not like the Korean version because it was too gory and too profane for my tastes. Although Abraham reminded me of Steven Segal and Chuck Norris, he still gave you the impression that he had a heart. I loved his relationship with the child actress, Divya. In fact IMO their relationship humanized an otherwise cruel person.
  • Whole movie is Just good. but fighting scenes are really awesome. actually I never show such scenes in any Bollywood movie. most IMP is they look damn real. John did awesome job. I just wished if they have worked little more on this movie, this could have been PERFECT movie.

    + Points :-

    + Action Scense + That Shruti Scene + Story + 2 Hour Movie + Only 2 Songs + Dark & Brutal

    • Points

    • Little boring after start - Not so good dialogs/speech - One of the villain's Stupid & over Acting - Death of main Villain was not as it should be

    I recommended to watch this one. Its better than Airlift and BVS.
  • Movie : Rocky Handsome (UA)

    Rating : 4.5/5

    John Abraham is the actor who says he loves to do action films as this is his favourite genre. Same with me, action is my favourite and this compelled me to watch the much awaited action film ROCKY HANDSOME, in which John Abraham proves that even Indian cinema can have world class action. The film, to put simply, is a heart warming entertainer with emotions, and showcases the ultimate fighting skills of John.

    A remake of the Korean film The Man From Nowhere (Ajeossi), ROCKY HANDSOME stands at par with the original, in terms of action. I haven't seen Ajeossi but I have seen the climax fight which was too gory. ROCKY HANDSOME does have stylized violent action but not as gory as Ajeossi. It has clean entertainment with execution that keeps the film alive and the viewer awake. Every single frame is shot very well.

    John Abraham gives a very controlled, enthusiastic and energetic performance. He's the main guy who drives the film and the action. The way he handles the knife to fight is simply the best thing. Nishikant Kamat's performance as Kevin is convincing, although he went a little overboard while laughing in a scene. Diya Chalwad as Naomi is impressive. Shruti Haasan doesn't have much to do except appearing in a few songs and scenes. But she does even the small part well. The surprise package was Kazu Patrick Tang, whose performance and fighting impressed a lot. Other cast including Sharad Kelkar, Nathalia Kaur, Teddy Maurya etc do their job well.

    The music is good, although a fast paced film like this didn't actually need songs. The background score is thrilling. The cinematography, locations, VFX etc are all top notch. The fight sequences are extremely excellent and are of a kind never seen before. The editing is crisp and the film doesn't bore you in even a single moment. The powerful story supports the equally captivating screenplay.

    Overall, ROCKY HANDSOME is an action film never seen before. It's an action packed adventurous ride that keeps entertaining till it comes to an end. For action lovers like me, this film is a full on entertainer that we were wiling to see since long. For all others, this is absolutely a new kind of experience that will be remembered for years to come. A sureshot blockbuster!
  • The Action and the looks of John is probably the only reason you would want to watch the movie. The story is decent but the first 45 minutes of the movie is really gross and boring. The action is probably the only reason I gave this movie a 7 out of 10! I wouldn't recommend you guys to watch this movie if you are under the age of 14. Its just decent effort made. It has a lot of glory and brutal scenes but John Abraham's Action in the movie is what made me keep watching. Its a decent movie and a good time past. The story seems to be based on true events that happens in India but they could've used an more appropriate way to show this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rocky Handsome 5/10 = Someone who has watched "The Man from Nowhere" Rocky Handsome 9/10 = Someone who has not watched "The Man from Nowhere"

    Confused? Don't be, lemme explain :)

    My review is going to be two folded, as you may have guessed, i fall to segment 1 - the chap who watched the movie "The man from nowhere"

    5/10 John, i must credit the 5 stars only for your sheer grit in this movie and also the acting of the villain brothers.

    Boy our movie making could have been better if ya are Mr Kamat who seemingly replicates the non Hindi movie scenes frame to frame, and something is not so right here.....

    John, common mate, you come from the genre where where you made epic movie like - madras cafe. Dialogues like " i will pull/mess your organs out so that you will not be able to value the organs in the grey market" is cold/lame.

    We certainly could have made this a lot better........

    9/10 Woah, this movie is intense and is a welcome package for action (genre i meant) lovers in bollywood movie making,

    I quite enjoyed the actions scenes and i must recommend the villain brothers for any more south Indian movies...

    please watch it for some dhamaka action scenes.... all in all, worth the money spent..!!!
  • This movie takes action to next level in Indian Film Industry.No over the top action scenes as is the case in Indian movies.It has one of the crispest and tight storytelling and direction in an Indian movie.There are songs that go along with the narration.This movie is 2 hours of adrenaline rush and must watch for action movie lovers.Nishikant has excellently juggled between the directors and the villain's hat.Nishikant's acting is amazing as a villain.A complete action movie with great story, nice songs, excellent acting, and direction. I would definitely recommend it.
  • To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this movie. My cousin recommended watching this movie. I expected a complete common boring action film, full of fight scenes. But it turns out, it has a really touching story to it too.

    For all those out there expecting some really cool and new fight scenes, please go and have a watch. It not like the other Bollywood Action scenes. And for all those expecting a nice emotional(touching) story, you too have a look. And finally all those people who don't like blood, killing, and all those stuff, I don't recommend you watching this movie, as it has adequate violence, and probably you wont be able to handle it. (*This is not a SPOILER*) I still highly recommend everyone to go have a watch.
  • This is the Best Ever Movie I have watched after Rockstar. Nothing to say this made me speechless.. So I am giving it 10 Marks. Who the hell are those who gave it less marks than 10 It is the Best Movie The Song Aye Khuda is the Best song and singer is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan so Song is more precious and Sweet and Rocking also......I am Speechless about this movie I can't say anything about it more than awesome. John Abraham is Also a great actor like the way he just acted and in song aye Khuda he just Brusted into tears that was too sad. Shruti hassan is also very Beautiful and the Small Girl is also very Cute.Story is copied or Not I don't care but Story is just great.
  • Must watch its a Deadly, Brutal Action pack thriller movie. Simply ! you Must watch Don't moved away by the under rated reviews given by paid movies critics. If you had saw the deadly actions of Keanu Reeves in John Wick then you must go for this.

    Best actions Sequences till now i had seen in any Bollywood movies. Its a Well executed movie, Decent story with thrilling script will bind you till end.

    Rocky Handsome is immensely thrilling in its classy action sequences.

    John Abraham infuses the right amount of deadliness into the gritty punching-kicking sequences. John puts everything in his effort. The hand-to-hand combat scenes are largely responsible for taking your breath away. Action Abraham does a fine job of donning the emotionless, cold-hearted, silent killing machine garb.

    John Did his best after Madras Cafe. Unstoppable Brutal actions
  • baba0071024 March 2016
    John Abraham with his stern and sturdy look is the only reason you would want to watch the movie. The story line has nothing new to offer and hardly any surprises. Throughout the movie ,scenes are thrown in a haphazard way and could be the reason the movie might fail to grip the audience .Sharad Kelkar as cop has been good but the acting of the villains was way over dramatic .Nevertheless if you love action movies ,then towards the end you would love the action scenes much inspired by the Raid Redemption 2. They are pretty brutal and violent though. So this weekend if you really don't want to put your brains to exercise can have this one!
  • namashi_125 March 2016
    An adaptation of the 2010 Korean film The Man from Nowhere, Director Nishikant Kamat's 'Rocky Handsome' is a tiresome experience. Despite some super action & John Abraham's sincerity, this adaptation lacks heart & energy.

    'Rocky Handsome' Synopsis: When a drug mafia abducts an eight-year old, her dearest man sets out on a mission with a view of returning the compliment.

    'Rocky Handsome' fails to make you feel for its characters, that being the hero himself & the innocent kid, for whom he goes on a rampage in order to save her life. And its the Writing to be blamed. The connect between its principal characters is missing & that acts as a major minus point. Also, the narrative lacks the energy one expects from a slick action flick such as this.

    Ritesh Shah's Screenplay is bland. Kamat's Direction is strictly okay. He's not in form this time. Cinematography is well-done. Editing is iffy. Action-Sequences are superbly executed, although they are extremely violent. The faint-hearted should stay away! A Special Mention for the nicely done Background Score.

    Performance-Wise: John Abraham gives his all & exceeds to a large extend. He looks like an unbeatable mean machine & also does reasonably well in the dramatic/emotional portions. Its the Script that lets him down. Baby Diya Chalwad is cute. Shruti Hassan appears in a cameo. Kamat, who plays the chief villain here, is just about passable. Sharad Kelkar is terrific as the honest cop. Teddy Maurya as Kamat's evil brother, is unbearable.

    On the whole, 'Rocky Handsome' squanders its potential. A Missed Opportunity!
  • ‪#‎Rocky‬ handsome is an outstanding movie!!! Kickass movie till interval and Badass after that!! Top notch direction as well as acting.Nishikant Kamat nailed it completely It felt as if I was watching a Hollywood flick.Cinematography was brilliant and so was the background score. Go for it only if you love movies like Force. It is not at all for faint hearted. Action sequences and death defying stunts keep you engaged throughout and make you crave for more!!! Overall it is a cut to cut remake of The man from nowhere. It is a must watch for action lovers... Only wish that I have is that the people involved should have promoted it more. And it shouldn't have been released with a juggernaut like Batman v Superman Go for it only if you wish to see a cool story and some brutal and gruesome action!!!
  • Its the best action movie to come out of India in decades. 10/10 for superb action scenes. John Abraham is a class apart, he carries the film on his shoulders alone. Terrific as the brooding protagonist he fits into the role and delivers a knockout performance. The story is gripping, a slow build up keeps you on tenterhooks and then the action starts, Wow is just not enough. I have never seen such action in any Hollywood movie. The man John Abraham is the God of action, move over Schwazzaneggar, forget about Indian action men they are not even half as good. Director Nishikant Kamat and Action Director Sunil Rodrigues take a bow, you have delivered a super hit. May your tribe increase. The other actors especially the child actress are excellent. My advice don't miss this one. See it on the big screen for a never before experience.
  • still remember the year 2010 when i watched the movie "The Man from No were". it was so great that it made me fan of South Korean movies. after 6 year later when i get to know that this movie will going to remake in Indian version thought it will be wasted … it will going to be a waste try…. But after watching rocky handsome made me speechless … what a sequence of steps of story telling … what a acting of all the actors … specially "john Abraham"… waaaa … you are a killing machine.. your style … your ferocity… your skill …wwwaaooo… made me your fan .. in one word … "you are a silent bomb"…. And all above special thanks to Nishikant Kamat … and Teddy Maurya … no one can act better than you in this role. you guys just rocked …….. Bollywood movies need talents like you … your acting skill gave a rich look in this movie.. for all of your hard work and dedication ..hats off . am gonna watch it again and again....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

    Rating: 3.4/5 stars

    Biff…! Bang…! Boom...!...goes John Abraham for the most part of Rocky Handsome, and in the course of all the mayhem on screen, he sets our pulses racing and heartbeats thumping. This has got to be one of the slickest action movies, with some of the best fight scenes ever made in Bollywood. John plays an ex-RAW agent in the movie, who used to be the best and most badass agent of his time, and it's evident that the filmmakers have taken every ounce of effort to make his action scenes realistically deadly and brutally intimidating to suit his character, which ultimately play a huge part in getting the tone and intensity of the film right.

    However, the action isn't the sole contributing factor to getting that tone and intensity spot-on for most of the movie. Rocky Handsome is an out-an-out action film no doubt, but it's one of those rare action spectacles that don't feel the necessity to shred their emotions to show their strength. In other words, the action is mixed with plenty of heart to set it apart from just another routine punches-and-kicks movie solely meant to satiate action junkies. There's something for everyone, and those looking for a sensible plot with strong characterization won't be disappointed. John's arc flows along nicely and his transformations and backstory do justice to his role.

    The other actor whose character arc will leave you rooted to your seat and rooting for her is Diya Chalwad as Naomi. Her innocence and cute gestures will tug at your heart strings to the point that you'd be hoping with all your will that not even a hair on her body is hurt. Naomi's abduction by a deadly drug cartel in Goa is what brings John out of hibernation and sets him on a path of rampage. It's her character that causes all the conflict in the film and transitions in the narrative, which makes Diya's act all the more commendable, and Director Nishikant Kamat's job of handling this kid nothing short of spectacular. She's literally the axis along which John's every decision and our entire focus revolves.

    Speaking about performances, Kamat is a revelation in his acting debut, and makes us wonder why he didn't try his hand in front of the camera before. He plays the leading baddie, Kevin Pereira, with just the right amount of menace, coldness, and cowardice as the role demands. The same however can't be said for Tandy Murdal, who plays his brother and second-in-command. He's every bit as over-the-top as Kamat is restrained, and his overacting gets so annoying after a point that you wish his character dead not because he's villainous, but simply because his presence distracts your viewing experience. Ditto for Nathalia Kaur as Naomi's mother, Anna, who emotes and mouths dialogues with the same expressions that someone would make upon being forced to devour a plate of rancid meat. Sharad Kelkar and the other supporting actors are pleasant on the eye.

    But enough about the heart and the feelings; at the end of the day Rocky Handsome is an action film, and every action fan who craves for good, realistic action movies in Bollywood (quite a rarity) needs to watch it. If John is seen as a powerhouse who can clear hordes of baddies, it's because the martial arts choreography (a combination of Aikido, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Judo) is meticulously crafted, and cinematographer Shankar Raman's somber and brooding frames elevate the dark, morbid mood of the film. Mind you, some scenes are excessively violent, so be sure you have the stomach to watch them. The film has been officially adapted from the terrific 2010 Korean movie, The Man from Nowhere, and it's more than a worthy remake because it carves its own identity by tweaking the story in several places while also paying respect to the original by retaining its core essence.

    If it wasn't for the songs that stick out like a sore thumb and end up distracting the story at crucial junctures, I'd have given the movie an even higher rating. And, to our dismay, these sore thumbs are one too many to be ignored and they detract quite a bit from the actual story. Also, John's flashback scenes with his deceased wife (Shruti Haasan) are overcooked and don't evoke the same pathos as his equation with Naomi. Additionally, Kamat's direction while otherwise crisp commits the error of wrapping certain things too neatly and spoon-feeding the audience. It's time our Directors respected our deduction capabilities and treated us with the same maturity as western audiences are. Such sore-points while minor are hard to overlook, and end up slotting the film in a rung below some of Bollywood's greatest action films like Baby, Khakee, and Pukar.

    Nevertheless, Rocky Handsome is still one wholly entertaining, exhilarating, bloody joyride that demands to be seen on the big screen. The knife-fight scene in the climax alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Official remake of Jeong-beom Lee 'Ajeossi | The man from nowhere' (

    The Indianization was not a good idea. Flashbacks, and humanizing the titular assassin also, not a good idea, IMHO.

    John Abraham, though, fits the role to a T, in spite of the flashbacks.

    Kamat, of 'Dombivli Fast' (in spite of the fact that it shared its DNA with one of Michael Douglas' best movies, 'Falling down', and never acknowledged it - and little else to recommend his talents (he tried to make 'Mumbai meri jaan' a better movie than it turned out to be, IMHO, but it was a disappointment, overall), shows his spark in a couple of scenes, but that's it.

    He is, for sure, very effective (not in all sequences, but in most) as one of the main bad guys in this flick.

    His partner-in-crime, on the other hand, does not fare as well, nor does he acquit himself very well, though most of the blame should be laid at Kamat's door, unfortunately, and a little bit of it at JA's door too.

    The supposedly-Thai evil henchmen, with (SPOILER) shades of Grey, on the other hand, is supremely effective, and though I do wish he was in the flick more, perhaps he's in there just right.

    The narrative, trying for some kind of surprise element, does pack a kind of wallop for those who haven't seen the original, and might have an impact for some.

    Every sequence (dream), except for perhaps the one at the hospital, with Shruti 'Post-surgery' Haasan, slows the movie down, interminably, as so all of the herogiri slo-mos during which the camera loves to linger on JA for. Un. Necessary.

    The main reason to watch this flick is a series of ma-no-a-ma-no fights that JA has, post-intermission, with a whole flock of bad guys. Esp. the final confrontation, no matter how filmy it seems to get.

    No Qtr given. No Qtr asked for.

    In spite of those set-pieces being very good, they do not compare well with either the original, or to 'Raid:Redemption' or Raid 2:Berandal', both of which had gut-wrenching action, with some amazing plot-development, and this one, tries for broke with the sequencing of parts of the drug/organ trade that it wants to highlight happening in Goa, but too little-too late.

    Points though, for trying.

    The posse of cops too, is something novel, and perhaps a 'Drishyam' influence, and once again, points for trying.

    The score is inconsistent, re-using one of Bombay Rockers' tracks in the foreground, interspersing that with some wall-wall action unfolding, and the use of Raahat Fateh Ali Khan to underscore pathos took me outta the movie whenever it was used (and believe me, its used a lot!), and it did seem like I was not the only one bothered by its completely unnecessary excessive usage, judging by the number of sniggers all round, which should have actually been more reflective in nature, while not hammering us over the head with the emotion-Du-jour/moment.

    However, I do hope the movie works at the box-office, since it definitely has a few things going on in its favor. I did think it had its moments, and continue to expect better from JA and NK.
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