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  • ghazaal-b5 March 2018
    I don't understand why the rating is this low here. It was one of the best animation movies I have seen. It has several layers to it. Surface layer is of course going against violence and advocating peaceful life and behavior. But it can have several other layers; like how the society forces boys to define themselves as "masculine" based on the norms of the society. Masculinity is more of a sociological construct rather than an eternal unchanging truth. Some people here have said that this movie is not pro fighters. I totally think the opposite. It is advocating a new definition for fighting. Rather than violence, fighting according to Ferdinand is patience and perseverance.

    All in all, I loved this movie and totally recommend it.
  • We are a family of animal lovers, especially cows, and we absolutely adored this movie. Ferdinand is the lovable giant who melted us all.
  • It may be a bit generic with a predictable plot and some cliché characters. Some of the voice acting may be a bit jarring and the animation is simply OK. Still Ferdinand delivered humor and warmth in spades. I could not stop laughing! Even when the jokes were corny, the corniness fits right in with a soft-hearted, flower loving bull that wouldn't hurt a fly.

    A pretty good, feel-good family movie for when you just want some light watching.
  • It seems that some people think the jokes in this movie fall flat and there is too much unnecessary clutter, but I honestly really really loved this movie. It was a reluctant choice after not finding anything else playing that we wanted to see, but man am I glad we saw it!

    Ferdinand is the cutest bull I've ever seen, and I have to say I'm not familiar with this studio's other films but I thought the animation style was wonderful. I especially liked the wide range of expressions on Ferdinand's face throughout the movie, with a few close-ups that really captured the perfection of those expressions well.

    The story itself was inspirational and heartwarming, full of examples and discussions on being yourself and breaking the mold and not letting anyone else define who you are. There were some heavy-handed moments that I'm not sure a younger viewer would understand, or possibly that may be too bleak for a very young viewer. Some of the humor was a little more adult-oriented, but most of it was clean, although sometimes rather stupid. The ending is pretty much exactly what you'd expect of a feel-good kid's movie, and I liked it very much.
  • If adults are going to review this film they should first ask what the children thought. Why some try to analyse these type of films is beyond me. It's old style fun and happy ending we all enjoyed as kids. If you don't have any, borrow one or two, because you'd have an excuse to enjoy a bit of fun. Don't want to bring up any religious connotations but I did fall in love with a goat.
  • This movie is quite entertaining for all ages. My husband & I enjoyed it, I noticed my 12 year old laughing at parts, & my 3 year old twins sat through the entire movie without growing tired of it. I heard "that's so funny mom", from one of my three year old's a few times, and both laughed at many parts. Great family movie.
  • kc-halpin5 March 2018
    I laughed a lot more than I thought I would! This is a very fun movie with a lot of laughs, but between those laughs there are some slow parts. Better than Turbo (the only other animated movie I can think of where I did notice the slow parts), but it isn't the best animated movie ever. The kids will watch it a few times. I don't see it becoming a classic, but the first watch will definitely entertain you!
  • First let me say my physically 37 year old but mentally 4 year old son (umbilical cord around neck cut off air at birth/brain damage) thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was a bit slow in the middle at one spot I thought, but generally entertaining for me as well.

    There is a reason this is PG, namely that it is about bulls that are raised for fighting in the ring - If you know the story of Ferdinand you know the basics, and the movie included some elements from the book so those were nice to see.

    There are some of the usual innuendos these cartoon movies only adults will understand, but the characters are varied enough it keeps the movie hopping along. Towards the end the young bulls realize the bull never wins in the ring, thus bringing the subject of death into the movie, the momentum quickly shifts to the comedic as the characters break out from their confines, and in the end they all live happily ever after...Entertaining, likable, not a classic but good little movie.
  • I enjoyed watching this film! It was very heartwarming and had comedy that both adults and children could enjoy! There are plenty of moments in the film that could help you teach your children about bullying and helping each other!

    I wouldn't say that this was the absolute best animated film there is but it is still very enjoyable non the less!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The people that are giving bad ratings to this movie, I don't understand. Like maybe the killing part of the bull, but that's not what kids focus on. The story plot was amazing. The puns were a bit cringy, but that's what makes it funny! Their was a mix of character personalities, which made the movie good! The movie overall was great! I loved the movie and don't listen to the haters!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf might be one of most well known children's stories written. The story is about a bull named Ferdinand who rather than fighting like the other bulls loves to smell the flowers under a tree and then accidentally finds himself in a bull fight. It was a simple story and I think it mostly translated well to the silver screen with Blue Sky Studios' newest animated release "Ferdinand". This film definitely has it's message stand out while also providing some pretty funny laughs. Here's why I think this movie works.

    The story of the film is essentially mostly the same with some more additions. In the country of Spain, a bull named Ferdinand (John Cena) is a bull who is more interested in smelling the flowers rather than fighting like other bulls. Living on a florist farm with a girl named Nina (Lily Day) and her father, he has lived a mostly calm life going to the towns nearby flower festival. One day when he visits the festival, he accidentally sits on a bee and gets stung causing him to accidentally destroy the festival. The authorities seeing him as a danger, send him away to the home for fighting bulls named Casa Del Toro. Though he is disrespected by the other bulls as the home, he quickly finds himself to a calming goat named Lupe (Kate McKinnon) and three hedgehogs name Una (Gina Rodriguez), Dos (Daveed Diggs), and Cuatro (Gabriel Iglesias). What happened to Tres you may ask? Well, they don't speak of him sadly. Meanwhile, a matador from Madrid (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) comes to the house to chose a bull to fight in the ring for one last time. The only problem is that if a bull doesn't get chosen, he is sent to a slaughter house nearby. So, what happens next? I'd rather not spoil the rest of the film so I'll move on to my analysis.

    Before I go into more detail about the film, I'll go ahead and say that isn't the first adaptation of the story. The book was adapted into a short cartoon by Walt Disney back in 1938 and ended up winning an Academy Award. Though that version is unsurprisingly the better adaption, this version of the story is actually a pretty good adaptation. The way I would describe it is comparing it to Blue Sky's own movie "Horton Hears a Who!". Where that film isn't good as the original Chuck Jones special, I still thought it was a good adaptation nonetheless and the same can be said with Ferdinand. What I was surprised by with this film is actually how funny it was. For the most part, the movie relies on classic cartoon humor you usually see in old Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and Tex Avery cartoons most notably the scene where Ferdinand accidentally destroys the festival, including going into a china shop. Also Kate McKinnon as Lupe was pretty hilarious. In fact, this is an example of a comic relief that you think might be annoying working very well in the film. This is where I think the story succeeds the most. It's comedy is what makes the movie work. The animation is also great again. It's one of Blue Sky's best looking movie I've seen in a while with some pretty landscapes to go with it. The characters are also pretty memorable due to their good character designs and voices. I was in fact initially very nervous when wrestler John Cena was chosen to play Ferdinand because I seriously doubted whether or not he could act. Luckily, I found out that he wasn't that bad in the movie and actually sold the character very well. In fact, if you didn't know Cena was Ferdinand, you probably would have assumed it was some unknown voice actor. My only problem with the movie is that some elements of the movie will be dated very fast. I have always stated that it's better to be timeless than popular and where most of the humor will be timeless, some of it will get dated pretty quickly. For example, there was a scene where the bulls face a dance off between horses at Casa del Toro to some modern pop song and I remember scratching my head and thinking to myself "What is the point of this?". I can understand that the writers were clearly trying to write a scene where the bulls start to bond with Ferdinand, but it could have been written better and even in a more timeless manner. That was really about it though.

    "Ferdinand" is actually a pretty funny movie with some pretty funny comedy, good animation, and very memorable characters which lead to a very enjoyable movie. It's easily a movie that continues Blue Sky's reputation that they're better at making original movies rather than sequels making up for their misfire last year known as ""Ice Age: Collision Course". Hopefully, they'll take this movie as inspiration that people want to see more original content and not more sequels because if they do, I think they can become one of the best animation studios right now.

    P.S: As a note to Fox, stop releasing these movies on the same day a new Star Wars movie comes out. Your just going to lose money and besides, finding a parking spot on the night I saw this movie was a pain.
  • 3/21/18. What a wonderful animated movie for everyone. I really enjoyed myself watching Ferdinand, whose appearance belies a gentle animal who loves to smell the flowers more than anything else. All the characters were cute and my favorite was Kate McKinnon's Lupe, the calming goat with attitude. Lupe outdo Shrek's Donkey at every turn as the best sidekick any animal could ever have. Extras on the DVD makes it worth watching over and over. Catch this movie!
  • Although the story is fairly generic and the jokes mostly fall flat, 'Ferdinand' is still a entertaining family flick that somewhat stands out from the majority of recent animated films thanks to the important themes explored throughout, and its subtle commentary of the bullfighting sport. The film does, however, include a few overlong action set-pieces that drag down the pacing and seem to have only been included to keep hyperactive children engaged (although that is indeed their purpose), but luckily the film doesn't rely on these and instead focusses on delivering its principal ideals. Furthermore, the third act is emotionally powerful and nicely wraps up the character arcs on display, while really hammering home its message. John Powell's music score is fantastic too. 6/10
  • Watch this movie with your grandkids. One day, they too will watch it again, with theirs.
  • Ferdinand, in my honest opinion, is not only an underrated film of 2017 but it's in my top 5 best Blue Sky Studios films. Sure, the company isn't in the same league as Pixar and DreamWorks, but there are times when they're capable of creating some films that are worthwhile. This is one of them. Now, before I can give this film some praise, my only nitpick is that Lupe, the goat, Una, Dos and Cuatro, the three hedgehogs, and the three German horses Hans, Klaus, and Greta, which I will admit, are annoying. It's not the voice work. Kate McKinnon and the others did a fine job and there are some funny moments with those characters, but they're not as well-written as the protagonist himself. Like I said, it's my only nitpick with this movie. Everything else was good. The story may not break new ground, I'll admit, but what made it executed really well is the themes of patience and perseverance against violence and a lot of heart and emotion was put into the film. Also, Ferdinand is a very likeable protagonist not because of John Cena's superb voice work, but because he has a big heart and is very resistant to use violence which many people would find very relatable. The other bulls are interesting because of their connection and childhood with Ferdinand and the human characters including Nina are also interesting. The pacing is nice and takes it time to have some heartfelt and quiet moments (which I won't spoil to those who haven't seen the film yet) and the comedy's really funny too. The animation continues to be Blue Sky's greatest strength of all. The cartoon-y, but expressive character designs, the beautiful visuals, and the bullfighting sequences which are amazing to look at. The best part, however, would have to go to John Powell's soundtrack. His resume with animation scores is quite superb with his best work being the first two Kung Fu Panda films and the first two How To Train Your Dragon films (with the third film coming out next year) and his score here is also beautiful. The Mexican guitars, the emotion, tension, the comedy, and most of all, the atmosphere which he excels at greatly. Overall, Ferdinand isn't a masterpiece, I'll admit, but much like character himself, it's big heart remains intact. This deserves a recommendation to those who haven't seen it. Thumbs up. :)
  • I have been anticipating this movie for quite sometime. This animation movie was pretty generalized in terms of how the storyline created a few pot holes in the road competing with Coco and Justice League. If that wasn't enough praise, this movie was astonishing adorable and very cute.

    It's cast really did a good job with the voice acting and John Cena really made the star of the hour "pop" with flair and power. The story couldn't have been changed in a way to see this movie being overwhelmed by movies that made this movie go in the dark...

    Overall, Well-thought out movie, excellent cast, fantastic storyline, just phenomenal overall. I hate that this movie was undermined by critics. But this movie should be on your watch list if you have younger kids for sure!
  • I went to see this today, and it was amazing! It was funny, it was sad, it was happy, it was awesome! Definitely recommend it!
  • Where do I start? If this movie doesn't touch your heart then I don't know what will? I left the cinema feeling full & warm after viewing Ferdinand. The plot is very simple but very clever. I like to see movies where they can teach the younger generation that being different is ok & having the strength and love to stick to what you believe no matter how much you're told different. That's what sort of movie Ferdinand is. It encourages the audience to thrive in what they believe. There's a lot of hope and not giving up on people, even the ones who treated you poorly, throughout this movie. I can't express enough how much you should take your children to see this. It's a beautiful watch with spectacular animation & characters. John Cena did a wonderful job on the voice of Ferdinand. Go watch it! It's wonderful!
  • Ferdinand is an over-the-top cartoony movie about a massive bull who's expected to be a fighter but only wants peace. It gets wildly energetic, sometimes to the point of being too much. The crazy goat, especially, is a really bizarre character that sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes just makes me uncomfortable. But if you're in the right mood and don't take it too seriously, there are some pretty silly and funny moments in the movie. Something I like too is that most of the characters, for all their quirks, have a moment of vulnerability. The few calm moments reveal a lovely message about putting down arms and soaking in the simple joys of life.
  • When I first heard about this movie, my expectations were incredibly low. Despite the main character being voiced by John Cena (which did seem promising), I still wasn't too interested in giving it a look. But eventually I was recommended this movie by a friend, with his review being scathingly negative; Which was when my attention was instantly caught. And after watching Ferdinand,... This might be one of the strangest movies I have seen in a very long time. And I absolutely loved it!! There is so much wrong with this movie, it completely baffles me! Ferdinand starts off slow and boring at first, and nothing out of the ordinary occurs throughout the first half of the film. I noticed one or two quotes recycled from 'Rio' that managed to slip in; which gave me the impression that the rest of this movie is going to turn out very generic, mediocre, and yes, there are plenty of overused cliches in the movie as usual with all kids films. But once you get to the second half, things take a humungous turn for the worst. I have never seen any movie pull something off like this. As you continue, be sure to expect the following: Dabbing horses, twerking bulls, abysmal character designs, obnoxious off-the-wall cartoony animation, laughable voice acting, lots of filler, a terrible soundtrack, and tons and tons of memes and pop-culture references. I was left cringing down to my internal organs. I kept asking myself "WHY?". Sometimes, it's hard to watch. I don't feel like this film was trying to pander to millennials as much as it was trying to annoying the hell out of them. The movie does indeed have a story, but it quickly becomes overshadowed by the shenanigans of the bulls and other side characters. What's most fascinating is how sometimes it becomes difficult to predict what happens next. You hardly ever know what trick this movie will pull off. And some jokes will fly over your head until you realize "Did that seriously just happen?!". There are other chaotic chasing scenes as well, which leave you stuck to your seat. But out of everything, what left me dumbfounded the most, was the ending; and how heartwarming and pleasing it actually was, compared to the rest of running time. The final act of the movie feels quite different from everything else I just witnessed. But either way, It ends on a very nice note. And it helps calm down the overall tone and takes your mind off the ridiculous excitement Ferdinand was delivering. All of what I have covered and more should be what you should expect when diving into this movie; As it was all expertly mixed together to create one of the funnest experiences you could ever have while watching a movie. I did enjoy Ferdinand very much, but I feel like it would've been an even better experience if I had other friends with me viewing it for the first time. Make no mistake; It is a lowbrow wild ride. And it does whatever it can to be off the rails with it's wacky humor. But that was all part of the enjoyment of it. If you did hate Ferdinand, I would totally see why; Trust me on that. Your opinion of the movie may definitely depend on your taste in media. But give it a watch for yourself and you'll see what I mean. I cannot recommend Ferdinand enough.
  • karinanavas3 September 2018
    Heartwarming, funny and all in all an enjoyable movie celebrating the value of friendship, being true to oneself and non-Violence. Good music too!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Review: I thought that this was going to be a typical "kiddie" animation movie but it actually turned out to be quite joyful. I found the storyline quite amusing, and the animation looked great. The attention to detail was also impressive and the various characters all brought something fresh to the film. It is pretty far-fetched, from an adults point of view but with that aside, it was a enjoyable movie, with some heart warming moments. Anyway, the movie is about a bull, Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena), who is destined to become a fearless fighting bull but he escapes the Spanish bull-training camp, because he doesn't want to become a fighter. The flower loving bull hasn't got a bad bone in his body, and the whole thought of fighting is against his morals, so he becomes friends with a young girl, Nina, who finds him while he's on the run. Years later, Ferdinand has grown to an immense size, and when he goes to the local flower show, a bee stings him, which makes him go wild in the village. He is then captured and taken back to his old camp, were he is forced to train with his old friends, to become a bull fighter again, against his will. When he finds out that the bulls never win against the matadors, he tries to leave the camp again but this time he refuses to go anywhere without is friends. He manages to help his friends to escape from the camp but he is captured and forced to fight the matador, who what's to go out with a bang in his last bullfight. It's quite an emotional film, which really does have something for everybody, so it's worth a watch if you looking for a family day out. The dancing scenes cracked me up, especially the twerking bull, and you can tell that much thought was behind the scenery and the characters expressions. In all, I surprisingly enjoyed the film and I recommend it to people who want to watch a light-hearted comedy. Enjoyable!

    Round-Up: This movie was directed by Carlos Saldanha, who also co-directed Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age 2, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and he directed Rio & Rio 2. Although there isn't plans for a sequel, I hope they bring back these funny characters because I would like to see how they progress in there new surroundings.

    Budget: $111million Worldwide Gross: $295million

    Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy Cast: John Cena, Anthony Anderson, David Tennant, Peyton Manning, Sally Phillips, Carlos Saldanha, Jeremy Sisto, Bobby Cannavale, Raul, Esparza, Luis Carlos de la Lombana, Juanes, Jerrod Carmichael, Maria Peyramaure, Jordi Caballero and Nazanin Homa. 7/10
  • I like it it,s against the bullfight which take place like in spain and on another country without any reason which is to much painful for them and is also cruel
  • Far more funny than I expected. Its hard to find movies I can watch with my children and still be entertained. I would watch this again, which for me is high praise.
  • This was a great movie with characters that me and my wife really liked with the exception of Lupe and the horses. This movie would have had a 10 for me but Lupe and the horses were very annoying. It was funny and it had a lot of good messages in the movie. Very family friendly.
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