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  • lor_8 July 2019
    A Wicked Pictures release with this title telegraphs its generic contents: hardly the Couples Romance feature one expects from the famous label.

    It's just another of Edwin Lee's low-effort porn videos, described as a "reality feature". That translates to being a lame imitation of those awful "Girls Gone Wild" tv shows of yore, only with XXX content and all roles filled by porn professionals rather than amateur talent.

    Jessa Rhoades gets the most exposure, and a certain nostalgia value is generated by seeing her in her natural state, pre-boob enhancement/botox lip application. The setting is porn's top location: the "Immoral Proposal" mansion, though we don't see its iconic entrance or spiral staircase, instead focusing on the tennis court out back, swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom and upstairs bedrooms.

    Cast mugs for the camera and pretends to be living it up when in fact they are all merely reduced to being sex workers toiling for a paycheck.