Mrs. K: ...That smell. I love the smell of cleaning products in the morning.

Social Services Officer: ...things get confused out there. Cause there is a conflict in ever human heart, between the rational and irrational, between good and evil. Look you go to this audition but in two weeks time, if you haven't got the forty five grand, you are going to find serious full time work.

Joe Marlowe: Sir. This all started cause I learned so much from pretending to be someone else, other people. By letting judgement go I learned things. I felt like it made me a better person. I figured even if I wasn't very good at it I'd be nicer to be around. That would be OK. And I loved the ideas, being part of things that move bigger things forward. I still believe that. At it's purest what I do can make things better, it can shift things forward a little. But fuck at its worst - you sell shit to people, shit they don't need, shit that can fuck a planet and its people. Fuck it even more than how fucked it already is. And the place is pretty fucked. You become the face, you become the living portrait of fuckedness. And when it is all gone and only the radio waves in space are left and when the aliens find them you become the face, you become the eternal portrait of fuckedness - the face, the album cover, of what went fucking wrong.

Agent: All you have to do is wear a costume jump in the air and when you land deliver one line straight to camera.

Joe Marlowe: What's the line?

Agent: ...ah, the line is... 'My bank lets me do the Craaaaazy things I want to.'

Joe Marlowe: What is the costume?

Agent: Purple tutu.

Joe Marlowe: Purple Tutu?

Agent: Yes

Casting Agent: It's impossible to describe to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face. And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and ethical terror are your friends.

Lance: For forty five grand I'd suck my own balls.

Joe Marlowe: That is what everyone says. If you are paying the bills it doesn't seem to matter what you do.