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  • Other reviewers class this programme as predictable and clichéd, and it might indeed be a little predictable at times, but the quality of the acting during the delivery of aforementioned predictable gags will make you laugh regardless.

    The two leads Tom Stourton and particularly Charlotte Ritchie, as the siblings Dan and Hannah, really make the grade, and if you're a fan of crass-yet-clever British humour found elsewhere in shows such as 'The Inbetweeners' and 'Fresh Meat', you will probably find yourself binging the first 6 episodes of 'Siblings' in one sitting.

    It truly is a great character comedy which ascends its formulaic appearance on paper with its delivery. Definitely worth a watch.
  • To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting to like this. After the first 3-4' minutes of the pilot I was about to bash it hard, even for the choice of music that remind me "It's always sunny in Philadelphia". But after that, I did find it watchable despite the mediocre, not to mention, obvious jokes.

    The premise: It's about a young girl who is a slacker at work and lives with his Keanu Reeves obsessed immature brother. In the pilot we see all the trouble she's getting into, just to avoid some work in her office. If you ask me it would be easier to just!

    Anyway. Haven't see any of these (British) actors before. They are OK I guess, not hilarious but funny enough. I will see the following episode too. I hope it gets even better.

    Overall: Seems OK. Check it out and decide.
  • This is definitely not a great comedy or particularly original but it is certainly enjoyable with a few genuinely funny moments. It is quirky and charming and although the two main characters are self involved idiots they both somehow manage to remain likable. Although they are selfish and irresponsible they aren't actually malicious and seem blissfully unaware of their own antisocial behaviour. Charlotte Ritchie is delightful as Hannah, the lazy ex-vice-deputy-head-girl; a title she apparently bestowed upon herself at school. Tom Stourton delivers a genuinely funny performance as her childlike 23 year old idiotic brother Dan. The theme tune, which is used as incidental music through each episode, gives the show an innocent and slightly old fashioned feel. It gives you the sense that this is a light hearted comedy and that you don't have to take their behaviour too seriously, however it is contrasted by genuinely odd and occasionally dark humour.

    Hannah is a girl who has elevated socially insensitive self-serving behaviour to an art form. However, she regards herself as a wonderful and caring human being. The contrast between her opinion of herself and her actual behaviour is not exactly an original source of comedy but Charlotte Ritchie carries it off so beautifully that you never actually feel angry at her and in fact remain strangely on her side. Dan is a 13 year old boy trapped in the body of a 23 year old man; he careers through life without ever achieving anything and yet throws himself into everything he does with boundless enthusiasm. We have learned that he spent 8 months at university, a fact he recalls as if it's an achievement, and has also been in prison for an as of yet undisclosed crime.

    It's not a classic but it is enjoyable and has it's own vibe, well worth watching.
  • svardhsia23 September 2017
    It seems to me that the creators of this show intended to ride the wave in popularity of cringe sitcoms, repackaging a now familiar premise for a young, British audience. The writing comes off as a joke factory, where cheap laughs are sought by having selfish, insensitive protagonists make token politically incorrect gaffes. The premise of selfish and cynical people, oblivious to the havoc caused by their schemes and plans to get ahead, feels old hat in 2014 having been done over and over but with a great more success in shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Extras" and "Always Sunny in Philadelpia." The theme music of Siblings is almost the same as "Always Sunny," the music for which was chosen because it had Creative Commons licensing and had a soapiness that seems ironic in show with such cynical, politically tone deaf characters. I don't know if the choice of music was a coincidence or if it was meant to be an homage, either way, in the case of "Siblings" it added to the sense that I was watching a formulaic, gimmicky imitation of previous shows.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've only watched one episode and I found it absolutely hilarious! Brilliant actors and I'm surely they will be more to come! 10/10!!. I watched the one where Hannah's drunken boss leaves and she try's to get on the good side of her new female boss called Marion.

    While dan is bored at home until both dan and Hannah go out for a meal with Marion and her son Kevin. Dan immediately becomes 'best friends' with Kevin because they both seem to be limited to wheelchair use also they both like video games and tech. But it's until Kevin finds out that dan is not limited to a wheelchair and only done it because Hannah wanted to be on the better side of Marion. To get time of work and getting out of doing work that she is meant to do. My best bits are when Daniel has a conversation with Kevin and says that they should "have a sleepover with a couple of sleeping bags but they wouldn't get much sleep.. because they will be watching movies.. Not sex.." also when Kevin is playing basketball with his team and one of his team mates gets hurt and dan ops in as a sub. Dan scores and then jumps out of his wheelchair with his arms in the air and slides across the floor on his knees as a celebration. They realises that he is meant to be in a wheelchair, and looks of disgust come upon Kevin's and everyone other player! All I all this TV show is very good and I like it a lot! 10 out of 10 for me! WARNING: This is a spoiler, so be aware, people about to watch this certain episode, don't read!!!!!!!
  • From the music, to the faux cricket character in the first episode, it's like they've tried to remake IASIP, but badly. If you've never seen It's Always Sunny, you should, this isn't it.
  • howiestratton27 December 2018
    I've only seen about six episodes , altogether, from both series , and the show had me bursting into fits like my stomach would explode laughing . I noticed series two was on the same time as some other popular comedy , so it may have been overlooked by a big audience .
  • Every episode is a handcrafted masterpiece.

    A perfect balance of writing, directing and acting.

    Two car crash syblings racing through life at full pelt with absolutely no fear of consequences just let's try it and see. Of course in the best of traditions the audience know how badly it will go but somehow they usually come up trumps.

    A true joy
  • The idea that anyone could seek enjoyment from this is beyond me. I am fond of forgiving even the most embarrassing or bizarre sitcoms, because we British fundamentally try new things and aren't afraid of pushing the line- but Siblings is the opposite of this. It's packed full of cliches. Every episode is 100% predictable, whether that be because we've seen the 'character accidentally has sex with other character because of a lack of sobriety' trope a blinding amount of time, or because we know that the story will go like this: everything's good, something bad happens which forces the watcher to cringe in some vile attempt to achieve emotion, and everything gets better (or sometimes not- this is where the sole excitement stems from).

    I appreciate that the show itself wants to do two things: advertise sibling relationships as positive and ultimate, and show the modern British millennial in a new, trendy sitcom. However, the sibling relationship is lacklustre. I would describe how hollow and psychopathic both Hannah and Dan seem, but these qualities are shown in the lack of chemistry between their characters and how the script seems adamant to disallow anything bordering on emotion between the two.

    Their relationship exists purely to summarise the slapstick scene we've just witnesses for maximum comedic potential, which sometimes works for a minor laugh- I'll give it that- or to reference previous funny experiences that the two have supposedly shared. The actors are new, upcoming. I wish them well. But in this, whether it be the script or the tired material they must cover, I wasn't too impressed.

    If Siblings represents the British millennials, we will be dead within weeks. The careless, 'up for anything' characteristic is fine to a certain extent to create a confident, likeable character, but when everybody is this, it makes it hard to appreciate anyone.

    I shan't elaborate anymore, because the hope and eventuality of this sitcom is that it will be forgotten, and all I can say is that, if you're thinking of watching it, don't. Rewatch Fawlty Towers, One Foot in the Grave, or Peep Show for programs which utilise the painful moments of life to a successful attempt.

    The music is alright. There's no obnoxious screaming, as far as I recall (I've watched the entire two series just so I can comprehensively condemn it). Apart from the swearing and occasional sex scene, it's safe to watch with family around. Perhaps you could tolerate in the background of something, like grating cheese.