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  • This documentary has the ability to restore access to history that has not been easily accessible to most fellow Americans and that needs to be reviewed. The history of the coal mining industry certainly provides context to many everyday issues facing ordinary citizens in every industry not just here in the US but worldwide. It shows how battle lines are created so we go against our fellow citizen, not just here in the US but with other ordinary citizens in other countries. It exposes how agreements (trade, policy, health care etc.) that are signed by most politicians are just enhancing divisiveness among fellow citizens. If you are politically astute it also explains mot just why and how Donald Trump got elected but for that matter how many politicians get elected.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a West Virginian and can tell you right now, this is not quite accurate!! My family has been in the mining industry for god knows how long!! The beginning of this gives you a short, fast glimps of the mining history in this state. I don't recall seeing them really saying anything about the matwaan incident that happened many years ago!! If you want to find out about that, get the movie called matwaan. What this documentary really focuses on is the downside!! Like everything pretty much there is downsides!! I have drank the water all my life and I can tell you, I have no illnesses in my almost 43 years of life!! Some places in the past have been polluted because of soft regulations but they have cleaned up since then. Mountain top removal looks bad from a closed minded view but don't be fooled by these against it!! After the sites get mined out, housing developments, new schools & other things get built on the biggest part of these!!! Don't go watching this thinking you are getting truths, this is a tv documentary & anyone that has half a brain knows things get made to look as they are not in Hollywood!!!
  • 8/23/17. With the push by this current administration to provide jobs for coal miners, maybe they should take some time to watch this and learn about the problems coal miners are facing. It is not a glamorous job, and for sure a dangerous job that endanger the health of those who does this for a living. These miners need to be retrained to do something else. Coal use destroys the environment, polluting the air. Even when they know their health problems are related to what they do for a living, they are resistant to change. Things have to change, and continued mining is not the solution for providing a livelihood for coal miners. There are cleaner energy alternatives that should be explored as a way to transition these workers into jobs that will protect the environment and the health of the workers.