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7 March 2017 | lor_
Confusing daring! release, bungled by Bauer
Otto Bauer is a journeyman performer in Adult Cinema, but as director he is truly incompetent. This daring! Media production has little to offer other than cryptic pretentiousness.

Its subject is an expensive brothel where the Program refers to some methodology whereby the prostitutes earn their keep, or perhaps some paranoid type of psychological programming. But as storyteller, Bauer makes no sense of his script, and I didn't waste too many brain cells (or a perhaps necessary second viewing) to try and sort out the implications and loose ends presented on screen.

So one is left with the glossy production values of daring!, and six sex scenes by talented performers. Audrey Hollander was at the top of the charts when this was shot, and is arresting in that lead role. A rock group named "Tattooed Millionaires" performs and as surface porn the overall result is passable. I expect more from daring!, however.

Redhead Audrey's supporting cast is unusual, including specialty performer Annette Schwarz plus lovely Monica Mayhem, not the usual stars so often cast in these assembly-line features. Show ends with Audrey having graduated from training: "Welcome to The Program", but what that implies mystified me.

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Adult | Drama


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April 2008



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