Patrick: The forecast for tonight is cold.

Patrick: [as Patrick] How you doing, John Doe?

Patrick: [as John Doe] I'm doing good, Patrick, really good.

Patrick: [as Patrick] And so tell me, John, are you happy?

Patrick: [as John Doe] Of course, Patrick, why wouldn't I be?

Patrick: [as Patrick] Well, maybe because you haven't talked to anybody for nine years.

Patrick: [as Patrick] Besides your stupid dog.

Lu: What about geography? Did you know about geography? Let's see. In what country is the Great Wall of China?

Patrick: [acting] Oh, gosh. Uh, Mexico.

Lu: Nope. China. And do you know what language they speak there?

Patrick: [pretending to think] Uh... Chinese.

Lu: Very good. And do you know what the population is?

Patrick: Right now?

[Jack snorts, Patrick chuckles in response and the two begin to laugh]

Lu: [confused] What is it? What's so funny? Why are you laughing?

[Patrick and John are laughing harder]

Patrick: Oh, shit.

Lu: Dad, he said a swear word! If you swear, people will think badly of you! Right, Dad?

Jack: [laughing] I know. I know.

Patrick: They will. It's pretty important what people think about us right now.


Jack: Yeah. Well, especially the Chinese! Goddamn Chine...

[the two men lose themselves in hysterical laughter]

Soldier: Open the door.

Jack: I don't think that's a good idea.

Soldier: [Steps off the bus] Okay, Close the door behind me...

[creature attacks]