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  • icdmk27 November 2016
    The writing, acting, production and direction of this black comedy are fantastic. I realise for anyone looking for an uplifting experience it won't be your cup of tea, but for those with a particular sense of humour it'll be thoroughly addictive.

    If you're a fan of Louis CK in general and especially if you enjoyed Horace and Pete you'll love this. It's a great tip of the hat to concept of the sad clown. I also think if you'll find something in this if you liked The Office. Zach Galifianakis's character reminds me of Michael Scott in many ways.

    As with any TV show, don't rely on a review, check it our for yourself! :)
  • When the series started, and I saw that Zach Galifianakis was starring, I set my DVR to record the series. Yes, I started watching for Zack Galifianakis- I now watch it, primarily, for Louis Anderson. During last season I told my husband, If Louis Anderson doesn't win an Emmy I will be physically ill. Louis won the Emmy, I didn't have to get ill. So glad that Zach & Louis CK saw his potential outside of stand-up. The rest of the cast, it goes without saying, is so special, Scripts are so well written. Truly a gem, I feel very lucky to have found it.
  • I'm halfway through the second season of this and I'm really impressed. Zak Galifianikis comes into his own and I can't get enough of Louis Anderson as his mum. He plays the role so well - realistically with the mannerisms and not at all over the top - that you forget it's actually a fella. This series is sad, funny and has substance and the characters are all entertaining. Best thing I've watched for a while. I hope it continues to be so.
  • I believe this is another one of those shows people either hate or love - and there is no problem with being on one side or the other - I love it! Just as people have different tastes in decorating, food, etc., there's no need to denigrate the quality of a work because it doesn't suit one's taste. I can't stand marshmallows, but I can understand why many people love them. I've always been a fan of black humor and deadpan, and the cast and writing combination seem to be a perfect fit. Being a huge cynic, and getting worse, I appreciate the overall feeling of bleakness presented. Finding the ironic, absurd or cruel humor in everyday situations helps keep me from going over the deep end! It's a comfort to me that every once in a while I find a show that reveals there are others who feel the way I do. Here's hoping it doesn't get canceled any time soon, due to what may be a limited audience.
  • I'm going to miss this show. Seems that people had somewhat different takes on the show. But for me it was about an imperfect, but surprisingly familiar family making its way through life with its everyday concerns, humor, and disappointment. It was special.
  • Personally, this show seems to showcase a more bold Zach, one that isn't defined by his looks, beard or lady sunglasses. Baskets is about a bitter and sad guy, who in his constant pursuit of being a clown, is a huge failure, which strangely enough makes him seem like a huge clown. The first episode had refreshing subtle humor, that when settled makes for an even greater joke. It reminded me of the similar subtle and low-key humor of Greg Turkingtons and Tim Heideckers "On Cinema" and I found myself really enjoying every minute of this show, and hoping that the ratings will be high enough for it to spawn several seasons. Some jokes didn't hit as well as others, while others still make me chuckle days after having watched it. Louie Anderson as Mrs. Baskets was great, and was the cherry on a near perfect milkshake. Can't wait for the next episodes.
  • I can't help it. I've come to love this show. The characters have grown on me. At first I was a bit taken aback at the style of the show. After about the first four episodes I was hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next to my dear Baskets family. The show is original, there is no laugh track, and it's more true to life than most television these days. Chip is a nice guy, an aspiring natural clown, and Bakersfield is a real town. What's not to love. I'll be rooting for Chip and hoping that the show is successful so that it will continue. Kudos to FX for airing this wonderful, refreshingly unique take on the American family. I think that the Baskets are more true to life than most people would care to admit. I for one have been in dire need of characters that are life like in a show. I hate to over analyze. All I know is that I love it. I hope there will be more.
  • The pilot was not great. It hadn't really gotten to the deeper emotional stuff yet. But, as the series progresses and we get deeper into the characters, I just fell in love. Some people are complaining that it's not a comedy because it has these more real moments in it, but that's IDENTICAL to Louie. Louie is not a laugh riot. There are good laughs throughout the episode, but the meat of each episode is more about the tragedy of being human. Baskets kind of reminds me of Nebraska. The show is does an excellent portrayal of the mundaneness of people's every day lives and their ordinariness. It's really funny and very moving. I don't see anything wrong with having both things.
  • With a premise this unlikely (though the choice of Bakersfield was intriguing, and echoed "Baskets" nicely), I expected to watch a few minutes then move on, but I watched to the end and was sad it ended.

    Wonderfully nuanced humor with a delightfully self-referential twist, the sad-sack doesn't-fit-anywhere loser trying to be a French clown, never realizing that he is the very embodiment of a French clown, complete with pratfalls, botched attempts at grace and beauty, and, above all, his unflagging and ultimately optimistic belief in his quest.

    It's understandable that many will dislike this show, for the humor is probably an acquired quirk of a particular personality, but for anyone with that particular quirk, the humor displayed within is fine indeed.
  • tammibe23 April 2016
    Excellent comedy. Sensitive, smart and surprising episodes. Adicting. My husband and I watch few ephisodes every night and we wish it will not end. The development of the charactures is wonderful. Martha Kelly is an amazing comedian and thanks to the show I found her funny and lovely ephisodes in Utube. Louie Anderson plays Christine Baskets, mother of Dale and Chip and he is doing extra ordinary job as a loving, caring, supporting and desapointed mother. I love the idea of the two set of twins. It's great. Zach Galifianakis has everything. Charm, talent, sensitivity, humur and great sense of timing. I wish this show will run for as many seasons as possible.
  • The writing, casting, acting, timing and "style" of this comedy (first two episodes are only available as I write this) are excellent. I'd seen a couple of the promos, but it pushed no buttons. With that said, it was an impressive 'team' involved. Later, being polite, I agreed to 'watch a few minutes' as my wife had said 'I think you'll like this...'. I was near immediately drawn into it and didn't leave the chair until I'd watched both. I've now watched both episodes twice (adding FX NOW just to watch).

    The characters as written and as performed are 'different', creative and truly enjoyable.

    I won't go into RTVMP 101 analysis. Just watch, starting with the first episode, and see if it is your 'taste'.

    I hope it makes it for a while. It is an excellent effort by all involved. Good luck,
  • Great series. I love Christine Baskets so much..I wish I had her in my life somehow. Such warmth is coming from this woman, and not in a sappy way, but in a way that is written and acted out so well, that it naturally displays humane authenticity. Amazing how Louie Anderson transforms into this damaged but sincere, beautifully huge, humanely broken, helluva woman. It completely AMAZES me how great his acting is, not even because of him acting as a woman, but the acting of the woman HE IS. You completely forget he is an actor let alone a male actor. Unbelievably good. Very nice that they decided to put more focus on her more and more as the show progresses. I have many times even rewinded parts of her that were so insanely funny , her just saying some silly remarks in a certain manner that makes it hilarious. For example 'Oh I've never been backstage at a Costco' or 'do you like selfies?'. Also heartwarming/-breaking to see how much she truly cares for her family. Some times I have even cried , wishing for even half a mother like that.

    I actually sometimes skipped the Galafanikis' parts just to see Christine in season1. Also I think it would be nice to give us some more of Martha as well. Her one on one's with Christine are top of the line. I missed seeing people like these. Unperfect, real , but definitely not overly trying to be real (ending up extremely fake) with emo music on top as is displayed in low levelled shows( like 'this is us' for example).

    Btw it's weird/hilarious as in how if people see 'comedy' stated as genre, that they keep watching hoping for jokes..and get offended when it's not slapstick laughing track 'funny-ness'. Open your narrow suffocating black/white paradigmed mind. Let it breathe a little..
  • bregund19 March 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't like this show at first and Zach G can be insufferable at times, but the characterizations are quite strong, chiefly among them Louie Anderson as the mother. Every scene he does is so brilliantly portrayed, you can see layers and layers of depth to Christine. Is it funny? Well, no it isn't, but his performance walks such a fuzzy line between comedy and drama (much like Louis C.K.'s show) that I'm tempted to label it as an emblematic cipher of humanity; her anger, hopes, memories, limitations, strengths, and relationships to other people are all played out in her every mannerism and facial expression. Who ever thought Louie Anderson was this talented? That was a well deserved Emmy. I've watched every episode so far and I'm already looking forward to next season.
  • Any fan of Louie should also really enjoy this as he is one of the head writers. Like Louie it's beautifully dark, depressing, awkward, and absurd, without being completely over the top. I can't give it a star rating yet, as rating a show as a whole off only the pilot is silly, but I have to say I truly enjoyed the pilot much more than I thought I would and I was going in with pretty high hopes.

    I will say this is not for everyone. Anyone who likes Zach Galafianakis because of The Hangover or Due Date will likely be unpleasantly surprised by this side of him. This is more along the lines of his older stand-up and his work with Tim & Eric.

    Without spoiling anything there are some slapstick gags that would be considered "low brow" by some, but the fact that they are simply there and not acknowledged by anyone maintaining the somber mood of the show makes them much more hilarious than simply the joke itself.

    As a final note, Louie Anderson is possibly the best casting choice in history.
  • At least one resident of Bakersfield should write a review of "Baskets" -- so here goes.

    I agree with the majority opinion. This is an excellent dark comedy/satire with some amazing acting and quirky, creative scripts.

    From now on I will think of Louie Anderson as a middle-aged woman in a man's body. Martha seems dull and naïve but she's actually the sanest character. Zach's characters are amazing tragicomic nutty brothers.

    Why is the show set in Bakersfield? Our city has been the butt of jokes in Hollywood for decades. It continues to be the go-to prototype of a backwards redneck town in the worst part of California. Some years back there was a comedy cop show called "Bakersfield PD".

    I was expecting to see some actual places and settings in or around Bakersfield. Some of the road-trip scenes looked like Kern County but I didn't see any identifiable landmarks. Bakersfield has a few odd cultural events, but clowns are not among them, and we only have the usual kinds of rodeos.

    According to IMDb, none of the filming locations were in Bakersfield. Oh well...
  • Thru 2 full seasons. Yeah, I'm giving it a ten for sure. Not Bc it's s television classic, but Bc of the passion and attn to realistic detail. Galifinakis does a great job playing the twins, and Louie Anderson even better as their mother. I honestly forget that he's not a woman when I watch the show. It's truly one of the great comedic acting performances of the last decade; on par with Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman. There's some laugh out loud moments for sure, but it's more about the overall quirkiness of the show and journey of baskets the clown, and they hit that nail on the head. Couldn't be better at being exactly what it wants To be, a unique dark comedy that takes a long honest look at the dying middle class of America, and a bizarre and specific family dynamic entrenched within it, clearly with passion put in from top to bottom, which is more than can be said of 97% of tv. Def worth the binge, seems to get better as it goes on.
  • This is such a great ensemble cast. If you love comedy with pathos and gentle nuance Baskets is for you. The best original comedy from the US in years.
  • At first impression I thought the series is about Zach goofing around as clowns. But it turns out to be so much much more. Although running time is short, it tells about love, friendship, relationship and life in general in a beautiful, non-boring way. The story can be really depressing at times and that's where Zach's and Louie's actings really shine. I get bored quickly with most drama series, yet somehow I am hooked with this one. I can't think of other series that is similar to this, may be Flaked is the most similar. I love Flaked and I LOVE this.
  • Chip and Dale, the sons, can sometimes be hard to watch, but Christine just makes the show. I LOVE HER. So warm, and the humor is understated that it like loving a real person. This show is funny, but not like a situation comedy. So.... if its not for u, its just not. There is so much on tv now. BUT... if u like it - you'll LOVE IT.
  • dwponce25 October 2019
    What a great show! I'm going to miss Christine Baskets aka Louie Anderson -you guys did a great job and made me laugh out loud time after time. Thank you
  • After four seasons this show has come to an end and eventhough the reason was less views/are you kidding me,dude?/ BASKETS is an absolute gem.

    Zach ain't guy from HANGOVER neither is the humor in this show cheap.It straight up has the best character developments I've ever seen along with the best potrayals of friendships, siblings and partnership.
  • I have purchased every season on Amazon. I have watched every season multiple times! I'm NOT the type to re-watch something I've completed (movies or series), but it's just as funny every time I watch it!! Louie Anderson makes you fall in love with Christine Baskets!! I don't believe anyone, male or female, could have played this character any better. Zach Galifianakis brings back physical humor that I've missed so much (think Chevy Chase/Steve Martin/Martin Short)! Thank you FX!
  • I just discovered Baskets and I've been sucked into the absurd Galifanakis world in the most wonderful of ways.

    First off, no laugh track. Why would a show so funny need one? I just played a gag about feet washing three times just to make sure I understood how and why one line could be so funny (it was the balloon).

    I'm leaving this short and sweet, If you laughed at SCTV, Kids in the Hall, or go to Wal-Mart just because the people, you may like this... a lot.
  • Do you lack empathy? Got a tin-ear for the music of existential despair? Do you have a pathological disdain for conventional wisdom, or any kind of wisdom at all? Do you feel a desperate need to validate your existence through the willful and dogged pursuit of some unattainable something that will never EVER give you a passing glance? Do you embrace your delusions the way that a fat kid makes love to a Hostess Cupcake? If you answered "yes" or even "Gee, I dunno; I guess" to any of these questions, then you probably won't find much to laugh at in "Baskets". I feel so sad for you. Baskets is a runaway freight-train packed to the rafters with a payload of blazing toothpaste flavored jujubes, bitter cheese balls, and rubber porcupines. And Louie Anderson? Louie Anderson is totally my new hero. Who knew? I mean, he was the host of "Family Feud" for chrissakes; now he's like the second-coming of Lorne Greene as Auntie Mame. Jesus, this is great television...
  • It took me a few episodes to warm up to Baskets. It has the awkward, quirky genius of Zach Galifianakis, and also an underlying sweet sadness that viewers of Louie may relate to. There are occasional moments of "umm what?" that you may expect from a former writer on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! The viewer is torn over the character of Baskets, because he is pathetic, but still, ornery and unlovable. Galifianakis does a great job walking a line between the two. The character of Martha (Martha Kelly), seemingly Basket's only friend, is the Valium to his manic wanderings. She endlessly absorbs the abuse he gives her like a mother being told "I hate you" by her 5-year old. The beautiful Penelope, (Sabina Sciubba) who openly married Baskets as a way to stay in America, is cruel, but in such a coolly, detached, unemotional way that you don't even dislike her for it. Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets is hysterical. I laugh more over "her" than anything else. He does the parental judgy thing so well. I get that the show isn't a runaway hit, but the absurdity of the characters does grow on me. Stick with it and you may find yourself enjoying it more and more.
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