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  • Don't waste your time watching this, poorly written, poorly acted none-story. It really is as bad as you think it will be. Literally don't care about the central character, because the writer forgets that we know she is cheating as well, so why is her boyfriend so bad? no chemistry with the other, smarmy looking, lead at all. So many 1st world problems and right of entitlement as well. Then we are introduced to the terrible bands that the Director (also the lead, write the theme song, sing the theme song etc) also produces videos for. They are truly bad bad bad. So boring as a film, no point to it at all, horrible acting and characters and there really is no story to it at all!!
  • For the budget of this type of movie, the acting was actually very good and the photography was good as well. Was it excellent, no. They could have done a bit more backstory and lost some of the full songs - the scene where her sister plays is a good scene, but it drags on way too long and just gets sappy and boring. But, the musical writing was very good once again for a low budget film with absolutely no known actors. I love independent films, but I can't stand when the film makers just leave the ending up in the air. In this film, at least you get that ending, that satisfaction and catharsis. Bravo to the young lady who made this film happen. Nobody gets it perfect at first, but I think this is a good start!