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  • Warning: Spoilers
    While another review on here claimed this to be a poor imitation of Snatch, they seem to have either never seen Snatch or never seen this movie. Snatch, a tongue in cheek look at a crazy unrealistic criminal underworld, was no doubt entertaining to the last drop. Anti-Social, on the other hand, carries a much darker undertone with it, including rape, tragic death of major characters, and the true, unrelenting realities faced by a modern armed robber. Anti-Social doesn't pull any punches and certainly does not glorify the lifestyle in any way whatsoever, instead contrasting it to the much safer (and, it could be argued, much more lucrative in the long- term) career of the street artist younger brother.

    While I have to profess I was a little mystified at the ending, I can't say this movie wasn't worth my time or money. It was generally well acted, the events in it, however far-fetched some reviewers on here may believe them to be, are all ACTUAL events that have occurred in London over the past few years and the movie does an excellent job of putting a human face to the smash and grab robbers of the older brother's gang.

    If you're looking for a laugh, keep looking, but if British crime films are your bag (as they certainly are mine) this movie will likely not disappoint.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Following the journey of Dee, a working-class youth who drifts from his roots in pursuit of an art career but who is intrinsically influenced by older brother Marcus, a professional armed-robber and aspiring gangster. Dee is a young man with many guises; motorbike courier by day, law-breaking graffiti artist by night, and side-line face London's trendy fashionista circuit thanks to his new girlfriend who is a model. It's a far cry from his family back home on a North London council estate who are entrenched second generation armed-robbers. Marcus leads a tight clique of 'smash and grab' blaggers (the robbery format which has in fact gone near epidemic in London these days), brazenly heisting London's top-end jewellery stores in motorbike raids, and he is managing to do this below the radar of the Flying Squad by keeping his boys and their accessory-to-crime girlfriends in check with the long established criminal codes.

    As the social gap between Dee and Marcus widens, the story focuses on the brotherly love between them and the unspoken loyalty that goes with the criminal upbringing they have. Dee begins mixing with some influential art-dealers who like his anarchist style graffiti and anti-establishment attitude, while at the same time Marcus, who's robberies are now all too frequently making the nine-o'clock news, decides to stay one step ahead and moves into the drugs trade after convincing his boys to pool together their ill-gotten gains. Allying himself with some big time London gangsters and getting too confident in the underworld lifestyle of fast cash and flash nightclubs, he finds himself in an all-out, deadly violent, gang-war with a rival crew of drug dealers from the next neighbourhood over territory and 'ownership' of women. Dee loyally returns to North London in the middle of the violence to try and salvage what's left of his family but before he can make sense of it all, is pulled deep into Marcus' next job (a crime which in real life was Britain's largest ever jewel robbery).

    "Anti-Social" recreates in acute detail several of the most highly publicised armed-robberies to have taken place in London in recent years, as Marcus' crew carry out their motorbike raids through shopping centres and have shoot-outs on the West End streets, including the infamous robbery at Selfridges when the robbers disguised themselves as women in Burkas. The film is an uncompromising drama which carefully combines the underworld with commentary on modern London life, and is something of a rite-of-passage story for Dee, the boy from the wrong side of tracks who wants to move to a better future. It contains an array of gritty, brilliantly mounted action sequences, some of which are reminiscent of a Michael Mann film which get the heart pounding, and there are moments of sheer brutality straight after scenes of everyday life, which unsettles but contributes to the sense of realism as the viewer is took on a journey into an unpredictable environment. Thankfully devoid of the usual hard-man, geezer clichés all too common in the Brit gangster sub-genre, the characters are on-the-surface normal guys who do extreme things in a parallel underbelly-society.
  • I will start by saying that I see a lot of movies. So many movies that I always check the description on IMDb and the score. Then I also watch the reviews to see what other people think. There were only two other reviews and they were pretty much bad reviews.

    But it does have a score of 6 and I could not find another movie to watch. So I thought "I will just give it a try" and I am glad I did! This is a good movie! I don't know what the other two people were expecting from this, but maybe something like "Snatch" as one of the other reviewers compared it to this. I, however, think it's more like "The Town" with Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner.

    There are two brothers. They have a really good relationship but they aren't alike. One is really into art "grafitti" and the other is in a gang of four people. The gang rob jewelries and we also see them use guns sometimes. But even though the two brothers have separated lives, their paths still cross as they want to help each other any way they can. I won't give any spoilers and therefor I won't say anymore about the storyline.

    The acting is great. The camera works great as well. Everyone does a good job.

    I did not find anything wrong with the ending. We are told everything we need to know. We also see a bit more after the credits have begun - so don't stop the movie right away when the credits begin ;)

    I give this movie 10 stars out of 10. Don't hesitate to watch it and if my review isn't enough to persuade you, then watch the trailer or something and just give it a go :) You will know from the beginning if this is not a movie for you :)
  • I am seventeen years old, and I think this movie is most suited for teenagers. This movie is one of the best, nerve-racking films I have ever seen. It starts out hard but kind of cheesy, then you get to know the characters in this brilliant movie. It takes bit of a time to you get to the real nerve-racking action, but when you get there, it's no stopping. I love how they build up the characters with different dreams and opportunities, and make them blend together to make this movie the most epic movie ever made. Definitely a MUST- SEE movie. If you don't get caught up by the story at first, give it time and you will not regret. If you like gang-rebellion, drugs, robbery, street art and thrills, this is definitely your kind of movie.
  • Today I decided to get around to watch Anti-Social, a British film, written and directed by Reg Travvis (Screwed). I had heard of Anti- Social around its release time due to one of its stars being Mr Josh Myers, a very cool guy who has featured in a few films that I watched and talked about. Namely Green Street 3 (Dir by James Nunn), White Collar Hooligan 3 (Dir by Paul Tanter) and Screwed (Dir by Reg Travvis). Josh s career is one that I am following as each role I've seen him in, he always gives his all to the character. Anti-Social is no different in that regard although the film itself is very different from 90% of UK films I have seen lately, and actually 90% different from most films.

    I knew nothing of the storyline going into the film (I like to preserve that element in most films I watch) I knew the title, and had seen the front cover and of course knew some of the cast list. Other than those small details, I went into this film cold and it benefited me totally. Whilst the film doesn't have any 'major plot twists' what Anti-Social does brilliantly is let the story unfold over its running time. You watch characters do what they do and the story unfolds without any feeling of 'Oh I can see where this is headed' . I loved that about Anti-Social. It wasn't confusing and yet I had no idea where the storyline was going to go, and where it did go was done to perfection.

    So often films are packaged as 'for fans of…' in the hope they can be sold lazily to the viewer. Anti-Social is a serious gritty, adult natured thriller which if I had to do the awful thing if labelling it for an easy sell. Id perhaps say its part Kidulthood, Part Julian Gilbeys Plastic. But more openly I would just tell you that Anti-Social is not just a really engaging story with great performances.(Gregg Sulkin as Dee, and Andrew Shim as Jason, to name two) But Anti-Social is also a damn fine piece of filmmaking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Strong performances with an authentic variety of characters and decent although fairly simple storyline, it is a film about young professional criminals. They are not masterminds (they're not particularly bright in any sense) they are one-time delinquent youth now graduated to 20-somethings. Kicking-off with a high energy jewel-store heist when jumpsuit clad motorbike-riders crash through a shopping mall with sledge hammers, inter-cut with a pair of hoodies spraying aerosol flames at policemen as they are chased from doing graffiti over railway lines, you expect this film is going to be a solid punch in the guts. And I'm pleased to say that it is, at least for the most part. Enter the gritty domains of siblings Marcus and Dee, their girlfriends, partners in crime, and their rivals. Their father had been a bank robber back in the day, and while Dee is only a petty crook cum graffiti artist, Marcus has gone into the family trade with his own gang and brand of armed robbery; 'smashing and grabbing' Gold Rolex watches on motorbikes. The film is a back and forth between Dee's life, as he goes from being a delinquent graffiti artist to a ghetto poster-boy of the wealthy urban art dealers, and Marcus' life as he and his gang rob every jewellers and occasional drug-dealer until they have enough swag to do what all armed-robbers do; move into the drugs business. The film is a nose-dive into the world of young gangsters and one which rings more true than the usual fare of stereo-type hard-nuts and violence for the sake of it (in fact compared with most gang films they seem like choir boys until they've got a shotgun or axe in hand). At times it slips into melodrama when Dee and his American girlfriend (Rachel from "Suits") ponder over careers and the meaning of art, but it is held up by the manic drive of Marcus' gangster life, his criminal ascension, and the relationship between the two brothers. A prolonged gun fight outside a busy city nightspot is staged with a brilliance rarely seen in British films and is a chilling reminder of the violence of young gangsters in London, likewise an extended, very violent aggravated robbery scene carried out by the rival gang which is the film's darkest moment, makes Anti-Social one of the more poignant British dramas of 2015.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I expected a little worse from this crime flick from over the Channel. Execution and acting more than acceptable, although this is not HEAT either. The usual scheme of two brothers, one good and another a gangster, with the younger one - the good - who helps his elder against his full will. Good action scenes and I also highly appreciated the two tributes to SWEENEY films and - or - series. One of the characters mention SWEENEY flying squad - anti-gang team - and another character says something about one of his acquaintance or family member called REAGAN, SWEENEY lead character. The last job was pulled with the gangsters unmasked, this explained that they were so fast recognized. But on the other hand, with a mask, they would not have been able to enter the security jewellery store. Or maybe wearing wigs...Good surprise in the story telling and especially the second part with SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS the lead hood being fired at and finishing at the hospital thirty minutes before the end.
  • I feel that, like most people, I have begun to rely on user reviews much more than so called "critic" reviews. Before the internet, we were all kind of beholden to what the experts said and many times the reviews were misleading. Large blockbusters were typically panned, and slow indie dramas were universally acclaimed. The reviews were filled with fancy and unnecessary adjectives and never really told us what type of audience would enjoy the movie. And for the most part, user reviews and ratings are much more accurate for whatever reason. So I was a little surprised at the great reviews and nearly a 7 rating this movie has been getting. I think a 5 / 10 is much more appropriate.

    For me, this movie was much closer to an amateur film, than an indie film. The other reviews and rating led me to believe that the film would be closer the Guvnors, We Still Kill the Old Way, the Sweeny or Football Factory. Violent films of the British underworld that are solid and have respectable acting, but never get to the "classic" level of Lock, Stock or Snatch. These movies are entertaining and keep you engaged, but never achieve the level of your favorites.

    Anti-social did not deliver based on the other user reviews and its high rating. I try to give films the benefit of the doubt and maybe I am being harsh because of what I expected, but for me this movie would be a pass. The acting is rather stilted and contrived. I have not researched the actors who play the two main brothers, but I have to believe that they are not seasoned actors. The actions scenes were not nearly gritty enough and cut away right when the actual hit would take place. And the ending left me unsatisfied, although I kept hoping for a realistic close.

    I feel as though the movie suffered from a very small budget and was annoyed the reviews did not prepare me for this. If you do give this movie a try, expect more of a low budget made for TV film, rather than a B movie on teenage gangsters.
  • This movie is a real hard attempt to gain a pop following. The problem is it's done so cheesy it's hard to like it and most certainly will never obtain the kind of fandom a movie like snatch obtained. It starts out in one of the beginning scenes where they are being chased for spray painting a wall and they light the smallest most worthless fire and the guards chasing them stop to put out the smallest fire that has no possibility of growing as it's nothing more than a few sheets of newspaper. At the same time they show this robbery that is so unbelievable it's hard to take it seriously. The opening scene basically shows how poorly put together this movie is. I know, it wants to be Hollywood and anything can happen, but even a Hollywood writer knows better than to add something that lame. At least in Hollywood they would have magically created a real fire to slow down the guards instead of a fire the equivalent of the comics section because frankly the lameness of it made me laugh and say OK that was bad. I am surprised I made it all the way through the movie as frankly the movie was boring, totally unrealistic, filled with clichés, had poor dialog and bad acting. Even the supposedly artistic scenes in the movie are simply uninteresting as they try to make this kid out to be the next banksy with his stencil "street art" that seems as bland as can be. As he is instantly having all his pieces preserved. You become bored in the dialog written by people who don't really know street art because they have never done it trying to sound "deep" in talking about it. I assure you if his works were being preserved it's because they are already worth massive value. Yet he can't seem to make a dime and needs a sponsor to you know help him make money. Logic really starts to fall apart at the end of the movie but i'm not going to spoil it. I gave this move a 5 which frankly is being generous. A lot of effort into a poor script that was badly acted out. There are much better movies to watch and this is 2 hours you won't ever get back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Anti Social is a rather stupid, inconsequential British film which laughably tries to be 'cool' and 'hard', but just ends up being a bit sad. Despite being far too long at 110 minutes, when it ends there are still more questions than answers... A sure sign of a screenplay where scenes integral to the plot were omitted, and pointless filler which could have been excised to great loss were left in. A mildly diverting couple of shoot-outs and a decent central performance by Gregg Sulkin do not make this posturing ode to violence on the streets of London worth sitting through.

    Sulkin plays Dee, a stubbly graffiti artist who spends his nights daubing the streets illegally with his artwork. He has an annoying American model girlfriend, and has just been offered a scholarship in Berlin where he can practice his skills in a more productive environment. Alas, his older brother is in with a bad lot... A bunch of hardened criminals who hold up jewellers for a living... And they have a big score planned worth millions. But when Dee's brother gets injured due to a long standing feud between a rival group, the artist himself must take his sibling's place during the heist... And he has no criminal experience whatsoever...

    In all sounds so simple, doesn't it? But what the above description doesn't cover is the amount of minutes wasted by various unimportant characters meeting up, engaging in boring conversations that serve no purpose to the proceedings, using street lingo that feels as authentic as Pamela Anderson's breasts. I bet you my last Rolo that any half-decent writer could have condensed these events into one episode of the not-really-missed police serial The Bill. Minus the saucy language and buckets of blood, of course.

    I won't spoil anything by going into great detail with the conclusion, but sufficed to say I have a MAJOR problem with it. Not only is it stretched out beyond all belief, but ask yourself: Would he REALLY be able to leave? Wouldn't he be under major surveillance? What's gonna happen with the booty? And WHY OH WHY didn't we see the deaths of his 'friends'? The climax feels sloppy, slapdash, thoroughly unsatisfying... Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, basically.

    *Swills mouth out with Cherry Cola* Ah, THAT'S better. 4/10
  • Dee (Gregg Sulkin) is a graffiti artist who wants to go to Berlin with his girlfriend to further his graffiti art studies. He doesn't associate with his brother's dangerous activities like breaking into jewelry stores with some other hoodrats. It's great seeing the gun shootouts and chase scenes. My heart was literally beating out of my chest during this airport scene near the end of the movie. Have fun with this movie! I watched it on Netflix.
  • aramt-0793514 May 2019
    Superb ,very entertaining,edge of your seat thriller. A bit too much of Hollywood ending,but overall very good.
  • The least you can say about Anti-Social is that it is not boring. For that there is just too much going on, with alot of action scenes like the robberies and pursuits. So entertaining it is, no doubt about that. The story is a bit glamorising gang activities and easy money, pretty sure the big cities' local youth will love this movie as it shows how easily you can get free money. But it also shows it never ends well so I guess there is a lesson at one point. The acting is not bad, but not great from everyone either. If you're looking for some fast paced mindless action this movie might do the trick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story centers around two half-brothers who are somewhat close. Dee (Gregg Sulkin) is the younger brother who spends his time doing street art and trying not to get caught. He has an American model girlfriend Kristen (Meghan Markle) who loathes violence. Marcus (Josh Myers) is the elder sibling. He is part of a crash and run gang who rob luxury stores. He supports the family with his crime. They never ask where the money comes from.

    Our friendly group of robbers gets involved with the West Grove Boys in a bad way and Dee is forced to make a decision.

    The film was okay. I can see where it would have a young adult appeal. I thought there were too many scenes with Dee talking about art etc. While his life made for an interesting juxtaposition to his brother's business, it proved to be a little long and boring.

    Guide: Sex, off screen rape, nudity (Caroline Ford)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I got watching this because as you know, Megan Markle is going to be a princess soon and I decided to give a go! Although the middle of the movie was boring, I thought the storyline was pretty good at the same time. My heart was beating faster though when both Meghan Markle and Gregg Sulkin's characters were at the airport. Man he made a big fat mistake by being the fourth suspect of that bank robbery. Seriously I dont know how the police didn't caught him going to amsterdam with his girlfriend. If this was real life, he probably would be caught and never have proper future with the girlfriend!