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  • DewinCymru15 October 2017
    WHY this show was cancelled bemuses me, it had so much promise, so much potential.

    The cast was great, as were the story lines and it could have become so, so much better, and the lines it could have followed from the young Abe, and then the young Henry, Henry first marriage and then onto the romantic side, it had so many avenues it could and should have followed.

    All I can say is the Chief's at the top should sometimes listen to the Indians below, this could have become one of the best TV show's ever had ABC it been given a chance to mature. What a bunch of pillocks!!!

    So sad that one of the other networks did not pick it up, with the fan based already established (on both sides of the pond) it would have been a sure fire WINNER.
  • I was going through my DVR Timers the other day to remove canceled shows, and when I got to this one my anger re-emerged. I absolutely loved this show, and looked forward to it weekly.

    I realize that they renew or cancel according to the weekly ratings, however at times I am very confused just how certain shows (Kardashians, for example) continue to get renewed, and shows like Forever get canceled. I mean, doesn't this say a lot about the average mentality of the American viewing audience overall?

    I guess it's too late now, but I wish that some other network picked it up.
  • This show had what many shows these days lack. And that is a genuine bona fide proper show. These days most T.V. is filled with either not so reality, reality TV or with stuff that is so awful that finding out it has fans is saddening. Rarely, do I like a show that is or has been on T.V. - In fact, I watch about 5 shows that are on T.V. and Forever was one of those shows. I thought it was a breath of fresh air and so did my brother. It had a good, not so in your face humour side with a couple of characters and it also had some decent drama and mystery and a really good plot. I mean, How many shows are there that are about an immortal man who is trying to figure out why he's stuck in the land of the living.

    It was a beautiful show. I'm sorry to see that it got canceled. It seems these days anything that's original gets tossed aside while everything else that's just a clone of another gets high praise and prime T.V. spots.
  • Today I came across an episode of Forever on TV. I was and still am a huge fan, when it first came out, I watched every episode and was really surprised when it was cancelled after only one excellent, well written, imaginative, riveting and original season. So today I watched again, and I miss it just as much, I hope it can have a comeback very soon! Some of the ideas of the show were 'borrowed' by other subsequent shows, but these never had the same scope or wonderful cast dynamics.

    You should not call a show 'Forever' and end it after only one season as the meme says! Bring back Forever!
  • Honestly after reading the description of the show I wasn't too excited about watching the 1st episode. But it had me hook, line, and sinker after the first 5 minutes.

    Ioan Gruffudd gives a great performance as Henry Morgan, and Alana De La Garza as Det Jo Martinez is fantastic as always.

    Its refreshing to see time was spent on character development, writing, and directing. Too many shows are casting "A" list actors and then putting out a poor planned product. Hats off to the entire cast and crew.

    Looking forward to upcoming season.
  • I absolutely love this show. I like crime shows in general, especially when they have a Sherlock-ian lead, but this is my favorite of all time. This show is like a combination of the Mentalist, Bones, CSI, and the Highlander. Its magic is not in its components – it is in how well it is done. The critics seem to be slamming the fact that it is a conglomeration of characteristics of other shows – but why not take the best parts of them all and put them together? What is wrong with that? This is entertainment, not an artistic statement. Nonetheless, it is very well written – funny, smart, exciting and absorbing, and with a sentimental twist. It is more lighthearted than CSI and more emotional than the Mentalist. I love that it tends to be more about biology and medicine than hair samples and carpet fibers…it's more about all the obscure ways people can die. The flashbacks to history are kind of fun, too. It is perfectly casted-the lead actor/main character is so expressive and charming you are instantly drawn in and rooting for him. The characters play off of each other very well—a little too much of anyone/thing and it just wouldn't be the same. In short? I look forward to this show all week, and when I watch it: I laugh, I cry, I learn something, my heart pounds in places and later it melts, and I end just about every show sad that it's over and wanting to watch it again.
  • We stumbled upon this show out of desperation during the holiday break. It is FANTASTIC. We truly love this show and find it to be very intelligent, entertaining and interesting. When it first premiered, we had no desire to watch it based on the promos, so I believe that if this show fails it is due to a poor promotion and marketing campaign. The promos emphasize a 200-year-old man trying to find a cure for his immortality...seems wacky. Who would want to watch that? This show is so much more. What a shame that it most likely will be cancelled without most people even having a chance to discover it. Hopefully the network will see the potential and rethink their marketing. It's truly great.

    I hope ABC will give it another shot.
  • I really liked this show. I agree that it is definitely a lot like Highlander (without the swords and lightning)....but I ask what is wrong with that, I also like Highlander. Ioan Gruffudd does a great job and it has me interested. There isn't enough good science fiction on major networks. Really my only major complaint is that now I have to wait until September 30th to watch the second episode(what is with these early 1st episode airings and then making us wait months to see the next episode like the flash)I would like to see more character development and flashbacks to Dr. Henry Morgan's earlier lives/life. It is really going to come down to where they decide to take the show. I hope they give us answers and don't leave everything a mystery and that they actually spend time coming up with the answers (I am looking at you LOST) I hope to see good things from this show but only time will tell.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The premise for this show is excellent, you'd think by just reading the base plot line that it wouldn't be all that exciting, but Ian Gruffudd plays a hyper intelligent, super weird but extremely likable protagonist very well. I don't think the show would have been half as good had anyone else played the character. His chemistry with co-star Alana De La Garza is great considering each character is at either end of the spectrum in every possible way. Like most shows, it's a 'solve-a-kill a week' kinda thing with one long bad guy arc that spreads throughout the season. I like when the protagonist has a big secret to whom he finally reveals all to the co-protagonist after a long time and various hints dropped already, but they pretty much kept wraps on it all the way til the very last episode, which is why I felt the show's cancellation so much. I like it when, after finding out the secret, they explore his powers together to solve crimes, but that never happens, so now you have an awesome show, with an amazing premise, but stupidly enough, no network wants to pick up, which is just a big waste. 9/10 only because of the cancellation.
  • If you tell someone there's a new show that is similar to "Castle" and "Elementary"--with a man-woman team that solves murders--he might say he wants to check it out, because he likes both of those shows. Or he might say it's been done before and refuse to watch it.

    The new show "Forever" involves a homicide detective, Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza), and a medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), who work together to solve murders. Like Sherlock in "Elementary", Henry utilizes amazing powers of observation to deduce the truth. Will Henry and Jo become romantically involved, like Castle and Beckett? It seems destined to be.

    Unlike Sherlock, Henry is very attached to a family member--Abe, played by Judd Hirsch, who is Henry's adopted "son". And there's another important twist: Doc Henry is immortal. He has lived for about two hundred years and he considers that a curse. He has chosen to eschew close relationships, knowing the inevitable pain of loss that must result when he outlives a loved one.

    The appeal of the show depends upon the three main characters. Fortunately these three actors are fun to watch and bring believability to a supernatural premise.

    After watching the first two episodes, it seems that the writing will bring interesting stories to the murder-solving genre. I want to see how many ways they can use Henry's "affliction" to advance a plot. In the pilot, Henry uses himself as a guinea pig to test the properties of a deadly poison--something that even Sherlock cannot do.

    The story takes place in New York City, so put on your thinking cap and watch "Forever" over a cocktail--perhaps a Manhattan.

    Update 10/8/14: After watching the episode titled "The Art of Murder", I am finding this new show even more enjoyable. This episode draws on Henry's personal experiences to create a truly emotional resolution, which might have been aided by the music of Ella Fitzgerald. I may have to increase my rating if this keeps up.
  • jalameda7 September 2014
    Great show. I enjoyed it very much. Three very great main actors. I have always enjoyed everything Judd Hirsch and Ioan Gruffudd have ever done. So it is a double pleasure having them together. The script is written script. Full of surprises. It's nice to see an old story line brought up to the present. It does remind me of Highlander. That was a good show then and this will be a great show now. I see that so far there are only 4 episodes. I hope they have not killed the show before it has a chance to air because I am going to tell everyone I know to watch this show. I can't wait to see the 200th episode. I wish the show a very long run.
  • Dare00722 September 2014
    This show is great and I think everyone should watch it. Aside from the amazing plot and incredible actors, the characters really stand out.

    The show's main character, Dr. Henry Morgan, is not only special because he doesn't die, he is special because of how wise he is because of it. Unlike almost everyone in this world, Dr. Morgan is special because he notices things about people and can read them through the smallest details. He can tell what u r going to do, or what has been happening in your life, as he did with the girl on the subway. It is interesting to see someone who actually cares about the little things instead of people these days who just go about their own life.

    This is truly a very well-done show that is different from many other dramas and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a little escape from the ordinary.
  • ...die, die again!

    That's sort of the premise. He's died a lot, so he knows a lot about death--clever premise for why he's a medical examiner now.

    I see some similarities to the canceled show "New Amsterdam": immortality, working to solve crimes, and especially the setting in New York--the rich history of NYC certainly makes sense as the stage for an immortality premise. But whereas "New Amsterdam" seemed more somber in that it tried to explore the emotional pains of immortality, "Forever" seems to incorporate a lighter approach that makes a show like "Castle" such a success. Acting and chemistry among the cast appear to be very good and unforced (somewhat rare right from the pilot episode), and in the first couple of shows so far, the story has begun introducing some promising elements. I think a fantasy premise like this always risks "jumping the shark" in fear of losing the novelty too quickly and hence the viewership, but I hope they will resist the urge-- especially the most tempting but fatal thing to do on a show about immortality--rushing to answer the "how" and "why" he became immortal. Being judicious about peeling away this mystery will help it last longer. In fact, I'd be okay if they saved that for the very last show, or not reveal it at all. After all, he's lived for 200 years without being able to answer it--he doesn't have to somehow magically figure it out now in the show's time-line--that would be jumping the shark. Please don't spoil it!
  • There are some incredible shows on TV these days. One could certainly make an argument that this is truly the golden age of excellence when you factor in the outstanding shows that run the gamut from comedy (Louie), drama (Scandal, How to get Away With Murder), mystery (Blacklist), political drama (House of Cards), Superhero (The Flash, Arrow, Daredevil), spys (The Americans), classic children's (SpongeBob SquarePants), historical drama (Vikings), late night fake news (The Daily Show), etc., etc., It is hard to compile a list because so many are so good

    This brings me to Forever. I absolutely adore this show. The actors are spot on as is the concept of immortals amnog us. I got hooked on a similar show a few years back called "New Amsterdam" but was shock after it's cancellation after only eight episodes. As we approach the season finale next week, there has been no announcement from ABC as to whether this show will be picked up for a second season. I implore all of those who love this show to please write an email to ABC begging them to allow this show to breathe. Let the characters develop. Give people looking for great TV a chance to find this show.

    As to anyone working for ABC who is reading this, the history of TV is littered with TV shows that had a great fan base but wasn't large enough quickly enough Therefore, the network cancels the show. As yourself, would you have canceled "Freaks and Greeks?" How about "Firefly?" Better off Ted? Rubicon? Undeclared? Flight of the Conchords? Pushing Daisies? Life on Mars? Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles...and the list goes on.

    Please, Pretty please with a big, fat cherry on top! Please give Forever at least one more season. It is deserving. Thank you.
  • Dear Henry, I know it's a long story, but your story is filled with heart and soul, humanity and darkness, love and loss. How can we live forever, only to see those we hold so dear fade and fall from our grasp? How do we go on, living a million lives, memories filled with history, history lost as this world moves on? And you're doomed to play it again and again, around and around with death denying you one simple wish, so you chase it, begging for the answer. But the answer's been there all along, and she's been waiting patiently. All you had to do was let go of the past and embrace the now. Forget the future, the worry of time, and forget the scars over your heart. If you live a sheltered life, then you don't live at all, and love will be the ghost to haunt you. And maybe, she should have seen the truth, but at least in the end, you opened the door. And it might be a long story, but it's one that will follow us forever. We will never forget a character such as you, dear Henry.
  • dipookie6618 March 2018
    I really liked this show. It had a nice twist to the usual detective show. The interaction between the characters was imaginative. The Main character's inability to age and why was very intriguing. I wanted to see how his relationship with the leading lady would develop. I was so disappointed it was canceled.
  • Immortality. It's a subject that has fascinated man from the beginning of time, be it in the tales of the ancient Greek gods and demigods or people's obsession over vampires. Naturally, Hollywood and television have gotten into the act many times over, from 1986's "Highlander" to the latest incarnation, ABC's amazing but sadly short lived "Forever". It stars Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan, chief medical examiner for the New York City crime lab. Henry is just like you and me; he goes to work, pays his bills, and has a charming attitude about him. Except, he is immortal, born roughly 200 years ago, his immortality seemly beginning with a mortal gunshot wound and being thrown overboard from a slave ship after he tried to intervene in the brutal treatment of a slave. Now every time Henry is killed, he always comes back in water and always naked. The only person who knows about Henry's condition is Abe (Judd Hirsch), Henry's long time friend, business partner, and, despite Abe looking considerably older than Henry, son. Together they run an antique shop, while Henry goes out, solves crime, and picks up clues that no one else seems able to. But this idyllic life comes to a halt when Henry learns that someone else with his ability is in town, someone who, unlike Henry, does not live by the same morals (Burn Gorman in a tour de force performance as Adam, a 2,000 year old immortal). From there on, it's a cat and mouse game between the two while Henry also must solve crimes and maintain relationships with his co-workers at the precinct while also making sure they never learn his secret. A charming, well-written story that had plenty of action, suspense, and a certain magic about it. All the more reason why it should be canceled after one season!

    "Forever" was a neat, unique broadcast network show in a long line of such shows that was to meet a quick death at the hands of the ratings count. It didn't matter how good Ioan Gruffudd was in the lead, it didn't matter that he how much charm he had or how much he could make you feel for the character, nor did it matter how good everyone else was in the show, such as Alana De La Garza as Det. Jo Martinez, Henry's co-worker and love interest. Nor did it matter how intriguing the story was, or how much more it made you want to know the secret of Henry's and Adam's condition, and whether or not there were more people in the world with such a condition. Nope, none of that mattered, and as a result - no exaggeration - broke my heart. It still pains me to learn that I won't see Ioan Gruffudd as Henry Morgan, an actor who could more than fill the lead shoes of a show, nor would I learn what caused Henry's and Adam's immortality, nor what it meant for the human race. And those last tid bit's may be the hardest part about "Forever's" short run. Because you got the feeling from the last moment of the series finale, that the writers and producers had so much more planned for the series and the story, something that will never be realized now. And for that reason, "Forever" may be the final straw when it comes to me checking out new shows, especially on broadcast networks. Every new show seems to be the same, and every time something new does come along, it gets canceled. I no longer have the drive I used to when checking out new shows, I haven't checked out any new broadcast shows lately, and to be honest, I really don't know if I ever will. For it's short run, though, if you can bear having your heart broken for the sake of some good story-telling, "Forever" is something that should be checked out. And here's hoping that somewhere in another time and place, "Forever" really is lasting forever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll admit, upon reading the synopsis I thought.... oh this is SO not going to work... but I actually thoroughly enjoyed this show! Great cinematography, quality leads, cool story, interesting twist on the 'immortality' formula (i.e, he is actually mortal but regenerates - he actually dies, which is a pretty neat idea).

    I genuinely have high hopes for this show. Who can know in today's climate which shows will or won't succeed, but this had the triumvarate of Good characters, Good Plotting, and Good production values, alongside good dips into mystery, history, romance, medical science, police show.

    I give this a very firm 8.5/10 - could easily stay around that mark, it doesn't give of the sense of cluelessness!

    And by the way, superb opening scene - that's how to begin a pilot!
  • cal194610 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ever since Hornblower I have really enjoyed Ioan and am delighted to see him on a major TV show. I love the premise, am fascinated by time travel and living through many ages and this is well done. We are informed of his history in bits and pieces of flashbacks so we are never burdened with too much, it comes as the story progresses. I am delighted to see more and more really good movie actors starring in TV shows. It is a good thing. Movies are wonderful, but a TV show can cover the material with much more detail over 8 or 10 or 16 hours and really entertain. And the quality has become so good. I like what I am seeing.
  • I loved this series and have no idea why something this good would be canceled. It was very similar to "The Mentalist" in ways. A very calm pragmatic intelligent man read the clues, people, etc, while using hundreds of years of knowledge to analyze and solve. He had no fear and was willing to stick his neck out for his colleagues. While, his relationship with his partner was rather slow in developing, it has all of the elements of a great love.

    I would rather watch this type of well written series rather than any reality series!

  • First of all, Yes this is another cops shows, but no, it's not like all others. I would compare it to something between Mentalist and Sherlock with another kind of mystery. That mystery, like name already says, tells that the main character is immortal. How did he get those powers or how does he uses them ? We don't know yet and the show will probably run around it. Why it's entertaining ? First of all, we have the attitude of the main character, who has tried everything, nothing is surprise for him and his work is death either his or of other people. He is not connecting well with others, from reasons of bonding and watching them die as he outlive all of them. The are two people that gets close to him, his old (relative meaning in this case) friend and police officer. This all is very fresh and the mystery is working well, but... As he dies, he "respawns" (sorry for this term, but it best suits), that leads to awkward situations and to be honest there starts the cliché. As the show will progress, are we going to see him die every episode several times ? just because he is immortal this doesn't mean he should be killed so easily.. This is one thing that is bugging me from the start. Its really good show and i will see how this is going to turn out.
  • kafcook-119 October 2014
    Although people are talking about this being a "Highlander" ripoff, I'm not really getting that vibe. I LOVE this show. It is a bit different & quite fresh. I am really enjoying the story lines and the flashback histories of New York.

    I love the chemistry between the Ioan Gruffudd and Judd Hirsch, as well as Gruffudd & De La Garza. The characters don't take themselves too seriously either, so in amongst all the gritty crime drama there is a fair bit of levity which helps the balance of the show.

    In fact, I love this show so much that I feel fairly sure it will be canceled any second now. Anything that is as fun and smart as this, is generally not very popular with the majority of the"sheeple" viewing public. I hope this sticks around a good long while,but I will enjoy it like every episode is its last.
  • In the past several months, maybe even years, ABC has been making new shows left and right and then they cancel them after the first season. They are just throwing shows at the wall to see what sticks... And Forever is a show that stuck, and quite firmly.

    At first glance, Forever, may seem like your average, generic Medical Examiner TV Drama but you're in for a surprise. Its plot is original and amazing and I suggest that you watch it. Personally, I enjoyed the show so much, I have told many friends and family who haven't heard of it to watch it. They were all impressed and I hope you are too. I really hope ABC doesn't cancel this diamond in the rough that's exceptionally shiny and stands out, among the crowd.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I know that many reviews will refer to the "gimmick" of immortality, but the main thing that makes me like this show is the writing. Too many shows "force" situations in order to manipulate a plot, but Forever avoids that most of the time. Very refreshing.

    Even though Monk solves 50 crimes in a row, nobody believes his opinions in the 51st case, just so everyone can be proved wrong yet again. On about every third Castle episode, Kate or Javier or Kevin or all 3 jump to the conclusion a particular suspect is guilty 5 seconds into the investigation, just so we can burn 30 minutes watching an obvious red herring being revealed. And so on in many otherwise good shows.

    In Forever, they get on with the story. Someone doubts Henry's unusual opinion, and Jo stops them with a "hey, he hasn't been wrong yet" or the equivalent. Alana De La Garza plays her character perfectly. The flashback parallels make the procedural interesting instead of formulaic. And the subtle "life is too short, make the most of it" theme is woven into each episode gracefully.

    I do hope this show earns sufficient numbers to be renewed. I am really, really tired of shows with good writing and interesting characters being dumped during or after one season ...
  • It was exciting to see the premiere episode of this show this week on ABC. Let's hope it was the start of something big.

    We are introduced to a NYC medical examiner named Henry Morgan, his lab assistant, his best friend, and a police detective with a lot of questions; not to mention an elusive villain and a clear promise of seasons of intrigue.

    A show like this, high-concept, is always problematic for fans. For many fans of milder reality-based sci-fi concepts, the risk of diving into such a show carries the possibility that it will grind to a halt in only a dozen episodes or so, like Awake. Or that the story ideas will end up twisted into some kind of poorly written Gordian knot like Alphas did.

    I'm forging ahead on faith in the talented players, and the track record of the main show runners, Brad Anderson and Matthew Miller. What I saw in Monday's premier of Forever was well within the best that I'd expect from this duo.

    This is gonna be GREAT and I personally hope a lot of other people feel that way as well.

    9/24/14 ADDENDUM - following episode two: after an outstanding premiere which aired Monday, episode two was amazingly tedious, with a plot borrowed from 85 episodes of "Bones." I still expect more of this show in the coming weeks but wow, let's bring the 'a' game.
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