• eddie05201015 September 2016
    Good, but gets repetitive after a while.
    While there are many reasons for comedy series to become stale, but a primary one is that when they rely on a single idea or joke for too long with no variation, the series in question becomes repetitive and boring after a while. For me that is exactly what has happened to Cinema Sins.

    Before I complain, let me just say that at its inception, this was a great series. The unique idea served itself well in its early days, with interesting critiques of films with the crew finding no stone unturned when it came what is wrong with major films, both the huge (plot holes, bad writing) and the minimal (extras messing up, miscalculations involving time or science). It also helped that the series was quite funny. Now while the writers aren't the best comedians in the world, nor were they as funny as similar series around this time (Honest Trailers, How It Should Have Ended). However, the humour they managed to get from the mistakes in these movies could be at points extremely funny, mainly the ones where they delivered it via sarcasm. In short, it was a very enjoyable series initially.

    But I will admit I don't watch the series much anymore. Why you may ask? This is because for me, the show has remained largely the same throughout with very little change or variation. Now I understand this can benefit sometimes, since if an idea ain't broke, don't fix it right? But for me, while the concept behind Cinemasins is still an original one, its lack of range is more of a hindrance than anything because it becomes rather boring and repetitive after a while. The occasional spanner in the works while very entertaining and enjoyable (mainly the ones with guests and the one where they mock themselves) aren't frequent enough to break this cycle up.

    It doesn't help that the humour of the series is inconsistent at times, and on the whole very safe with no edge. Now, I have to say that I have found some older episodes quite funny and I don't expect every comedy series to be Frankie Boyle levels of edgy. However, the humour derived from the nitpicks can be quite poor at points, not helped by how as I said earlier, the writers aren't the best at comedy. This lack of edge doesn't help because it means the humour is very safe as a whole, something which would be fine if it funnier than it was. This can lead to episodes that while entertaining and offer insightful criticism of certain films can be very hit or miss in the laughs department & a bit of a drag as a result (their recent Alien episode is a good example of this).

    So as a whole, Cinemasins for me is one gimmick stretched for longer than necessary. It's repetitive formula can get boring after a while and there are laughs, they're not as often as one would expect. So they're entertaining critiques of big films, but whose premise has had so little variation over the course of nearly 5 years of existence that there's not much to reward regular watching. Nostalgia Critic creator Doug Walker once said that one of the reasons that he initially stopped the NC was because he had felt he had run out of ways to say a film was bad. Unfortunately, while Doug's show was at least versatile enough to keep the viewer engaged and wanting more, Cinemasins has had so little change that it has led the viewer to become disengaged and turn off. The occasional episode is still entertaining and can be quite funny, but the show has now become like fast food. Fine in infrequent doses, but not rewarding in frequent ones.
  • lummusmaximus11 May 2016
    Unique concept, pedantic delivery
    Cinemasins is definitely a unique concept with a lot of promise. It's memorable as well, because it pulls it off in terms of presentation. Content is where Cinemasins falls down. While they do raise several legitimate points, it's lined with pedanticness that will go one of two ways: Jeremy will point out meaningless things that will mean nothing to the "average" cinema goer he claims to represent, or will show a lack of understanding of the source material.

    It's also billed as a comedy, which would work if their jokes weren't so hit and miss. And when they do "hit" they'll milk an barely-funny joke for everything it's worth (SCENE DOES NOT CONTAIN A LAP DANCE AHAHAHAHAHAHXDDDD).

    Not to mention the way they'll occasionally critique a cartoon for simply being a cartoon, or make fun of a movie for making use of basic storytelling techniques like narration. To some extent, it reeks of a screenwriter who's "unique and brilliant" screenplay got rejected one too many times.

    Of course, like any series, they're going to have their hits. But their hits are overcrowded by their forgettable videos.
  • PeterJasonQuill10 September 2016
    Just purely stupid.
    Now, people love YouTube shows about movies, kinda like the stuff Mr Sunday movies does, or screen rant when they make an original video that they haven't already done before, or even honest trailers. But this, this is far from what people would see as a good show about movies. Some of the flaws they point out are good, and proper flaws, but most of the time they just point out stupid things that aren't even plot holes, clichés, or even proper flaws in a movie, something I just find really stupid, annoying and not even funny, they should be pointing out REAL flaws, not just ones they made up, and another bad thing about this show is the amount of swear words they use in every video, it is really annoying and stupid, I mean, do you hear a critic say that many swear words? I don't think so. So overall, if you don't want to have good movies ruined, don't watch this channel. You'd be a moron if you do.
  • Critic Breeki14 January 2016
    How the hell are people entertained by this garbage? Its awful! Their jokes are lazy and repetitive, and quickly runs out of originality. The narrator's voice is boring and almost never changes tone. He honestly sounds like he just wants to get the video over and done ASAP so he can collect his next pay check.

    I especially hate it when they make videos about films that are actually good, and make it look bad.

    I know that you are probably going to say 'Oh its just a joke!!' Well if its a joke they should make it funny.

    Final review: 3.4/10
  • aesopjason17 March 2016
    Love it for what it is
    Cinema Sins is just a regular guy poking fun and poking holes in every movie that has sinned, which is every film every made. From tropes, to continuity errors, to calling out the blatantly stupid, he calls it out. His voice is somewhat monotone but I prefer it over someone that is constantly trying to "broadcast guy" his way through the presentation. Some things get boring like the "ex-machina" call-outs, "No", and his extreme bias against exposition. However, if you are looking for some community validation for/against a movie you love/hate, this is a nice vehicle for getting it. He also takes time to remove sins for awesomeness in a movie, but it's rare. If you are on youtube looking for something to watch to pass the time in 15-ish minute tidbits, there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more boring, brain- depleting, complete-trash videos you can watch than Cinema Sins. #PrometheusSchoolOfRunningAwayFromThings
  • Jay Town4 August 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I first saw the Everything wrong with Daredevil, and loved it!

    He is an average movie go-er with things that he thinks are problems in movies. He's done a verity of videos over the years, such as: Hunger Games, Avatar, Frozen, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit, Spiderman, and X-men.

    WARNING: His films do contain spoilers about a movie he is doing. It does at the beginning the video has spoilers.

    His videos contain such sins as: clichés, plot holes, factual errors, real life experiences, and discount certain actors, etc.

    At the end of each video, he has a judgment rating for the movie. Such as, quotes from the film, or Wilhelm scream.

    He also has a phone to call him up for movies you want him to sin.
  • shani_dayo3 January 2016
    Tone down the cursing
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoy the "everything wrong with...." series. First I would like to say that these videos are for fun and aren't meant to be taken seriously, they are more like comic relief and little nitpicks rather than actual flaws within a movie. The one thing I don't like is the constant use of foul language, it irritates Me to no end. I would give this show a higher rating if the creator didn't have such a potty mouth.....I don't recommend this show for anyone under the age of 14, because the cursing can get a little explicit. Other than that You may have a few laughs here and there, but it's not the best Youtube show out there.