• WARNING: Spoilers

    Really good movie, it was romantic and it has a fairytale atmosphere. The movie is for the whole family. It reminded me of The phantom of the opera with the mask that the Beast, prince Leon has. I give it a 10. Leon is the prince, he had a wife but one night she dies. Bella's father has to pay money to prince Leon back and he does not have them so Bella goes to work for the prince to repay him. At first she thinks he is a bad person, he is a beast insode not outside, yes he has a mask on one side of the face but it's a scar, nothing too bad, then she sees him with different eyes, they spend the night in the greenhouse and after that he invites her to dinner and they dance. Price Leon tells her that she loves her and Bella asks him to give her 3 days to go see her father and sister. Leon thinks that she will not return but she does and they kiss. There is another woman that loves the prince,Helene, but he does not love her, she tries to make Bella to hate Leon and Bella finds out that Leon and Leon made a bet that Bela will end up in his bed, and she thinks that he does not really love her so she runs away from the castle, Leon finds her and brings her back. This is the end of part 1. In part 2 Bella is sick and Leon saves her, she does leave from the castle and spends time with her family onlty to return and save him from the angry peasants. Helene is angry and tries to kill Bella and in the end she falls from the balcony and dies, she was the one that killed Leon's first wife. Leon and Bella get married.