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  • I had no expectations for iZombie, but I've already watched the pilot three times. The story was good, the cast was great, and Rose McIver was stellar! My wife likened her to Buffy. I replied that she was kind of a zombie version of The Listener (another great show, btw), and a funny one at that! Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli were also instantly likable. Their characters each held up his end extremely well against the riveting presence of McIver/Moore And what a great idea to have Liv gain her insights by eating the brains of the deceased - her instant command of Romanian was hilarious. I look forward to seeing what other quirks the writers come up with for her.

    This show apparently played to a decent sized audience, but it deserves so much more, and perhaps the reviews here will lead people to check this one out. I think when they do, they'll be hooked.
  • Veronica Mars meets something new.

    Thats really the only way to describe this. The dialog is quick witted and funny. Its got a case of the week set up which makes it perfect for casual watching and the expected twist at the end of the first episode shows there will indeed be a story going beyond the case of the week.

    The lead actress is really good for this part. I liked her from the start and expect she's going to carry this show. Her supporting cast is a little bland at this point but given time I think they can grow into better characters.

    When you sit on your couch and complain about all television shows being the same and about them making yet another CSI:Alaska THIS is the show you should start watching. Ignore the Romero fan boys complaining about the Zombies. this isn't a show about Zombies! This isn't The Walking Dead. This is a light hearted take on what if a Zombie with the ability to eat brains and see visions of the persons life had to interact with the real world. Would she sit on her couch and be a Zombie or would she go out and help those that can't help themselves?
  • philhodgman18 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Here's an alert to some of the reviewers, who seem to view this as a traditional TV drama - It's Not. A living dead zombie who assists the police in finding bad guys after eating the brains of victims is inherently ridiculous and, consequently, tongue in cheek (or perhaps in brain). Somehow, though, the show seems to pull off a balancing act between farcical situations and scenes with real emotion and drama.

    Whether the show can develop new scenarios to maintain the interest of viewers or just repeat the same themes with minor twists remains to be seen. I have to say, though, that the pilot was very promising, largely due to the enchanting performance of Rose McIver in the lead role. She really sold the audience on the concept of a zombie as, yes, dead, but still kind of lovable. You find yourself really pulling for her.
  • s327616921 March 2015
    I have to confess I came to this show expecting camp Zombie chick, adolescent angst drama.

    Well, I was mostly wrong. Certainly I do believe this series may have more appeal to women than men but only by a small margin. Its certainly got some chick flick elements, issues with the boyfriend and mum, but beyond that its got a whole lot more to offer too.

    The extras, if you can call them that include top notch writing. The characterizations in iZombie are, in particular highly polished. The main characters are genuinely witty and engaging, in a very understated, down to earth way.

    This is topped off with reasonable storytelling and acting from the lead and supporting cast.

    All in all a very likable series I plan to keep on watching. A well earned seven out of ten from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the first 2 seasons, season 3 was ok. Season 4 is terrible. They are really overdoing the personalities from the brains and I don't like that they are starting to fade out her zombie look. I am watching an episode where she is acting like a British knight and cringing every time she starts talking. The whole renegade story line is too much.
  • Review after only watching the first episode.

    I've made a rule when it comes to new TV shows. 3 episodes before giving up. I do not need that rule for this show. (unless it gets bad out of nowhere) The first episode introduced the characters well, and kept me interested while moving at a good pace. No long drawn out boring intros here.

    The show has a great balance of comedy and a decent story. I look forward to seeing where they go with this.

    The CW has been churning out some really well done shows as of late (with a few duds) so far this one is no where near a dud.

    If you like comedy, little bit of drama, and touch of science fiction give this show a try.

    I'm also kind of into Rose McIver so I may be a little bit biased.
  • I really liked this first episode and the way they put it all together the why and the how she ends up working with the police and how she deals with being a zombie was done nicely. It has a kinda "6 feet under kinda feel but a little more light hearted. Also the situation is not gonna be real life so sometimes the situation is a little unbelievable, like cops aren't always gonna act the way real cops would exactly and people aren't gonna always freak at the concept of someone being a zombie etc. The humor was good too, actually caught myself in an unexpected chuckle. You know the kind that takes like a half second to hit you. very good almost gave it 9 stars but I like to save 9 and 10 for stuff I;m totally thrilled with. Acting was good the characters are likable. This could be one that moves up to the 9 or 10 start level after a few episodes
  • I've only watched the pilot and I am LOVING this show. We've been needing a quirky kick-ass heroine for some time now (with Buffy and Veronica Mars no longer on air), and Liv is here to take up the mantle.

    With a truly original plot and already endearing characters (only one episode in), this one is definitely a keeper and worth checking out.

    Liv may be undead but she shares many personality traits with fan-favorite Veronica Mars- she's intelligent, witty, and an active heroine who wants to use her new "powers" for good.

    I don't want to give too much away - just watch it! It's on Hulu as well.

    Check out my full review at:
  • As a zombie and horror fan I had to make myself watch. Knowing that it was clearly not a traditional zombie experience had me a bit turned off at first. However, I saw the pilot episode and I loved it. It is a bit campy but very fun and it has a crime drama spin so I think there will always be an interesting story to tell.The main characters are already very charming and have the potential to develop and evolve as the show matures. I adore the adorable yet potentially dangerous zombie and her over the top geeky medical examiner boss as well as the detective who is obviously going to be dependent on her mysterious psychic abilities. I really hope it makes the cut for CW.
  • I want to start off this review by letting you guys know that you can watch episode 6-10 of iZombie FOR FREE on the CW website (Yes, you do have to turn ad-block off).

    This show was such a pleasant surprise to discover; the only reason I was able to find this show was through watching The Flash and Arrow. In between commercials for these two shows, they occasionally show commercials for iZombie, but I've always ignored them. Eventually over time I start noticing them more and more and I was getting really intrigued. After my friend, who's also big comic book/manga nerd like I am, recommended me to watch iZombie, I decided to finally give it a chance.

    I was hooked on the first show. The atmosphere is dark and playful at the same time, the dialog is quick and witty, and the plot is crazy! Girl scratched by a zombie becomes a zombie herself and can only feed her hunger with brains. She gains the memories and experiences of the eaten brain for a certain amount of time and uses this skill to help her detective friend solve their deaths. OMG who thinks of this stuff?!?!

    It's not just the stereotypical crime at the beginning of the show, everything comes together at the end, almost everyone looks like a model kind of show. I mean it is, but they do it soooo much better than most shows I've seen. The show continues along at a great pace, the characters are so well developed and intriguing that I wish I knew them in real life, and they keep surprising me with each show. The brain eating aspect really brings some incredibly situations and first person views of the victims and I think that it really adds to the originality of the show.
  • Let me preface this review by stating that I am not a fan of zombie-themed entertainment. While I am a horror-lover, I do not find zombies - or vampires, for that matter - to be particularly frightening. Plus, they've been done to death (haha). Particularly recently.

    That said, when I saw the pilot featured on Hulu I didn't have high hopes. Still, I had some time to kill, so I gave it a try, and I'm really glad that I did. As of today (3/30/15) there are only two episodes out, but I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I found the show to be quirky and the actors likable. The show follows a fairly standard "solve a murder an episode" format, couched in an overarching "figure out Zombism" / "are there others? and, if so, how many?" plot.

    For some reason, the vibe I get from iZombie is similar to 'Pushing Daisies,' which I count as a major plus. The first two episodes definitely left me wanting more, though it's more for the charm and entertainment value than any real curiosity of the major storyline's advancement.

    I am definitely suggesting that my friends watch this show, and I have high hopes that it will continue to be enjoyable. I do have some reservations that it may start to focus too heavily on convoluted romantic hijinks, but I am hoping that I will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Seasons 1 & 2 were pretty good. After that is just got really dumb.
  • There are several things that save this series from a meh rating. Rose McIver is likable. I don't know who she is, but she apparently has a fan club that heavily backs the show. She's likable on screen, and can put a little bit of extra life into an otherwise mediocre setting. The zombie angle is clearly there because the original premise or written material was mediocre on its own. OK, I don't know that it was added after, but it definitely has that "put a little herbs & spice into a meal to stop it from tasting bland" kind of feel.

    Apparently, this series is made by the creators of Veronica Mars (I don't know this until went to write this review – btw I also have a VM review here). Well, it's no VM version2 (despite fanboys claiming otherwise). This series is somebody attempting to play it a little safe, like a cricketer hitting a single instead of hitting a boundary, or a baseballer hitting to left field to get to first base. It does succeed here, but possibly only because of McIver's likability.

    They could have done more with McIver's zombiism, such as maybe make it more of a struggle not to eat a living person or something. Zombiism here is no more serious than being a vegetarian. But this is the work of creators seeking to keep things at the shallow end of the pool (without going into the children's section); perhaps too timid for another VM, or maybe incapable of reproducing their premier work.

    At the end of season 2, I thought they were about to decimate all watchability from the show in season 3, but so far they've managed not to explode their internal organs onto the floor. We'll see how long they can continue with this safe, almost camp, but watchable series, but for now it's still worthy of viewing pleasure, as long as you're not expecting award winning writing from it.

    Btw: It's really worth 6.5 to 6.8, but I'm not going to bump it up to 7 (because that's VM's rating - why VM only has a 7 is explained in that review).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a reasonably good show but I found myself getting a little bored with the 'eat someone's brain to get their memories' in each episode.......and then helping the police to solve cases.... sorry but that's been done a million times.

    I don't known how this show gets a IMDB rating of 8

    I have given it a 6 because the first few episodes were fun
  • How is Rose Mciver not even being considered for an Emmy for her amazing acting. I've been watching this show since day one and week after week Rose Mciver is just great. If u never watched this show please do, she basically has to play a different person every week with a whole different personality and i just love watching her performances, this woman is hilarious. Even my cousin who hates tv loves to watch Liv (Mciver). I know the powers that be probably won't watch a dramedy about zombies on a broadcast station but u guys are missing a gem. I watch a lot of tv and see a lot of lead actress and Rose deserves to at least be nominated, she's definitely in this role, a top six actress
  • So I was not wanting to watch this because of the "zombie" thing because I was over it. But it kind of surprised me. I am looking to see more of it. Its not just about zombies. It has some comedy and some thrill too in it. Moreover there was a lack of women heroes so I think it will fill that. And also the girl is the cutest zombie I have ever seen. Moreover there no long intro that makes it easy to go with. Just hope they don't bring a hole family of zombies now. Also one would love how this zombie is stylish too kind of wears good clothes. So this can be a new add on for series liking people. I think it will be a good one.
  • I was thrilled about the release of this series back in 2015, but didn't have a chance to get to watch it before 2016. And I had been warmly recommended to watch it, given its zombiesque nature and the entire nature of the storyline, so I was anxious to sit down and watch it.

    Then I got the chance, and I managed to get halfway through season one before I just simply gave up. My expectations were brutally murdered by how bland and generic "iZombie" turned out to be. It was essentially just another crime solving show, but with a zombie twist. And I don't like watching these crime shows where the protagonists solve every single crime in every single episode. And "iZombie" was just that. There are far too many crime solving series available, and one with a zombie twist didn't really make it outstanding.

    Sure it had the twist that Olivia (played by Rose McIver) was a zombie and was able to take on characteristics and traits from those individuals brains she would consume. And that would help to solve the crimes. Nah, it just didn't work for me.

    And as for zombies being in the show, well don't get your hopes up, because it is nothing more than just pale make-up slapped on the performing actors. So in terms of zombie make-up and gore, don't expect any.

    Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli does carry the series nicely enough, but their characters and the fact that this was just another crime show (with a zombie twist) just didn't cut it for me.

    I was sorely disappointed with what "iZombie" turned out to be, and after having watched half of the episodes of season one, I am not going to return to the series. It will now just stand on the shelves and collect dust.

    This was a very mediocre experience for me. And as such "iZombie" scores only five out of ten stars from me. And the fact that I don't like watch crime solving shows didn't really work in favor of "iZombie" either.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I missed this TV series in its initial run, I was in the habit of watching something else and we don't have a DVR. Now I am watching it at my leisure, without commercials, on Netflix streaming.

    What they have done is write a series around the usual crimes and detectives solving them. The novelty here is that a medical student gets bitten at a party near Lake Washington in Seattle, she becomes a Zombie but finds that if she eats brains she can salvage her humanity. So she gets a job at the medical examiner's lab where she has a constant supply of brains.

    The nice surprise is that after she eats a dead person's brain she is able to see, in certain flashes, what happened to them. This way she can help the detective solve the murders that likely would otherwise go unsolved.

    The series works so well because of the chemistry of the three main characters. New Zealander Rose McIver, doing a very convincing American accent, is the med student turned Zombie 'Liv' Moore. Her associate in the lab is Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. And the detective she cooperates with is Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux. Each is so good in her or his role that it would be hard to imagine any other actors playing those characters.

    Made for hour-long shows each episode is about 41 minutes without commercials.

    It has become one of my new favorites.
  • A lot of pretty mediocre series are getting 8+ reviews. This a 6 at best. I watched 2 episodes, even though the trailer picture of this should have warned me: A Christina Ricci type beautiful zombie (should there ever be such thing as a beautiful zombie????) with a tongue in cheek look on her face and a plate of noodles covered with some brains. It just screams teenie bopper crap... Why people can not see series for what they are, even if they like them? For instance, personally I enjoyed Crossbones with John Malkovitch a lot. If you'd ask me to rate it, I'd give it a 6.1. Why? because even though I love the genre and love to see JM in action, that's all this series is worth. Not everything you like has to be an 8 or 9. Are these all real figures or is the industry meddling with these results?? Terrible... IMDb used to be some kind of standard, now it has gone Rotten Tomatoes....
  • marcus_k6 May 2016
    I admit I had high expectations having seen Veronica Mars, which may have ultimately ruined my experience with iZombie.

    I was surprised by how average and mundane it comes off, considering the supernatural element; ultimately it's just another crime of the week TV-show. The fact that she's a zombie doesn't seem to pose any problems in her life, nor add anything unique to the story. Most of the time she just eats brains of dead people to get clues to the murder, and so in the end it's a lot like watching the mentalist.

    As opposed to Veronica Mars, the mysteries are boring, the characters are realistic but not particularly interesting, and their is no overarching story line to keep the interest. Even Bones was more interesting than this.

    I've only watched five episodes though so hopefully it will pick up. For now, I found it kind of meh.
  • Look, I get that there are some people out there who would upvote anything they like 10/10, regardless of quality or depth. The problem is, when you're dealing with something that only people like that would watch, you get mediocre, redundant series (and films) with 8+ ratings. I don't think it's wrong, but it's kind of boring. If that's what it takes to justify institutional art criticism... The series itself is boring in the extreme. The setting is formulaic - teenage comedy based on a flimsy premise: a young, good-looking girl becomes a zombie, but, instead of becoming a complete outcast, learns to use her "gift" to good end. The problem? She has to eat human brains on the regular. The solution? Get a job at the coroner's office. The perks? She gets to see visions of how her "clients" died. These look like fantastic ingredients for a wacky comedy-horror. Except that they aren't. The lead character isn't only dealing with being a zombie - she's also heartbroken (dumped her fiancé because of her "condition"), blissfully ignorant of the larger ramifications of her status (it's clear from the outset she CANNOT be the only one zombie out there), perfectly free from any turmoil caused by being a zombie (her social life only suffers because she sulks, her "illness" doesn't transmit in any way, and her hunger is easily satiated)... There's no real drama here, but there also can be no real pleasure in watching this unfold. The producers did all in their power to make the series attractive. Wanna zombie crime-solver? Got it. An attractive zombie? Yup. A popular neo-noir setting? Seattle, here we come! But they simply can't juggle both the comedy and the horror. The eventual mix is rich in unfunny jokes and unsurprising twists. The pilot might be the most depressing comedy script I've seen in months. It doesn't help that the lead is also the narrator - her blissful ignorance of anything beyond the immediate setting of the story transfers into the narration, making the viewer feel he's being dumbed out by the minute. The association with Veronica Mars is right on the money - this is all plastic, no story. I'm sure there's a sizeable audience for things like these (plastic goods are always popular, and sometimes even not that bad), but they clearly aren't worth 8+ in ratings - not even when the raters are all under 18. There doesn't even seem to be any rebellion involved in how the story is told: despite her "special" status, the lead mostly plays the dumb blonde to the smart (her superior) and the tough (her policeman-sidekick). It doesn't help that the smart is of an Asian ethnicity, and the tough is black. I can't think of one feature of this series that doesn't scream "boring" back at me...
  • CW has done it again, cancelled a good, entertaining show that just isn't pc enough. One more season, after the current.

    Sad that CW continues to support the idiotic shows like Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, etc, which are social issue messages central to each episode, and a lame plot to embed the message into.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I started watching iZombie about a week ago, binge-watching on Netflix. The first episode was great: Introduction of characters, humorous mannerisms and situations, but also the introduction of a more serious central plot.

    The show handles both funny and serious situations well, the dialogue is good and the actors are fantastic in their roles.

    However, the writers are sloppy/lazy in resorting to clichés to keep the show moving from week to week: First, you have the device where the main character has a secret that she cannot share with anyone, thus leading to all the opportunities one could ask for to create funny or "dramatic" situations. Sure, at first one could understand that Liv could be terrified of her condition, and afraid of what might happen should her family, loved ones or public find out about her condition. But that only holds up for a few episodes. It becomes clear after one gets to know Major that you realize she could have explained to him that she'd contracted a condition that was contagious, and that prevented her from having the contact or experiences a full life demanded. Instead, she keeps her secrets and as the series progresses and Major begins to find out that strange things are going on, she continues to hide the truth, even though he's getting into a dangerous situation. And that's only one example.

    Another problem is Liv's tendency to take on the personality of people who's brain she eats. This is only true insofar as it serves the plot. For example, as a radio talk show host she becomes an insufferable bitch psychoanalyzing every man she knows, almost to the point of ruining a friendship. However, when she has the opportunity to eliminate a zombie murderer/drug dealer while "possessed" by the personality of a sniper, she decides at the crucial moment that she isn't a killer. Sure, she has no alternate plan for stopping the thug from continuing to murder people and sell their brains for profit, but she passes on the chance to end this blight on the human (and zombie) race. As a result, her boyfriend, also a zombie, is murdered.

    Basically, the writers use a lack of communication between Liv and others, even when it would make sense, to create tension or humor in the show, and her ability to absorb personalities and see their memories is a deus ex machina that allows crime cases to be easily solved, often leading to humorous scenes as well.

    Most people will enjoy watching iZombie, but if you were weaned on "smart" shows with Emmy Award-winning writing, I doubt you'll stay with it for long. And you shouldn't: there are plenty of brilliant, quality shows to see, and there's no need to waste your time on the bottom 50%.
  • kimmielandia14 October 2015
    I did not think I was going to like this at all. I put off watching this show for months. I can say now, that I wish I didn't. I had thought it would be ridiculous, boring, and all over the place. I was so wrong! This series is wonderful! Great, non-ridiculous humour, delightful concept. It adds to the table of zombies, bringing forth new ideas that can make sense, while still having some of the old clichés, like: 'zombies love brains'. The actors are absolutely flawless when it comes to their jobs. I highly recommend that you watch a full episode or two before deciding what you think of it. As I said, I strongly thought I would hate it and ended up loving it!
  • Everything about this show is remarkably created. The writing, the filming, the acting. All the actors are amazingly fitting to their roles and the storyline just blows me away constantly. I could never expect this much from a "zombie" show but this is least typical zombie show you could ever write. But not only is the drama aspect of the show beautifully written, the comedic lines are also HILARIOUS. The occasional fourth wall breaks work so smoothly into the context of the story and all the pop-culture references are subtle enough to enjoy without it being too on the nose. Each character also holds so much depth. Liv, who has to take on the characteristics of each of the victims whose brains she eats, while maintaining her own sense of self, Ravi, who provides a wonderful comic relief yet demonstrates such a strong sense of loyalty and seriousness when necessary, Blaine, who is trapped in this morally ambiguous cycle as he somehow becomes a better person and stays his pretty awful self at the same time. These are only a few to mention. iZombie is genius, to say the least. I'm in love.
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