Zombies Liv (Rose McIver) and Blaine (David Anders) are shown eating brains in almost every episode. McIver and Anders have repeatedly stated in interviews that the "brains" are made out of gelatin and taste very unpleasant. Both actors have stated they use spit buckets after each scene they have to eat a brain.

It is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred, and published by DC Comics' Vertigo.

The main character's name, Olivia "Liv" Moore, is a pun on her zombie status (she gets to "live more" after her death).

During episode 1.8, iZombie: Dead Air (2015), Lowell (Bradley James) and Liv (Rose McIver) are talking about tanning and one of Lowell's lines ("I can't pull off that ethereal fairy look as you do") is a reference to a role Rose McIver had in Once Upon a Time (2011) where she portrayed Tinkerbell in season 3 of the series in 2013.

In Season 2 the recurring guest character played by Jessica Harmon is an FBI agent named Dale Bozzio, who is tasked with a missing persons investigation. Dale Bozzio is the name of the lead singer of '80s New Wave band Missing Persons.

Rose McIver (Liv) and David Anders (Blaine) were both on Once Upon a Time (2011) as minor characters. McIver was Tinker Bell and Anders was Dr.Whale/Frankenstein.

The opening song, "Stop I'm Already Dead", is from the New Orleans band "Deadboy & The Elephantmen". That band was fronted by Dax Riggs of the '90s Metal band Acid Bath. This song can be found on the album "We Are The Night Sky". The song is also featured in the opening scene of another zombie production, Day of the Dead (2008).

In 1.02, iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain? (2015), Liv (Rose McIver) gains the ability to paint, thanks to eating a brain. In the comics she already has this talent, and paints what she sees after each meal.

In episode 2.11, iZombie: Fifty Shades of Grey Matter (2016), Liv (Rose McIver) is about to listen to an audio excerpt of the book "The Upright Position", read by Kristen Bell. Liv states that she's "always felt a kind of connection to her". Kristen Bell is in Rob Thomas' show Veronica Mars (2004).

The character "Liv Moore" is based on the protagonist of the Vertigo comics, "iZombie". In the comics, the character's name is, "Gwen Dylan".

It was announced on March 11, 2016, that the show had been renewed for a third season.

The character "Major Lillywhite" is named after Major Applewhite, who was a Univesity of Texas quarterback. The University of Texas is producer Rob Thomas' alma mater.

In episode 2.13, iZombie: The Whopper (2016), Mr. Boss (Eddie Jemison) tells Drake (Greg Finley) to kill a man. The address Drake is supposed to go to is 555 Brooksbank, which is the studio address where this show is filmed.

In episode 2.3, iZombie: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle (2015), Liv (Rose McIver) speaks the line "a long time ago, we used to be friends." This is a reference to Rob Thomas' earlier series Veronica Mars (2004) which had the theme song "We Used to Be Friends" by The Dandy Warhols, which has the lyric "a long time ago/we used to be friends."

The series is set in Seattle, WA (although filmed in Vancouver, Canada), while in the comics it's set in Eugene, OR.

In the pilot episode. iZombie: Pilot (2015), the line "Cagney and Pasty" that Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) mumbles to himself referring to his new partnership with Liv (Rose McIver), in addition to being a reference to the series Cagney & Lacey (1981), was also used in Rob Thomas' other series, Veronica Mars (2004). The exchange was between Veronica and Tim Foyle in Season 3: "Are we working together now? Starsky and Butch?" Veronica replies, "Cagney and Pasty."

In episode 2.5, iZombie: Love & Basketball (2015), Liv (Rose McIver) asks a suspect if he went to Hearst College. This is a reference to the college the protagonist of Rob Thomas' other show, Veronica Mars (2004), went to.

Guest stars Percy Daggs III, Daran Norris, Ryan Hansen, Ken Marino, Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring have worked with Rob Thomas on the TV series Veronica Mars (2004) and the movie Veronica Mars (2014).

The theme song "Stop, I'm Already Dead" Performed by Deadboy & the Elephantmen also features in the opening scene of another zombie production, the re-make of Day of the Dead (2008).

In the first two seasons the line "are we having fun yet?" is referenced. In Season 1 it is said by the boy explaining that a local drunk shouts it. In Season 2 Vaughn (Steven Weber) shouts it at Major (Robert Buckley) and Gilda (Leanne Lapp). The line is linked to Adam Scott's character from Rob Thomas' Party Down (2009). The character (Henry) had said the line in an advert and couldn't get work because it was so well known.

The video game Major (Robert Buckley) is playing when she looks through his window is a Polish-made zombie game called "Dying Light".

In episode 1.3, iZombie: The Exterminator (2015), they used a handful of names of former Seattle Supersonics for the episode's character's names. Included were Marvin Webster, Wally Walker, Fred Brown, Gus Williams and Don Watts (known widely as Slick Watts).

Both David Anders and Robert Knepper, were part of the cast of Heroes (2006), but in different seasons, Anders was part of the cast in Season 2, with the ability to regenerate, while Knepper was part of the cast in Season 4, having the power of Earth manipulation.

In episode 2.9, iZombie: Cape Town (2015), one of Blaine's henchmen asks him to figure out what was wrong with a dying man. Blaine (David Anders) replies, "I'm a brain dealer, not a doctor." This is of course first a reference to the running joke on the original Star Trek (1966). in which "Bones" McCoy would often exclaim, "I'm a doctor, not a (blank)"--"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer"; "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic"; "I'm a doctor, not an escalator"; etc. The line also refers to David Anders' role on Once Upon a Time (2011), in which he plays both Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Whale.

There are multiple references to 30 Rock (2006) (Liv saying "blorg" and "Good God, Lemon!").

In episode 2.10, iZombie: Method Head (2016), Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) are investigating a murder on the set of "Zombie High". One of the zombie extras says that it would be cool if there was a show where the star is a zombie. Clive says, "That's dumb".

Aly Michalka's second CW show. This time she is a reccuring character rather than a regular.

Jason Dohring previously worked on Veronica Mars (2004), another popular series created by Rob Thomas.

Alexandra Krosney was originally cast in the role of Peyton but was replaced by Aly Michalka.

Daran Norris (Johnny Frost) was also a regular on Veronica Mars (2004) (Cliff McCormack) and appeared in a Party Down (2009) episode, Party Down: Investors Dinner (2009), as Tony Carolla. Rob Thomas created both Veronica Mars and Party Down, as well as iZombie.

Eddie Jemison (Stacey Boss) also appeared in Veronica Mars (2014). Rob Thomas created both iZombie and Veronica Mars.

In episode 2.8, iZombie: The Hurt Stalker (2015), the number plate on the SUV is 802GDT. The same number plate appears on the Porsche of the murdered Zombie High actor in episode 2.10, iZombie: Method Head (2016).

This series has appearances by actors Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell, Robert Buckley, Francis Capra, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Ken Marino, Rose McIver, Ryan Devlin, and Daran Norris, from the following shows: Play It Again, Dick: Episode #1.1 (2014), Party Down (2009), Veronica Mars (2004), and Veronica Mars (2014). Rob Thomas created all five shows.

Jason Dohring (Chase Graves) also appeared in Veronica Mars (2004), Veronica Mars (2014), and an Party Down (2009) episode, Party Down: California College Conservative Union Caucus (2009). Rob Thomas created all three productions.

In episode 2.8, iZombie: The Hurt Stalker (2015), Vaughn (Steven Weber) says, "I've got the brains, we both have the looks, let's make lots of money". These are a reference to the Pet Shop Boys song "Opportunities" from their first album "Please" (1986)

Many of the characters have a V in their name. Liv (Rose McIver), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), Ravi (Rahul Kohli), Vaughn (Steven Weber), as well as Liv's mother Eva (Molly Hagan) and brother Evan (Nick Purcha).

In the season 2 Episode, "Method Head", a character mentions that another character was auditioning for a Blue Ranger part in the new Power Rangers movie. Rose McIver played Summer/Ranger Operator Series Yellow in Power Rangers RPM.

The zombie character, Baracus, ultimately becomes the mayor but was the District Attorney first. DA Baracus is a pun for the A-Team series's BA Baracus, played by Mr. T.

Nora Dunn was originally cast as Eva Moore before Molly Hagan was given the part.

In the show there is a movie named "Vertigo"; the Warner Bros. (or DC) company that "makes" or helps make the show is called Vertigo.

Major's (Robert Buckley) new girlfriend, who is properly introduced to Liv in Season 1 Episode 4, iZombie: Liv and Let Clive (2015), is named "Corinne" )played by Elise Gatien). Rose McIver ,who plays Liv, previously starred in the Lifetime Network movie Petals on the Wind (2014) (adapted from the novel of the same name) as Catherine Dollanganger. Her mother in the film (played by Heather Graham) was named Corinne.

Producer Rob Thomas has often inserted references to a more-famous Rob Thomas - the one who is the lead singer of the rock band Matchbox Twenty - into his shows, often in a jokingly derogatory context. In this show he continues that tradition, first by having the rock star make a guest appearance as himself (in episode 2.19 iZombie: Salivation Army (2016)) and then by having his brain eaten by rampaging zombies.

There are multiple ways of getting the zombie infection on the show--sex with an infected zombie, a scratch from a zombie, any exchange of bodily fluids, being bitten and injected with zombie blood.