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  • Warning: Spoilers
    And for fans of "30 Seconds to Mars". I am neither, but I still managed to enjoy this 11.5 minute video. There is a shorter version that only includes the music I think and not the comments. However, I felt that the comments worked nicely together with Leto's (not an Oscar winner at this point yet) voice. The tune is catchy and it's really a good decision to include a mix of stars and completely unknown people that all have a special connection with the city of Los Angeles. It's not as good or memorable as RHCP's "Californication", but it's still a really good watch (and listen) for people from the area. I enjoyed it and that is quite an achievement as I am not particularly big on most other stuff from "30 Seconds to Mars". Thumbs up. A career-defining and most creative year for Jared Leto.