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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dependent's Day is a hybrid genre of comedy, drama, and romance. All of my favorites in one film, and I must admit that I loved it! The film is funny with a heartfelt message, but more importantly it's realistic. For me, a good drama needs to seem real in order for it to be believable. And that is exactly what I got from this film. I'm certain that there will be many who will be able to relate to some of the things that happen with things that have happened in their own life.

    In the film, Actor Joe Burke and Actress Benita Robledo, who play Cam and Alice, are faced with the challenge of an untraditional relationship. The roles are reversed and the female is the bread-winner. Like most males, Cam feels the need to be the provider and needless to say his ego is crushed and even more so when Alice claims him as her dependent.

    Their relationship is already a challenge and certainly doesn't need any added input from anyone, but their friends are more than willing to give their opinion, which ultimately seems to be tearing them apart.

    Actor Joe Burke and Actress Benita Robledo have such an amazing and powerful chemistry that it left me feeling surprised that they're not a couple in real life. They made the bond between them and the love they felt for each other seem so real.

    I thought there were many funny moments in the film, but the part that made me laugh the hardest involved the lead actor speed eating a sandwich. During this moment in the film I loved the reaction of Actress Ella Simone Tabu, who plays Sophia. Her reaction was so adorable.

    Actor Josh Staman plays the part of a friend to the lead actor. I was quite impressed with his acting and felt that he really captured the persona of his character.

    My original interest in the film was because my favorite actress, Lisa Ann Walter, has a part in the movie. She plays the part of a very sassy boss, and as always her acting is absolutely brilliant. Her character in the movie is the complete opposite of who she is in real life. You would think that would make the part a challenge for her, but yet her performance was flawless and she makes it look so effortless. To me this is just further proof of how extremely talented she is. I may be a little biased but I think she is the best and I absolutely adore her!

    I really enjoyed the film and I highly recommend it. It's funny, heartfelt, and real. The storyline is current with how things are in today's world. And I loved how the writer incorporated the humor without poking fun. I laughed, and at times I felt bad about the things that happen to Cam, but the entire time I was rooting for him. In the end I was both in tears and smiling.

    Congratulations to Michael David Lynch, We Push Trains, and the entire cast and crew of Dependent's Day. Well done!
  • xerox202512 April 2017
    I'm a huge Shannon Lucio fan (The Oc/Prison Break) so when I heard she was going to be in this movie I had to go see it. As I watched the movie I found myself laughing at so many different parts. The cast is amazing and quite funny in this movie. The Main actor reminds you quite a bit of Josh Gad at moments. This is a comedy at its truest core and will keep you engaged till the very end.