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  • They didn't get the Message. I mean the producers and network executives.

    This is another messed up series *designed* (so to speak) to appeal in younger audiences. After vampires, werewolves, heroes, originals, 100s, specials, mutants etc. etc. TV producers decided the last couple of years to give ...the apocalypse a go. Soooo Angels it is! This is the story of 5 (and maybe later 7) young reluctant heroes who are supposed to find the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and stop the devil from ...well...his devilish evil plans.

    God is present, but he likes to give strange ...visions and signs (even to his own ....angels) who must collaborate to stop the ...Rapture, (an act of God by definition). You see Rapture is when all true believers (dead and alive) will be taken from the earth by God into heaven. Seems like a good thing. Why God himself wants to prevent his own doing? Anyway...

    The actors are all unknown to me and they seem really uncharismatic and forgettable. Except one who looks like a young version of "The mentalist". Vest and all. Their acting is really bad. No uprising stars here, sorry.

    The visuals are the usual CGI with the devil having red eyes (sometimes, when the episode cuts to the next scene) and the angels having wings (when they look each other in the mirror), but they can't fly.

    The plot is ridiculous in every way. It basically gets down to small detectiv-ish subplots, move there, find that man, prevent that, save this. Small things considering this is ...the Apocalypse.

    Oh! And by the way all these happen to the ...U.S. because...well...I don't know...all the righteous people are there ?....or the filming is too expensive to shoot abroad....something like that! .
  • It's one of those shows.

    You know, the ones where extraterrestrial or supernatural or other-dimensional stuff happens, and then we watch flat and uninteresting characters navigate contrived plot twists for the rest of the season while some sort of "conspiracy" unfolds.

    It didn't forget to include teenagers in the mix, because, you know, the committee which designed this show wanted to appeal to all possible demographics.

    At the end of the season there will be a stupid cliffhanger which the writers won't know how to resolve, and then the show will be mercifully canceled and free up the air slot for something far more entertaining, such as a show about optimal ways to fold laundry.

    Who greenlit this derivative, soulless schlock in 2014 and thought it was a good idea?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just as a heads up, this show is not about technology, or aliens, or anything of a sci-fi nature. It's religious. And not particularly well acted, good religious either, its bad acting, emphasis on special effects, slow dumbed down plot are the sort of fare one would expect to be for children, or the slow minded.

    Basically, its not very good. Will not be watching. CW's the 100 is much much better.

    If you want something religious, that is actually good (which I don't), it seems like you don't have a lot of good options. The TV shows are usually terrible, hackneyed, bad acting, the movies are often contrived, preachy. Just seems like no one can get this formalae right in a way that appeals to every day people. Which is weird, because charmed was a huge hit, and none of its viewers were witches.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The devil himself hits the planet as a meteor? At the same time God chooses 6 strangers to become angels and fight The Devil? With wings? The Devil knows exactly what's his own mission, while the angels have to figure out what to do through some clues, visions, etc? Then a guy dies because a bloody atheist scientist (one of the angles) doesn't believe in all that "magic"? I can pretty much watch anything! Really! But couldn't watch 20 minutes of that awful show. Maybe they can capture the audience attention with pretty actresses and actors, but it didn't work for me. Don't waste your time on that attempt to a Bible modern fairy tale!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I usually don't judge after one episode, but this one is really bad.

    But lets start at the beginning.

    ******* Contains Spoiler *****

    1. Genre

    This pilot is called a Sci-Fi Movie, which it is not. Obviously! Sci-Fi contains the word Science in it. So it's not sci-fi.

    2. Story

    An objects crashes on earth and gives a bunch of persons super ability. Super strength, mind reading, healing and so on...and each one of them get also their angel wings. So, I think the next episodes are about how they come together and they will know what their mission is.

    3. Acting

    The actors are really bad. They are so bad, at first I thought that I was watching a fan made movie on YouTube. The story lines connected to the characters are also not thought thorough. Same cheese stories as seen before. There is this Woman, who is an astrophysicist who is looking for extraterrestrial life. A cheap copies of Jodie Foster Contact character. Then there is a boy in high school who is in love with the pretty girl and gets in trouble with the girls ex boyfriend/bully. An other woman who is on the run, I think, from her ex husband who wants to see his daughter. A guy who is somehow involved in drug cartel thing. And the other guy who is, wait for it... a TV preacher. I think he can see the future. So, all in all if you are in to cheap storyline then go for it.
  • KenJoe2 May 2015
    Oh No
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was interested in this when I first read about it, and I enjoy films along this line, I really enjoyed Legion, giving it a high score, so if anything I am biased in favor of this genre. But oh my goodness! After a fairly interesting start, it went down hill fast. The acting went from OK, to by episode 2, just wooden. But, I can't blame the actors for that really, how could they ever make this dialog sound believable?

    The dialog.

    Okay, sweetie, you want to play a little game, okay? You mean, I'm not going crazy? Something's really happening here, am I right? God is angry, so he's giving us a test. I am so not down with that. Well, you'd better be, because this is prophecy we're talking about.

    and it goes downhill from that.

    The Messengers are running around doing who knows what, none of which has anything to do with their mission. There are flash backs to things that don't add to the story, just to add time and stretch out the episode I think. The Devil stands around looking evil and not doing much of anything.

    Sorry to say, I don't see this going anywhere.
  • altugozhan27 July 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    It gets worse and worse from the pilot up to the finale. The idea was interesting at first but when you keep watching it gets dummy. Actings, CGI, script, directing, everything and everything about the show becomes unbearable. But the finale was a top notch. It was so bad that I liked watching it. I really laughed when Alan could walk again as a miracle.

    There is nothing good about this show, I think and hope the show will be canceled.

    If you are still curious about the show just watch the finale. You will have a quiet good idea of what I mean.
  • First, I wanted to like this. CW's "I, Zombie" has been a truly clever new series, and "The Flash" understands the fine line between Super Hero Fantasy versus Super Hero Science Fiction, favoring the latter. Both series have likable characters who you grow to care about, and they become deeper and more nuanced as the series progresses.

    This delivers none of that. Instead you are immediately confronted as to why Lucifer needs to show up via a Meteor Impact, or why God has chosen the actions of these six people to stop the Apocalypse. He's VERY unhappy with us, but what's really mysterious is why He chooses any of these characters to give us one last chance!?!. Trust me, none of them are Noah nor Lot.

    The series suffers from trying to bring too many main players too quickly onto the screen for you to develop that much attachment to them. What is supremely annoying though is that instead of cleverly weaving the characters to ending up at the same place, evidently God is heavy handed and just pushes them all to the same locations with the subtlety of a Political Attack Ad. This happens both at the beginning, sort of, and then at the end of the second episode. Since nothing terribly significant come from this it's not even a plot spoiler. THAT'S an even bigger problem.

    The acting ranges from decent to more than a bit over the top, though I don't know if the latter is due to the script, director, or the actors involved. It's not a good sign when the viewers ask themselves that question. Plus the series cannot make up it's mind about Science versus Divine and Infernal meddling, with an unhealthy does of conspiracy theory thrown in for either paranoia or simple stupidity.

    So you have heavy-handed, disjointed, and lazy script writing combined with multiple weakly acted/scripted/directed characters who appear more or less central to the series, and whom you don't care about particularly. I figure I'm only out less than two hours of my life, and I'll forgive CW after their other good series debuting this year. Everyone gets to screw up occasionally. If Apocalyptic is your preference, "Sleepy Hollow" is a much better alternative.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I was ignorant of the Scriptures, perhaps I would have enjoyed this show more. However, I am not. I have in fact studied the Bible for over forty-five years. As a result, it was through the lens of my knowledge of the Scriptures that I watched this show to the end.

    Like so many other TV shows and films which center around the Bible, and which cater primarily to a Christian audience, this show takes a few key elements from the Book of Revelation, and then creates a storyline which is not only not Scriptural in the least, but which in fact is quite ridiculous.

    While I have not delved into the history of this show, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that it was strongly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. There were enough hints to suggest this, in my view.

    While the Hebrew word "malak" and the Greek word "aggelos" can indeed be translated as both "angel" and "messenger", nowhere do the Scriptures indicate that human beings can suddenly be transformed into Angels. Angels are spiritual beings who are created by God in the Spiritual Realm.

    Neither does the Book of Revelation teach that God sends seven messengers/angels to try to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This plot device is a complete fabrication of the writers of the show.

    Equally ludicrous is the idea that a little American boy is Michael the Archangel, and a little American girl is the Antichrist.

    The show also promotes the Roman Catholic doctrine of ecumenism, which amounts to a One World Religion. This concept is portrayed through the fact that one of the seven messengers in the show is a Muslim, one is a Taoist, at least one is an atheist, one is a prosperity preacher, and I can't remember what the rest were.

    I was also put off by the fact that these seven individuals are supposed to be on a holy mission for God, and yet they have no problem with having a few drinks at the bar, using cuss words occasionally, and doing other things which did not portray them as being very holy.

    These are just a few of the things which made my jaw drop as I watched this show. I fully understand what artistic license is, but the way that this show seriously mangles what is written in the Book of Revelation should simply be unacceptable to any Bible-believing Christian.

    In conclusion, if you choose to watch this show, bear in mind that while you may find it entertaining, it has no real basis in the Scriptures.
  • Usually I can deal with most CW shows regardless of how over the top they are with character torment and how they love B rated acting emotion porn. But this one gave me nothing to really hold on to. The show skipped all "Sci-fi" topics and went straight into a (Under- the-radar) mid apocalyptic Earth where no one knows whats going on besides the main cast which who are chosen Angels to stop the Devil. Of course they chose as many attractive actors and actresses as they could and introduce little to no backstory to who they are except their severe torment from a severely heart wrenching bad luck in their life. (Like finding out your wife you've been with for 7+ years is pregnant carrying your Dad's baby and you find out on the wedding day she is going to have your brother).

    The show really has no good things about it except decent to mediocre production value. I could see the appeal, but as a man of critique and realism the Evangelistic agenda behind the whole story really threw me off too. (walking into a bar named the last supper). I hope CW learns from these mistakes and I hope you watch the first episode. Because you won't make it past the 2nd episode. And for that I give it a 2/10
  • please give the messenger a chance... so many negative reviews . i don't know why. i really found the show interesting. this show never board me till now and allows me to eagerly wait for the next episode. i was shocked to see so less rating of this show in IMDb.. i am here to support the messengers .it is actually about demon and angels on earth with great superpowers. actually their super powers are quite interesting and all guys together makes them a real team with invincible superpowers. well i don't wanna give spoilers but i just wanna say its actually good. can't believe they ain't gonna give the second season. don't judge it too early. give it a chance.
  • My main issue is that this show is advertised as a sci-fi. It is not! Ironically the two most unscientific characters on the show, are the two people supposed to be scientist. The writing is absolutely horrible, it's still to early to really judge the actual story, seeing how we only have the first episode thus far. But I don't have high hopes for this show, the plot just sounds really boring.

    If you want good sci-fi, you need to create an interesting universe, in which you can experiment with different aspects of reality. WALL- E, what if the earth died - GATTACA, what if we could genetically improve our lives before they even began - and so on. It's all about asking what if - and this show completely fails to ask any interesting questions. Honestly I would deem it pure fantasy, but even as a fantasy story it fails, see how fantasy stories are supposed to be relatable metaphors for life - often coming of age stories. But this show is neither, it is just bad.
  • ibanezman11 July 2015
    I actually like this show and DVR it. Considering I'm an atheist, that's a pretty good review. Yeah, it's not for everybody, but if you kept an open mind and just enter the storyline with a grain of salt, it wasn't a bad show. The character building progressed with each episode and became more informative as the show progressed. Unfortunately, the shows shelf life is a little under the gun, do to its nature, unless of course they followed the "7 years" which would have made for a great rewrite of the bibles revaluations story. In short, I liked it, I watched it and enjoyed it. When I seen it was being canceled, I was disapproving. Everybody loves a good story about the end of the world.
  • I want to like this show, I really do. But I can't. It's a little too simple, like a rough first draft. The characters are so far one dimensional and each of them has a one track mind. Of course there is the Latino who is into drugs (but really has a heart of gold), the mystical African American who knows all (and what is up with the clichéd African music attached to her revelations?), the scientist who does not want to believe in anything but science (and of course there must be a scientific explanation for God). It could be good, but instead of delving into the mythology, or really exploring these characters, it stifles itself with surface meaning. Oh, and the glowing eyes, a little over that already. Surely there is another way of showing that someone is evil than changing their eyes?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly let me say I'm not an atheist. I do believe in the sky fairy but I'm not evangelistic or preachy. Just you know... I believe in God and stuff.

    So when it comes to a show that has a main premise firmly rooted in the idea that God, the Devil and Angels exist, I'm not instantly turned off. However... this show is just plain bad.

    If you want to know exactly how bad this show is, at the end of the first episode, the villain (who is obviously the villain) is sitting in a chair... and then his eyes glow red. In case you missed it in episode 1, it happens in episode 2.

    I do wonder who goes to all the effort to become a director, even of mediocre stuff, and has so little aspiration to be good at their trade they let this kind of thing fly. Red glowing eyes? Pleeeeeeaaasse.

    Anyway, this is 666 kinds of bad... haha get it? Of course you got it, and despite every biblical reference in the show also being able to be 'got' at first crack, it will proceed to shove it down your throat 777 times. Like sometimes they (the 6.1 angels) look in a mirror they have wings.

    Ehrmagherd. So bad. Don't watch... watch a test pattern instead.
  • Well.. Only two episodes are gone and I almost fear to know already how this new TVShow will painfully push itself to a very predictable and (why not) ridiculous cliffhanger at the end of the Season that wont more than probably be developed with a (clearly) unnecessary Season 2.

    The main characters appeared out of nowhere without any sort of introduction to the audience. Meaning: why should I ever care about any of them? These Characters' lack of soul and identity makes the Show not only very boring, but also senseless to watch. Apocalypse?Messengers? Really?? How is going to end,I wonder....

    I don't want to spend many words on the same subject, but I really feel like this Series has lower chances to be renewed than Series like Flash Forward,Camelot,The Event etc ever had in the first place. I'm just saying.
  • I was looking for a new sci-fi series to watch, ended up with this heavy handed religious fantasy with horrible acting and even worse knowledge of geography.

    Episode 1: has these new "Angels" that were created after the devil landed on earth as a flaming meteor. On the road to Houston(The 4th largest city in the US), but somehow El Paso was moved in between Houston and San Antonio.

    As all the angels some how meet at a Hospital in this rural town of Houston, there is all this talk of the rapture.....

    Acting is horrible and I try another episode.

    Episode 2: Now in the small town of Houston, the Preachers son and the scientist to and look for a veteran that may have been involved in kidnapping the scientists son. As the scientist does not like this crazy ideas of visions they do not find the disabled veteran soon enough so the devil has him hit by a bus after hustling him out of all his money.

    The "Angels" come back together in some run down bar at the end of the episode again. They begin to discuss that there will also be the 4 horsemen as ell. So on Que the son of a preacher man has another vision. This one he saw the first horseman, War, and fitting with this poor line he was of course Muslim.

    The only thing worse that the writers basic understanding of the religious symbolism they are writing about is their basic understanding of geography.

    I would expect better writing out of a 7th grade creative writing project. I can't make it through another episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll be honest here: this show sucks, and badly too. I'll spare everyone the spoilers, but suffice it to say that this entire show is not a "sci-fi" show as advertised. This series is aimed directly at the fundamentalist Christian crowd. It's a shame, considering that the CW did an outstanding job with Arrow and now with Flash. The entire cast is very, very wooden at best with it's acting (or overacting in some scenes). I just can't bring myself to really like them at all. Avoid this show if at all possible. It's cringe-worthy.

    I can find far better shows to watch than this. I really can. And am I the only one who sees the indirect smears made against actual scientists? The two "scientists" this show has on it are portrayed as knowing absolutely nothing...and at the first mention of Biblical prophecy (and the poorly done CGI wings), they're portrayed as simply abandoning every bit of scientific training they ever had, logic they ever had, in favor of some vague explanation of "God" choosing one half of the "scientific" duo. For at least half of the series, come to think of it, the main female character, a scientist, is portrayed in an unfavorable light and as unlikeable in some aspects. a thousand other shows before this one...why is no one using proper trigger safety (i.e. finger alongside the weapon and not on the trigger) during some of the scenes that involve guns? As for the preacher? The guy gets on my nerves.

    In all due honesty, avoid this. This is not sci-fi in any regard. Like I said, it's aimed at the church crowds and no one else.
  • any lower, CW goes and breaks the barrier of bad once again. How do they do it? Every Season you watch something this network puts out and you shake your head saying it just can't get any worse than this, then CW goes and make an even worse show again.

    One could say they have a special talent over there at the CW network to find the worst actors, writers, and producers that haven't yet gone into a coma from minimal brainwave activity and still have the daily functioning to pick up a pen to write a few lines on paper. I know their target demographic is 12-18 year old's with low IQ's and high hormone imbalances, but even this stuff is insulting to that core group.

    If you value your time, you would be best served not to even give this a try, in fact, your life, integrity and intellect will increase if you yank the CW network off of your viewing device for good.

    Giving this show a 1 star was an insult to those shows that deserved a 1 star.
  • The critic's review, IMO, is way off course. Critics are always the first to jump on the bandwagon if its not something that keeps their attention. However, this is my opinion as fan......I was super impressed of how the first episode blended everyone's story together yet kept them apart. It will be interesting to see how the story goes and what their abilities may be. I have been super excited to watch this episode and finally got to watch it tonight. I will say this first episode leaves you dangling and you end up saying.... "gosh now I have to wait until next Friday" I really hope more people tune-in to get attached. SO, for those of you wondering if there is too much GOD in it, NOPE, just enough. So watch it, otherwise you'd be lost.
  • Some reviews for this show were prematurely critical as: A) In spite of the fact that the geography and historical facts of the book of Revelations could be more accurately depicted and improved representation in this show over time the writers take note of complaints of discrepancies that were not caught before filming new episodes and correct them as the show goes on. Sure the show could be more historically and Biblically accurate to appeal to literally millions of Christians world wide (*hint* hello market demographic shares), but it is laughable that an ineffective small percentage of reviewers for this show that are clearly antisemitic and negative and just looking to give cranky rant reviews on this page to vent some unhappiness in their own personal inadequacies --and clearly from small minded people who fear what they don't understand and do not see the moral encouragement to viewers and good entertainment that could be given to viewers globally from this show just makes them seem cynical and petty.

    ***The network is foolish if they cancel this show after one season...cause lets face it: the same old passé vampire, ware-wolf, and blasé and cheesy zombie shows their network has been putting out for a while now that us and literally hundreds of our friends never bother to watch- it is refreshing that this network is making the Messengers.

    B) one reviewer of this show here in IMDb made a premature assumption about the horseman of war from only watching episode two, but if he had the patience to watch episode 3 - he would have realized that his assumptions about where the writers were leading viewers was the exact opposite of what he thought they were leading to in episode 2, and no racial profiling was made at all....that reviewer just opened his mouth to rant before getting all the facts.

    C) There are many of us that like The Messengers show from US and Canada that watch the show weekly on cable or online and think that it should get at least a second season, though the writers need to cross reference more of their material from The Book of Revelations and other historical documents like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Two Silver Scrolls. CW Keep The Messengers for another season. Our whole family watches every week:)
  • Whether this show was totally amazing or grade A dog moo-moo. I believe no show should be canceled until the season is concluded and you get the full picture of what the show is truly about. The acting is pretty corny I admit, but the concept is actually interesting. I bet when this show ends up on Netflix its going to have 4 or 5 stars lol. People nowadays hardly watch television and mostly watch Hulu, Netflix or even download what they watch. I've seen it time and time again. The show "Jericho" for instance was canceled after 2 seasons due to low rating. Jercho is rated 4 1/2 Stars on Netflx now. Another CW Show "The Tomorrow People" Canceled after 1 season is rated 5 Stars on Netflix and is in the most popular section. Television is slowly dying from the Internet's ever growing grip.

    Now a moment of silence for all the shows that were taken from us too soon....
  • Already seen three episodes and stopped.

    I gave it a 5 for production value only, there are shows rated 5 that are far better than this. Without any spoilers (apart from ones already depicted on the IMDb description of this series), here's what you get:

    Seven young, good looking people (born between 1996 and 1985, with the exception is JD Pardo). These play the angels of the apocalypse.

    One young, good looking and fit devil, acting exactly as the devil would do, even getting glowing red eyes.

    No ugly, fat, normal people shown ever, even between extras.

    References to the rapture, apocalypse and angels but not to (christian) God who somehow, must make ending the rapture a true riddle.

    So you'll get twists, turns, unwilling characters without any reason at all.

    Neither fiction, neither sci-fi, not even a good battle between good and evil. If you want to find questions (and subsequently answers), watch Carnivàle (2003-2005) instead.
  • Well it's Sci-Fi so seeing Lucifer and some angels was predictable but with all of that it didn't look thrilling or even a bit catchy , like i'm done with the pilot then all is forgotten, i don't have that urge to even think about the next episode.

    The Plot is fine, Not new but should be thorough and full of potentials yet the storyline seemed a bit off track and didn't feel the rush or attraction to want more .. maybe because it's only the pilot and still nothing is clear !!

    The cast is okay, new and engaged well with their characters but still it felt like something was missing.

    Well at least The cinematography and visual effects were done properly .

    Overall .. the plot is cool but the show is not gravitating.

    ............................. update ............................

    so just done watching the 2nd and 3rd episodes and still the show hasn't got any where near the level i wished it to be... so i'm going to just leave it. :)

    AAAAAAnd with the good news i expected... It's Cancelled :D

  • I think this show tried to incorporate too much into one episode, which made it sloppy and hard to watch. I watch a LOT of TV shows, so I have some experience, and I have to tell you, this one was a mess. I disagree with the review that stated the only people who wrote bad reviews was looking for aliens, etc, I am not much on alien shows, but I did like Star Crossed. They wasn't little green men. I feel the writers where all over the place and I sincerely got confused at times, until the end. And in my opinion a person should have some idea of what is going on, and learn the plot at the end, but not be so messy. I will watch the next couple of episodes just to see if it gets any better, but if it continues down this "messy" writing road, I'll hang it up. Amp it up CW! First episode was a total failure.
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