In the pilot, the real Walter O'Brien can be seen in the background of the scene when Walter hacks the cameras in the airport control tower.

Happy Quinn says, "Not good!" in every episode.

Several of the claims about the real Walter O'Brien (his IQ score, his background, his previous and current assignments) have been contested by online communities, including a Reddit AMA.

The fictional diner often referenced in Scorpion "Kovelsky's" is actually named after Eddie Kaye Thomas who's real last name is Kovelsky.

When Sylvester Dodd gives the nun his paycheck for something "fun and safe" at the end of Scorpion: Single Point of Failure (2014), the address on the check is 909 Aculeus Street, Los Angeles CA 90013. In astronomy, Aculeus (NGC 6405, also known as the "Butterfly Cluster") is an open cluster of stars in the constellation Scorpius. There is no Aculeus Street in Los Angeles.

Eddie Kaye Thomas previously worked with Robert Patrick in TV Series "The X-Files".

In several episodes the characters often use the phrase "the greater good." Elyes Gabel also appeared in the film Spooks: The Greater Good.

The logo for Scorpion is the Golden Ratio. A smaller sample of it is clearly seen in the stinger.

Sylvester was originally intended to be an African-American in his thirties. Ari Stidham was cast in the role after only one audition.

The names of the episodes are spoofs of actual movies, songs or artist names.

CBS announced in May 2018 that they would not renew the series for a fifth season, leaving the fourth season ending on an unresolved cliffhanger.

Ari Stidham (Sylvester Dodd) was born in the community of Westlake Village, California. Westlake was used as a filming location for the 1999 movie 'American Pie', which starred Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby Curtis) playing the character of Paul Finch.

The pilot's scenario reminiscent of Die Hard 2 (many planes can not land), in wich also plays Robert Patrick (cabe Gallo)

During the series there are several referrals to the German rock band "Scorpions".

In the episode "True Colors," Walter and the team are helped by Hetty Lange, a character from NCIS: Los Angeles (2009). This crossover means that the series is set in the same universe as JAG (1995), NCIS (2003), NCIS: New Orleans (2014), Hawaii Five-0 (2010),and MacGyver (2016) due to the several crossovers between them.

The ongoing development of Walter and Paige's relationship actually happened off-camera. Elyes Gabel and Katherine McPhee were together for 2 years, broke up in 2016, and then rekindled their relationship. They broke up again during filming of season 4.

In the episode where Toby and Happy get married, Toby states he is wearing the same tuxedo he wore to his high school prom though he went stag. It's the same tuxedo he wore in the Movie American Pie as Paul Finch