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  • SnoopyStyle24 October 2014
    Dana (Analeigh Tipton) is new in NYC pushed on a blind date by her friend Amy. Peter (Jake McDorman) works at the family trophy company. She's a sweet single girl in the city and he's unable to have a proper relationship. The show also has the internal monologues of both lead characters.

    Peter is so unlikeable at the beginning that it throws the show into a tail spin for me. Dana is the standard flaky single girl. Then there is the tired monologue. It tries to be so cute that it actually hurts. Tipton is a perfectly good actress for that character she usually plays. I liked her in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love.' In a better written show, she may even be good. This is not that show.
  • Dana (Analeigh Tipton of the darling Damsels in Distress movie) has just moved to Manhattan for her first major job in publishing. Fortunately, she has an old college friend and her husband to bunk with, while she looks for a place of her own. Not wanting to let any grass grow, the yoga-loving wife desires to matchmake immediately and introduce Dana to a mutual friend, Peter (Jake McDorman). But, first, our publishing gal has a day at work. Ugh, times ten. As she exits the elevator, another man is entering it, obviously taking his box of files. HE'S been fired and Dana is taking his place. The big boss introduces D then retreats to his "bunker office". Very miffed, the two employees in charge refuse to show her what to do and end up locking her out in the stairwell. Then, its time for the date with Peter. Ouch. Although they "sort of" like the looks of each other, Peter's cynical nature is all too clear and Dana ends up in tears, bolting from the scene. Can this truly be the start of a Manhattan Love Story? YES! As is typical, I am behind everyone else and just saw my first show. It's adorable and I want more, more, more. How I love the actors, especially Tipton, who was a real charmer in Damsels in Distress, a Whit Stilman film. Then, the setting is great, for there is no place like Manhattan on the planet. At least, the beautiful views this show sports. Add on the great costumes, script (a mixture of lines and streams of consciousness) and a lively direction. Therefore, PLEASE ABC! SAY IT Ain't SO! We romcom lovers NEED shows like this to maintain our sanity and zest for life!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me just begin by saying, it seems so weird to me that in a city like New York, there seriously is such a huge focus on just the white people who live there. That thought aside, with Analeigh Tipton continuing to show that being the naive girl next door never gets old, you have Manhattan Love Story. A show which seemingly only comes off even a smidgen unique since we can hear the thoughts of the couple we can focus on. However, being that this is a comedy, naturally said thoughts are a mixed of feelings you would have and thoughts spoken just for the sake of a laugh.

    Characters & Story

    Dana (Analeigh Tipton) comes off as your usual small town girl who just came to the big city. She is filled with hopes and dreams, and yet the city she goes to, New York, doesn't necessarily welcome her with open arms. Her friend Amy (Jade Catta-Preta) does, to a point, but certainly not the city as a whole. So, to help Dana become acclimated to the city, and not end up a constant third wheel between Amy and her husband David (Nicholas Wright), she hooks Dana up with her brother-in-law Peter (Jake McDorman).

    Thus leading to us watching the ever awkward Dana try to take on a new job as a Junior Editor, at a firm which recently downsized, and deal with Peter who is a bit of butt head.


    Honestly, I find the gimmick of us getting to hear both Peter and Dana's thoughts cute, and sometimes hilarious. If just because you do have to wonder sometimes in shows like this "What were they thinking!?" and it seems we may often get the answer to that question. Now, as for the story presented, I'm of the opinion that it would have been nicer if Tipton was the star and Peter was more so a love interest than co-star. If just because, while the whole new girl to the city thing has been done before, I honestly felt more invested in her than Peter. Especially since co-workers Sue (Nadia Dajani) and Brian (Ajay Naidu) seemed to be ready to ostracize her and make her life in the firm a living hell. And while Sue backed down from the position, after Dana stood up for herself, Brian seems like he may remain a problem.

    Thus creating the idea that as much as Dana maybe sugar sweet, naive, and a tad awkward, this doesn't mean she is like many a female protagonist who can't, or won't, stick up for themselves just because they want to be liked. Something rather refreshing to me since I always hated when a character would constantly vent how they hated their job and yet didn't try to make the situation better at all. Leading to me ultimately feeling a bit attached to Dana and wanting to see good things happen to her.


    But while Dana is praise worthy, the rest of the show is a work in progress. Starting with Peter, he seems like the generic butt wipe who usually is reserved to be the first bad love experience a character has early on in a show. However, being that he shares top billing with Tipton, it seems McDorman is going to stick around for a while. Though it isn't just him I find hard to like, or get into. Amy is a bit too pushy and doesn't come off like a big sister, or even a motherly type. She is more so a control freak who barely seems human, but more so a character who you have likely seen, in a similar form, on another TV show. Then, when it comes to her husband David, honestly the only thing I can remember about him is that he has a keen interest in knowing if Amy and Dana hooked up in college. Outside of that, I'm sort of unsure if he may have a legit purpose on this show.

    Leaving one last issue: gender stereotyping. Now, let it be known I'm not a social justice warrior, but I find it weird our introduction to the whole "you will hear their thoughts as they go throughout their day" gimmick had Peter just evaluating women as he walked down the street, and then Dana evaluating hand bags as she walked down the street. For while I get this is supposed to help establish these characters, I feel like they could have made a better introduction for these two. Also, I really did not understand why, on ABC of all stations, when Peter was crying when seeing the Statue of Liberty with Dana, she questioned whether he was gay. For, unless this was to establish maybe where she grew up men didn't cry, it seemed like a rather odd comment for her to make. In her thoughts mind you.

    Overall: Stick Around

    This show to me is likable, mostly because of Tipton, and is worth sticking around for. However, I do feel Amy, Peter, and David need to be developed and evolve for this series to really have legs on it. For while the romance between Peter and Dana is certainly cute, and knowing what they are thinking helps, Tipton's character is the only one, I feel, that comes off likable and genuine in some way. Everyone else seems like they are playing some character from a comedy movie which bombed at the box office because it utterly sucked.
  • The title alone gives the viewers three reasons to hate the show, but the two leads more than make it completely likable. In the acting world, model Analeigh Tipton made heads turn when she played the lovable babysitter in Crazy, Stupid, Love. She had this beautiful essence that allowed her to portray the innocent side of puppy love but also the naughty side as she attempted to explore her sexuality with an older man. I only know Jake McDorman from The Newsroom, but any actor that Aaron Sorkin is willing to take a chance on is fine by me.

    This show's hook is the internal monologue as both characters get to narrate their thoughts as they go about their day. It works on a simple comedy level, but it also works by connecting the audience to the leads instead of just falling in love with them. Tipton's Dana represents the insecure side of people. She's awkward, shy, a little lacking in confidence as she likes to avoid confrontation, but speaks up when she needs to. McDorman's Peter represents the cynical side of people. He knows what he likes, he's confident, secure, selfish and can be more than a little abrasive with his sarcastic thoughts and responses. It's not just that opposites attract, but that both Peter and Dana represent most viewers, and are both people that you could fall in love with. In just one episode Tipton and McDorman showed multiple sides to these characters and gave lovable but realistic qualities to both.

    The writing had a very quick and modern feel to it. Facebook jokes, economic instability references, and jabs at America's need to reward mediocrity. The jokes are clever and witty enough to make you smile. They also very efficiently introduced us to the supporting characters so we already have a good feel of the ensemble that can be developed. David is Peter's brother, a slightly more level-headed duplicate who is married to Amy, Dana's best friend, a less level-headed and no longer a duplicate of her.

    Another choice that I was happy with is that Dana is brand new to New York City. Living here for less than a week, she already has to face her romanticism and idealism slowly slipping away, and she's going to have to harden up if she's going to survive at all. Peter has already let New York's cynicism envelop him, but he truly likes Dana, and will have to find a way to let her keep some of her optimism and generous spirit to ensure that they both still enjoy true moments of love.

    I know we've had more than enough stories of love set in Manhattan, but this Manhattan Love Story is a beautiful experience. I can't wait to take more adventures into daily life with Dana and Peter. I encourage other viewers to do the same and find some sweet charm in this simple comedy.
  • I watched a few of the new romantic comedies that came out this fall (of 2014) and I'm surprised to say that I liked practically all of them! Just saw the pilot of "Marry me" and I thought that I found my new favorite romcom and then....then...I watched (3 ep. in a row) of "Manh(A)ttan Love story"!

    This new comedy is really charming and sweet and funny. The cast is surprisingly good and the 2 leads have chemistry and they really make a cute couple.

    The dialogs are fast and witty with a lot of good humor.

    There is no vulgarity and even some of the awkward moments turn out to be sweet and adding to the sweetness of the show. A romance that, although it seems destined, it will have lots of ups and downs until it becomes a reality.

    So, lots of good series out there for the fans of romantic comedies, and Manh(A)ttan...sorry...Manhattan Love story is one of the best. If you enjoy the genre you will love it!
  • This show has a tendency to sway between weird and uncomfortable then cute and funny. It has its moments but I think overall they tried too hard to be quirky. The cast just don't pull off quirky well. And while the inner monologue can be funny it tends to get in the way of the flow of the show. There's just no real substance as they spend too much time trying to be too cool to be funny yet not really serious. Ugh...this show needs to make up its mind.

    Honestly it's OK, but not great. If it chose a direction to progress then maybe I would like it more. Since there's only one season give it a go as you might enjoy it but don't bother getting invested.
  • jazebelle8 October 2014
    Since the debut of new sitcoms this fall, this has to be my favourite. Despite having a typical story line - love, relationships, dating, single-life, uncertainty etc, the characters do it well and bring much life to the show. Analeigh Tipton can actually act. And that's enough to drive this show toward a good direction. Her sweet girl next-door, awkward personality relates to many young ladies, myself included. Some of the typical features of the show annoys me slightly, but it's overshadowed by the two main characters. The supporting characters seem miss matched and have close to zero chemistry. But it's both Dana and Peter whom we're keen to see. However the only way this show will succeed is character development and little bit more background for viewers to understand the characters better. What works though, is the 6-degree-seperation in how everyone seems to be related to one another, but still character development has to be added and needs to be written well, so this little gem will take off. I've read that it's likely to be canceled and I'd be disappointed if it were true. It's charming, funny, no-so-fresh, light hearted and just the right kinda show you want to see to have a tingly feel good sensation after a heavy day.
  • ypuskinsan1 October 2014
    After seeing the trailer for this show, i was sure this is another regular romcom like many others on TV. But being a romance freak that i am, i gave it a shot and watched it. And thank god i did.

    Pilot to this show is very promising. The awkward first date between two person in Manhattan and the self mumbling in their head was cute and adoring. I already love the lead female and her rather soft and yet firm attitude towards life. And the lead male, with his dreamy voice and laid back attitude like any other bachelor or playboy wanna be (though seen many times on TV) works well.

    But last of all thanks to the writer to this show for making a great script where a regular romance appears surprisingly new and refreshing.

    Awkward but cute, Cliché and yet interesting. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • gayatri-s-c27 October 2015
    Very fresh and funny series. The characters are very evolved and every character is likable. Lead characters are very strong. Jake McDorman is delish!!! So sexy and handsome and just yummy. Setting is nice. Always beautiful to see Manhattan. Dialogues are funny. It's not overly complicated or depressed, has just the right balance. I am intrigued what will happen in future as the characters get more comfortable with each other, they might not need many filters and can actually talk those things to each other which they are right now saying in their mind. Overall love it. Will continue seeing. Can't believe it was cancelled by ABC. PLZZZ start this again.
  • cesarcastrolopez30 September 2014
    I am a romantic, I am single and never have had a girlfriend, around 40 years old, is kind of sad, but I totally love the idea of being in love, in conclusion I am totally biased. This comedy has a lot of potential, I just fell in love with Dana, a character that is just lovely, the perfect woman to fell in love with, nice, beautiful and totally adorable. And Peter, well I kind of hate that guy for having Dana, but I think that is the idea of the male character in a romantic movie, I mean for a straight man at least. The script is solid and intelligent, at such point that I do not feel ashame to say that I like it a lot. Watch the show you will not regret it, preferably with you Significant other.
  • jamesmullan10 December 2020
    I love all the actors and thought this would be a great sit com. Sadly, I only got through a few episodes. Peter is oozing with toxic masculinity. The first couple episodes it's was bearable to watch thinking there will be some quick character evolution but, as it went on he stayed the same. I can compliantly understand why ABC dropped this show after only one season. It truly was hard to watch. I'm giving it 4 stars because I liked the actors, the acting and the plot. But the toxic masculinity was a total turn off.
  • Can we just start off with the fact that I absolutely adore this show!!!!!! I just finished re- watching all of the three episodes for the second time already! I think that it sucks this show is apparently low on ratings already but really this show is funny and amazing for this girl right here! So far with just three episodes premiered, It's already got me on the edge of my seat constantly every time I watch it and I think anyone who actually gives this show a chance will love it! I love the characters they chose and just overall how this show just comes together in such a good way. So ABC please bless this couch potato and keep this show going!
  • From the get go this show was enjoyable and fun to watch, love the fact that it presents their thoughts, don't think I ever seen it used in a tv show like this before. This whole season was a nice story build up only to have no actual ending. Would have loved to have a second or even a 3rd season to watch. I recommend to watch this show but to expect a lot of dissapointment because it was cancelled and that sucks. I've watched so many bad shows that have 3-4-5+ seasons that did not deserved a single second episode.
  • After watching the first episode I was pleasantly surprised. It lent a totally new perspective to the RmCom genre. Pretty much a game changer. It had all the signs of becoming a great show. The leads are lovable and not some people you can possibly dislike and the supporting characters are portrayed brilliantly. The internal monologues are intelligent and gives you a comic insight into the mechanics of a relationship and will hopefully, down the road, explore everything involved in a budding and mature relationship. Perspective of both the sexes when offered on the same situation will no doubt be the high point of this series and it will be interesting to watch as to how both sexes handle a specific issue. what they both think and what they both do.

    It will be interesting and entertaining. i look forward to watching the show.
  • I'm very bias to the fact that this show riped off the title from japanese "Manhattan love story" that was published 2003. I'm very bitter. Cause this glossed over the Japanese drama, which is way better. It's also funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love SoHo. Seriously I F love SoHo. I can't have enough of Spring St, West Broadway and other amazing delicious strands of amazing fabulousness (seriously. But this show is F terrible. It has no sense and it is not funny. And the lead actor is not so cute. Though the approach to dating in a big city is classic. It is F-up and crazy. So why date then? It is a question yet to be answered. And the weird storyline between that horribly dressed so-called lead girl and the lead boy with cute blazers is trite, uninspired and worn-out. (This was so repetitious and snooze of me.) Although, i would definitely watch this show if they continue. More SoHo.
  • Finally a realistic but so cute love story, I love this show. So sad that it was cancelled