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  • Ben saw glitter on Dave's chest. Bens daughter had come home from a party the night before with glitter on her. Ben jumped to the conclusion that Dave had slept with his daughter. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • In the season one finale, Ben discovers evidence that implicates his daughter Abby. She tearfully confesses to having killed Tom, which she says was an accident. She says that she had convinced Tom to run away with her and hide in the woods so that their families would remember what was important and stop bickering. However, Tom became scared, and Abby inadvertently killed him while trying to stop him from going back.

    In order to save Abby, Christie takes her on the run and Ben confesses to the murder. However, Cornell is not convinced and has herself found evidence implicating Abby. She insists that Abby is a psychopath who was trying to get Tom to the river in order to drown him.

    In one of the final scenes, Christie is driving with Abby and Abby says "None of this would have happened if I had gotten him to the river." This confirms Cornell's theory that Abby intentionally murdered Tom. Abby had learned about her father's affair with Jess and thst he was Tom's father. She had planned to drown Tom, making his death look like an accident. She thought that this would cause Jess to leave the community and thus would remove the cause of yhe conflict between her parents. Edit

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