[from trailer]

Sandy Schklair: Action!

[Wiseau enters the scene]

Tommy Wiseau: I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit! I did not hit her. I did not.

[throws water bottle on the ground]

Tommy Wiseau: Oh, hi Mark.

[pause, then the crew applauds before Greg hugs Wiseau]

[from trailer]

Sandy Schklair: Why is he having sex with her bellybutton? He knows where her vagina is, right?

Mrs. Sestero: How old are you?

Tommy Wiseau: Don't worry, I'm Greg age.

Mrs. Sestero: You're 19?

Tommy Wiseau: [shrugs]

Mrs. Sestero: [Sarcastic] Yeah. I just turned 14.

Tommy Wiseau: [Not knowing it's sarcastic] Wow, happy birthday!

Greg Sestero: Tommy, dude, this really isn't necessary.

Tommy Wiseau: No, no! Very necessary. I need to show my ass to sell this picture.

Judd Apatow: Just because you want it doesn't mean it can happen.

Tommy Wiseau: [Practicing his lines] 'Oh, hi Mark... ' 'Oh, hi Mark... ' 'Oh, hi Mark... '

Tommy Wiseau: Oh, hi Greg!

Philip: Hey, Tommy, how old is Denny supposed to be?

Tommy Wiseau: He your age. 15-16 years old boy.

Philip: Tommy... I'm... I'm 26

[from trailer]

Sandy Schklair: Ready, and, Action!

[Wiseau opens the rooftop door and steps into the scene. He pauses for several seconds]

Tommy Wiseau: What line? What is the line?

Sandy Schklair: I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark.

Tommy Wiseau: Okay.

[Wiseau returns to the rooftop exit]

[from trailer]

Sandy Schklair: Take 67, Action!

[Wiseau enters the scene]

Tommy Wiseau: I hit her!

Sandy Schklair: No! Do you want to change the line?

Greg Sestero: You're doing great, man. We'll get there!

[from trailer]

Sandy Schklair: Action!

[Wiseau enters the scene. He pauses, forgetting his lines again]

Tommy Wiseau: What is line?

[from trailer]

Greg SesteroSandy Schklair: I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark.

Greg Sestero: You are a fucking villain, you fucking Frankenstein-looking motherfucker!

Tommy Wiseau: Los Angeles, everybody want to be star. All the pretty boys. They're lining up for the big shot.

Greg Sestero: Just uh, just have to get lucky, I guess.

Tommy Wiseau: No. No. It's not luck, Greg. Greg, you have to be the best. You have to be the best you can be. And never give up.

Juliette: It's still going?

[as Johnny kills himself in "The Room"]

Dan Janjigian: Do it!

JulietteRobyn Paris: Do it! Do it!

The Whole Audience: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

Greg Sestero: I wish we could just make our own movie.

Tommy Wiseau: That great idea.

[as Claudette in "The Room"]

Carolyn Minnott: I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer.

Greg Sestero: You're really gonna make this thing?

Tommy Wiseau: No, Greg. We are going to do it. Together.

Henry: People are very strange these days! Oh, hi Betty.

Greg Sestero: We are doing this.

Tommy Wiseau: Tomorrow, this will all be yours, Greg.

Greg Sestero: Ah! We will own you, L.A.!

Tommy Wiseau: Watch out, here we come!

Greg Sestero: You will know our names!

Greg Sestero: It's Bryan fucking Cranston!

Greg Sestero: [to Carolyn, after she fainted on the set] Can I ask you something?Why do you do it? You've got a husband, grand-kids. You live fifty miles out of town. And you're waking up at 5, driving all this way, for what?

Carolyn Minnott: We're actors, Greg. For you, me, people like us, even the worst day on a movie set is better than the best day doing anything else.

[Tommy orders Juliette off the set for make-up after seeing a pimple on her shoulder]

Greg Sestero: W-what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

Tommy Wiseau: I make American movie. She needs to look sexy. Beautiful!

[Greg grabs Tommy off the set]

Greg Sestero: Come here. Fuck, man.

Tommy Wiseau: I know I'm hard on her.

Greg Sestero: Yeah, you're hard, but it's not just that. What's going on with you?

Tommy Wiseau: Stanley Kubrick, he nice to actors? Alfred Hitchcock? Let me tell you something, Greg. He do this movie, Birds.

Greg Sestero: Yeah, I'm aware of The Birds.

Tommy Wiseau: On this movie, he terrify actors. He locked them in room, he throw, he throw birds at them. Real birds! Nasty stuff. The actors, they crack every day. But this movie win every award. Is Mr. Hitchcock bad man? No. He great director!

Greg Sestero: Yeah, but he was an asshole, and I bet he didn't direct with his fucking dick out.

Tommy Wiseau: Oh, really? Well, maybe we check the record, okay? And you know, for your information, where director come from, dictator. Rest my case.

Greg Sestero: You can't treat them like this! it's not right!

Tommy Wiseau: I treat them how I treat them! If anyone needs to be upset here, it's me, quite frankly.

Greg Sestero: Wait - why?

Tommy Wiseau: I give them job, I give them salary. I already spent five million dollars on this movie, Greg.

Greg Sestero: My God, are you kidding me? Five million dollars...?

Tommy Wiseau: And they are not grateful! Nobody respect my vision! I know what they say, Greg. I hear them. Nobody trust me. Not even you, Greg!

Greg Sestero: That's... what are you...

Tommy Wiseau: Oh, see? You don't even trust me!

[Tommy proceeds to walk back into the set]

Greg Sestero: Tommy, that felt fucking amazing, man!

Tommy Wiseau: There you go, now you're acting, Greg.

Tommy Wiseau: [while auditioning] The rules to the class are simple.

Judd Apatow: It's not going to happen for you. Not in a million years!

Tommy Wiseau: But after that?

[Tommy walks out of the screening of The Room, disappointed that people are laughing at his movie. Greg follows him]

Greg Sestero: Hey, Tommy.

Tommy Wiseau: They hate it.

Greg Sestero: No, no, they're, they're just laughing.

Tommy Wiseau: They're laughing. Laughing at me. Maybe it's true, you know. Maybe everybody right. Maybe, maybe I just big joke, ha, ha.

Greg Sestero: No, Tommy...

Tommy Wiseau: I try to open my heart, show them my soul, and they just hate me. Even you hate me, Greg.

Greg Sestero: Hey, hey, hey. Listen to me, all right? All right, that thing out there, that's your movie. You made that. All right, like you said, you did that all by yourself. You know how special that is?

[Tommy groans]

Greg Sestero: Hey, it's fucking incredible. How many people can say they have done something like that?

Tommy Wiseau: I don't know, one thousand?

Greg Sestero: All right, and yeah. Maybe it didn't turn out exactly as you hoped, but just listen for a second.

Tommy Wiseau: Sound like they're laughing.

Greg Sestero: All right, come here.

[Tommy and Greg return to the theatre, to see the audience still laughing. We see the scene where Johnny kills himself on screen]

Greg Sestero: Look how much fun they're having. They fucking love it, man! How often do you think Hitchcock got a response like this?

Tommy Wiseau: Never.

Tommy Wiseau: [after Johnny throws the television on screen] Greg, why you help me?

Greg Sestero: 'Cause we're friends.

Philip: [to Greg] Can we ask you something? What's this movie about?

Robyn Paris: I have a theory - it's autobiographical. Someone in his life was a Denny, a kid brother, someone he looked out for. Someone else was a Mark, the better-looking friend he was always jealous of. I'm sure there was a Michelle somewhere, and a Mike.

Juliette: So who was Lisa? Someone who broke his heart, stabbed him the back and ruined his life?

Robyn Paris: Pretty obvious to me - that's the universe.

Tommy Wiseau: [after driving around aimlessly] Sorry I'm late, traffic was crazy!

[Tommy prepares to film his sex scene, and he is walking in the set completely naked]

Tommy Wiseau: Okay, okay, we go.

Greg Sestero: Tommy, Tommy, this is not necessary.

Tommy Wiseau: No. It very necessary. I need to show my ass to sell this movie, okay?

Greg Sestero: That's not true.

Sandy Schklair: At least we have a closed set.

Tommy Wiseau: Not closed set. Open set. Life is not closed set! I want everyone to see!

[points at Greg]

Tommy Wiseau: You, especially.

Greg Sestero: W-what? Why? What?

Tommy Wiseau: Brad Pitt do this in the Legend of the Fall.

Apatow's Bodyguard: Are you okay?

Judd Apatow: What do you think? He went through two fucking lines of Shakespeare!

Amber: What do you do if it turns out really bad? Like... Like, if it turns out terrible. Would you, can you... take it off your IMDb?