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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Blue Green" is a 3-minute live action short film from 2007, so this one was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker David Lynch when he was around the age of 60. We see a small boy running around carelessly and a teenage girl (I think) who wears an outfit you usually see at hospitals or even insane asylums. The strange laughter would fit too. Other than that you hear somewhat metallic sounds or water dripping or wind blowing from start to finish. It is all a bit spooky, but I am not sure if the blurred video contributes to that. Nothing scary or anything. And you see Lynch also at the very end briefly. I personally did not find this one a rewarding watch at all. A pretty weak film and I am fairly certain that without the name Lynch attached to it, this would not be seen by anybody and entirely forgotten by now probably. Okay, what else is there to say. Lanch may be a good filmmaker and he has several respectable achievements in his long body of work, but this short film here has to be among the worst he's done. It's also one of his lesser, if not least, seen works I am sure. I give it a major thumbs-down. Not recommended.