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  • DHISHKIYAOON - The biggest thing what Dhishkiyaoon taught us is how to waste a good script...... The script is actually good,,,,with interesting characters,,,,twists,,,,more of brains ,, less of bullets,,,,not a usual revenge drama,,,,but its the star cast and the director who spoiled it.......

    A bad movie for Harman for.making his comeback,,,,and i don't think this would help him much in his carrier.....His acting skills are not so improved,,,,and somebody tells him,,,,growing a good moustache doent make anybody a gangster.....He was not at all tough,,,,,talks so gently using manners,,,,,,looks so much under confident that you will not get interested in knowing whats his story is....... I could easily understand why Shilpa Shetthy has decided to produce the movie,,,,because the script looks good on paper but u have to execute it,,,,make it intense,,,,,grow interest in the mind of audience,,,,but the movie falls flat,,,,,like what happened in case of AURANGZED starring Arjun Kapoor...... There are some twist and turns in the movie which are good,,,,but unable to keep the interest awake..... And we have some unsituational songs too,,,,never mind........ Sunny Deol has a very small screen time,,,,still in his small screen time he is too much annoying and uncomfortable in his Haryanvi tone........One of his worst work till date.....

    Prasant narayan (murder 2) and tony and Ankit (go goa gone) as Rocky are best among them,,,,rest of the star cast is forgettable,,,,including the lead actress....... With a small running time of 1 hr and 59 min,,,,movie cant able to engage u...... Its a sure shot miss,,,,hard core gangster movie fans should also give it a miss I have liked the starting that bran will be used more in the movie as compared to guns,,,,but i guess the brains are not smart enough...... Giving 2.25 out of 5 ,,,, for some twist and noble acting by Prasant Narayan....... ANuP APu KuMaR
  • Actually when you watch something without any expectation & when that surprises you pleasantly (to an extent), you feel like letting people know about it – somehow that's how i felt after watching this film.

    This is exactly not a review but just some after-thoughts on the film Dishkiyaaon which indeed had some good moments.

    The Pluses – To start with, most of us erroneously judged the film by its trailer. Unlike a regular mindless action thriller, the film actually turned out to be a gangster noir, that had more brains than many of such films being made in Hindi in the recent years.(Not that we often see noirs in Hindi cinema) With a non-linear narrative, the film actually engages you without spoon-feeding, connecting the dots in the end. The action sequences are stylish and the cinematography is superlative. The dark mood & tone of the film remains intact till the end.

    Coming to the plot, the film deals with the conspiracies & complex dynamics of the underworld (which is oft repeated) but it is more of character driven (that's rare in Hindi). The psyche of the various shades of grey gets highlighted with the characters. There isn't unnecessary revenge drama or melodramatic angle forced in to attract crowd.

    Sanamjit Singh Talwar seems to have a knack for dark gangster films without any diversions in form of preaching morality. Credit should be given to him to traverse an unsafe convoluted path to tell his story. The characters' graph moves in accordance to the script specially the protagonist Vicky Kartoos who from his neglected childhood learnt that Ganghiji's formula doesn't work in today's real world & following which how he started idolising the gangster Tony & gradually winning his heart thus becoming a part of the system. The dialogues written by Talwar are as brutally honest as the characters & most of the times they are impactful.Special mention to this one – Gandhiji said non violence but did anyone listen. If he would have said it at a gun point then everyone would've listened.

    In the acting department Prashanth Narayanan (as Tony) & Anant Tiwari (as Rocky Chu****) overpowered all the other actors with their brilliant histrionics. Specially Anant Tiwari who was last seen at his funnier best as geeky Bunny in the superb zom-com "Go Goa Gone",stuns you with the cunning, manipulative evil Rocky. There are able actors like Rajesh Vivek, Dayashankar Pandey, Subrat Dutta, Harsh Chaya, Aditya Pancholi who feels the gap with their limited screen times. Sunny Deol as Lakwa is pleasantly restraint though his accent fluctuates.

    The minuses –

    Even though Talwar showed potential as a debut director he lacks playing his brush thoroughly & giving it finesse. The execution is unfamiliar and doesn't move in the set track,agreed but in many occasions the proceedings looks haphazard & forcefully convoluted. There are some loopholes in the narrative which gets camouflaged by the slickness of the proceedings. Add on to it, this film deserved a better leading man. Baweja did try his best & looked Vicky in many scenes but overall he lacked the energy & ability to carry the film on his shoulder. Moreover pitted against strong supporting actors he seemed a little let-down. Debutant Ayesha Khanna lacks any acting prowess. Though their romance isn't stretched out yet that came as a jolting halt thanks to their inability to emote.

    And even within a limited 2hour running time the film looked a way too long. The script demanded some fine editing. The director and editor tried to give a cool neo-noir look but succeeded only partially. End of the day talwar is No Kashyap, but he has potential & hopefully can come up with a better film next time.

    Having said everything, the film isn't that bad as many are addressing. Probably the Anti-Gandhian idealogy didn't go down well with few. Anyways those who love dark gangster films & noirs (like me) go for this one with limited expectation and you might not be disheartened. Don't expect it to be classy noirs like Johnny Gaddar or Kaminey but at least this one is better than Abbas-Mustan's clueless dark thillers.

    Overall Dishkiyaaon had a distinctive gun in the hand of a sharp albeit green shooter, a proper frame to aim but somehow it brushed past the target. Finally landing into 6 (somewhat) out of 10 zone.
  • jondo20101024 May 2014
    I watched this movie with an open mind and was surprised to find a mature script and good direction by a first time director. I am surprised that the movie did not do well at the box office which after some research I believe happened due to the timing of release of the movie.

    The script is very well written with details thought through. There is an irony in every twist of plot. The events of the plot are all interlinked so don't consider any character or scene unnecessary in the movie. They all have a role in taking the story forward.

    This is among the great movies of the year I have seen released until May 2014. For people who like to see movies with a little thinking this is a must see.
  • 'Dishkiyaoon' has a super first-hour, but a dull second. It's an uneven, erratically paced film, that turns to be A Standard Gangster Crime-Drama.

    Dishkiyaoon' Synopsis: An urban city boy dreams to be a gangster. In order to be one, his journey turns out to be a nightmarish adventure.

    'Dishkiyaoon' had tremendous potential to be an absorbing watch, but a shaky Screenplay plays a spoilsport. To give the film it's due, the film begins on a strong note & the momentum is aptly handled in the first-hour. Its the second-hour that brings in the problems. The drama looks uneven & the pace is erratic. Also, the culmination is under-whelming.

    Sanamjit Singh Talwar's Screenplay has some potential, but all of it disappears in the second-hour. His Direction, however, is well-done. Cinematography is excellent. Editing is uneven. Action-Sequences are average.

    Performance-Wise: Harman Baweja delivers an earnest performance. He tries his best to justify the part. Sunny Deol is alright. Prashant Narayanan is the real show-stopper. He's outstanding. Aditya Panscholi is wasted. Anand Tiwari hams.

    On the whole, 'Dishkiyaoon' is an okay fare.
  • Brilliant performance of every actor including the direction Sunny deol is good harman was the brilliant and best playing the main protagonist Aditya is superb other were excellent Ayesha khanna is good and pretty Songs are excellent good editing good action I like the fighting scenes as they presented it My rating 7 out of 10 VERDICT a Semi-hit
  • achyutaghosh31 March 2014
    The first few minutes of Dishkiyaoon feel straight out of a James Hadley Chase based film noir. A young gangster narrating the story of his willing descent into the world of crime to a senior, trading words of metaphorical wisdom while playing a nonchalant game of snakes and ladders. But the magic wears down real fast, starting right from Sunny Deol's hackneyed Haryanvi accent, to Harman Baweja's continued lifelessness.

    Yes, 6 years after his disastrous debut, Baweja's comeback could not have been worse. In acting skills he is still no better than fellow star-kid Neil Nitin Mukesh. Actually worse, because Mukesh was at least able to carry off the much more intelligent Johnny Gaddar with his two expressions. In Dishkiyaoon, Harman is Vicky Kartoos, who wants to rise to the top of the Mumbai underworld as painlessly as possible. Juxtaposed against him is his mentor Mota Tony who quite swears by the gun. More eccentric gangsters with funny names abound. There is Rocky Chu.... (who thinks he looks like Sanjay Dutt), Khalifaa (who is proud of the fact that he does not carry a gun), Lakwa (obviously the polio afflicted one) and Gujjar (yes, everyone is proud of the caste card now). Dishkiyaoon is about Vicky finding his destiny, along with numerous plot twists, sudden homicides, along with the mandatory love angle.

    Fancy names do not make an interesting movie, a good script definitely does. That is problem number one with Dishkiyaoon. While the premise is interesting, there is absolutely no character development. People just pop up to mouth punch lines and disappear. The treatment of the movie is curiously reminiscent of the recent 100 cr dud, Gunday- flat, emotionless, boring. People think any gangster movie works, such is the popularity of anarchists in today's world. Good acting does make up for script weakness sometimes. That is problem number two for Dishkiyaoon. Prashant Narayanan as Mota Tony and Anand Tiwari as Rocky Chu offer some redemption but it is too little. Baweja flaunts his torso, indulges in some free running, but that's about all he can do. To quote Yoda, the NNM force is still strong with him. Even Sunny Deol's short presence does nothing to improve things, plus he does NOT get to throw a punch. Really, this might be the first such movie that he has not raised his 2.5 kilo hand.

    Girlfriend Bipasha Basu might have been moved to tears by beau Baweja's acting, but for the audience, the tears are entirely for a different reason. The gulf between him and Hritik is even wider than what it was 6 years back. And while the material was interesting, débutant director Sanamjit Sarkar Talwar has probably bitten off more than he can chew. In the hands of say Sriram Raghavan, this could have been sumptuous fare. 5/10
  • A completely worn-out, seen before and over-used concept can become watchable only if it has something fresh to say in its execution breaking some previous norms. But the latest action thriller DISHKIYAOON directed by Sanamjit Singh Talwar (made on the same old backdrop of underworld dons), doesn't even have one single scene to impress you in any way.

    Moreover the film actually looks like one of those old, stalled projects which has been finally presented as a complete film after re-editing all its available rushes somehow, as the producer's last resort. And this conclusion can easily be drawn by looking at the film's sloppy editing and its very first scene which right away introduces both Sunny Deol and Harman Baweja talking to each other in a quite lazy and uninspiring manner, simply ruining the excitement built by its interesting promos.

    So honestly there is nothing to be written as a detailed review here. But yes, there still remain one unique manner in which the film can serve as something highly useful for all the professional institutes teaching film-making (with reference to only Hindi films).

    Explaining it further, DISHKIYAOON certainly can be considered as one project which can perfectly be used to teach what is meant by 'Wrong Casting' or 'Miscasting' in a film to the enthusiastic students of cinema, undoubtedly. And the reason for this is that except Prashant Narayan & Aditya Pancholi playing their usual mannerisms, not even a single lead actor looks like the role he is playing and one can notice this big mistake in the film's opening sequence itself quite clearly. For instance, Sunny Deol (in his only few minutes appearance) turns out to be a complete misfit speaking in a Hariyanvi tone, Harman Baweja pretty unconvincingly plays a tapori having the persona of a rich brat, Anand Tiwari (trying hard) reminds you of a comic character ready to crack a joke every time he comes on the screen and Sumit Nijhawan as the head gangster seems to be a last moment change after a refusal by any other deserving candidate.

    In short, what can you expect from a movie which has all its four lead actors, misfit for their respective roles and the director is more interested in only style and less content, talking about nothing new. So I walked out of the theater even before it ended properly and no I didn't stay for any sizzling act of Shilpa Shetty Kundra played along the end credits.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Plot: Dishkiyaoon is another crime / action film based upon the Mumbai Underworld. It is the story of a Mumbai-based gangster who wants to achieve the top-notch position. The film begins with the narration of Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja) to Lakwa (Sunny Deol) in regard to the events that landed him in the jail. Viki always wanted to be a gangster from the very childhood itself. He continued his studies, simultaneously pursuing gangster-giri under the wings of Mota Tony (Prashant Narayanan), a local crook. Viki falls in love with Meera (Ayesha Khanna). Further, the plot unfolds to project how Viki pursues his journey to grab the top position. He rubs his shoulders with Inspector Khan (Aditya Pancholi) and other people as well. Official Trailer:

    Direction: The debutant director Sanamjit Singh Talwar fails to impress through Dishkiyaoon. There are so many glaring loopholes. Cast and their Performance: Harman Baweja's performance as Viki Kartoos is noticeable though it turns out to be weak due to poor storyline. Felt sad to see Sunny Deol as Lakwa. He has been given weird hairdo, accent. What a waste of a talent who has given Sohny Mahiwal, Gadar, Hero – the Spy, Damini etc. to Bollywood. Ayesha Khanna as Meera is alright. Prashant Narayanan as Mota Tony is a relief in the movie, although, he has been given dialogues with double meaning at times. Certain frames where Prashant and Harman are there together is OK. Sumit Nijhawan as Iqbal Khaleefa and Anand Tiwari as Rocky have given good performance. Other Cast viz. Aditya Pancholi, Hasan Zaidi, Harsh Chaaya, Rajit Kapoor are not utilized optimally. Shilpa Shetty looks hot in the item number. Music: Music is average. But what needs to be appreciated is that 18 year old Palash Mucchal has composed four songs in this movie. The song Tu hi Hai Ashiqui sung by Palash Mucchal and Arijit Singh is good. Moments to watch out for: None. Thumbs up: Harmaan Baweja, Prashant Narayanan Thumbs down: Weak story-line.
  • silvan-desouza6 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Harman Baweja was launched in 2008 with Love story 2050 on the same day as Imran in JTYJN which bombed, Followed by VICTORY and WHATZ YOUR RASHEE both bombed too After 5 years he returns with Dhiskyaon which also stars Sunny Deol, Aditya Panscholi.etc The film is yet another gangster film which is very predictable and gets boring, we have so many characters who come and go that you lose count The growth of Harman in the underworld is far-fetched The scenes between Prashant Narayanan and Harman are well handled though even the twist is the end is well handled but could be better, the way things get wrapped up does seem abrupt

    Direction is okay in parts but could be better Music is ordinary

    Harman Baweja tries very hard but lacks the talent to carry the role off, he is decent in parts but falters in dramatic scenes Prashant Narayanan is brilliant in a brief role, sadly he signs such crap films, Aditya Panscholi is decent, Ayesha Khanna doesn't impress much in her debut, Sunny Deol looks tired and is nothing great, his harvanvy too falls flat,Anand Tiwari is good as Rocky Chu, Sumeet Nijhawan is good in his part, the rest are okay
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dishkiyaoon! Yeah this is the movie I am going to write review about. Yes, well this movie umm, ah say again what was the movie about? School bully, some gun fights, and a hot singer in a restaurant!

    Yes, yes now I remember, it's all coming back to me. So this handsome hunky type fellow and a very tired looking rugged old fellow sitting in a jail that looks more like a car mechanics club, with walls all done up with masterpiece sketches of faces drawn with grease paint. And they are sitting and eating biriyani and gulab-jamun.

    And this young fellow is telling a story of sweet little school worm transforming into bad bad gangster under his mentor who would rather go to a church than to for wasooli. This mentor type goon also love to play with his gun, I mean bullet shooting one. The other one is just for effect – it gave him his name -'Mota'.

    And as the story goes on you learn about management, strategies and lot of mind-game. And don't forget also moral lke as to why you should not trust your drunk girlfriend. She might pick the wrong finger and especially with wrong guy at the other end of the finger.

    So at the end of the story jail runs out of biriyani and both these guys get out and starts a company that make strategies to replace the king pin of the underworld whose name sounds like a character out of Arabian nights. It's all about the right sequence of events you know. Like a stack of domino! One event offsets another. So put the right piece at the right place , like getting the daughter of the police commissioner at the protest rally, and add the gun wielding fellow to shoot the gun to start a commotion at the right time. See it is all about timing. It's also about knowing some closely guarded dark secretes like gun hidden below the table. So you make strategies and just don't let the other guy know! And fire your first bullet at the right time at the right target. 'Dishkiyoon' ! That's how it goes right , 'Dishkiyoon' and all falls down, even your story which could have made it otherwise! Shees ! What a waste of a nice bullet!