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  • Kirby Buckets is the newest comedy of Disney XD. The series is concentrated on a very imaginative kid who can easily see his own animated works of weird characters whenever he wants. The plot was pretty imaginative for a younger audience. In fact, it would be doing really great right now! However, the series is that nasty kind of Disney XD Series. There is Lice, Vomit, & a 3 butt animated character. This show makes Crash & Bernstein look way better!

    The plot goes like this, The series invites viewers into the wildly colorful imagination of 13-year-old Kirby Buckets, who dreams of becoming a famous animator like his idol Mac MacCallister. Kirby sees his drawings take shape as he and his best friends, Fish and Eli, go on outrageous and unpredictable adventures.

    When i first read the beginning plot, i thought," Hey! This might not be such a bad show. A kid with a dream of becoming an artist. That can be inspirational for some kids."

    My opinion changed once i kept reading. Once i read the name Fish, i knew it would be a gross-out television kid show. Nothing inspirational about it, just nasty, gross stuff to look at. Of course, there is a hint of to follow your dreams, but not much.

    Now, i only watched a few episodes (and i struggled with it), but i will no longer watch this awful show again. I recommend Lab Rats & Legend of Korra, but not this.
  • I watched the first episode just now, and this is by far Disney XD's most disgusting show in their history. What I want to know is how they could get away with an on-camera vomiting sequence in a kids' show. It's the most vile, disgusting stuff you'll ever see in any children's program. Add that together with some animation that can only be acceptable in any of the obnoxious cartoons on the Fox network and presto, someone thought this was a great idea for a tween sitcom. It's actually worse than it sounds. This is a juvenile, nasty, obnoxious atrocity. Please don't watch it, intelligence and childhood innocence are way too precious to lose.
  • I agree with all the reviewers that say that this show is disgusting, even though like one of them, I like the concept of the story, even though it's basically just a boy version of Lizzie McGuire. But, why Disney decided to include a bunch of nasty moments, I'll never know. But here's another reason why I hate this show: Kirby's older sister, Dawn is a spoiled brat. She's more annoying than Caillou. She's always complaining, self-absorbed, doing mean things to Kirby (I actually feel sorry for him), gets everything, do you want me to go on? I've got a list that goes on and on forever, really it does. This series is why I can't wait until summer when Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything, featuring Cameron Boyce from Jessie (a show I love) comes out. Disney: Either cancel this series or make it less disgusting and make Dawn not such a b*tch.
  • Finally, something other than sit-coms! cool look and I liked the story. Cast is great, especially the two girls and the parents. Hope XD makes more shows like this. The episodes feel like short movies. Kind of reminded me of a slightly younger version of Malcolm in the Middle. It seemed like one of the bigger shows on this channel for sure. The lead is pretty great, I think I have seen him in some Nickelodeon movies, and the animation is funny in a very random way. I am wondering if they will feature other animated characters in series too. I liked this better than some of the other shows that Disney xd has on now. My two favorites now are this show and Gravity Falls.
  • This is probably the worst show on Disney XD right now! You thought Out of Jimmy's Head was bad, you haven't seen nothing yet! This show is even worse than Crash & Bernstein! At least that show had some charm to it. This show, however just judging by the previews, it's already bad and there was a vomit scene, which has been done to death since The Exorcist over 40 years ago, which was done a lot funnier in that movie than this show. Bottom line, don't watch this show and watch Mighty Med or Lab Rats instead, they are far better and are actually watchable unlike this dreck! Avoid like the plague! I really have nothing else to say about this show. I already cringed during the first time I saw a preview of this awful show; why Disney XD, why?
  • jbzimm516 November 2014
    Kirby Buckets is a fantastic show- each episode is a fun adventure. The animation adds a creative element and the actors are very true to real life if you have boys. The same is true for Dawn the sister- if you know about boy/girl siblings. Our family looks forward to each episode to see what fun Eli, Fish and Kirby will have. Our favorite so far was the first episode with Dawnzilla and we also loved the episode about Friday nights. It is nice to see the role of the family and the importance of good and close friends. The adventures are exciting and sometimes scary but always in good fun. The boys are 'growing up' and building solid relationships along the way- with each other and especially Kirby with his family.
  • Another terrible Disney XD sitcom. Does anybody even like this show? How did this manage to get 3 seasons? Nobody watches this crap! This show is childish, juvenile and just nasty. The vomiting sequence in the first episode was so unnecessary!

    The lead actor Jacob Bertrand is such a smug unlikable jerk. And his flaring nostrils are so disgusting and distracting. The sister older Dawn is a spoiled whiny brat who complains about everything. Her Asian friend is so annoying. Kirby's two fat best friends are lame and unfunny. Who the hell names their kid Fish?? These characters suck! Kirby's cartoon character imaginations don't add anything to the show.

    The characters are unlikable jerks! The acting is terrible. The plots are stupid. This show is directionless and doesn't know what it wants to be. Seriously, what is this show even about? It's just random mindless crap.

    This show has the worst theme song I've ever heard. It's a old man saying high in between guitar riffs. Terrible, just terrible! The show is a just a rip-off of that terrible Cartoon Network show Out of Jimmy's Head that came out a couple years ago.

    Disney XD just stick to making cartoons. Your live action shows are horrible trash!
  • When I first watched this I thought it was good but this actually got worse and worse the whole entire show and lame.