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  • I have been a MUFON member, Country Representative and Field Investigator for many years since first becoming interested in the UFO phenomena in the early 90s, This could have been a great series and it certainly highlights a huge number of very interesting cases.

    However, it is almost unwatchable for me due to the constant breathless tone of awe and even more annoying, the incessant repetition, the same bits of information being spoon fed to the audience over and over again, the same bit of hoaked up footage repeated ad nauseum. Why are you using faked footage of the 1952 Washington flap when the actual footage exists? C'mon History Channel, I have several post graduate degrees and I don't wear a tinfoil hat. You seem to have created this series for people with the attention spans of house cats.

    Ramp up your game. Not all of your audience needs everything repeated over and over in words of one syllable.
  • I've just finished watching the first four episodes of Season 2 of this show and I'm very disappointed.

    Each episode consists almost entirely of 'recreations' of actual MUFON case files. Interspersed between the chunks of dramatisation, and overdone shots of technicians and researchers fiddling with computers and moving boxes of files around, MUFON members and guests provide sparse commentary along with the '2 packs a day' narrator. It wasn't until episode 4 that any real video footage and audio supporting assertions made was to be seen.

    To further frustrate viewers, each episode is padded with completely useless repetition of 'bullet points' for what has already been discussed after each commercial break, just in case you've forgotten...

    Strip out all the chaff and I guess you're left with about 10-15 minutes of 'real information' in a 42 minute program. Not a very good average for anyone with a brain trying to digest it.

    I doubt I'd be able to bear to sit through any further episodes. The whole format is just so dumbed down, riddled with inconsistencies, and ultimately confusing. I say confusing because no clarification is given as to whether you are watching recreations or actual documentary evidence. Oftentimes the 3rd rate CGI is a giveaway.

    At least the 1970s series 'In Search Of...' had the good grace to warn viewers that what they were about to watch is largely conjectural. It's a travesty that the History Channel can't provide the same assurances. It leaves the content of the show vapid and hollow.
  • siemprelibera20 March 2014
    This series, though a bit over dramatized, are files from MUFON (a legit organization) brought forth for exploration and critical thinking.

    The information brought forward, such as particular events, are fact, not conjecture, backed up from key witnesses that have come forward.

    What I am surprised with however is, why they haven't brought Dr. Steven Greer into the mix with his 100's of top secret military govt. witnesses that have already come forward and their stories. Another point that is a negative in my opinion, is painting the ET's in an "aggressive" manner in one of the episodes and not telling the whole story (selective agenda), which is disappointing for MUFON, which is a respected organization. They may have had their hands tied by the History channel for propaganda effect...who knows.

    Nonetheless, I highly recommend this series, for the knowledge/events brought forth. But if you want some real eye opening info, google disclosure project with Greer and follow the websites/rabbit hole.
  • I'm definitely not a aluhead wearer, but I believe there are hidden agendas by governments, since mankind is writing history. To the content of the series: Without the endlessly repeating, unsubstantiated claims of these conspiracy theorists, every episode could have been stripped down to 10 minutes. But even these 10 minutes would be waste of time. Besides this, just think about this practical facts: If this underground constructions would have been really built, how many working people would have been necessary? Is it really believable, governments could have been hidden all this tens or even hunderts of thousands of people? And where would have they hidden the huge amount of excavated material?
  • I had a big hope when i started watching the show. and the first episode was good. but from the second episode, it fell apart. the show is filled with four or five people just claiming "I heard this, we heard that" without any concrete evidence on their statements. and some of their points are ridicules. I mean, come on! what government would build an airport to cover up an underground secret base AND, put up drawings of alien invasion there to give us an hint?!- doesn't make any sense at all. and the show is so biased, that it almost try to brainwash the viewer with some silly and science fictional stuff, that they clearly have no evidence to proof. Shows like this damages the credibility of the channel and makes me wonder if low quality shows likes this are made by the government to cover up the real dark facts with hard to believe fantasies.
  • MUFON is squandering it's credibility with this less than satisfying series, Hangar 1, which revisits MUFON cases.

    MUFON is a beacon of reason in a sea of anarchy as it seeks to bring a level of science and expertise into the research of cases it deems extraordinary and compelling. Within these selected cases, out of literally tens of thousands, it would seem there should be some real jewels. And there are some very credible cases of high-strangeness witnessed by solid folks involving sightings of UFOs. So why does Hangar 1 fall flat, even to the point of reducing MUFON to a level of "nothing here to see, move along"? It's in the overly dramatic highly artificially staged reproductions that only uses MUFON's stock talking heads to anchor. Many of these cases are recent enough that the folks who experienced these cases should be the ones augmenting the re-enactments. This would add something more interesting that the talking heads standard "wow" comments ad-infinitum. There are some cases that beg photographic evidence as were told physical evidence was noted. Few, if any, episodes have any physical evidence rolled out though. Why? The people aren't in hiding since they are the ones who began the case process by contacting MUFON so it follows they show should seek the actual witnesses...which this show does not. Many cases are left without all of the story too making one wanting something more.

    The idea of raiding MUFON for the best cases is a good one. Many of the cases are quite good. It's the re-telling and re-enactments of the cases that falls flat. No actual witnesses, no actual pictures when there is claimed actual physical evidence, and the absolutely wasting of valuable story time re-capping what we already have watched (this is the post commercial break formula History is, apparently, making all of their producers adhering to which makes the 20+ minutes of commercials even more insulting). This series needs a serious re-boot! I think MUFON has some great cases and the current formula just doesn't serve the cases well at all. I'm not saying the show needs to be canned, nope, just totally re-envisioned and done in a much more evidence based method just as MUFON purports to implement in the actual investigations they conduct.
  • ajaycoach29 May 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the worst UFO series ever! Offers zero evidence for any of the cases shown. There's a reason Mufon have these cases ... Because they are terrible cases with zero evidence I mean there are cases they tell you about where the witness says they came back every day for weeks or months or "they watched it for hours" and have these elaborate stories in which individually should technically be the biggest UFO cases of all time with the way they exaggerate the stories ... AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO TAKE A PICTURE OR VIDEO ? You could go home call a friend or take a nap have dinner watch a film and still have time to get evidence ... the reason there's no evidence is because its bull !

    Any case that is worth its salt would never be given to mufon ... because only cases with actual evidence would be of interest to real investigating government organisations ... there's a reason these aren't classified and are thrown as a bone ... ZERO evidence .. so instead you have to listen to the ramblings of eccentric fools who don't have the brain cell to take evidence and are a tin foil hat away from trying to contact ET
  • Less them 15 minutes into this supposed documentary and Kennedy picks up the infamous red phone to Moscow. Any credibility this series disappeared like an eyewitness testimony held up to facts. I'll leave it to viewers to figure out why. If you believe this BS, you deserve to.
  • Well,I read somewhere that the producers wanted to re-work the show, "We can do better" was one thing I heard... Well, do it! There are people that would like to see the show come back. I just don't get why Ancient Aliens show is still on the air... But this show isn't coming back? Is there no more cases to tell us about? Have the UFOs stopped coming around? Or did the powers that be put a stop to the show like they did to Dan Ackroyd's Show even before it aired.
  • All speculative opinions and re-enactments. You can get better ufo info on YouTube.
  • GregClapton1 January 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I though this series would at least try to be realistic, not happening. Reverse engineered technology from ALIENS is not only ludicrous, but un-provable and a fraud. There is not one shred of evidence that ANY of this is more than pure nonsense. FACT: the drone lost over Iran in 2011 had lost its data signal for control and guidance. Fact: the drone is DESIGNED to spiral in for a crash free landing. Alien flying saucers or tractor beams are PURE Science Fiction as is this entire series! Do not waste your time watching this bogus series as I have. I am VERY disappointed this kind of Sci-Fi is passed off as more than a Gene Roddenberry rip-off.
  • Hangar 1" is one of the worst documentary series about UFO phenomenon, I have ever seen. It's an absolute disgrace. Awful editing, cheap animations, showing little original footage (sometimes they use fake footage when real one, actually, exists) and most of all, horrible analysis of evidence and facts. The whole series is presented by a group of so called "UFO experts" who do nothing more but project their assumptions, with little critical thought and questioning. There is little scientific analysis from scientists and technicians, whatsoever. Manye cases have been even debunked long time ago, so why do they still keep repeating the same stories over and over again. Such series does more damage, disinformation and ridicule than good for the proper scientific research of this phenomenon. To compare, there are great UFO series such as Alien Mysteries (2013) or Close Encounters (2014)- they are with high quality animations, well detailed recreation of events and. They are well edited and are full of interviews with eye witnesses. Contain decent analysis with little assumptions. They give clear view of events and leave it to the audience to decide what they think. Complete opposite to Hangar 1.
  • Without any doubt this is not a scientific or educational program, it's infotainment. and that's okay. as always you have to extract useful and well researched data from data implemented for entertainment reasons. HANGAR 1 - allegedly derived from "the" MUFON archives - is far better than most of the other documentaries about the huge topic "UFOs", paranormal events and high strangeness for it shows some not so well known examples of unsolved and mostly very interesting events. MUFON in my humble opinion is, after all, far more credible than most of the other investigation organizations. that's why i seriously wondered why they agreed to be used as host for the series. the European section MUFON-CES would never act in such a self-destructive way, i guess.

    Because... of course: shows like HANGAR 1 are first and foremost fun and entertainment. many people - like myself - who personally witnessed UFOs or other enigmatic phenomena and who dug deeper will know how to separate nonsense from facts but will have primarily fun watching the whole shebang. on the other hand, hardcore skepticists and professional debunks will never give any credibility to the show and its topics. so it's always praying in your own church. watch it, keep an open mind and, most of all, stop believing (in UFO-buffs AND debunks!).
  • torrascotia10 September 2018
    People will look back on TV shows like this in the future and wonder just what were they thinking? This is one of these very strange shows where they have decided that their audience have no attention span. The reason? The show does not focus on one scene for longer than about 10 secs before it changes to something else. It ends up being very disorienting but maybe that the point? There are very few facts on show here, just the same tired old stories which have in the main been debunked elsewhere. The other odd strategy they use is to have more than one person talking about the same episode using whats obviously a script. This seems to be to give the impression that well if more than one person says it, it must be true! We also have the shaky camera effects which again add to this being a challenge to watch. Its no surprise that these types of shows are no longer produced as they have no new stories to tell and the way they do it is not a satisfying experience. Despite having bigger budgets and better technology, these shows do not have the same charm as the documentaries from the 70s,80s or even 90s. Actually claiming these are documentaries is a stretch, they are more opinion pieces pretending to be factual while at the same time using horrible camera techniques which may just be in their to try and distract you from questioning the veracity of the story being sold.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There seems to be a quiet explosion of programs about the UFO phenomenon on television. The creation of a program based on the files of Mufon is very welcome. On the plus side, the episodes in Season 2 have focused upon finding groups of sightings that have common elements and then tried to explain what the presence of these elements implies. This has involved many lesser known incidents. Since these incidents were in fact investigated by Mufon, they have a certain credibility and Hangar 1 takes them at face value. This is not a program whose purpose is to present a detailed analysis of each case. Anyone who expects that will be disappointed. On the minus side, there is a lot of sloppiness, presumably introduced by the producers. The explanations given are often either in error or have more plausible alternatives. One example in a later episode claimed that a UFO teleported a truck across Virginia, when the more likely explanation was that the UFO picked up the truck and physically moved it. Time travel was assumed to be implied in another case, but the explanation was based on a very flimsy conjecture. Other inaccuracies include talking about a trip to the moon and mars as being interstellar when it is in fact 'only' interplanetary. Terms like interstellar and intergalactic are thrown around without any apparent knowledge of what they mean. This to me represents producers aiming at sensationalism and wanting to use as many buzz words as possible. All in all, though, the series is worthwhile and its search for common themes to illuminate the UFO phenomenon in new ways brings an interesting higher level analysis to the field. I recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am interested in UFO files and information since my teen ages. Watching a show today (10/9/2017), I noticed the interviews are not edited properly. If an interviewee says something wrong this should be either removed or be corrected by the narrator. An interviewee said Iran, a small country! Iran is the second biggest country in the region, bigger than all European countries, with over 70 million people, and one of the youngest populations in the world. A small country is Panama, Albania, or Isreal. When the interviewer was talking about the possibility of Iran having serious information, the video that was showing Iran, was a Pakistani city or Afghan city. This is ridiculous of the producer(s) of the program to misinform people trying to present a country poor when it is not. I am not watching the program anymore and will suggest friends to stop watching it until I receive an official apology.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While I do enjoy the Ancient Alien series as the bizarre entertainment it is, Hangar 1 comes across as a low budget wannabe clone that doesn't even attempt to be interesting...this one is presented as coverup conspiracies exclusively, mischaracterizing actual UFO incidents as sinister and threatening...that loses your attention quickly...

    Sorry producers, but Hangar 1 is dry and often uninteresting...
  • lethafall20 December 2015
    My family and I were driving home and saw light 5 big lights, I thought it was a plane. A month later military army closed out a road because they said it was a plane crash. We live on a Indian reservation and it is small. That road is where people go to cut fire wood. Army was in white river for about a week. People were at the road, wondering why army was here. It was in July 2015. They closed the road and had police sitting at the bottom not letting anyone through. I am watching your TV show and it got me thinking. My brother, and other people saw lights crashing to the ground that night, but if it was a plane why did they have army in humvees and army trucks?? Please get back with me.. Very interested..
  • I think it is a good thing that organisations like MUFON exist but there is always a big risk that some kind of 'groupthink' will prevail within the organisation and the result is often that the beliefs of those within the organisation are not fully substantiated to any objective standards. In other words 'innocent until proven guilty' too often becomes 'guilty until proven innocent' and the search for any truth that passes scientific scrutiny is corrupted.

    Folk see things that they don't understand every day and in most cases there is a reasonable explanation. But there are so many instances where there are multiple witnesses and yet there is still no explanation, it seems likely that there are things flying around in our airspace that are either secret or are indeed as yet unexplained by any conventional means.

    The problem with these reported encounters is usually that there is no physical evidence, no photographs, no video footage. That there is a large element of animations, 'representative footage' and talking heads in the show is therefore unsurprising. However that they don't make the most of what evidence that exists is even more surprising. A lot of the comments are unsubstantiated, and/or highly unscientific in nature.

    The talking heads vary quite a lot; the more credible and articulate ones (that don't look so much as if they have just removed their tinfoil hats for the camera) include Dwight Equitz and Melissa Tittl. Both are professional actors, more than 'UFO researchers' per se, and Tittl is involved in the show's production. I don't think this completely undermines what they have to say, but (rightly or wrongly) it does devalue it somewhat in some folk's eyes.

    The show contains some interesting speculation, but ultimately it is just that; speculation. If you 'want to believe' you can/will do, but if you are looking for scientific evidence to support much of this, you will be disappointed. Fortunately there are only 20 episodes, so you can watch all of them without utterly wasting your life...