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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now, be warned, you have to endure a whole lotta things to get to the choir of this flick. Thankfully,I was able to make that work for a bit.

    Extremely loud background and foreground scores, zero subtlety in acting, various instances that make you stretch your credulity and imagination making you question your judgment when you bought your ticket/s to this, just because Ja/eyam Ravi seemed to have found done kinda groove with 'Thani Oruvan'. Endure the crude romantic track, the crude examples of boorish/loutish behavior on display almost throughout, but more so during the first hour/so, even though it Is consistent with the characterization...Endure a 7 foot giant wear material that he's being taunted with..Endure the various instances where politicians/capitalists decide to be the country's caretakers when it comes to filtering content...

    There are 3 reasons for which I'd recommend this flick... First, the acting, including the lead actor Ravi's completely natural and uninhibited work, the guy who plays his mentor and his characterization, Prakash Raj's turn as the businessman who's, ahem, all business, all the time, who tries ensuring that his character doesn't become the typical caricature we're used to watching....

    Second, the fact that this is about the inescapable corporatisation of sorts, that's all pervasive, and hardly any movie made locally addresses that issue the easy this does, even though I did feel that it tries to bite more off than it could chew.

    Third, some very decent boxing choreography, especially in the climactic battle. No stupidly done wire-fu, for instance...

    In conclusion, if you're prepared to endure a lot of pain to enjoy side atypical content, this is your ticket...I have to say that I enjoyed it overall...
  • If you are planming to watch this please dont!This is a completely waste of time.Nothing is good.Dont think just skip this!
  • The movie was very bad. There is no story line in the movie. Songs were very bad. Action scenes were good in the film. The film is very boring.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie stars jayam ravi has a lead ...i would tell you this is one of the finest performance of jayam ravi . while talking about the acting we have prakash raj as an antagonist who has given a new look to that character .An greedy CEO of an channel...these both characters and the north Chennai peoples life has lifted the entire preinterval portion of the movie ..

    The theme of the movie is so new for this generation but this boxing culture in Chennai is so famous in 80s and 90s ...And the reason it has banned was rivalry between the boxers were turned out to be like a war between two generation. This are all the name of real generations of boxing which is there in a great kudos to the director and the story writer for bringing it back..On the whole boologam is cinematic trip to the real life of north Chennai and to an lost culture.