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  • really if you waste your time watching this movie, it has decent actors, but it's so homophobic & degrading to people.. not just women... it would take a brain dead person to actually like this movie... i've watched 1:05 of the 1:28 minutes and i'm turning it off. It says i have to write a longer review and i've pretty much covered the whole movie so far... the movie is just as stupid as the plot. to the casting director, producer, actors, i give you credit for doing your best to make a horrible movie worth watching. You have to have talent to do that. To the writer... you should go get a job at burger king if you spent more than 10 minutes on the writing of this awful flick.
  • As a fan of coming-of-age, underdog comedies the 5-6 year period following the American Pie release in the late 90s was a great time for me. This movie tips the hat to that era perfectly, but the beautiful cinematography (yeah, REALLY!) brings it into the modern day, along with the bet revolving around a relic from that era itself - the movie rental store. The cameos are great as you'd expect from lifelong entertainers, however the main cast are all so good that putting an icon like Jake The Snake amongst them doesn't seem out of place. Everyone has great chemistry throughout, and perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that it's not all boobs and dick jokes like 90% of those that followed American Pie. It has real heart to it and the lead actors are so likable that you find yourself rooting for their characters by the time the credits roll, despite participating in an ethically questionable bet.
  • plays along the lines of something you might see vince vaughn do.

    like dodgeball, but not as wacky, still plenty of fun.

    enjoyable LOL moments. not bad at all. crude and offensive, sure.

    but kept my attention which is more than i can say for most bigger budget movies these days.

    and moved along at a good pace. not too long, unlike this review which IMDb is making me stretch out like butter spread to thin on a piece of toast.

    i will watch it again. with a girlfriend. i know she will laugh her ass off at some of the insults and so forth.

    thumbs up!
  • Easy viewing but a good story. This film is funny throughout with some incredible one liners; "stain her soul" was a personal favourite. Yep, a little bit silly, very American Pie, but still funny none the less. if you like to laugh then this is for you. Very good production and very well written script, we can all relate to one of the scenarios. Shockable? Yes. Offensive? Yes, if you have no sense of humour of course. Brilliant? Absolutely. The wrestlers involved in the film make it all the better with an appearance from Rowdy Roddy Piper in his last film. DDPs character is incredible, the Lego mum is to be desired, there were a lot of hot girls in this film but I liked her best. Enjoyed massively and watched more than once. Highly recommended for the comedy and/or wrestling fan.
  • sbailey-071313 September 2016
    If you are a guy with a juvenile sense of humor, this is the movie for you. While some people might find the language and material offensive, you have to admit it is very well written.

    Many of the actor's in the film are up and coming, stand up comedians and it shows with in the way that they handle the dialogue. The one liners and insults fly throughout the course of the film and I would not be surprised if frat boys across the country will be quoting "The Bet".

    Some of my favorite characters were Jackson, Wiggins, Serj, Brandon and Scott. I would be thrilled to see any of these hilarious actors in more comedies. In addition, the lead actors who played Denton and Amanda were also very talented.

    Overall a very funny movie if you can handle the language.
  • Truth be told I'm biased. I've been a life long sucker for fart and dick jokes. It's quite easy to win me over if you throw in a good one or two. That said, there a certainly classes in the genre. Like you have with pizza joints. Not every pizza place knows how to serve a decent slice of pizza. Or knows to serve it at the right time and temperature. Some movies of this kind are just vulgar. Which is not funny. To me. There are movies that are just too much too easy or simply too unfunny. Even (or maybe especially) jokes like the ones in this movie can be very badly timed or worse, not timed at all and thus spoil all the fun. There have been tons of Luke warm or just lame raunchy comedies over the years.

    Not 'The Bet'. First of all this is an indie movie, which is hard to tell from production. It is incredibly well done! Second, the cast. Hello! There's many a blockbuster that doesn't even get close to the cast 'The Bet' managed to get. 3 world famous wrestlers to begin with. From what I know about wrestling they have to be good 'fakers' to make it in the ring, but does that automatically make them good screen actors? In this case they did a magnificent job! The infamous Diamond Dallas Page playing a man who lost his wife and so starts working on a lego lady to replace the loss in all seriousness, is…golden. The man is a wrestler!! Making tits out of legos!! Go figure.

    There's farts, there's dicks, there's pussy and titty and the word 'comeback' will never ring the same again, but there's also heart in this movie. It's even a bit cute. So guys, take your lady. It's OK and almost romantic. Girls, take your guy. Just leave out the 'romantic'. It's a raunchy comedy not intended to offend you, but if anything in this movie offends you then I'm sorry…

    ...just take that stick out of your behind.
  • A friend of mine told me about this one giving me a head's up about the content, so I knew going in it was going to be raunchy, so I watched with an open mind. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Bet.

    I laughed, I blushed, I rolled my eyes shaking my head (boys will be boys). I warn that it is not for the weak of heart or for hard-core politically correct tight asses.

    I also enjoyed the cameo appearances and the cast as a whole, good chemistry between the actors. I found myself rooting for the hero (though officially offended as a female - wink wink).
  • This movie is so funny and with so many great one liners. And not only that the actors/actresses who were in this were phenomenal. And I'm not just talking about the ones who did cameos, the main ones delivered those comedic lines so well! From beginning to the end, I had to pause this movie a few times because I was laughing so hard, especially at #10 (no spoilers, but you'll absolutely know what I mean when you see the movie). If you're a fan of raunchy comedy, you definitely have to check this out! Or even a fan of wrestling, seeing as there are 4 of them in the movie (the late and great Roddy Piper, DDP, Tommy Dreamer, and Jake The Snake Roberts!)
  • I thought it would be pretty cheesy, but turned out to be very well thought-out and a cast well- picked.

    They did a great job nailing stereotypes and were thorough with the plot of the movie. An easy movie to watch and understand!

    Most of it was shot in Ventura CA, loved the small-town vibes. really helped contribute to the post- high school feel of the movie and was very relatable.

    Less is more is a great way to describe this movie too. They cut to the punch and chase of each scene, did not over-complicate things and did a great job. I really enjoyed it!!!

    I highly recommend it for anyone looking for the 2016 American Pie tribute. Good memories, great throwback.
  • mokibonekesha2 October 2016
    The first thing The Bet made me think of was American Pie. it's also similar to Van Wilder and Harold and Kumar. I've noticed a Good To Go Tour poster on the wall and an Army Of Freshmen poster. I'm pretty good at noticing things like that. I don't know if there are more references or not but those are the ones I noticed. This if my first time seeing Chris Jay act. he was good. All in all it was good. It's funny they have a video store baseball team. it's a lot like Harold and Kumar. Chris jay was probably the best part of the whole thing. that and the Army Of Freshmen poster which i thought was pretty cool. i'm pretty good at finding easter eggs so that was fun.
  • This movie had it all. Fresh faces in a teen comedy and old faces that will bring back nostalgia of days gone by. Jokes that remind you of your childhood, scenes that will make you laugh out loud and raunchy humor that will make you question where your life went off the rails. The Bet does well to make you love the protagonists through all of their faults and crazy plots and ideas. Whenever you feel that things couldn't get weirder and funnier, they do. It is a joy to watch how every plan comes together. The Bet delivers on making you remember those times with your friends, doing all of the fun and hilarious things you wish you did. All in all, it was funny, entertaining and most importantly fun! Oh, and the soundtrack was awesome.
  • "American Pie" meets "Van Wilder" with "Porky's" in its soul. They don't make 'em this irreverent anymore. Sex comedies today are often dark and preachy, but "The Bet" manages to capture the spirit of an 80's sex comedy with the heart of a 90's teen comedy. It's a throwback, yes, but it brings jokes that they couldn't dream of getting away with 20 years ago. With solid performances by Alex Klein and Amanda Clayton and great playing-against-type by legendary professional wrestlers Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page and the final on-screen performance of Rowdy Roddy Piper. "The Bet" is the perfect movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon and the worst movie to watch with your parents.
  • Even though this is not a movie I would typically watch, I still enjoyed it. There were a lot of laughs, and it had a good story. And there was also some sweet moments and I really liked the ending. As an independent movie, it was impressive how much they were able to do, you can tell there was a lot of planning. and work that went into making this movie. Just as a warning, there is a lot of crude humor, but it is not stupid, senseless humor. You will laugh, smile, and enjoy this movie. And if you are from Ventura, California, you will see a lot of similar things. This whole movie was filmed in Ventura. Good movie to see! Definitely worth watching!
  • A raunchy comedy that keeps me going from the beginning to the end. Ladies, wrestling stars and S&M have my eyes tearing with laughter. Appearances of the late-great Roddy Piper, Jake The Snake and DDP all giving the movie a fun punch. If the jokes don't get you, the T&A will. Alex Klein delivers a solid performance, and your cheering him on his quest to save his family home. Amanda Clayton combines the girl next door with a sultry smile to keep you glued. Mindy Robinson brings the Girls Girls Girls, rock n roll video maiden element, along with Playboy models Nikki Leigh, and a spectacular pool scene Ali Rose that I'm still wiping the drool from my face. All in all, The Bet is a crowd pleaser that is worth both the time and money. Sit back with some munchies with a friend and enjoy!
  • adammcdmusic25 August 2016
    This is exactly the kind of raw comedy that I love and tells a solid story. They nailed that throwback "Mallrats" vibe with a modern comedy feel. It moves quickly from start to finish with smooth edits and an exciting soundtrack. The edgy jokes push the limits and keep you on the edge of your seat. The actors did an amazing job balancing the ridiculousness, while still holding the story together. That is what makes a movie like this stand out. So cool to see JAKE 'THE SNAKE' ROBERTS. The detail and depth that went into such a funny movie is impressive. There are clever surprises left and right so you will probably find yourself watching repeatedly. I suggest grabbing a bowl of ice cream, stripping down to your unmentionables and take the time to let yourself laugh. Check it out for sure.
  • Denton Baker gets given a bet and has to hook up with every girl he had a crush on from 1st to 12th grade. The story follows Denton over the summer to see him try & complete the bet.

    I heard about this movie a couple of years ago through the writers of the movie Chris & Aaron. Being a huge wrestling fan & hearing that DDP, Tommy Dreamer, Jake Roberts & Roddy Piper would be in a movie instantly caught my attention. There are also cameos from Chuck D & Dian Bachar ( Squeek from Baseketball ) too.

    10 stars, definitely worth a watch & definitely your time.

    PS. Stick around until the end of the movie & catch a photo of Roddy Piper with Aaron & Chris