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  • I enjoyed this fantasy thriller. Well cast, from start to finish. The "psych ward" aspect far exceeded my expectation. Trust and teamwork. Take a moment to enjoy this little gem.
  • It's very strange and catches you off guard with the tail cutting which is graphic and hard to watch. And that's the beginning of the movie but then it gets better. I liked the actress and all the actors for this, I hope I can see this in theater soon. Definitely not what I expected but I would watch again.
  • I was not expecting much, to be honest. but i was pleasently surprised. it isn't the greatest movie of all times, but well worth your time. beautiful story and well acted parts. there is something about mermaids that draws me in. i'm glad a gave this film a chance.
  • I find this film to be unique and impressive work of a very talented team of filmmakers / actors.

    Alexandra Bokova, the actress playing the mermaid, deserves the most accolades. She talked to us without saying a word. Her eyes, her facial and body language express her inner feeling better than words. The actress wonderfully developed her heroine character throughout the movie. In the beginning we see a wild frightened creature. Then we see her as a tremendously suffering half-human near death. But her desire for life exposes her inner strength and she becomes absolutely fearless. At the end of the movie, the actress shows more of a human side in her compassion and camaraderie, yet she remains wild. Great Job. Bravo!

    I applaud the director/screenwriter Jeffrey Grellman for creating a very interesting story and a movie based on it. It is interesting not just as a fable, but for different views people can see in it. One sees it as just a horror movie; the other as a fairy tale. But someone can see it as an allegory for todays life. Today people are fighting to preserve life on our planet. Today the voices to support and defend those who are disadvantaged, humiliated, and abused sound louder than ever.

    Is this movie just about mythical creatures? Or is it about something more? Maybe about us? There are so many aspects, obvious and hidden, that we can discuss after watching this movie. And that makes this script and movie so unique. Congratulations to the actors, director, and the entire team on a job well done for us, the viewers. Thanks.
  • Comment to negative reviewers: This story is made so realistically on the screen that someone started to fact check. Someone was outraged that mermaid's legs grew over 30 days but the tail grew over night. Someone argued that pirates don't use sign language. This movie is a fantasy, a myth. It is not a documentary or a reality show designed to be factual. When we watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean', for instance, we are okay with pirates walking, talking, breathing without oxygen tanks under the water because it is part of the fictional, unrealistic story. Of course, Mermaid Down (only $85K production budget) is much more humble than "Pirates", but is still a great movie. I am a big fan.
  • Like it or not, the movie is getting a lot of attention based on the number of reviewers. IMO, the reason is the odd story plot and the memorable mermaid. I was intrigued.
  • This film was made for only $85k? That's impressive. Exactly what you want from an indie arthouse- strange plot, unique style of filming, witty dialogue. You've got to pay attention in order to follow along because the film moves fast as it answers most of your questions. Opening scene is very clever: from dialogue to the set details it suggests the tone of the directors intent and a deliciously twisted sense of humor. Acting is very strong. The lead actresses entire performance is of a mute. She looks like a mermaid (different and you can't place where she's from). Obviously instantly captivated by her looks, but become emotionally invested through her very strong silent performance (daring on the directors end and impressive on the actresses). Supporting cast is very Girl Interruptedesque and brings lightness to the film. Most memorable of the supporting is the ghost. She barely speaks but also conveys a strong physical performance. Interesting and effective choice on the directors part to keep this duos performances nonverbal. The main nurse gives an honest memorable performance. Good casting. The film has strong feminist/women empowerment tones, good vs evil of human nature, and a feel good ending. I had to watch it twice: lots to unpack in this movie. Overall impressive film, great acting, can't believe the budget so please share links to confirm it.
  • My wife and I watched it. In spite of some disconnected or slow moving scenes, overall we enjoyed the movie.
  • Kinda hard to pull of a story like this without millions of dollars. 10/10 Cinematography. 10/10 Technical for a $85,000 budget (The effects look like Hollywood). 7/10 Acting. 5/10 story (It can get confusing, there's one scene with a huge jump cut out of nowhere, and you're kinda left wondering what happened in between, feels like scenes were cut there). 4/10 Character arc ( I rate this low because you only see the Mermaid and Ghost arcs somewhat, the other characters have no meaning, I want to know who they are, and why they're there). I'm not going to rate this against a major motion production because that would be unfair. I'll give it a 7-8. Wouldn't threw a 9 on it if the story had better flow and pacing. I would recommend it if you want something new, weird, and different. It's not as bad as the rating suggest. Kind of messed up because they did a lot for an indie film. Ultimately the story may have been to big for the budget.
  • I saw the trailer and thought, why not! I'm glad I decided to watch this film! What a good film! This is not just another mermaid story, ha ha. I thought director, Jeffrey Grellman, did a good job in telling the story while moving the film along. I never found myself getting bored which is rare. So bravo, this film get a thumbs up from me.
  • I haven't seen a film like this in a long time. It's unpredictable and I love the girl playing the mermaid. The story really sucks you in like a fairytale only it's kinda dark. The mermaid is actually believable and a very likable character. I wish there was more backstory to her I wanted to see more. The other girls too. You should watch it trust me. The fight scene was weird at times but the end made me cry. Very good 9 stars
  • Reading about the movie on Filmmaker makes me like it more. Otherwise I was confused as to what was happening and why.

    I think it's a little ahead of its time in terms of originality. Admirable but a bit ambitious of writer/director Jeffrey Grellman because the average viewer rejects any new or unusual concepts for the comfort of an expected hollywood flick. This film isn't about a sweet or a killer mermaid but an animalistic, strange creature who hangs out with pirates on her down time. I wish they had more budget to elaborate on all of this. The movie felt a little shorter than I would've wanted.

    The plot is original. After her tail is cut off she grows legs within months and we later discover she knows sign language. This is a fantasy. Mermaids are not real so there isn't a right or wrong on the matter. I thought it was interesting.

    The cast did a great job. I'd like to see more of the mermaid (Alexandra Bokova), who's bold, believable and luring.

    There is a ghost (Meghan Kaiser) who becomes friends with the mermaid, moving as both are likable characters you root for.

    The Dr (Burt Culver) was solid, subtle and eerie, well played. I appreciate that the characters aren't cliches of a mermaid or ghost or the villain. Nothing is overdone, honest performances.

    The girls in the crazy home were diverse, funny and well cast. The nurse (Michell Gallagher) did a fantastic job.

    Great indie film, we need more original and diverse stories. Might not be your favorite thing but definitely an above 7 film. Interesting to see what Grellman does with a reasonable budget.
  • It is a very interesting and captivating story. Good strong acting. My friends and I enjoyed the movie very much.
  • Wow! Nothing like I expected! Kind of unusual but interesting movie. The beginning is a little slow and you have time to decide to continue watching it or not. My suggestion - watch it! Watch it to the end. The mermaid is a real hottie and as soon as she appears the story completely grabs you. I like the movie.
  • Ok... suspend all judgement & just go with this movie. Just remember, it's a fantasy/thriller/horror. Are there some disturbing scenes?... of course. Is some of it fast paced, confusing, unbelievable?... yes! This is what kept us on the edge of our seats until the end! Mermaid Down pretty much will keep all your emotions in overdrive. Love seeing how the relationship between the mermaid & the girls developed... especially the ghost! This one is so "out there" we're going to watch it again.
  • Definitely not your typical mermaid story but is actually a good watch. The film is dark but not in a scary way more of an intense "wtf just happened" way. The mermaid is mesmerizing and gives a solid performance of an otherworldly creature, definitely hot. I actually found the film very entertaining. Great acting. Recommend 👍
  • theresa-5295924 October 2019
    OMG! This is crazy! Crazy good, guys! I love the mermaid and all the girls! I loved the nurse and was worrying for her and with her. Yes, there is a lot of cruelty in this world. But there is a lot of greatness too. And it's always good to have another reminder of that. Love the movie!
  • It's not your Disney singing mermaid looking for a prince. It's a fighter, very hot one though )). Thumbs up to a new mermaid and a cool movie!
  • montyshook20 October 2019
    Amazing film without even considering it was completed for under 100k !!! Wonderful casting and well photographed,. This film will become a cult classic. Give it a chance you might just enjoy it. Hope there's a sequel.
  • This is not your average happy mermaid film. It is much more serious with undertones of an evil scientist trying to exploit and destroy a mythical creature. The movie stands out to me as the mermaid transitions from fear and anger with humans to compassion and support of her fellow patients. The story is captivating and unpredictable - with a bond developing between the mermaid and the ghost. The mutual cooperation and development was a pleasure to experience. Their performance was very strong and set the pace for the other actors.

    The special effects were compelling, especially when considering the budget. The hair stylist for the mermaid did a spectacular job. The mermaid tail, itself, is a piece of art.

    Must see!
  • Restlesssouls20 October 2019
    I enjoyed it, well done movie, great acting, interesting story. Not what I expected at all.
  • Yo, I don't know what yall talking about man this film is HELLA DOPE! I was expecting some princess story and was pleasantly surprised that it's hella sick. Dope acting and The Mermaid is FIRE Shoutout for the diversity!
  • Before watching this movie I read the reviews and was very surprised that some of them, especially very negative, were written before film was even released. I guess those are reviews on some kind of pirated copies. So I'm glad that I watched this movie. I like the film and even would like it to be continued.
  • Was skeptical due to such low ratings. But we were pleasantly surprised. The Mermaid - wow that actress did not come to play! Looking forward to seeing more of her in movies she made it so believable and I think saves the whole movie. Giving it a 10 because it deserves higher rating. My wife and daughter cried at the end. Good story, warning for kids watching though- tail chopping is wild, and there is some nudity but tasteful.
  • stevengaston27 October 2019
    Nice indie flick. Very fast paced, good acting. I like the fact that it's an original idea. Tired of reboots and remakes. I do wish it was longer to explain everything in detail. Possibly learn about the characters more. Also, I see that it was made for what $85,000. Geez, the effects are pretty good for that budget. And the film is shot nicely. I would definitely recommend, not sure why the rating is so low. I liked it. Give it a watch.
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