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  • Red Ezra doesn't glamorize the strippers' milieu in this dramatic slice-of-life video. It's well above-average but seems to have been lost in the porn shuffle. Credits list a 2004 copyright date but IMDb has it slotted as a 2007 release.

    Club features Herschel Savage as emcee/owner at the club, with video beginning in soft-core mode as the girls dance and due lap dances, including big-busted blonde star Kelly Erickson (a wannabe Jenna or Pam).

    "The internet's the wave of the future" is discussed by the gals, who are using live web cams, and in the decade since this was made that certainly has come true. Kelly lives with Tommy Gunn, who watches her masturbate in the first brief sex vignette. He subsequently gets a blow job and humps her.

    Tommy's sister Tasha has had a fight with her boyfriend, and moves in with the star couple, getting a job as waitress at the strip club. Danielle is an ultra-busty stripper who's been fired, but humps the boss to get her job back. There's some soap operatics, lesbian sex and anal sex thrown in the mix, leading to Kelly predictably teaching Tasha the art of the ecdysiast, and the young girl becomes a stripper at the club. Kelly handles the narration, injecting the title sentiment.

    In a non-speaking role, Stephen St. Croix displays his fountain-of-cum specialty. The ins and outs of the Gunn/Erickson relationship lead to a convenient happy ending.

    Not Ezra's best work, but a pro job.