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  • So at the store last week and along with getting Avengers Endgame on Blu Ray I noticed a pretty new action/thriller with Sylvester Stallone and Matthew Modine called Backtrace. But you know something is wrong when the film is less than a year old and the Blu Ray is already in the bargain bin. The film is just a very boring mess that run 82 minutes (without credits) and still could have been at least 20 minutes shorter.

    The plot has a thief (Matthew Modine) and a few other criminals getting shot down by their partners. Modine survives but looses his memory. Seven years later 3 people break him out of a high security facility and put experimental drugs in him. Most of the film is watching Modine have painful flashbacks and looking for bags of money. We get some scenes of Stallone in random cop exposition scenes. But most of the film is just boring scenes of them looking for bags of money. Very little happens in the film. There is two shootout scenes but nothing that exciting. The whole film lacks in every department especially in character development. This is Stallones worst work.
  • A real shame, the worst movie I've seen in 2018....Sly must have needed the money, and he's in the movie at max 50% of it, bad actors, horribly filmed, stupid scenario, what more can I say, he should be ashamed at this stage of his career to participate in junk like that....avoid it and you'd do yourself a favour....
  • The only reason I went to see this is cause I love stallone and I watch every movie he does so I went to see this despite that I knew it's going to be poor from what I heard so far. this time those reviews were right. the movie was not good but it was not crap either. it was just a C- below average flick which will be forgotten soon. problem was the flawed scenario mostly and the acting was not the best either but also we saw that stuff like a million times already. this movie could be passable like 40 years ago. not now. Even stallone if u exclude last like 10 minutes had not been in the movie for more than like.....another 10 minutes. he had a supporting role. not the lead role. Anyways.....if by any chance u wanna check this out I recommend strongly only to rent this movie once or to watch it on tv anyhow. don't waste your time watching this flick in a theater even if u love stallone as stallone don't appear much in the film anyways. it's a C - from me and that cause of stallone mostly.
  • I am not in the entertainment industry, so I don't know how people like Stallone and even Modine would accept to play in something that is obviously crap. People used to respect these guys! I mean, think about the early Stallone stuff and know this is way worse than that. It's a beyond low budget production, only meant to get more money that they put in by dangling the cast in front of people. This is not a movie so bad it is funny, this is not a movie that someone tried to make interesting and failed, this is clearly a scam. It's criminal and every person watching is a victim. It doesn't have a story! I mean it. There is an old amnesiac guy (Modine) to whom some people give an experimental drug to in order to remember where he hid some money. Stallone appears at the beginning and at the end. Nothing happens. Nothing! There are some really bad scenes where people shoot at each other and then the film ends. The editing, the acting, the filming, everything is just bad! You've been warned.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This whole movie was poorly executed A complete waste of money and time. For example you have cops with bullet proof vest getting shot in the vest and dying. You have Sylvester Stalone heading into a gun fight with a pistol against men with machine guns no backup. (Greatest action hero my ass) He comes out without a scratch doesn't even check on his fellow officer at the end and he lets the bank robber walk.
  • I lasted 47 mins, there's only so much a grown man can take 😢
  • I get that amateur writers need to start somewhere, but writer Mike Maples needed to partner up with a seasoned screenwriter for his 2nd-ever film - especially when casting big names, instead of putting Stallone and Modine thru this garbage. The premise of this story did have a chance, but the writing killed it, and very disappointingly so, to say the least.

    Some scenes where outrageously ridiculous and riddled with plot issues. Even some of the dialogue seemed to be written by a 5th grader. I feel bad for Stallone and Modine, I hope they got paid well, as this will not show well on their resumes.

    Then there was that constant overbearing and out of place annoying score... who agreed to that? Had the score been more appropriate (and not so loud and more absent), the film would have showed much better.

    The directing was also nothing to write home about; the camera work was OK in most of the film, but the shaky migraines and some pan shots and zooms were annoying, but I guess director Brian Miller could only do so much with the screenplay he was handed. I also feel he could've directed his cast better, and edited/cut many of the flaws this film had.

    A very generous 6/10 from me, mainly for the story's premise, and because Stallone and Modine carried this film from being a total flop.
  • Formulaic movie that is directed like a TV film with too many close up to hide the lack of sets and pretty bad acting.

    It's sad that a decent actor like Mathew Modine got sucked into this garbage, but even he is a deer in the headlights delivering some of the worst lines in history.

    The movie is slow to a fault and the direction is truly horrendous. The writing is 6th grade.

    You'll be waiting a long time -- nearly a third of the film -- to see Stallone who walks thru his role and man, is he dough face. Too much muscle juice will do that to you.

    His delivery is also rather odd. He sounds like he had a stroke! So strange.

    Please don't bother with this film. I wasted an hour and half watching this garbage.
  • I was expecting more Stallone in this kind of low budget action drama but alas It's more Matthew Modine as a bank robber who lost his memory and there are several people out to find where he hid 20 million dollars. And this was 7 years ago and still Modine is still not remembering. So along comes FBI agent played by Christopher McDonald wanting answers working with cop Stallone. It's a basic story with some surprises.Its not worthy of the one star reviews. But everyone is there own critic, I gave it 5 out of 10 because I thought it was decent but not great. Stallones latest since creed 2. Funny because a few years ago he announced retirement. Ahem a final Rambo movie? Expendables 4? Not this old dog. I expect Stallone will be in a few more movies maybe till he's 100 . Rocky at the retirement home.Teaching boxing ? Just a thought.
  • mikesnppr14 December 2018
    Pretty generic plot with no real surprises, nothing we haven't seen many times before and even though the runtime is pretty short, less than 1h30m, nothing very interesting or engaging is really happening most of the time. The bulk of the interesting action happens in the first 10 minutes and then the last 10 minutes the rest simply felt like a padding. I am surprised Stallone chose to appear in this.
  • Well, I made 29 minutes! What a waste of £3 this rental was. I knew it wasn't going to be an Oscar winner but man alive, this isn't good. Stallone and Modine were pretty ok but the rest of the cast were awful. Most of the female actresses looked like they had the old big lip treatment (eeek) and most were terrible at acting. Rather wooden! Finally, Stallone was so sun tanned, he looked Arabic! your money and time!
  • Brain staibilze vision. You dont have shaky vision if you are normal. No need to shake camera when someone run . I mean so low budget. Even if u are in car and offroading you dont get those shakes like movie presented. Idiotic
  • Plazeebo15 December 2018
    Brian Miller has directed quite a few films, but none of them ever scored above 6 on IMDB. Why Stallone would agree to star in a film he directs is beyond me. It's absolutely terrible.

    The script is horrible. The cinematography is awful. The acting is stiff. The music is just random notes.
  • If you don't have anything else to do this may be an option. Gunshot scenes were weird, guys missing dozens of shots, pretty generic. What was that Sykes character all about?There were few scenes with him and most of them are irrelevant or without depth. Actually if I look to all the other characters, there's no depth, nothing. Oh, and the end of the movie was also pretty generic, I've seen some people that said the ending was good, really??
  • What a terrible movie but for Sly Stalone to appear in this muck and other A list actors doing similar belies the, "It's all about the art" argument actors spout. In a world where A list actors are doing TV advertisements, heretofore work that was left for actors who had a bad time making a living from acting, proves to me "It's all about the money" and these A list actors are part of the GAA, Grab All Association, in other words they will do anything for money and to hell with the art.
  • Watched this as I thought big stars can't be all that bad , well I was wrong , terrible plot , bad cardboard acting and that was from everyone in this film , don't waste your time and money on this one .
  • After watching this, all that I can advise you to do, is to watch one of the Good Police Programmes, that you get on your T.V. Giving a 2 star rating, is being fairly generous. The Acting, if you can call it that, especially by Stallone, was that "Wooden", you may as well used a Ventriloguist's Dummy. This type of acting, you may expect from, a very bad drama student, but for Major Stars, not acceptable in any way. If you had to choose, between a walk in the rain, or this movie, "Take the walk in the rain".
  • Bad acting, no production value, bad direction and all in all the money was spent with Stallone, and even then the producers didn't get their money's worth.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Fortunately stallone only had a few lines. The script is poor, the plot very weak. The story of memory loss recovered , hidden loot found , prison break, family reunited, pension scandal (never resolved ), corrupt cops is not very original, not made believable and rather dull. All in all, not entertaing.
  • nebk16 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Most of the other reviews have said this but it needs to be reiterated: this movie is awful. It has a weak story, terrible dialogue and is badly directed with an unexceptional and cheap sounding music score.

    The main premise is that a bank robber (Modine) who was shot in the head is the only one who knows where 15 million dollars from a bank robbery is hiden after his two partners were doble crossed and killed. Seven years after the heist, he is sprung from a prison mental hospital by his two sons who give him an injection that helps him retreive his memories in order to find the cash. There is a shoot out with the corrupt feds who were behind the robbery and the heroic local cop (Stallone) takes them all out. Then he lets the robber leave with the money and the surviving members of his family because apparently seven years in the mental hospital was enough punishment for the robber. After all he was doing it all for his family.

    The ammount of plot-holes in this movie are unbelievable. Why did the corrupt feds shoot the robbers and not find out where the money is first? How is it that one of the sons of the surviving robber managed to get a job in the prison hospital without anyone knowing? How did the other son impersonate a patient in order to help the escape. Where did they get the miracle memory retrieving drug? Why do the bad guys all go down and presumably die when Stallone shoots them in their bulletproof vests? Why does everyone have selective hearing when they conveniently don't hear approaching cars or shouting? And there are so many more but I'm getting bored of remembering a movie i finished watching 15 minutes ago. That's how memorable it is.

    Overall the characters are so thin they might as well be see through and the movie is dumb with a weak story, even weaker dialogue and completely wastes the actors it has. Avoid it at all costs.
  • v-dannyn19 January 2019
    Wowhhhh, the worst movie I have ever seen...,bad acting, no script, was it Stallone or a dummy robot ?
  • GladtobeGrey24 January 2020
    I see there isn't a 'goofs' section for this movie - because there are too many to list maybe? And, please, I know mandatory retirement is not a requirement in most professions in the USA, but a 72-year-old cop (Stallone)? Do me a favour.
  • It would take all your fingers and toes to count the action films starring Bruce Willis and Ah-nold in the mass-video / mass-streaming ere that seriously had absolutely no business getting made. Now, with this sad excuse for a film, Sly tosses his hat into the ring of the paycheck-whoring of action star credentials by playing a cop who sort-of lingers around as a plot facilitator for 80 minutes and then plays Rambo with a handgun for the last 10 minutes.

    If you can imagine a mash up of "Reservoir Dogs" (without the flashbacks and character development, and it sucked), "A Simple Plan" (with the ethical conundrums reduced to three lines of easily missed dialogue), peppered together with a grab bad of cliche "local cops good; FBI bad" plot twists (not very twisty), and on top of that, there is the mind-enhancing drug angle (although if you were expected "Limitless", don't. Think "The Jacket" done with over-the-top shaky-cam and the director basically telling Mathew Modine, "Grab your head and scream like your in pain", and rather than suspenseful pacing and the tense overtones of a mad scientist in a sanitarium, expect three minor characters who basically want loot.)

    Together the minor characters and Mr. "My Brain Hurts" Modine visit three locations from the past to trigger memories. We're not talking about places with any action, or places where anything mysterious or particularly captivating gets revealed. Think of an empty house or a vacant lot, jazzed up with lots of shaky-cam. And every time, the catalyst for building tension in the story is the same -- someone shows up and asks what they are doing there. Wow. What an action movie.

    The film sandwiches it's "action" between two over-the-top shoot out's that are completely ridiculous. I mean laughable. The kind of shootouts where there's a 10 minute fire-fight, and when it's over, rather than collect the guy who knows where the money is stashed (who, by the way, they've been shooting to kill), the bad guy suddenly says, "We've got to get out of here", and they just leave. That bad. But the most ridiculous thing is Sly's hair. I don't know whether to long for the days of convention spray-on hair darkening effects, or call for the resurrection of Sean Connery's toupe, but Stallone's hair looks like it was photo-shopped by a 9-year-old using an iPad. I'm mildly suspicious they also tried to photoshop a crease down the middle of Mathew Modine's forehead. That would be odd. Maybe the director thought it added more realism to his perennial scene: my head hurts!
  • dwdroidx17 December 2018
    Don't waste your time on this one. Just bad from the beginning, low budget.
  • Just rubbish, just like a bad b film Slow and very badly shot. A waste of time
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