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  • Warning: Spoilers
    From start to the end, this movie will take you a roller coaster ride of emotions, comedy, drama, etc. Every bit of the movie has been crafted like a masterpiece. The music and the background score are one of the most amazing part of the movie. Acting by lead cast as well as supporting actors were like a charm. The movie's cinematography is like you have never seen or expected in Gujarati movie.

    But the main element which makes the 'BEY YAAR' movie a must watch movie is its dialogues. They will make you laugh and cry. The "Bey Yaar" movie is one of the best movies I have watched from quite some time now. If you don't believe me, just watch the movie you will surely think that too.
  • Well I'm a Gujarati but still when I went to see this movie I was in quite dilemma whether this movie will hold onto my expectations or not, or whether the Gujarati cinema has what it takes to make a mainstream movie?

    But then when the movie began it just took me by surprise- right from the titles to the excellent background score to the perfect lyrics... It all stood well more than my expectations...

    So all this aside, the movie is superb... Abhishek Jain has learnt the art of storytelling extremely well... And the powerful cast with their power packed acting performance made this whole movie experience just perfect!

    Even if you are not Gujarati I would suggest you to watch this film because it is also available in subtitles print... So watch it and know what Gujarati culture is all about :)
  • It's just amazing to see a Gujarati Movie made with such high standards. It breaks the barrier between the mainstream cinema and the regional cinema. Every actor was superb. Abhishek Jain, keep it up. The man is not afraid of trying and fixing things. Darshan Jariwala, Prateek Gandhi and Amit Mistry are fantastic actors and the music made me feel proud. Direction, location and the fun in the movie grips you to the Theatre chair. The background score is fabulous and goes with the flow of the movie. The Cinematography is absolutely superb and so it the editing. The plot and screenplay was neat and tidy. The dialogues are commendable and so is the use of language Gujarati.

  • After "Kevi Rite Jais" i went in with some expectations all of them were fulfilled. Right from the Storyline to the Casting, these guys have made a pleasant Roller Coaster ride. There are movies where you check your watch to know how much you have to endure and then there is this movie which i would not get tired of watching even double the length.

    Actors were right on the spot, underneath the skin of their characters. Relationship of Father and Son was the heart of the story which is commendably supported by friendship of 3 guys and whole shoot had very ethical local taste in to it. There are plenty of moments where you have license to laugh loud at the same time there are moments of fear where you just pray for a character. I didn't really find loopholes anywhere, this is a flawless story of a common neighborhood where at the end you stand up clapping with a smile on your face thinking to book one more show next weekend.
  • Super star cast, locations in the movie are awesome, dialogues & songs are very heart touching...

    Acting is really superb, awesome.

    I really expect this type of movie from the Gujarati Cinema....

    I proud that after very long time very fantastic movie from Gujarati Cinema released and it is very good..

    Keep it up and don't miss to watch this superb Gujarati movie.

    I can't imagine that very high class performance given up by Gujarati cinema.

    I think all the cinemas of Gujarat state will have to release this awesome movie and will make some events to attract the people to watch this very good movie...
  • I expected high because of director's past movie 'kevi rite jaish', and I was really glad to see, that my expectations were fulfilled.

    It is a story about three best friends; one painter and other two desperate to earn money. Story is about how two tries to earn fast money and gets troubles in their way, and some sharp sarcasms on the typical thinking way of Gujarati people, which are brilliant! Story is good; script is too good. Acting by all are fabulous, and watching Amit Mistry in a comic role is brilliant! Music is also brilliant as the music director are Go Goa Gone fame Sachin-Jigar duo.

    Movie is a pure delight as technically and cinematically.This is a commercial cinema but not a typical one! This is a movie which every gujarati people should watch compulsory as for its content and for the sake of supporting this type of magnificent gujarati cinema.

    And I'm sure that it will be delight to watch for non-gujarati people too, as a good cinema does not contain the language as a barrier.
  • I am pure Gujju guy but I never seen any Gujarati movie in theater as I was under impression that Gujarati movies are lacking in strong concept and strong direction. But I was wrong when I went to see this movie.

    This movie can give fight to any movie released in India irrespective to any language. It is full of comedy, drama and tragedy. It is the best movie ever created in history of Gujarati Cinema.

    Bunch of new actors have created this masterpiece with their tremendous performance. If you are true Gujju, you should not miss this movie. I bet that you will get 100% entertainment for your tickets.

    It's going to be a new era for Gujarati film industry. Now time has come to move from Bollywood to Gollywood.

    Hats off to all talented actors of this movie and salute to Director and his team.

    Three cheers for entire team of "Bey Yaar"

    Hip Hip Hooray !!

    Hip Hip Hooray !!

    Hip Hip Hooray !!
  • Normally Gujarati movies are very bad , all old kind of stories and very bad songs. but now wind is changing in cinema and movies like kevi rite jaish and bey yaar has proved that we can make good Gujarati movies.

    Bey yaar is movie for friendship , and people who do all things to make someone happy. 2 friends are so desperate to make money so they do something which they should not do and they try to revert it back and they got success at last.

    Story is powerful and you don't feel it is lacking something or very slow, it is very rich and all the things are happening at right time. Biggest point of movie is Dialogue , they are wonderful and its reflecting of our day to day life and they are very rich in content. Songs are good too, wish we had some more. Cinematography is Really beautiful , we have all Ahmedabad covered in this movie and many famous places are covered too.

    I give this movie 10/10 and this is new generation movie in gujrati cinema, and we should appreciate this so that many more come alive.
  • Absolutely brilliant direction, lovely music, intensive emotions, comedy, dialog and above all power-packed acting and performance!!

    Divyang Thakkar is outstanding in his second Gujarati film. I watched him in Kevi Rite Jais. He is simply best. The actor has captured attention of many people. And as always, Darshan Jariwala and Manoj Joshi has given power packed performance with their own experience of years!!

    Every Gujju should watch this movie in theater for the motivation of people who are taking Gujarati movies to another level.

    I'm sure you will simply feel proud for being gujarati when you come out of thetheater!!

    Bey Yaar su movie banavi chhe!!! ek dumb faadoo.. mani gaya boss!!
  • Bey yaar is based on story of friendship of two friends(Chintan and Tapan, they are best friends). after "Kevi rite jaish" Abhishek Jain Come up with really a great movie. Chintan role played by Divyang Thakkar where as Tapan role played by Prateek Gandhi. Darshan Jariwala,Manoj Joshi who are senior gujarati artist have played their role very good in the movie. Amit Mistry has played role of Prabodh Gupta which is really interesting character of the movie I would say you will enjoy him. you will find famous places of Ahmadabad in the movie. Bey yaar title track is really good one.

    worth to watch "Bey Yaar". Just Go and enjoy.
  • The movie is about two guy wanted to make it big. You will find these guys in any city of India with the dreams of Big house in famous area and club membership.

    The essence of the movie was the local touch of Gujarati essence like Chintan (Chako), Tapan (Tapo) or Jigi. Every Gujju know how their name becomes like this !!!

    Brilliant writing, editing & some place great direction scene.

    Some special moment of visual ( when Chako & Tapo talks on phone and background has the half part of their photo respective)

    or to show the what exactly the Art is, with brilliance of Darshan Jariwala who explain the Art where is there is discussion about Modern Art and then directional acumen when the center point of movie the Painting is shown with silhouette of Darshan Jariwal or Divyang Chako character explain the situation in Gujarati to foreigner.

    In End Great work Abhishek Jain with story telling, music, editing and writing.

    Cheers !!!
  • user-106-14296513 September 2014
    It was an excellent movie .I am actually not fond of Gujarati movies but as I heard a lot about this movie I gave it a try and it was worth my money. This movie shows us the value of true friendship and also shows that friendship cannot be exchanged or compared with money. This movie is a spectacular combination of comedy and drama. Each character of the movie did a great job. So one must surely give this movie a try. The director once again showed up his skill. Even the songs were great. The movie will literally make you cry.But I am shocked that this movie has not earned the fame it deserved. According to me it should be released in different languages in theater so that the people start watching such movie and the real gems does not stay back.
  • i have never seen movie like this whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood movie.

    even i have never tried to write a comments or review like this before. so i am very happy to see this movie... a must watch movie... not as i am a Gujarati but as a Indian... i am happy to see like this movie...... all actors have done fantastic job in this film and a story of this film is like (speechless) awesome.... as a Gujarati i want to tell you that

    please promote this movie as much as possible. because this shows our culture....
  • Full marks to ‪#‎BeyYaar‬ and its team

    Very nicely written by Bhavesh Mandalia and Niren Bhatt

    Each and every character well placed And everyone has done great job

    Superb music by Sachin-Jigar

    Beautifully directed by Abhishek Jain

    I think it should be re-made in Hindi or at least dubbed version should released for rest all :)

    A must must must watch for every Gujarati, and for rest all if you are a cinema lover.

    Go watch it!
  • Really..An awesome movie after 'Kevi Rite Jaish' from Abhisek Jain having hands in hand with Divyang thakkar..Had one pleasant surprise after movie.....Star cast reached to theater after movie and told about how this movie has been made and wanted feedback from Audience which was obviously overwhelming.

    Though this is initially released in Mega cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat,Rajkot but they want to keep spreading into all cities of Gujarat and make each to gujarati watch this film.

    During visit, Abhisek Jain told that 'if this film isn't released to your nearest theater then you as Audience can make theater owner to release in theater if minimum 5 people request to theater owner(It kind of rule or something, he added)'.Then they will to contact 'beyy yaar team and will have to ask for print to release. So, if you are curious to see movie reach out to your nearest theater and make a request if it hasn't been released yet.

    Kudos to all the team members of 'Bey Yaar'..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Story: "BEY YAAR" features the story of Chako (Chintan) and Tiniyo (Tapan) and their friendship. They are two fast friends who wish to earn money via the easy and short route, sans too much hardwork. But things have never been easy that way, and soon they are in a soup. How they get out of it, learning from the bitter experiences is all what "BEY YAAR" is about.

    Performances: The acting by all the actors is superb. As Chaka, Divyang Thakkar is once again in fine form after Kevi rite jaish. He is particularly good in the emotional scenes. I still feel though that a shaven look would suit his character better. (Lol)

    His yaar Tiniyo is played by Pratik Gandhi and he is perfect. With some flawless acting and a cute face, he is too good. However, the veteran actors steal the show. As the bad guy, Manoj Joshi is simply brilliant. This is a role he sleepwalks through. But he does even that with elegance. It is a pleasure to watch this versatile actor act.

    But the star of the film is Darshan Jariwala. As Chaka's father, he is simply outstanding. Be his comic timing in the alcohol scene or his emotional outburst just prior to the interval, he is mindblowing. This film wouldn't have been the same without him.

    Amit Mistry as Prabodh Gupta / Pranav is another flawless show. He is smooth, hilarious and perfectly cast.

    Kavin Dave as the 3rd yaar is awesome. As the narrator, he is perfectly cast and a crucial character in the movie.

    Direction: Direction by Abhishek Jain is pitch perfect. He directs every scene like its the last scene he is going to direct. No words can describe his direction in this movie.

    Music: Sachin – Jigar's debut Gujarati outing is just superb. With just four songs, they still play a huge huge role in making the movie so good. All 4 songs are perfectly placed, appearing apt and never out of place. There is no unnecessary song, and the 2 versions of the title song stay with you long after the movie has ended. The background score of the film is another major plus point. It is very well done.

    The last word: To sum up, "BEY YAAR" is a fantastic movie. It once again proves to the entire film industry that Gujarati films are not to be taken lightly. It is well made, has a solid story, has some great acting and music, and is thoroughly entertaining. It shows friendship the way it happens in Gujarat. It shows family life the way it happens in Gujarat. In short, it is something everyone can relate to. It had me longing to go on a bike ride with my best friend and click a SELFIE.

    Take a Bow guys!!!
  • its an awesome movie..

    A Must watch movie for all Gujarati People.

    Awesome acting by everyone.

    Excellent direction and choreography..

    10 is not enough to rate this movie.

    Full of emotions and comedy i will watch this movie again and again.

    the movie is superb... Abhishek Jain has lear the art of storytelling extremely well... And the powerful cast with their power packed acting performance made this whole movie experience just perfect!

    Even if you are not Gujarati I would suggest you to watch this film because it is also available in subtitles print... So watch it and know what Gujarati culture is all about :)
  • dhvani-apurva9 September 2014
    Hi Abhishesk Jain,

    I'm a big fan of your movies!! You are making excellent movie. You have totally changed Gujarati cinema. You are rocking!!! I'm very happy for that. You are making perfect movie. Before your movie I never liked Gujarati movies. But after watching your movie, I am very happy. Your movies are full of entertainment!!!

    Keep making good movies. We are always with you. I love to watch your movie.I have also watched your movie "Kevi Rite Jais" for 3 times. I love that movie.The casting, story, songs, music is excellent in your movie. You have the real sense of making perfect movie. As a Gujarati, I'm proud of you. May god give you all success... God bless you!! Congratulations again making a perfect movie "Bey Yaar"!!!

    Can you please tell me how can I watch this movie in USA.? As per my search I didn't find this movie here. Is there any way to watch this movie? I very excited to watch this movie. So, please let me know.

    Jay Garavi Guajarat!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are Gujarati , you must watch this movie, even non Gujarati,from Gujarat finds it mind blowing. great story, great acting and awesome chemistry of actors. Totally team work. you will not find any of frame from movie like old Gujarati movies. songs gonna be place in my playlist. Manoj joshi, Darshan Jariwala, Amit Mistry ohh my god, soo much Gujarati Bollywood actors in a single Gujarati movie, Treat for you eyes. both the lead actors will be remember like "Tiniyo- " and last lines in Gujarati,"jene bey yaar maani nathi, e game te hoi, Gujarati nathi".

  • Not a huge Gujarati movie fan neither watching them many but this is one hell of a movie with tremendous acting and super sporty script. Par from your all expectations this movie will let your minds blown and i bet you all will laugh hard. Never been so amazed by any Gujarati movie, but this my friends is a movie worth a million watch. If you are looking for full throttle laugh and perfect acting, this is the right movie for you. I can see now that this sector of Gujarati movies and traditional way of expressing, will definitely gain huge platform if they continue to perform like this. In a nutshell, don't wait for a minute and just watch it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once You start watching the Movie you will be totally immersed in the Movie without thinking about the language. The Dialogues are the BEST part of the Movie. Story projection, screen play are so gripping that you find the Film on par with the best of Hindi cinema films like 3idiots.Hats off to the DIRECTOR for 2 consecutive super gripping fantastic film. YOU LEVEL IS TO THE LIKES OF "RAJKUMAR HIRANI" ....(Please maintain though). I guess you have the potential of being the great director in Hindi cinema as Well. All the actors play the best Part to their potential best and are so convincing that you forget each and every known actor (which are few though). All have equal role n footage.
  • "Bey Yaar" is one of the finest Gujarati Films of all times...

    The story is based on the friendship of two youngsters, which ways through the different paths of their lives. Desire for becoming millionaires overnight put them in a big trouble. How they managed to pass through that and found the solution is the core of the story. The story-line is well nourished which doesn't leave you bored at any moment. The playback music is very appropriate according to the plot/scene. Acting of all actors seem to be mature which make us feel the REEL as REAL. Comedy factor is present in a considerable amount to make us laugh frequently. The day-to-day conversation style is used in dialogues so that major mass of Gujarati Audience can easily be connected with the film. If the same film had been released in Bollywood just with Hindi Subtitles, it would have proved to be Indian Blockbuster of the year. Long Story Short, JUST GO FOR IT...!!!
  • Best movie ever created in Gujarati film era.. All characters perform rocking roll.. Dialogs are awesome in movie.. After the success of his debut film, Kevi Rite Jaish, Abhishek Jain announced that his second film will be titled Bey Yaar and it will be about "strength of friendship". Announcing the cast, Abhishek Jain mentioned that the writer of OMG – Oh My God! and national award winner, Bhavesh Mandalia will be co- writing the film[2] and composer duo Sachin– Jigar will compose the music for the film. The cast included veteran Gujarati theater and Hindi cinema actors like Darshan Jariwala, Amit Mistry among others.[3] Manoj Joshi and Kavin Dave will be making their debuts in Gujarati movies.[4]

    Don't miss this movie friends.. It's fully entertaining..
  • guptarebant11 December 2020
    I was running out of movies to watch then i came across this movie. What an amazing movie with such original actors. Where Bollywood doesn't allow them, but they excel through these movies.
  • saqlainahmed-9943717 October 2020
    This movie has portrayed how valuable the bond b/w friends is - selfless and true love.... I don't want to give any spoilers... Just stop reading any review and just go n watch it..... Also the Movie teaches us not find shortcuts to wealth.
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