Mr. Husain gifted a painting to chaiwala in reallife. The original painting made by M. F. Hussain is put at lucky tea stall near lal darwaja in ahmedabad.

Gujarati poet Tushar Shukla appeared as a guest in a role of artist M. F. Hasan.

A special "Laabhuma" ringtone was created for film.

A painting in film is credited to M. F. Hasan who is based on great Indian artist Makbul Fida Hussain.

Gujarati columnist and talk show host Jay Vadavada appeared as himself and talk show host in TV clip shown to Y B Gandhi (Manoj Joshi).

The several parts of film was shot at sets erected at Gujarat College in Ahmedabad.

Actress Samvedna Suwalka is a medical graduate in real life. She later chose acting career.

After release of the film, Director Abhishek Jain published a book 'Aa to just vaat chhe'. The book is about how he created new wave of gujarati cinema and the making of Film Bey yaar. Aarti Patel was co writer and she also plays a role in movie.

The conman posing as Godman, Laabhuma , was based on real life conman Ashok Jadeja who cheated people in Ahmedabad by posing as Goddess, Mataji. Later he was arrested by Gujarat Police.

The director of film, Abhishek Jain, did a cameo as a documentary director Dev in the film, interviewing Jitubhai (Darshan Jariwala)