Madeline: You wanna have sex again?

Kevin: What! No.

Madeline: I know that look.

Kevin: No.

Madeline: You're tenacious.

Kevin: Not interested.

Madeline: You mean you've never ever wanted to fuck a starfish?

Kevin: This is the least attractive thing I've seen you do.

[Madeline moves her tongue in and out]

Kevin: Ugh.

Kevin: You write really nicely.

Madeline: How would you know that?

Kevin: That suicide note really flowed.

Madeline: It's mostly bumper sticker wisdom, you know. I have a gift.

Dr. Newman: I need you to go to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, pour a mug three quarters full, then you fill the rest with whiskey, and you need like a teaspoon of brown sugar in it, alright?

Kevin: What! You want me to make an irish coffee?

Dr. Newman: Whipped cream would be fantastic.


Dr. Newman: Go.

[Kevin leaves. He looks at Madeline from top to bottom]

Dr. Newman: Well, she's got great feet.

Dr. Newman: Listen, you just gotta keep her awake all night. You're gonna be fine, okay? You got this.

[Puts his right fist up]

Dr. Newman: Okay, that's a fist bump. You failed.

Madeline: Hey, he seduced both of us.

Kevin: Yeah. Except, I only let him fuck me once. TWICE, if you count the one time I let him finish in my mouth.

Madeline: AH! OH!

Kevin: I had to. He's my boss.

Madeline: Yeah. It was a wise business decision.