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  • The stories told in this series are heart-warming. I realize that isn't edgy enough or dangerous enough for some people, but when you get tired of watching bloodshed and meaningless violence, you will appreciate this show. The stories are well-written, and generally well-paced. They take you all over, in the sense that they solve mysteries and reunite people and discover secrets and do not follow a "murder of the week" sort of formula.

    The main themes of the episodes are love, friendship, respect. One reviewer referred to this show as "housewifey", which is insanely patronizing, but what he probably meant is that it doesn't have any bimbos jiggling their naked boobs for the camera and isn't bloodthirsty enough for his "masculine" taste. And it's not, so if you must exist on a strict diet of sex and violence, skip this show.

    The main characters are more nerdy than they are glamorous, but since when is the entire world made up of models? They rely on their brains, decency, teamwork, and perseverance to get the job done. We haven't seen characters like Rita and Norman in any show that I know of (Rita has her Sheldon Cooper moments but she is a much nicer person). I find the inevitable falling in love of Oliver and Shane to be predictable, but that's OK too; watching their story unfold is very enjoyable.

    The acting is good. I enjoy the work of actors who can get across an emotion or idea with only a facial expression.

    There isn't much laugh-out-loud comedy on the show. It is certainly charming and will make you smile rather than laugh. Occasionally I have small criticisms of how specific matters are done in the show. For example, I thought that when Oliver and Shane were locked in the bank vault with the young banker, it was a bit of a cop-out to have the young man take a nap to make room for the private letter-reading between Oliver and Shane. However, these things are probably just growing pains, and no doubt if given the chance, this show will mature.
  • After watching the new Hallmark series, "When Calls the Heart", I wondered if "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" would be able to fulfill the same level of entertainment. I can truly say that this show DOES fulfill the same entertainment level! My family and I truly look forward to watching this series each week. Once again, we are thrilled with the family series Hallmark has come out with recently.

    "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" has a wonderful cast of actors/actresses who are ALL very talented and it is very noticeable as you watch each week. Together, they form a unique and quirky cast, each with their own standout personalities in the show. The show also offers equally entertaining and very recognizable special guest stars each week that really add a lot to the shows, such as Carole Burnett, Valerie Harper, Della Reese, etc. - all great stars from the past.

    The story lines basically follow a mystery each week that is solved by the end of each show. Romance is also blossoming in the office which adds more intrigue to the show each week. Also, the thoughtful story lines never fail to give a good lesson each week about what is REALLY important in life!

    THANK YOU, HALLMARK for providing another decent family series to the 21t century and giving people what they have been missing! This show is another winner in my opinion!
  • I love this program! Finally something that doesn't have the "F" word in it and actually speaks about God. It is a lesson in dedication, trust, honesty, faith, and good morals. Those who don't like the program probably do not recognize those values when they see them. The are too into themselves and their electronic gizmo's. I am glad to see that sending a handwritten letter or card is valued. If you have ever received one you know how great it can be to get mail and be cheered that someone actually took the time out of their busy life to send you a personal note and message. It is not cheesy; it is a matter of respect. Respect that comes from the heart and is spread to other people. We have too many let's race shows, talent shows and way too many cop shows that show the seedy side of life. Give me the time when kids were a little sheltered and loved instead of picking up tips from TV on how to shoot out their school, or work place. Give me a time when employees were valued not just seen as commodity to shareholders of large corporations. This show is about honor in doing your best in helping others and changing lives. High five's to the writer, the cast and all involved in this terrific program. Best wishes for a long run!
  • I just finished watching the second episode and came here to read more about this wonderful and heart warming show. I was disheartened by the former reviewer's take on it and felt I needed to create an account to say I couldn't disagree more with his summary.

    First, and foremost, thank you Hallmark Channel for your creation of one of the best new shows in a very long time. In the sea of shows depicting violence, inciting paranoia and fear, and highlighting the disconnect of our humanity, this show stands FAR above them all.

    The empathy and compassion, which is so well portrayed by the writers and cast, has been sadly lacking for too long. Yes, it may likely bring tears but, it will also leave you with hope that these qualities still exist.

    If your looking for edge, mass murders, end of the world drama and destruction, or a glaring representation of a lack of value and morals, this show probably isn't for you. However, if you want a story which you can sit and watch with your family I couldn't recommend this show more highly.

    Thank you again Hallmark Channel.
  • MennoMan8 June 2014
    With so many No-Value lost in reality shows, Re-Make NCIS and ridiculous shows posing as family and filled with profanity and sexual innuendo.... this show stands out as pure family.

    The fact is this is one of the best family oriented show for adults on TV. After reviewing the other show presented you are left with one choice.. This is ashamed since family value shows use to be the standard. The days of Hallmark style shows are not gone... Hey, how about bringing back a show like Bonanza? Believable old west characters facing challenges and adventure with a spark of romance.

    Just me, but this is refreshing TV... FINALLY.
  • diana_fisher11 October 2014
    In these days with so much of our viewing taken up with every manifestation of bad taste, lewdness and horrid evils, I prefer anything based on decency. I prefer Walt Disney movies to most of what is broadcast today. When I am not watching a Hallmark broadcast, I am watching reruns of old sitcoms.

    I can usually trust anything I see on Hallmark - though I always check content first. I like the twist of humor, and the element of hope in this series. I like the characters. The decency factor comes before "expertise" for me, so, yes, I am enjoying this series about lost letter detectives. If it were too realistic it would probably fall outside my sensitivities and I would not watch it. From a technical aspect, the music doesn't drown out the dialogue as it does in so many Hallmark movies. To everyone involved, thanks for decent entertainment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really love this show; I will say if you're looking for a realistic portrayal of life in a post office - that's not the purpose of this show. What the post office does offer is a creative backdrop; the characters are slightly quirky - not quirky in a scary, or disrespectful way but quirky in that they seem almost from another time; a time when gentleness, decency and respect were commonplace - not quirky.

    The episode involving the bank vault and the love letters was IMO a work of art. First it highlighted the lost art of letter writing; the words in this episode conveyed as much emotion as any canvas I've seen. And then there's the developing relationship between Oliver and Shane; it was amazing the feelings that are demonstrated by restraint.

    And that is one reason I enjoy this show; it shows true and pure emotion. I hate to resort to describing a show by what it is not but where so many series rely on visual cues to stimulate us with lust, passion, and sex, Signed, Sealed, Delivered relies on words and acting to remind us of the human capacity for love, compassion and concern.

    There are accents of humor, enough to enhance flavor; but the meat of the show is our characters' weekly foray into finding the right thing to do; relying an man's innate ability to know right, even when it isn't in the rules.
  • tammysack5 May 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was scrolling down the TV schedule when this caught my why "What's this?" I said with curiosity in my mind. I clicked on the first episode and immediately knew that I would love this show!

    The main thing that got me hooked was Eric Mabius (I have seen Ugly Betty a lot) I just saw him and exclaimed "THAT'S DANIEL!". Anyway, I really really enjoyed the first episode it was very heartwarming and made me feel really happy. I liked the hook at the beginning where the little boy was posting the letter then was like "My names not Owen." I like the relationship between the characters as-well and I like Shane and Olivers relationship. I loved the dance scene at the end.

    The second episode had me in tears and I just love the lengths the Postal guys go at to finding these people for the senders it's all just very heartwarming and I really hope that anyone thinking about watching this show gives it a shot because it's really great!

    I gave this show an 8 because it's funny, inspirational, heartwarming, filmed well and so much more! (I don't write reviews a lot so sorry if this is bad.)
  • luv3n816 June 2014
    I absolutely love this show. I am a Hallmark lover, a romantic lover, a God lover, and this show is wonderful to me. I love that is moves methodically. I love Eric Mabius. I watched him in "Ugly Betty". I'm so glad to see him here. I think his acting is great. He has such a sweet and yet serious side which works so well with Kristin's Booth's character. Who doesn't love this type relationship? I am amazed at the transformation of Crystal Lowe. Look at her pictures, she is dominating this character. I love the character Norman. The actors that have visited are infectious. You never know. I love that it has taken wonderful actors and made them into the perfect actors for this show. Please, please, please renew! There are a million "dead" letters I am sure! Thanks Hallmark Channel for showing it!
  • I have been watching this show and I must say, it is very good. In the beginning, it was confusing and kind of slow. Now the Signed, Sealed, Delivered has found its stride. Eric Mabius is reserved and dry; however, he is coming to life more and more. Every show is different and a real adventure. When it seems like there is no way to find out where a letter, package, etc. goes, the team gathers intel and makes the delivery happen. It does not stop there, the workers at the U.S.P.S. Dead Letter office goes further than just making the delivery, they help people find closure. Too bad my local post office does not function properly; I ordered some postage stamps through the mail and the post office lost the stamp order. Oliver (Eric Mabius)is the leader and restraint of the Dead Letter Office. Shane (Kristin Booth) is the heart and life of the show. Rita (Crystal Lowe) is a real babe, that is a living knowledge machine / computer. Norman (Geoff Gustafson) has his eyes on Rita; he is starting to fade away. This show is great and I will continue to watch it.
  • I absolutely love this show and am very disappointed that Hallmark haven't made another series. It is nice to have a series that harks back to some of the more innocent values of shows such as Highway to Heaven and Little House on the Prairie.

    The story lines are great and you really get to love the characters. All the actors are very good, whether they are regulars or guests. It was fun to see Valerie Harper in a couple of episodes as we used to love watching Rhoda.

    Seriously, if you like good solid acting and feel good story lines this is the show for you.

    Please, please Hallmark make another series!
  • strawberry-150624 January 2016
    I find this show entertaining and inspiring. There has not been one episode or movie of this show that I have watched that did not bring tears to my eyes. I love Oliver O'Toole. His character speaks to my heart like no other. Eric Mabius is a tremendous actor. I truly find his portrayal of Oliver to be incredible. The rest of the cast is wonderful and I appreciate each and every story and how it impacts each member of the Postables. I enjoy seeing the growth and continuous development of these characters. The lessons learned and the connections they develop teach the rest of us along with them. Please, please keep this show going. It truly makes people feel good. Thank you!
  • First lets off by talking about HQna's horrendous review. First, he shows he dislikes the show because the male lead is "religious/spiritually and conservative guy." It's funny how one reviewer expects every female to hate on the man because he's conservative. You will find, HQna, that many women are drawn to a clean, unsoiled male character, even if he is "mysterious." That's why were watching this show and not "Modern Family" or "Orange is the New Black." The user is looking for a pornographic, sexist, Sam-sex erotica film that is 45 minutes of pornography rather than a clean show which he deems "cheesy." Wake up, sir. Most women, especially virgins or Christian women, are not drawn to or entertained by sex, pornography or films where women are degraded worse than animals (unless they are lesbians, of course) as is the case with Game of Thrones.

    The user finishes the stereotypical complaint by complaining of the "4/4" male/female romances in the show. Well I say good for Hallmark. Un-mature males may feed their failing masculinity by watching two females screw each other, but I, a Christian woman, am not interested in that (most women aren't). I am perfectly fine with "stereotypical" man and woman falling in love, getting married and then having sex on the wedding night.

    This is a unique, fresh and decent film. Hallmark scores again. For the first time in decades there are clean, unique and intriguing shows to watch on the Hallmark Chanel. Hopefully it will stay that way. For all you who appreciate what Hallmark is doing by making decent family shows please let them know any way you can so they keep it up.
  • I gave this show a 4 instead of a 2 because it is sweet and means well. I tried to watch the entire first episode but it was so slow and cheesy I found my finger hammering away at the fast forward button.

    There is certainly a market and demographic for programming like this. I enjoy more edgy programming,if you do too pass on this.

    For those that wax reminiscent for The Donna Reed Show, Ozzie and Harriet or the "Folks From Mayberry," and find Matlock too racy and surmise Cabot Cove is a den of iniquity... You just may love it? It is for the Readers Digest demographic. Treacle for the mundane.

    Not much more to say, but I have to fill the space.

    Better than a reality show is a plus. At the very least the show is employing actors and crew instead of launching the brand of some misbegotten, self indulgent bastard attention seeking progeny.

    That is a very good thing!
  • Wish they produced more shows like this. A feel good show full of hope and human spirit, how refreshing to see that great television shows like Signed Sealed and Delivered are still possible.

    The casting is excellent the message is spot on. It is reminiscent of shows like Andy Griffith. It is wonderful to have as show I can watch with my kids and my parents at the same time.

    The content is clean and fun and the story writing sucks you in to where you can not wait to watch the next episode.

    Thank you Hallmark for this winner. Love how a greeting card company can come up with a show about the post office, love it.
  • I just started watching this show on Bravo and I must say it is awesome I am always checking to see when it is on.I hope it continues , because I enjoy watching these characters they make my day. Thank You, plus I hope Rita and Norman get together as well as Oliver and Shane like come on you know they want to . The Truth Shall Set you FREE!!!!!!! Sincerely R. Kline a fan
  • safenoe16 December 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I appreciate Signed, Sealed, Delivered isn't for everyone. If you're into watching a series about people fulfilling unbridled fantasies on country and western robots, a 70 year old guy who isn't sure about his AC/DC, or a Hannibal guy who dines on people, then Signed, Sealed, Delivered definitely isn't for you.

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered is unashamedly heart-warming, and that's fine with me. Sure, the world is grim at times, but it's nice to have happy and warm moments from Signed, Sealed, Delivered to remind us of the positive intentions of the Postables.

    Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe and Geoff Gustafson are impressive in their roles, and their chemistry works so well. It's a shame Signed, Sealed, Delivered hasn't continued as a series, but at least it continues as movies. To date there have been seven movies, but maybe it can return as a regular series
  • My mom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Signed, Sealed, Delivered! I wish the season had never stopped, and that the show would have a season two! The world needs more wholesome, family-friendly, interesting, creative, smart, witty and feel- good shows like this one. I fell in love with the story and its characters instantly. Please Hallmark, make more episodes or continue making more Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies! Traditional, well-written and wonderful movies and television series rarely exist. I wish I could send a personal note to the producers and creators myself. Blessings to them. Watching Signed, Sealed, Delivered is an occasion my mom and I cherish.
  • I love this show! Many elements of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" remind me of the writing style of the show "Warehouse 13." * The adventure of discovery while investigating the identity of the sender and recipient, without the macabre. * The intrigue of how an undelivered letter/package effected peoples lives and the consequences (both good and bad) when it is delivered months to years later. * The perfect, yet quirky combination of personalities that comprise the team. * The character development between the team's members. * The way the undelivered letter/package has a mysterious quality to it, like it's going to change the course of history. * The rotation of special guest celebrities that come and go from the show, in the form of the Postmaster that changes every couple of episodes to pressurize the plot, the visiting postal official from Washington DC, etc. * The way the Dead Letter Office's strange warehouse environment, filled with relics and artifacts, is recessed somewhere in the back of the very busy and modern main postal facility. * The clash between the sacred and ceremonial way the undelivered letter/package is respectfully handled and the often ingenious and resourceful way the mystery is solved, restoring the letter or package to the sender or recipient. The show is fun, funny, heart warming, mysterious, and geeky. It demonstrates that quality entertainment is possible without gratuitous violence. I look forward to every episode and find it difficult to not watch all of them in marathon fashion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've watched every episode up to today (s01e03) and even made it through the pilot movie. With nearly every scene it got more cheesy and stereotypically, and already served almost every typical us-American cliché.

    Well, let's see who have we got here: First, the very formal, mysterious male lead, chief of the office, always wears a suit, recites Shakespeare whenever he can, and a kind of religious/spiritually and conservative guy. Next, we have the blond, spontaneous, wanna-be modern and somewhat rebellious female lead who likes to step over the rules - but not TOO spontaneous and rebellious of course! Oh yes, and of course they both begin to fall for each other. Then we also have two quirky outsiders, one with a photographic memory who seems to write "fantasy novels" (i.e. soft-porn erotic novels) and the other who has what seems some autistic attributes. They all form the DLO - Dead Letter Office - which tries to deliver lost letters, mostly by opening them and reconstruct who wrote it, to whom it was written and why, and solve some cases along this reconstruction and re-delivery.

    But not enough, these cases are what makes the show so overly cheesy and "housewifey". Two of the three episodes examined a afghan girl who was heroically saved by a soldier and were gloriously reunited with him at her graduation speech in an American university, and secondly a cowboy who fell in love with a seasonal visitor of his ranch who married another man, but - of course - also found a happy ending because the boy waited 20 years for his eternal love whom he built a hut on the mountain, just as he promised when they were children. All of that with a very homogeneous, biased, and conservative storyline and characters (4/4 relationships or love interests were between a woman and a man, all of the main cast and all except two of the supporting cast are/were white).

    All in all, probably exactly that kind of a show which you would expect from the Hallwark Channel... but you might ask yourself now: Why would he give this show 7 stars with all this?

    Well... mostly because sometimes you just need this kind of a soft, cute show without any friction or a bad arch-enemy. Sometimes you just need this kind of romantic, cheesy happy endings where the good guys (not that there are any real bad guys) get the girl. And sometimes you just need a heartwarming and tears provoking stories in a softened, orange light ;-) Also, the acting is quite well of all of the main cast, the characters are interesting enough to question yourself what will happen to them (even though it might seem quite predictable) and the overall concept of the show seems very promising as there are virtually endless opportunities to resolve the plot into interesting stories.

    Concluding: In comparison to other shows with a similar main target audience, this one seems to be one of the best up to today.
  • threeeagl5 September 2018
    I know this was filmed in Canada but give us a break and don't mispronounce towns in Colorado. Canon City city is pronounced as Canyon!!!!
  • I watch way too much television and way too many movies.

    I just discovered this exceptional series after watching several of the movies produced since the series. I tentively watched my first SS&D movie solely based on Mr Mabius' multi-faceted, excellent performances on Ugly Betty (another singular, well-written, remarkable and entertaining series chock full of talented actors, humor, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the human condition). I am so glad I did because the entire cast is similarly wonderful.

    I am a viewer whose viewing preferences tend towards the dark, serious, psychologically complex, and frequently, yes, such preferences include violence and explitives. (I mean no disregard to those who find such preferences antipodal to positive family values and morals). Nevertheless, no matter the viewing matter, unique and exemplary writing that honors my adult intelligence and fine, meritorious actors are, for me, the common denominator to most of what I choose to watch. This is, of course true of the SS&D movies and the series episodes I've seen so far, which move me in a way that simply nothing else does.

    Yes, from the outset, the show's most obvious premise does require viewers to suspend disbelief (I cannot think of any form of media that does not - it is after all "media," which is an artform, not reality; even documentaries and news outlets have an agenda). The reward for such suspension is a chance to see and experience what unconditional positive regard and acceptance of each other looks like (especially including people never met before of varying race, creed, and color).

    Does "unconditional positive regard" mean free of interpersonal conflict, loss, hardship, or syrupy-sweet discourse? No. Not at all. And because these elements of the human condition are included, is humor, laughter, and joy excluded? Of course not. One cannot be unconditional in his or her regard for others in an environment without conditions and diversity, or without people encumbered by their own frailties and limitations born out of life's experiences and expectations of life.

    It is an absolute viewing pleasure to watch what is good, hopeful, and beautiful about human nature, and to observe and learn the lessons and behaviors inherently fundamental to the creation of more of the same in the world around us all.
  • One of touching series. in simple way. stories, a nice team, adventures, few not credible details but so charming for the old flavor , for performances, for few drops of didacticism and, sure, for the sort of rehabilitation of mail in the era of technology. I admitt - the tears of emotion are frequent at each episode. because this is the basic virtue of the serie - to remind small, essential feelings , defining ourselves. and the touch of classic series from "70 - "80 decades. and that represents a real good point. for a different serie about letters and not ordinary form of magic and, in a delicate manner, about solidarity between people, empaty and... essence of Christmas spirit.
  • I love this show...It is so good to see how well they work together to solve a mystery related to a package, letter, etc. The inner stories of their lives makes it even more real and exciting. The people that benefit from their efforts show how much it means for them to take all the time and effort they did do solve the letter or package mystery. The things they come up with to solve the mysteries of the letters or packages is so exciting and worth the time it took them to do so. It is one of my very favorite shows and I look forward to many, many seasons of it... The story lines that revolve around the characters is so wonderful and they way they treat each other and work together for the good of solving the mystery and not to take credit that just one person may have been the sole person to think about what they needed to do was not an issue as far as they were concerned..but the fact that they were probably going to make someone very happy by discovering what they needed to know.
  • I love watching all of these shows. So I am constantly looking to see when the next one will be on. I even watch the older ones when they are on. They give me such a happy feeling when I watch these movies. It is like a breath of fresh air never having to see murders, hear foul language, these movies always leave me thinking. Thank you for showing these kind of shows on Hallmark.I am always looking on Hallmark to find more wholesome shows. I really like the series films. Flower Shop mysteries, Bake shop, The Good Witch, and several other series I look on the guide to set my TV to watch.

    Is there a special place on your site that lists all your series, dates, times, etc.

    I am finding that you canceled the series "signed, Sealed Delivered series. I really love this show. The good message that it delivers. So please bring it back.
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